Final Fantasy VII Remake Timeline

Updated 10-15-2018: Square-Enix posts more job listings for the FFVII Remake. Source


1480397003410 FF7 RM is officially announced at E3 2015 for PlayStation 4. Game will be directed by Tetsuya Nomura, and written by Kazushige Nojima.

E3 Trailer:

1480397003410 Final Fantasy VII’s original composer Nobuo Uematsu confirmed he is not working on the FF7 RM. Source.

1480397003410 FF7 RM was in development before the original FF7’s HD port on Steam and PS4. Source

1480397003410 During an interview Nomura explains that the remake will be more realistic, but won’t add any new characters. Also adding that “Final Fantasy VII is special and simply making the graphics better will not surpass the original game” Source

1480397003410 Kitase says the FF7 remake will not be completely action based, but will have more of a real-time element than the original version.

Playstation Experience Interview:

1480397003410 Epic Games announces that the FF7 Remake is created with Unreal Engine 4. Source.

1480397003410 Square-Enix announces in a press release that the FF7 Remake will be a multi-part series, each entry providing it’s own unique experience. Source.


1480397003410 Kitase shares that fans may see some areas and characters from previous games in the FF7 compilation. Source.

1480397003410 Kitase explains that 2016 will be “a year of preparations” Source


1480397003410 During a Final Fantasy 30th anniversary event, Square-Enix released a new promotional image from the remake, featuring Cloud and Sephiroth. Source.


1480397003410 Square-Enix releases two screenshots during Magic Monaco 2017. The screens show the iconic first boss battle with the Guard Scorpion in ShinRa Reactor 1. Source

final-fantasy-vii-remake-train-station final-fantasy-vii-remake-guard-scorpion

1480397003410 Square-Enix’s business division 1, in charge of the Final Fantasy VII remake, posts a recruitment message urgently recruiting more people for the remake project. Source

1480397003410 In a financial results outline, Square-Enix President Yosuke Matsuda shares that we can expect to see the FF7 Remake in “three years or so.” Source

1480397003410 FF7 Remake development switches from external support to internal focus, says project lead Naoki Hamaguchi. Source


1480397003410 Surprisingly, Uematsu is in fact working on the FF7 remake. Kitase explains that he thought Uematsu would have given him the cold shoulder since he already left Square-Enix, but it appears now he is helping. Source

1480397003410 The FF7 remake team only has a few members from the original FF7 staff, according to art director Shintaro Takai. Producer Yoshinori Kitase, Director Tetsuya Nomura, and writer Kazushige Nojima. Source

1480397003410 During an interview with Famitsu, Nomura shares a few details about the remake. Since the direction for development was changed to be done internally, progress has been positive and moving along better than expected. He explained the company is planning to when to release it’s next news so fans need not to worry.  Source

1480397003410 Yoshinori Kitase said he’s in charge of creating FF7 RM’s ShinRa Building Floors 69 and 70. He said he’s usually not involved since he’s a producer, but he loves ShinRa so much. Source

1480397003410 Tetsuya Nomura explained why Square-Enix hasn’t released any new information regarding the remake. The company is focusing it’s energy on Kingdom Hearts III and other releases. He also said the development is going smoothly and asked fans to be patient a while longer. Source

1480397003410 Nomura: “I am well aware of the fact that we announced it too early.” Source

1480397003410 Square-Enix posts new job listing for FFVII Remake declaring that it is being remade as an “action” game. Source

1480397003410 Square-Enix posts more job listings, they are now looking for a cut-scene designers and more jobs like screen writers, motion designers, etc. Kitase states on the page that they already have a game base and this is just looking for talented people to go even further. Source.


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