Action JRPG

Action Japanese Role-Playing Games
ConsoleNameReleaseGenreDeveloperLucca's Notes
PS4.hack//G.U. Last Recode2017ActionCyberConnect2Combined HD version of the GU trilogy; adds methods to make combat move faster, as well as an additional fourth chapter to conclude the story
Switch.hack//G.U. Last Recode2022ActionCyberConnect2See PS4
PS2.hack//G.U. Vol. 1//Rebirth2006ActionCyberConnect2The ARPG/false MMO series continues, with a bit of shmup involved
PS2.hack//G.U. Vol. 2//Reminisce2007ActionCyberConnect2The ARPG/false MMO series continues, with a bit of shmup involved
PS2.hack//G.U. Vol. 3//Redemption2007ActionCyberConnect2The ARPG/false MMO series continues, with a bit of shmup involved
JP PSP.hack//LINK2010ActionCyberConnect2ARPG, last game chronologically in the series, lots of characters from past series media, often regarded as the worst game
PS2.hack Part 1: Infection2003ActionCyberConnect2ARPG that tries to mimic early MMO features
PS2.hack Part 2: Mutation2003ActionCyberConnect2ARPG that tries to mimic early MMO features
PS2.hack Part 3: Outbreak2003ActionCyberConnect2ARPG that tries to mimic early MMO features
PS2.hack part 4: Quarantine2004ActionCyberConnect2ARPG that tries to mimic early MMO features
PS33D Dot Game Heroes2010ActionSilicon StudioA voxel ARPG meant to emulate titles of the 80s, with sword customization and leveling
PS4Accel World vs. Sword Art Online: Millennium Twilight (DL only)2017ActionKadokawaSee Vita
VitaAccel World vs. Sword Art Online: Millennium Twilight (DL only)2017ActionKadokawaEssentially a sequel to Lost Song but with some crossover characters, time travel shenanigans, and the same boring ARPG gameplay
SNESActRaiser1991ActionQuintetA strange mashup of city-building simulator and 2D platformer, where population functions as XP and you must protect your people
GBAAdvance Guardian Heroes2004ActionTreasureSequel to Guardian Heroes, with similar beat-em-up gameplay but more platforming and characters
VitaAdventures of Mana (DL only)2016ActionMCF3D remake of Final Fantasy Adventure, the first Mana game; only has a male playable character but allows for easy equipment switching
PS4Akiba's Beat2017ActionAcquireSee Vita
VitaAkiba's Beat2017ActionAcquireSuccessor to Akiba's Trip, follows a more traditional ARPG separate-battle-area style of gameplay, way less ecchi than the game that came before it
PS4Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed2014ActionAcquireSee PS3
VitaAkiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed2014ActionAcquireSee PS3
PS3Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed2014ActionAcquireFanservice-heavy ARPG where removing the clothes of vampires is the only way to defeat them
JP SFCAlcahest1993ActionHAL LaboratoryARPG featuring item-based stat growth and a password system rather than traditional saves
PSXAlundra1998ActionMatrix SoftwareSpiritual successor to Landstalker (GEN), ARPG featuring dreamwalking and platforming
PSPAlundra (PSone Classics)2010ActionMatrix SoftwareSee PSX
VitaAlundra (PSone Classics)2012ActionMatrix SoftwareSee PSX
PS3Alundra (PSone Classics)2010ActionMatrix SoftwareSee PSX
PSXAlundra 2: A New Legend Begins2000ActionMatrix SoftwareStandalone sequel, more lighthearted than the first, but similar gameplay
SwitchArcade Archives: Valkyrie no Densetsu2022ActionNamcoTechnically an arcade game, a top-down hack-and-slash with a time limit to each stage and gold to earn to upgrade spells/weapons
SwitchArc of Alchemist2020ActionCompile HeartSee PS4
PS2Arc the Lad: End of Darkness2005ActionCattle CallRadical shift in gameplay to an ARPG, had online multiplayer, widely panned
PS4Arslan: The Warriors of Legend2016ActionOmega ForceA musou based on the Arslan anime with rapid weapon switching, a variety of playable characters, and equippable skills to break up monotony
Xbox OneArslan: The Warriors of Legend2016ActionOmega ForceSee PS4
SwitchArtifact Adventure Gaiden DX2019ActionBluffman GamesGame Boy-like aesthetic with a generally non-linear world; player choices affect game progession in significant fashion
PS3Ar Tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel2011ActionGustSwitch in gameplay to real-time battles, songstresses become more powerful after removing clothes (sigh)
SwitchAstral Chain2019ActionPlatinumGamesHacky/slashy/cyberpunky stand-wieldy combat with some bonus detective work
DSAvalon Code2009ActionMatrix SoftwareOffbeat ARPG focusing on changing the properties of items to solve puzzles
DSAway: Shuffle Dungeon2008ActionArtoon/MistwalkerUnique spin on the mystery dungeon rogue-like format: each of the two screens is randomized and will shuffle after a time
Game GearAx Battler: A Legend of Golden Axe1992ActionAspect/SegaSide-scrolling ARPG; no leveling but magic pots can be used to upgrade skills
PS4Azur Lane: Crosswave2020ActionFelistella/Idea FactoryThird person 3D combat featuring personifications of battleships that you can marry because of course you can; mission-based structure and individual leveling systems abound
SwitchAzur Lane: Crosswave2021ActionFelistella/Idea FactorySee PS4
PS5Babylon's Fall2022ActionPlatinumGamesNot even Platinum's oft-lauded combat gameplay can save this drab dumpster fire of a games-as-a-live-service model... attempt
PS4Babylon's Fall2022ActionPlatinumGamesSee PS5
PS3Battle Princess of Arcadias (DL only)2014ActionApollosoftSide-scrolling beat-em up with a cutesy art style; both army conflicts and siege battles appear in addition
PS4Berserk and the Band of the Hawk2017ActionOmega ForceA Berserk musou; story mode is almost entirely limited to Guts as a playable character, follows the manga from the Golden Age to the Hawk of the Millennium Empire arcs
GenesisBeyond Oasis1995ActionAncientTop-down ARPG, level/rank is based on the number of hearts you collect
PSPBlack Rock Shooter: The Game (DL only)2013ActionImageepochARPG with a ton of shooting (duh) and a mission-based structure
VitaBlack Rock Shooter: The Game (DL only)2013ActionImageepochSee PSP
Xbox OneBladestorm: Nightmare2015ActionOmega ForceAdds a new story mode with heavy fantasy elements (goblins, dragons, etc); also adds support skills for generic troops
PS4Bladestorm: Nightmare2015ActionOmega ForceSee XBO
PSXBlaze and Blade: Eternal Quest (PAL/JP only)1998ActionT&E SoftMultiplayer ARPG- better to find IRL friends than to let the horrible AI act as party members
PS4Bleach: Brave Souls2022ActionKLabBleach goes gacha, with both solo-and co-op play in a 3D ARPG format
PS4Bloodborne2015ActionFromSoftwareVictorian Gothic-flavored Dark Souls; similarly punishing ARPG gameplay with similar soul/blood collection to level stat mechanics
JP DSBlood of Bahamut2009ActionThink & FeelGiant monster-slaying ARPG with mission-based structure
DSBlue Dragon: Awakened Shadow2010ActionTri-CrescendoARPG with a customizable protagonist, Shu and the gang are AI-controlled party members
GBABoktai 2: Solar Boy Django2004ActionKCEJThey done did it again, but now the sunlight also works as a form of currency!
GBABoktai: The Sun Is In Your Hand2003ActionKCEJThat crazy Kojima made an ARPG where you have to use actual UV rays to power your weapons!
GBABomberman Tournament2001ActionAmbleA Bomberman ARPG where you level Pokemon-like creatures that give you abilities
SNESBrain Lord1994ActionProduceARPG featuring dungeon puzzles and little monsters that follow you
SNESBrandish1995ActionFalcom/KoeiTop-down dungeon crawl, the only entry in the series to be localized
PSXBrave Fencer Musashi1998ActionSquareARPG with day/night cycle, elemental sword attacks
JP PSXBrave Prove1998ActionData WestGeneric ARPG, but anything translated is a plus
TurboGrafx-16Cadash1991ActionTaitoMore playable characters than the GEN version, multiplayer available
GenesisCadash1992ActionTaitoSide-scrolling ARPG with multiplayer potential
GBACar Battler Joe2002ActionAncientExactly as the title implies - you level up your car in demolition derby-style matches
XboxCastlevania: Curse of Darkness2005ActionKonami3D ARPG - level Hector's stats with items and his familiars with good ol' XP
PS2Castlevania: Curse of Darkness2005ActionKonamiHacky-slashy-spooky, uses items to increase stats
JP SFCChaos Seed: Fuusui Kairouki1996ActionNeverlandLots of resource management! Multiple endings!
JP FCChester Field: Ankoku Shin e no Chousen1987ActionVic TokaiLight on text, hilarious walking animation, very platformy
DSChildren of Mana2006ActionNex EntertainmentBeautiful graphics, but otherwise a repetitive randomized dungeon-crawling ARPG
GBACIMA: The Enemy2003ActionNeverlandARPG of sorts- can level up weapons and armor while controlling Lemmings-like civilians
3DSCode of Princess2012ActionStudio SaizensenSide-scrolling beat-em-up with XP and leveling, fairly similar to Guardian Heroes, has a story mode as well as additional bonus scenarios
SwitchCode of Princess EX2018ActionStudio SaisenzenOverall improvement from the original; adds more playable characters, story co-op mode, a streamlined skill system, and other QoL changes
Xbox OneCode Vein2019ActionBandai NamcoSee PS4
PS4Code Vein2019ActionBandai NamcoThink Dark Souls, but more anime and with post-apocalyptic vampires
SwitchCollection of Mana2019ActionM2/SquareBrings together the original versions of the first three Mana games along with UI QoL additions; first appearance of a localized Trials of Mana
PS2Colosseum: Road to Freedom2005ActionGoshowA gladiator simulator is a bit of a strange choice to make an ARPG about, but here we are-
JP PSXCommunity Pom1997ActionFill in CafeThe cutest Zelda clone ever, with XP and little fuzzy buddies to raise to help you
DSContact2006ActionGrasshopper ManufactureA fourth-wall breaking ARPG with a costume-based skill system and stats gained in real-time by taking specific actions
XboxCrimson Sea2002ActionKoeiMusou-like with a sci-fi theme, some shooting elements, party members, weapon XP
PS2Crimson Sea 22004ActionKoeiSci-fi musou-like with weapon/magic XP, multiplayer, and a non-linear mission structure
PS3Crimson Sea 2 (PS2 Classics)2013ActionKoeiSee PS2
PS2Crimson Tears2004ActionDream Factory3D beat-em-up/randomized dungeon crawler hybrid
PS5Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion2022ActionSquare Enix/ToseAdds many QoL features and alters the visuals/voices to be more in line with FFVII Remake
PS4Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion2022ActionSquare Enix/ToseSee PS5
Xbox SeriesCrisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion2022ActionSquare Enix/ToseSee PS5
SwitchCrisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion2022ActionSquare Enix/ToseSee PS5
Xbox OneCrisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion2022ActionSquare Enix/ToseSee PS5
PSPCrisis Core: Final Fantasy VII2008ActionSquare EnixARPG featuring not-Cloud in a prequel to FFVII, slot machines can affect the tide of battle, mission-based structure
PS4Croixleur Sigma2016ActionSouvenir CircArcadey, hacky-slashy ARPG where you descend dungeon floors, have a limited amount of time to kill all the enemies, and level up in-between
SwitchCroixleur Sigma2019ActionSouvenir CircSee PS4
JP SFCCrystal Beans: From Dungeon Explorer1995ActionBirthday/Hudson SoftStraightforward ARPG gameplay, hidden playable characters, leveling stats through gems
NESCrystalis1990ActionSNKTop-down ARPG, fairly grindy for the time
GB+GBCCrystalis2000ActionNintendoA remake of the original, with greater difficulty and story changes
SwitchCrystalis (NSO)2019ActionSNKSee NES
PS4Crystar2019ActionGemdropsAn ARPG about escaping from purgatory using the power of crying to purify souls and obtain equipment
SwitchCrystar2022ActionGemdropsSee PS4, but with all DLC included
GameCubeCubivore: Survival of the Fittest2002ActionSaru Brunei/Intelligent SystemsA game about raising cubes like animals and making them fight and mutate
DSCustom Robo Arena2007ActionNoise Inc.Go to school, build your robot, and battle using it in arena-styled ARPG combat!
PS4Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online2017ActionCompile Heart/Idea Factory/TamsoftAnother ARPG starring the Neptune crew, made to mimic an MMO; same problems of reused assets apply; humor is still as tongue-in-cheek as ever
SwitchDamascus Gear: Operation Osaka HD Edition (DL only)2019ActionAplusSee Vita, but prettier
SwitchDamascus Gear: Operation Tokyo HD Edition (DL only)2018ActionAplusSee Vita, but prettier
Neo Geo PocketDark Arms: Beast Buster1999ActionNoise Factory/SNKAn ARPG sequel to an arcade game where the character doesn't gain levels, but weapons do by collecting monster souls; the weapons can evolve as well
PS2Dark Cloud2001ActionLevel-5ARPG with roguelike elements and town building; no traditional XP (though weapons do level)
PS4Dark Cloud (DL only)2016ActionLevel-5See PS2
PS2Dark Cloud 22003ActionLevel-5Similar to the first but with less playable characters, more involved town-building
PS4Dark Cloud 2 (DL only)2016ActionLevel-5See PS2
SaturnDark Savior1996ActionClimaxSequel to Landstalker (GEN), an ARPG with fighting game-like combat and isometric platforming
PS3Dark Souls2011ActionFromSoftwarePrepare to die! A lot! Super-challenging ARPG combat and dungeon delving, successor to Demon's Souls
Xbox 360Dark Souls2011ActionFromSoftwareSpiritual successor to Demon's Souls, where multitudes learned to die and die again
PS4Dark Souls: Remastered2018ActionFromSoftware/QLOCSee XBO
Xbox OneDark Souls: Remastered2018ActionFromSoftware/QLOCIncludes all DLC and some QoL improvements, but otherwise largely unchanged (besides visually)
SwitchDark Souls: Remastered2018ActionFromSoftwareSee XBO
PS3Dark Souls II2014ActionFromSoftwareMore Dark Souls = more death
Xbox 360Dark Souls II2014ActionFromSoftwareSet in the same universe as the first game, with similarly punishing 3rd-person ARPG gameplay
Xbox OneDark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin2015ActionFromSoftwareSee PS3
Xbox 360Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin2015ActionFromSoftwareThe definitive edition of Dark Souls II
PS3Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin2015ActionFromSoftwareEnhanced/remastered version of Dark Souls II with better AI
PS4Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin2015ActionFromSoftwareSee PS3
Xbox OneDark Souls III2016ActionFromSoftwareMore ways to die and keep dying; combat is overall more fluid than previous games, an MP-like system is introduced
PS4Dark Souls III2016ActionFromSoftwareSee XBO
PS2Dawn of Mana2007ActionSquare EnixDoes away with many conventions of the series, large focus on item throwing, level gains are reset between areas
Xbox 360Dead Rising2006ActionCapcomSmashing hordes of zombies in a chaotic mall with a leveling system, unforgiving game timer, survivors to rescue, and pictures to take
PS4Dead Rising (DL only)2016ActionCapcomSee 360, but with more save slots and graphical upgrades
Xbox SeriesDead Rising (DL only)2020ActionCapcomSee PS4
Xbox OneDead Rising (DL only)2016ActionCapcomSee PS4
WiiDead Rising: Chop Till You Drop2009ActionTose/CapcomReplaces the game-spanning countdown clock with timed missions, no free-roaming the mall between missions, and over-the-shoulder gunplay
PS4Death Stranding2019ActionKojima ProductionsThe Adventures of Norman Reedus and the Funky Fetus, with "likes" serving as XP to increase your Porter Grade/stats
PS5Death Stranding Director's Cut2021ActionKojima ProductionsAdds some Metal Gear Solid-esque story missions, as well as features like buildable racetracks and a buddy bot to help you carry things
DSDeep Labyrinth2006ActionInteractive BrainsA first-person dungeon crawler ARPG with heavy use of the stylus for attacking and drawing runes for spellcasting
PS5Demon's Souls2020ActionFromSoftware/BluepointRevitalizes the original Souls game, adding some handy item management QoL features; just as difficult as the original
PS3Demon's Souls2009ActionFromSoftwarePunishing ARPG gameplay, loads of dying, learning, and dying again - collective actions online shift the difficulty of the game as a whole
Xbox OneDemoniaca: Everlasting Night (DL only)2022ActionAKI/EastasiasoftSee XS
PS5Demoniaca: Everlasting Night (DL only)2022ActionAKI/EastasiasoftSee XS
PS4Demoniaca: Everlasting Night (DL only)2022ActionAKI/EastasiasoftSee XS
SwitchDemoniaca: Everlasting Night (DL only)2022ActionAKI/EastasiasoftSee XS
SwitchDemon Sword: Incubus (DL only)2023ActionBrianodeA standard side-scrolling hack and slash, eroge origins of the game are apparent (tearaway clothes) but censorship holds thankfully strong
XboxDigimon World 42005ActionBECAn unexpected departure from the series format
GameCubeDigimon World 42005ActionBECMuch maligned for adopting an ARPG format - why would you give Agumon a sword?
PS2Digimon World 42005ActionBECDigimon-themed ARPG with a clunky camera and a lack of balance
SwitchDigimon World: Next Order2023ActionB.B. StudioSee PS4
PS4Digimon World: Next Order2017ActionB.B. StudioMore straightforward monster-raising (on a time limit) than the Cyber Sleuth games, combat is largely controlled by AI
JP PSPDigimon World Re: Digitize2012ActionTri-CrescendoPlays like the first Digimon World game, but also has an overarching storyline to follow
PS2Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII2006ActionSquare EnixAn ARPG starring Midgar's favorite brooding gun-toting mutant
SwitchDouble Dragon & Kunio-kun Retro Brawler Bundle2020ActionTechnos Japan/Million/Arc System WorksA compilation with many previously unlocalized titles of the latter series
PS4Double Dragon & Kunio-kun Retro Brawler Bundle (DL only)2020ActionTechnos Japan/Million/Arc System WorksSee Switch
JP FCDowntown Special: Kunio-kun no Jidaigeki Dayo Zen'in Shuugou!1991ActionTechnos JapanKunio and the bois act out a period play the only way they know how, stats now increase upon defeating certain amounts of enemies
PS3Dragon's Crown2013ActionVanillawareHighly overexaggerated character design and a solid side-scrolling beat-em-up with character leveling and progression
VitaDragon's Crown2013ActionVanillawareSee PS3
PS4Dragon's Crown Pro2018ActionVanillawareAdds an orchestral soundtrack and narrator content that was previously DLC, otherwise see PS3
PS3Dragon's Dogma2012ActionCapcomOpen-world ARPG with some grappling elements and lots of customizability
Xbox 360Dragon's Dogma2012ActionCapcomWestern-styled ARPG with monster grappling, a customizable avatar, and additional customizable helper
Xbox 360Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen2013ActionCapcomAn enhanced and expanded version of the original, with a new dungeon and lots of player feedback incorporated
PS3Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen2013ActionCapcomSpoiler alert: All roads lead to Gran Soren! Enhanced/remastered version of the original with additional content
PS4Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen2017ActionCapcomSee 360
Xbox OneDragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen2017ActionCapcomSee PS3
SwitchDragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen2019ActionCapcomSee 360
GBADragon Ball: Advanced Adventure2005ActionDimpsIncluded due to the story mode, which follows a majority of the original DragonBall arcs, featuring side-scrolling beat-em-up (with findable health/ki/weapon length upgrades), flying, and fighting-game-like stages
Xbox OneDragon Ball Z: Kakarot2020ActionCyberConnect2An ARPG retelling of (yet again) the major DBZ sagas with later ones available as DLC, contains fishing
PS5Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot2023ActionCyberConnect2See XBO
Xbox SeriesDragon Ball Z: Kakarot2023ActionCyberConnect2See XBO
PS4Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot2020ActionCyberConnect2See XBO
SwitchDragon Ball Z: Kakarot + A New Power Awakens Set2021ActionCyberConnect2See XBO, with an additional DLC-only storyline revolving around DB Super content
SwitchDragon Marked For Death2019ActionInti CreatesSee PS4
PS4Dragon Marked For Death (DL only)2020ActionInti CreatesA sidescrolling ARPG with a quest-based structure and an emphasis on (non-local) co-op play
DSDragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime2006ActionTosePart Zelda-like adventure starring a slime (with increasable health), part tank warfare as only Dragon Quest can provide (the stats of the tank itself can also be upgraded)
PS4Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below2015ActionOmega ForceA Dragon Quest-themed musou, with many playable characters from throughout the series' history
PS4Dragon Quest Heroes II2017ActionOmega ForceAdds more traditional JRPG elements such as overworld traversal and questing to break up the gameplay, but is otherwise similar to the first
WiiDragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors2008ActionGenius Sonority/EightingAn on-rails hack-and-slash RPG utilizing the Wii's motion controls
JP FCDragon Scroll: Yomigaerishi Maryuu1987ActionKonami*Epilepsy Warning* Otherwise a solid ARPG
PSXDragonseeds1998ActionJalecoWho needs plot when you're combining dragon DNA?
PSXDragon Valor2000ActionNamcoRemake and sequel to Dragon Buster (FC), arcade-like 2.5D ARPG
SNESDragon View1994ActionKemcoSequel to Drakkhen, interesting pseudo-3D overworld system
PS2Drakengard2004ActionCaviaMusou-like RPG with some heavy/dark themes, direct predecessor to the Nier series
PS2Drakengard 22006ActionCaviaStill guarding and using dragons to fight masses of enemies
PS3Drakengard 32014ActionAccessHack-and-slash gameplay marred heavily by technical issues, very stylish nonetheless
SNESDrakkhen1991ActionKemco/InfogramesSparsely populated, customizable characters that attack using AI, and lots of water to hilariously drown in
3DSDrancia Saga (DL only)2017ActionUrara-Works/SkipmoreAn auto-side-scrolling game where your character can't stop moving but must nonetheless level up and save the day!
PS3Dynasty Tactics 2 (PS2 Classic)2013ActionKoeiSee PS2
PS4Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers (DL only)2017ActionOmega ForceSee Vita
Xbox 360Dynasty Warriors: Gundam2007ActionKoeiEpic large-scale musou battles with a Gundam twist
PS3Dynasty Warriors: Gundam2007ActionKoeiHacky-slashy-mechy ARPG musou fun with the ability to change the outcomes of certain pilots' predetermined fates
PS2Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 22009ActionOmega ForceMobile suit musou madness
PS3Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 22009ActionKoeiRemoves Japanese voices but adds some aerial combat, combos, and quick time events
Xbox 360Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 22009ActionKoeiMore gigantic mobile suits to face off against in ARPG combat
PS3Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 32011ActionKoeiAdds a larger amount of mission variety to the previous games in addition to a more cel-shaded art style
Xbox 360Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 32011ActionKoeiMore mechs, more features, more pilots, more musou!
PS3Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn (DL only)2014ActionOmega ForceReverts back to the artstyle of previous games, brings back space battles, includes more Gundam series than any previous game
SNESE.V.O.: Search For Eden1993ActionAlmanicEvolution: the game!
JP PS3E.X. Troopers2012ActionCapcom/HexaDriveA manga-styled Lost Planet spinoff, with materials to gather and trecherous terrain to traverse
JP 3DSE.X. Troopers2012ActionCapcomSee JP PS3, with some bonus AR features
JP WiiEarth Seeker2011ActionCrafts & Meister/KadokawaPost-apocalyptic ARPG with a mission-based structure and small minions that follow you around (can also connect to a DSiWare game for bonus items!)
PSXEhrgeiz: God Bless the Ring1999ActionDreamFactoryIt's mostly a fighting game with some FFVII characters, but it also has an ARPG quest mode!
PS5Elden Ring2022ActionFromSoftwareO you don't have the right to ignore the impact of this open-world Soulslike (with creative input from George R. R. Martin)
PS4Elden Ring2022ActionFromSoftwareSee PS5
Xbox SeriesElden Ring2022ActionFromSoftwareSee PS5
Xbox OneElden Ring2022ActionFromSoftwareSee PS5
DreamcastElemental Gimmick Gear1999ActionBirthdayARPG with pretty visuals and some mech combat
JP FCElysion1988ActionNEC InterchannelA bit bland of an ARPG, but it has multiple playable characters, so that's neat
VitaEmil's Task (delisted)2015ActionInukage GamesA sluggish, poorly translated ARPG with some roguelike elements and a main character that can only attack by spellcasting
JP FCEsper Dream 2: Aratanaru Tatakai1992ActionKonamiCute pastel sprite work and ARPG gameplay
PS4Eternal Ring (DL only)2000ActionFromSoftwareSee PS2
Xbox 360Eternal Sonata2007ActionTri-CrescendoVisually charming, a story loosely based on music/the composer Chopin, and combat limited by time
PS3Eternal Sonata2008ActionTri-CrescendoAdds a lot to the 360 version - more story, more playable characters, more dungeons; combat is fun but tactical
PS2Evergrace2000ActionFromSoftwareARPG with 2 separate protagonists, character parameters are increased via equipment rather than leveling
3DSEver Oasis2017ActionGrezzoAn ARPG with lots of town-building elements; you gather items to help build up the oasis and make it better while you level up in the meantime
Turbografx-CDExile1992ActionTelenet JapanDifferent publisher than the Genesis version, leaves some more sensitive topics intact
GenesisExile1992ActionTelenetTop-down when exploring, sidescrolling ARPG in dungeons - featuring real-world locations and censored themes!
Turbografx-CDExile: Wicked Phenomenon1993ActionTelenet JapanBadass cover art, less religious than others in the series, allows switching characters during side-scrolling sections
JP FCFamicom Jump: Eiyuu Retsuden1989ActionToseGet isekai'd into a world where heroes and villains from the Jump magazine series converge, XP gain is represented by "effort"
SwitchFantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy (DL only)2018ActionArc System WorksSee Vita
VitaFantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy (DL only)2014ActionArc System WorksA tropey ARPG with 4 separate protagonists and a mission-based structure, stat points are allocated after completing missions
PS4Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star2017ActionMarvelousSee Vita
VitaFate/Extella: The Umbral Star2017ActionMarvelousA Fate-skinned musou; serves as a sort of sequel to Fate/Extra
PS4Fate/Extella Link2019ActionMarvelousSee Vita
VitaFate/Extella Link (DL only)2019ActionMarvelousDirect sequel to Fate/Extella; plays mostly the same but does streamline features to make grinding smoother and characters more customizable
VitaFate/Extra (DL only)2012ActionType-Moon/ImageepochSee PSP
PS4Fate/Samurai Remnant2023ActionOmega ForceSee PS5
PS5Fate/Samurai Remnant2023ActionOmega ForceAn Edo-themed shake-up to the standard musou formula with a standalone Fate story; with minigames to be found, SRPG-like sections, and magic/assists to give combat some oomph
SwitchFate/Samurai Remnant2023ActionOmega ForceSee PS5
GB+GBCFinal Fantasy Adventure1991ActionSquareActually the first game in the Mana series, plays rather like Zelda with more RPG elements
GameCubeFinal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles2004ActionSquare EnixMultiplayer ARPG- no traditional leveling, using items instead
WiiFinal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time2009ActionSquare EnixARPG with a customizable avatar character and the ability to cross-play with the DS version
DSFinal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time2008ActionSquare EnixIsometric ARPG dungeon crawl with character creation, can link to other DS or Wii copies of the game for multiplayer
DSFinal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates2009ActionSquare EnixThe multiplayer ARPG returns with changes to the playable classes and visible equipment
WiiFinal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers2009ActionSquare EnixARPG; there is no party system, equipment and thorough exploration are the only ways to upgrade stats
PS4Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered (DL only)2020ActionSquare EnixAdds new dungeons, equipment, skins, and online cross-platform play (but strangely no local or cross-region)
SwitchFinal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered (DL only)2020ActionSquare EnixSee PS4
3DSFinal Fantasy Explorers2016ActionRacjinIt's Monster Hunter, but with a Final Fantasy skin (down to Explorer Level replacing Hunter Rank); choosing correct equipment and skill leveling are key to staying strong
JP PSPFinal Fantasy Type-02011ActionSquare EnixARPG with mission structure like Crisis Core, some RTS battles on overworld map, a large variety of playable characters
PS4Final Fantasy Type-0 HD2015ActionHexaDrive/Square EnixEnhanced port of the previously JP-only Type-0; very few changes made other than getting rid of multiplayer and adding multiple difficulty levels
Xbox OneFinal Fantasy Type-0 HD2015ActionHexaDrive/Square EnixSee PS4
PS4Final Fantasy VII Remake2020ActionSquare EnixTechnically only the first part of FFVII remade as an ARPG, widely expands (and deviates from) the story as originally told
PS5Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade2021ActionSquare EnixA graphically spiffed-up version of the first part of the remake with additional story content
PS4Final Fantasy XV2016ActionSquare EnixJust a road trip with you and the boys; ARPG combat and a story that spans multiple types of media, famously left somewhat unfinished
PS5Final Fantasy XVI2023ActionSquare EnixTake traditional Final Fantasy concepts, add Game of Thrones politicking and tone, mix in Devil May Cry combat, add a dash of kaiju fights, and you have yourself a bold new step for the series
Xbox OneFinal Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD (DL only)2018ActionSummerTimeStudio/Square EnixA condensed version of FFXV's story, with a drastically different artstyle and a shift to a more overhead/isometric perspective
SwitchFinal Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD (DL only)2018ActionSummerTimeStudio/Square EnixSee XBO
PS4Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD (DL only)2018ActionSummerTimeStudio/Square EnixSee XBO
GameCubeFire Emblem: Path of Radiance2005ActionIntelligent SystemsThe SRPG you know and love, with racial tensions! And Ike!
SwitchFire Emblem Warriors2017ActionOmega Force/Team NinjaSee 3DS, but runs smoother/can handle more enemies on screen at once
3DSFire Emblem Warriors (New 3DS only)2017ActionOmega Force/Team NinjaApplies a Fire Emblem coat of paint to the Dynasty Warriors format, still contains support conversations
SwitchFire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes2022ActionOmega Force/Intelligent SystemsWhat if Three Houses, but as more of a musou, with not as much of a time skip, and a different plot/protagonist? Don't forget the tea!
Xbox 360Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage2010ActionKoeiThousands upon thousands of enemies are already dead - musou/ARPG gameplay
PS3Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage2010ActionKoeiThe legendary storyline in musou form - where evern destroying fences will give you karma to level up
Xbox 360Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 22013ActionKoeiMore karma to farm and more generic enemies to slay with fearsome fists
Wii UFist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2 (DL only)2013ActionKoeiSee PS3
PS3Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2 (DL only)2013ActionKoeiLargely retreads the same story ground as the first, but does add more content overall; gameplay is more akin to Dynasty Warriors than the first
PS4Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise2018ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioAn alternate-canon Fist of the North Star that plays an awful lot like Yakuza (developed by the same studio)
PS3Folklore2007ActionGame RepublicCapture and control fantasy creatures with ARPG gameplay that also utilizes the Sixaxis motion controller (for good or ill)
PS2Forever Kingdom2002ActionFromSoftwareSequel to Evergrace, similar equipment-focused character growth, ARPG where all characters share damage taken
PS5Forspoken2023ActionLuminous ProductionsAn isekai ARPG with dialogue that in an attempt to be modern works heavily against it
SwitchFrane: Dragon's Odyssey (DL only)2019ActionExe-CreateSee Vita
Xbox OneFrane: Dragon's Odyssey (DL only)2019ActionExe-CreateSee Vita
PS4Frane: Dragons' Odyssey2019ActionExe-CreateSee Vita
VitaFrane: Dragons' Odyssey (DL only)2019ActionExe-CreateKemco's stab at an ARPG, which lacks necessary tutorials; typically a second character assists in combat though this is not the case during boss battles
VitaFreedom Wars2014ActionDimps/SCEJARPG set in a dystopian far future earth, with the customizable protagonist out to reduce their prison sentence by completing missions; upgrading weapons upgrades stats
JP SFCFront Mission: Gun Hazard1996ActionOmiya SoftSide-scrolling ARPG with incredible graphics, separate universe from mainline series
PS2Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Curse of the Crimson Elixir2005ActionRacjinPrequel to its predecessor with greatly improved visuals
PS2Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel2005ActionRacjinARPG based on the manga with an original plot
DSG.G Series: The Last Knight (DSiWare)2015ActionGenterprise/SuzakBland budget top-down dungeon crawler with repetitive environments and music
JP PSXGanbare Goemon: Uchuu Kaizoku Akogingu1996ActionKonamiMore Goemon ARPG action, XP serves to level weapons
PS2Genji: Dawn of the Samurai2005ActionGame RepublicMusou-like ARPG loosely based on a Japanese epic tale
PS3Genji: Days of the Blade2006ActionGame RepublicOrigin of the "giant enemy crab" meme, stat progress depnds on weapon leveling
SwitchGetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon (DL only)2022ActionKonamiA 2D roguelite with a heavy uikyo-e aesthetic and slow character progression through material gathering
PS5Ghostwire: Tokyo2022ActionTango GameworksFirst-person ARPG gameplay (complete with XP and leveling) that is both stylish and supernatural
PS4God Eater 2: Rage Burst2016ActionShiftSee Vita
VitaGod Eater 2: Rage Burst (DL only)2016ActionShiftDirect sequel to Gods Eater Burst with more Aragami to hunt, new weapon styles, and new characters to follow through the apocalypse; equipment skills are still tied to stats
SwitchGod Eater 32019ActionMarvelousSee PS4
PS4God Eater 32019ActionMarvelousDoesn't change the core gameplay from the previous games, but adds speedier map traversal and new weapon types; stat progression still tied to crafting better gear
VitaGod Eater Resurrection (DL only)2015ActionShiftEnhanced port of Gods Eater Burst, adds new storyline content, combat QoL improvements
PS4God Eater Resurrection (DL only)2015ActionShiftSee Vita
PSPGods Eater Burst2011ActionShiftA post-apocalyptic monster-hunting ARPG; stat upgrades come through equipment; multiplayer supported
SwitchGod Wars: The Complete Legend2018ActionKadokawaContains all content from the original game, including DLC; adds a new character, storylines, endings, and dungeons as well as other QoL changes
SwitchGoken2019ActionGiantyA simple ARPG with a lush art style, particularly in backgrounds; character growth is customizable
Master SystemGolvellius: Valley of Doom1988ActionCompileBlends both Zelda I and II gameplay (both overhead and side-view), with items to obtain to increase parameters
PS2Graffiti Kingdom2005ActionTaitoDraw-your-own-monster ARPG, sequel to Magic Pengel
JP FCGrand Master1991ActionSoft MachineFeatures multiple branching paths, ARPG gameplay, and anime cutscenes between stages
VitaGravity Rush2012ActionSCEJARPG with a focus on manipulating gravity to traverse the open world using the gyroscope; gems are collected to level up character attributes and abilities
PS4Gravity Rush 22017ActionSIE JapanMore gravity-shifting action-adventure-type excitement; collecting gems levels abilities and raising reuptation by doing quests raises stats
PS4Gravity Rush Remastered2016ActionSIE Japan/BluepointIncludes all DLC as well as increases the framerate/appearance from the Vita version
SaturnGuardian Heroes1996ActionTreasureSide-scrolling beat-em-up gameplay, stats distribute at the end of each stage
Xbox 360Guardian Heroes (DL only)2011ActionTreasureSimilar to the original Saturn version, but adds a Remix mode with additional combo options
3DSGurumin 3D: A Monstrous Adventure (DL only)2016ActionFalcomAlmost identical to the original, save for the application of 3D effects and some technical issues like pop-in
PSPGurumin: A Monstrous Adventure2007ActionFalcomA cutesy ARPG, fun hats confer stat upgrades and can be leveled in and of themselves
SwitchHakoniwa Explorer Plus (DL only)2020ActionSuxamethoniumAn isometric pixel-art ARPG with skeezy humor and enemy design strewn throughout
PSPHalf-Minute Hero2009ActionOpusYou have 30 seconds to save the world! What are you waiting for? A variety of fast-paced and humorous game modes and stories to complete
Xbox 360Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax2011ActionOpusTakes away some gameplay variety from the original PSP game, but adds an option to use an anime artstyle
N64Hybrid Heaven1999ActionKonamiBattles are reminiscent of Parasite Eve
NESHydlide1989ActionT&E SoftVery grindy, very bad
JP FCHydlide 3: Yami Kara no Houmonsha1989ActionT&E SoftThere is no such thing as a good Hydlide game.
VitaHyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed2015ActionCompile Heart/Idea Factory/TamsoftHacky-slashy ARPG with the Nepgirls, has a few clothes-tearing elements
Wii UHyrule Warriors2014ActionOmega Force/Team NinjaDynasty Warriors, but make it Zelda! Features weapon and character leveling
SwitchHyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity2020ActionOmega ForceAnother Zelda musou with a large roster to level up; serves as a prequel to Breath of the Wild with lots of references to the series as a whole
SwitchHyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition2018ActionOmega Force/Team NinjaTakes everything from the Wii U and 3DS versions and streamlines it, with some additional costumes to boot
3DSHyrule Warriors Legends (New 3DS only)2016ActionOmega Force/Team NinjaIncludes all DLC from the original game as well as adding two new story chapters; also LINKLE
3DSIkachan (DL only)2013ActionStudio Pixel/NicalisA cute indie ARPG where you play as a squid helping out other sea creatures
SNESIllusion of Gaia1994ActionQuintetPart of the Quintet trilogy, ARPG with non-traditional stat increases
Xbox 360Infinite Undiscovery2008ActionTri-AceARPG combat with combo attacks; opening menus doesn't pause the game, too many characters drag the otherwise compelling story down
PS4Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest - The Adventure of Dai2023ActionSquare Enix/Kai GraphicsSee XS
PS5Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest - The Adventure of Dai2023ActionSquare Enix/Kai GraphicsSee XS
SwitchInfinity Strash: Dragon Quest - The Adventure of Dai2023ActionSquare Enix/Kai GraphicsSee XS
Xbox SeriesInfinity Strash: Dragon Quest - The Adventure of Dai (DL only)2023ActionSquare Enix/Kai GraphicsDo you like Powerpoint presentations? Unfinished adaptations of anime? Stiff action combat? This is the game for you!
JP FCJajamaru Gekimaden: Maboroshi no Kinmajou1990ActionJalecoVery close to the first Zelda game, but with yoyos for weapons!
PSPJikandia: The Timeless Land2010ActionOpus/Idea FactorySide-scrolling ARPG with a pixel art look, equipping crystals found in dungeons gives stat boots, multiple playable characters and the ability to choose dungeon time limits
Xbox SeriesJudgment2021ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioSee PS5
PS4Judgment2018ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioA Yakuza spinoff from a detective's point of view, skill points can be used to increase stats
PS5Judgment2021ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioSee PS4, but with a smoother framerate and gradient changes that may not be preferable to the original
JP GB+GBCKaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru1992ActionIntelligent SystemsSort of like Link's Awakening, but with frogs and more stats!
JP FCKarakuri Kengou Den Musashi Lord: Karakuri Jin Hashiru!1991ActionKoseARPG based on the robot anime
JP PSXKing's Field1994ActionFromSoftwareThe actual King's Field I - still in first-person
PS2Kingdom Hearts2002ActionSquareThe OG FF/Disney mashup, before the story started to overcomplicate itself
3DSKingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance2012ActionSquare EnixMore ARPG action, more plot confusion; this one brings back the Command Deck from Birth By Sleep and introduces capturable spirits that can influence gameplay
DSKingdom Hearts 358/2 Days2009Actionh.a.n.d. Inc./Square EnixStars Organization XIII, takes place parallel to Chain of Memories; mission-like structure with the same ARPG gameplay
PSPKingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep2010ActionSquare EnixPrequel to the main series, with three playable characters and generally similar ARPG gameplay, albeit with the ability to customize commands available in battle
JP PSPKingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix2011ActionSquare EnixAdds new playable episodes and way more story content to the original
PS4Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far2018ActionSquare EnixA collection of all collections of Kingdom Hearts games before KHIII
PS4Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix2017ActionSquare EnixSee XBO
Xbox OneKingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix (DL only)2020ActionSquare EnixSimply put: a combined version of the 1.5 and 2.5 Remix packages (KHI, Re;CoM, 358/2 days movie + KHII, BBS, Coded movie)
SwitchKingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix Cloud Version (DL only)2022ActionSquare EnixSee XBO
PS3Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix2013ActionSquare EnixContains the previously JP-exclusive Final Mix version of KHI with added story and gameplay changes, Re: Chain of Memories, and a series of cutscenes from 358/2 Days
PS3Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix2014ActionSquare EnixContains the previously JP-exclusive Final Mix version of KHII and BBS with added story and gameplay changes and a series of cutscenes from Re: coded
PS4Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue2017ActionSquare EnixSee XBO
Xbox OneKingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue (DL only)2020ActionSquare EnixContains a remastered Dream Drop Distance, as well as a short interlude game starring Aqua and a cutscene movie referencing the mobile game
SwitchKingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Cloud Version (DL only)2022ActionSquare EnixSee XBO
PS2Kingdom Hearts II2006ActionSquare EnixDo you like pressing the triangle button?
PS4Kingdom Hearts III2019ActionSquare EnixA conclusion that leaves more questions than satisfying answers, ARPG gameplay is quite flashy, worlds are bigger but arguably blander
Xbox OneKingdom Hearts III2020ActionSquare EnixSee PS4
SwitchKingdom Hearts III + Re Mind Cloud Version (DL only)2022ActionSquare EnixSee PS4, but with added story DLC included
DSKingdom Hearts Re:coded2011Actionh.a.n.d. Inc./Square EnixRemake of a mobile-only game, has more puzzles involved than a standard KH game
PSPKingdom of Paradise2005ActionClimax EntertainmentARPG with lots of references to Chinese culture, customization of martial arts moves in combat, stat allocation when leveling up is determined by favored battle actions
JP GBAKlonoa Heroes: Densetsu no Star Medal2002ActionNamcoTop-down ARPG gameplay, and cute to boot!
JP FCKouryuu Densetsu Villgust Gaiden1993ActionPlexIt's got a catgirl. Strange battle system! Side-story to the SNES game
JP SFCKuusou Kagaku Sekai Gulliver Boy1996ActionAmbleVery short ARPG with ungodly levels of hair spikiness on the protagonist
SwitchLabyrinth Legend (DL only)2022ActionShinobi GamesA third-person dungeon crawl with a sparse narrative but breezy, pick-up-and-play bite sized dungeons
SNESLagoon1991ActionKemcoDollar-store Ys
GenesisLandstalker: The Treasures of King Nole1993ActionClimax EntertainmentIsometric and very Zelda-like, gathering items increases both life and strength
3DSLBX: Little Battlers eXperience2015ActionLevel-5An ARPG with arena-styled combat where you fight your teensy robots and level them up to make them better
DSLegacy of Ys: Books I & II2009ActionDreams/FalcomCombined enhanced remake of Ys I and II with 3D and potential multiplayer
PSXLegend of Mana2000ActionSquareGorgeously 2D, beautiful soundtrack, disjointed story with an offbeat structure
SwitchLegend of Mana (DL only)2021ActionM2/Square EnixSee PS4
PS4Legend of Mana (DL only)2021ActionM2/Square EnixCleans up the graphics, adds rearranged music, otherwise still the same gorgeous journey
VitaLegend of Mana (PSone Classics)2012ActionSquareSee PSX
PS3Legend of Mana (PSone Classics)2011ActionSquareSee PSX
PSPLegend of Mana (PSone Classics)2011ActionSquareSee PSX
PS4Let It Die (DL only)2016ActionGrasshopper ManufactureGrasshopper Manufacture's attempt at a Souls-like roguelike, with free-to-play elements and a cumbersome item management system
GenesisLight Crusader1995ActionTreasureYet another isometric Zelda-like with understandably bad jumping, items that upgrade stats, and elemental combos to customize magic
Xbox 360Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII2014ActionSquare EnixFinal Fantasy XIII meets Majora's Mask - time management is crucial and stat enhancement is tied to quest completion
PS3Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII2014ActionSquare EnixTrims down the party to be only Lightning, time management becomes ultra-important to prevent the apocalypse; completing quests leads to stat growth
Xbox OneLike a Dragon: Ishin!2023ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioSee PS5
Xbox SeriesLike a Dragon: Ishin!2023ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioSee PS5
PS5Like a Dragon: Ishin!2023ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioA remake of the previously JP-exclusive Ishin, taking place in the late Edo period with all the hand-in-hand drama and hijinks the series is known for
PS4Like a Dragon: Ishin!2023ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioSee PS5
JP SaturnLinkle Liver Story1996ActionNexTechCute ARPG, combine elemental seeds to strengthen your weapon
NESLittle Ninja Brothers1990ActionCulture BrainA tad racially insensitive, first game in the Super Chinese series to have RPG elements
Wii ULittle Ninja Brothers (VC)2017ActionCulture BrainSee NES
PS4Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time (DL only)2017ActionAplusBeautiful art style akin to the anime, combat is in a 2.5D brawler format; lots and lots of backtracking and tedium for padding game length
PSPLord of Arcana2011ActionAccess GamesA Monster Hunter clone featuring monsters designed by famous illustrators and some Square Enix cameos
PS4Lost Epic (DL only)2022ActionTeam Earth Wars/oneoreightSee PS5
PS5Lost Epic (DL only)2022ActionTeam Earth Wars/oneoreightA Vanillaware-like side-scrolling ARPG, very grindy, Souls-like combined currency/experience that is lost on death
Xbox SeriesLost Judgment2021ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioSee PS5
PS5Lost Judgment2021ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioA dark detective story follow-up to Judgment, continues the beat-em-up gameplay from its sister Yakuza series, pettable cats, a dog can join you in your crime-solving
PS4Lost Judgment2021ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioSee PS5
Xbox OneLost Judgment (DL only)2021ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioSee PS5
DSLufia: Curse of the Sinistrals2010ActionNeverlandRemake of Lufia II, with 3D graphics and ARPG gameplay instead of the series' traditional turn-based style
DSLunar Knights2007ActionKojima ProductionsARPG; part of the Boktai series, and can even use the previous game's cartriges as solar sensors to confer extra bonuses
SaturnMagic Knight Rayearth1998ActionSegaARPG based on the anime, plays differently than the SFC version, very low print run in the US
PS4Maglam Lord (DL only)2022ActionFelistellaSee Switch
PS3Magus2014ActionBlack Tower StudiosYou play as John Wizardington and learn spells/level up in a bland, bad ARPG
JP FCMajou Densetsu II: Dimashikyou Gailous1987ActionKonamiA sidescrolling ARPG with 2 playable characters, XP gain refills life; life bar can be extended via items
JP PC EngineMakai Hakkenden: Shada1989ActionData EastRun-of-the-mill Ys clone
SwitchMarvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order2019ActionKoei Tecmo/Team NinjaIsometric co-op ARPG featuring the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe beating each other up ad nauseum; lots of differenct characters to choose from
JP FCMashin Eiyuuden Wataru Gaiden1990ActionWestoneVery Zelda II vibes, based off the anime of the same name
GameCubeMedabots Infinity2003ActionNatsume3D robutt arena battles!
VitaMegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune vs. Zombies2016ActionCompile Heart/Idea Factory/TamsoftARPG Neptunia zombie-themed spinoff with combat similar to Neptunia U (but with the clothes-removing thankfully gone), has a multiplayer component
PSPMimana: Iyar Chronicle2010ActionKogado/Premium AgencyARPG with poor hit detection, a generally unlikeable cast, and a weak story overall
JP FCMinelvaton Saga: Ragon no Fukkatsu1987ActionRandom HouseFirst of the Silva Saga series, featuring overhead ARPG combat
JP FCMirai Shinwa Jarvas1987ActionTaitoIf it looks like a kusoge, and plays like a kusoge…
PS5Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation Code Fairy (DL only)2021ActionB.B. StudioSee PS4
PS4Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation Code Fairy (DL only)2021ActionB.B. StudioA story-focused Mechwarrior-esque game with pilots to level and suit parts to upgrade, along with a MS triangle-type advantage system
PS2Monster Hunter2004ActionCapcomThese monsters aren't gonna hunt themselves! Origin of the popular series
JP PS2Monster Hunter 22006ActionCapcomIntroduced the legendary Hunting Horn, so it's immediately the best of the series; adds new monsters/weapons as well as the ability to upgrade armor, and a town to upgrade
JP PS2Monster Hunter 2 (Dos)2006ActionCapcomAdded a day/night cycle, seasons, gem slotting, and marks the first appearance of the hunting horn weapon
Wii UMonster Hunter 3 Ultimate2011ActionCapcom/EightingSimilar to Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, but adds in underwater combat and has local multiplayer
3DSMonster Hunter 3 Ultimate2013ActionCapcom/EightingAn expanded version of Monster Hunter Tri (Wii), improving weapons and armor; was the first game to incorporate the Circle Pad Pro accessory
3DSMonster Hunter 4 Ultimate2015ActionCapcom/EightingGets rid of underwater combat, adds the ability to scale both walls and monsters, adds Exploration Missions and new weapon types
PSPMonster Hunter: Freedom2007ActionCapcomAn enhanced/expanded handheld port of the first Monster Hunter game
PSPMonster Hunter: Freedom 22006ActionCapcomAn enhanced/expanded handheld port of the second Monster Hunter game (which was previously Japan-only)
PS4Monster Hunter: World2018ActionCapcomSee XBO
Xbox OneMonster Hunter: World2018ActionCapcomDoes away with the zones of previous entries in favor of a connecting, evolving, and reactive ecosystem with more monsters to slay and scavenge!
PSPMonster Hunter Freedom Unite2009ActionCapcomA further enhanced verion of Freedom 2, with more monsters, missions, pieces of equipment, and the addition of Felyne fighters to provide assistance
3DSMonster Hunter Generations2016ActionCapcomNew features include upgrading armor using scavenged materials, mutated monster forms, different attack stypes for each weapon, and special moves to charge during hunting
SwitchMonster Hunter Generations Ultimate2018ActionCapcomAdds new monsters, new hunting styles, changes the control scheme (for obvious reasons), and spiffs up the graphics from the original
JP PSPMonster Hunter Portable 3rd2010ActionCapcomTakes elements from Freedom Unite and Tri but is its own game, now multiple Felynes can assist in combat
SwitchMonster Hunter Rise2021ActionCapcomMonster hunting, now with doggo pals and many more combat options; iterates on ideas from both World and previous games
PS4Monster Hunter Rise (DL only)2023ActionCapcomSee Switch
Xbox OneMonster Hunter Rise (DL only)2023ActionCapcomSee Switch
Xbox SeriesMonster Hunter Rise (DL only)2023ActionCapcomSee Switch
PS5Monster Hunter Rise (DL only)2023ActionCapcomSee Switch
WiiMonster Hunter Tri2010ActionCapcomAdds an underwater ecosystem to the tried-and-true monster-slaying formula
WiiMuramasa: The Demon Blade2009ActionVanillawareGorgeous side-scrolling ARPG with a Japanese folklore twist
VitaMuramasa Rebirth2013ActionVanillawareAdds additional side stories for new characters (as DLC), rewrites the translation and reworks the controls
PS2Musashi: Samurai Legend2005ActionSquare EnixSequel of sorts to Brave Fencer Musashi with similar ARPG gameplay
PS2Mystic Heroes2002ActionKoeiCutesy Dynasty Warriors-like with magic, more characters than the GameCube version
GameCubeMystic Heroes2002ActionKoeiA more mystical, chibi-styled Dynasty Warriors
PS3Mystic Heroes (PS2 Classics)2013ActionKoeiSee PS2
JP PSPNayuta no Kiseki2012ActionFalcomARPG with platforming elements
SwitchNEO: The World Ends With You2021ActionSquare Enix/h.a.n.d.Gone is the partner-based system of the first game, replaced by frenetic yet trendy 4-party-member action; as fashionable as ever
PS4NEO: The World Ends With You2021ActionSquare Enix/h.a.n.d.See Switch
PS5Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters2023ActionCompile Heart/Idea FactoryTakes battle cues from the Tales series and leans into slightly darker tones than previous entries with more modern tongue-in-cheek writing
PS4Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters2023ActionCompile Heart/Idea FactorySee PS5
PS4Neptunia Virtual Stars2021ActionCompile Heart/Idea FactoryThe Nepgirls interact with V-tubers in an ARPG featuring both gun-based and hack-and-slash gameplay styles; run-of-the-mill feeling despite the concept
PS4Neptunia x Senran Kagura: Ninja Wars2021ActionIdea Factory/Compile Heart/TamsoftThe crossover ARPG that hopefully nobody was asking for
SwitchNeptunia x Senran Kagura: Ninja Wars2022ActionIdea Factory/Compile Heart/TamsoftSee PS4
JP SFCNeugier: Umi to Kaze no Koudou1993ActionWolf TeamAn almost-localized ARPG with attacks that can level up, a rather short game overall
VitaNew Little King's Story (delisted)2012ActionKonamiChanges the watercolor aesthetic to a more anime-styled one, poor English translation, needs quite a bit of visual polish
PS3Nier2010ActionCaviaHack-and-slash ARPG with a pervading sense of melancholy and a gorgeous soundtrack, multiple endings; takes place after one of Drakengard's endings
Xbox 360Nier2010ActionCaviaAn ARPG spinoff of one of Drakengard's endings, astounding soundtrack, twisty plot, multiple endings
PS4Nier: Automata2017ActionPlatinumGamesExtremely atmospheric ARPG, distant sequel to the first Nier, incredible music
Xbox OneNier: Automata (DL only)2018ActionPlatinumGamesSee PS4
SwitchNieR: Automata - the End of YoRHa Edition2022ActionPlatinumGamesSee PS4, but with all DLC included (and additional exclusive costumes)
JP PS3Nier Replicant2010ActionCaviaThe version of Nier not released in the West (until 2021), featuring Nier as a brother rather than a father
Xbox OneNieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139...2021ActionSquare Enix/ToylogicSee PS4
PS4NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139...2021ActionSquare Enix/ToylogicBringing Brother Nier's story to the West for the first time, with an additional ending and updated gameplay more akin to Automata
Xbox SeriesNieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... (DL only)2021ActionSquare Enix/ToylogicSee PS4
PS4Nights of Azure2015ActionGustAn ARPG with sapphic undertones that leans into fanservice territory; dark in tone with a focus on collecting demon blood to level yourself and the familiars you collect
SwitchNights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon2017ActionGustSee PS4
PS4Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon2017ActionGustSimilar premise as the first game, but now with a time limit on both excursions and the game as a whole; instead of 4 creatures, you now have 2 and an AI partner
Xbox 360Ninety-Nine Nights2006ActionQ Entertainment/PhantagramA musou-type game with RPG elements and a fantasy theme, increasing character levels makes better combos available
Xbox 360Ninety-Nine Nights II2010ActionQ Entertainment/FeelplusDarker in tone than the first game, but with worse reviews; plays like its predecessor
GB+GBCNinja Boy II1993ActionCulture BrainRPG with beat-em-up elements similar to Super Ninja Boy
GB+GBCNinja Taro1992ActionNMKCollect items to raise your stats in an ARPG with painfully slow walking speed
PS3Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch2013ActionLevel-5Incredible Ghibli-styled visuals, monster-collecting elements, and unfortunate AI
SwitchNi no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch2019ActionLevel-5See PS3
PS4Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remastered2019ActionLevel-5Contains all DLC and improves the graphics; is otherwise the same game
PS4Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom2018ActionLevel-5Overhauls gameplay drastically- combat is now ARPG-styled (though there are still some spirits to provide assistance); the focus turns to kingdom-building
SwitchNi no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom - Prince's Edition2021ActionLevel-5See PS4, but with all DLC included
Xbox SeriesNi no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom - Prince's Edition (DL only)2023ActionLevel-5See Switch
Xbox OneNi no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom - Prince's Edition (DL only)2023ActionLevel-5See Switch
PS4Nioh2017ActionTeam NinjaDemon-filled ARPG set in the late Sengoku period with a robust Souls-like combat system
PS4Nioh 22020ActionTeam NinjaExchanges the main character of the first with a character-created avatar, adds features like enemy souls to capture to use their abilities, combat is even deeper than before
PS5Nioh 2 Remastered - The Complete Edition (DL only)2021ActionTeam NinjaContains all available DLC and graphical/framerate upgrades, as well as speedier load times
PS5Nioh Remastered - The Complete Edition (DL only)2021ActionTeam NinjaContains all available DLC and graphical/framerate upgrades
PS2Odin Sphere2007ActionVanillawareSide-scrolling beat-em-up ARPG with a gorgeous art style
PS3Odin Sphere (PS2 Classics)2011ActionVanillawareSee PS2
VitaOdin Sphere: Leifthrasir2016ActionVanillawareSee PS3
PS3Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir2016ActionVanillawareEnhanced remake of Odin Sphere with much less slowdown, difficulty changes, more stages, and new enemies
PS4Odin Sphere Leifthrasir2016ActionVanillawareSee PS3
Xbox OneOne Piece: World Seeker2019ActionGanbarionSee PS4
PS4One Piece: World Seeker2019ActionGanbarionThink the Batman Arkham or Spider-Man games, but with a One Piece coat of paint; equipment raises stats while skill points are used to unlock and improve moves
PS4Oninaki (DL only)2019ActionTokyo RPG FactoryAn ARPG that relies on crossing the line between the land of the living and the spiritual plane, where demons of different classes are used to help attack
SwitchOninaki (DL only)2019ActionTokyo RPG FactorySee PS4
WiiOpoona2008ActionArtePiazzaCutesy semi-sci-fi game where combat is done by throwing a sphere at enemies
PS2Orphen: Scion of Sorcery2000ActionShadeARPG with a strange turn-based/real-time combat hybrid, limited amount of battles overall prevent grinding
JP FCOutlanders1987ActionMicronicsKooky sci-fi with wonky ARPG combat
WiiPandora's Tower2013ActionGanbarionARPG with a focus on environmental puzzle-solving and a time-based curse mechanic
Wii UPandora's Tower (DL only)2015ActionGanbarionSee Wii
Wii UPaper Mario: Color Splash2016ActionIntelligent SystemsSystem based on paint and color, attacks are chosen by cards, story progress and some items confer stat increases
PS3Parasite Eve (PSone Classics)2011ActionSquareSee PSX
PSPParasite Eve (PSone Classics)2011ActionSquareSee PSX
PSPParasite Eve II (PSone Classics)2011ActionSquareSee PSX
PS3Parasite Eve II (PSone Classics)2011ActionSquareSee PSX
VitaPenny-Punching Princess2018ActionNippon IchiPixel-styled beat-em-up with an emphasis on collecting money from defeated enemies to bribe them, unlock new areas, and upgrade stats
SwitchPenny-Punching Princess2018ActionNippon IchiSee Vita
PS4Persona 5 Strikers2021ActionOmega Force/AtlusSee Switch
SwitchPersona 5 Strikers2021ActionOmega Force/AtlusA sequel to Persona 5 (if you pretend Royal never happened) with ARPG gameplay; much more in-depth strategy required than your typical musou-like game
DSPhantasy Star 02009ActionSonic TeamThink Phantasy Star Online, but with crunchier graphics and a full-fledged story mode
DreamcastPhantasy Star Online2001ActionSonic TeamARPG, first online console game
GameCubePhantasy Star Online: Episode I & II2002ActionSonic TeamAdds entirely new content for Episode II, AKA Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst
GameCubePhantasy Star Online: Episode I & II Plus2003ActionSonic TeamPSO with additional formerly online-only quests and items
DreamcastPhantasy Star Online Ver. 2.02001ActionSonic TeamAn expanded version of the original
PSPPhantasy Star Portable2009ActionAlfa System/Sonic TeamSequel to Phantasy Star Universe, plays in a similar ARPG style, customizable player character, mission-based structure
PSPPhantasy Star Portable 22010ActionAlfa SystemDirect sequel to the first game, can import character from first game, some fairly minor differences but otherwise plays the same as the first
JP PSPPhantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity2011ActionAlfa SystemAn upgrade to PSP2; adds new story content, races, bosses, skills, and QoL changes/balancing
Xbox 360Phantasy Star Universe2006ActionSonic TeamMostly the same as PS2, but Ambition of the Illuminus is a free DLC instead
PS2Phantasy Star Universe2006ActionSonic TeamARPG with a PSO-like combat style, had both online and offline modes (only offline persists to this day)
PS2Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminus2007ActionSonic TeamStandalone expansion to Phantasy Star Universe
SwitchPoison Control2021ActionNippon IchiSee PS4
PS4Poison Control2021ActionNippon IchiHybrid of a third-person shooter and Qix (of all things), with a leveling mechanic and emotional toxicity to cleanse (literally)
DSPokemon Ranger2006ActionHAL LaboratoryMore of an ARPG than regular Pokemon games that uses the stylus to help temporarily capture Pokemon, who assist in completing missions
Wii UPokemon Ranger (VC)2016ActionHAL LaboratorySee DS
DSPokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs2010ActionCreatures Inc.Very like the first two, but now you can also draw symbols to summon legendary 'mons to help you out
Wii UPokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs (VC)2016ActionCreatures Inc.See DS
DSPokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia2008ActionCreatures Inc.Still no Pokemon battling here and still touchscreen-heavy, but with more possible partner Pokemon and tools for capturing
Wii UPokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia (VC)2016ActionCreatures Inc.See DS
3DSPokemon Rumble World2015ActionAmbrellaA stylized 3D Pokemon beat-em-up where capturing many types of mons increases Adventurer Rank, which gives access to new areas and increases the strength of wild Pokemon
N64Quest 641998ActionImagineerFinal Fantasy II-like leveling system, a very baby JRPG
GB+GBCQuest: Brian's Journey2000ActionAtelier DoubleA demake of the N64 game… if you considered Quest 64 a game to begin with. Taking actions builds stats
JP FCRadia Senki: Reiemeihen1991ActionTecmo4 AI characters + 1 controllable = fun auto tactics
PS2Radiata Stories2005ActionTri-AceARPG with a majorly branching storyline, tons of recruitable characters (all with their own schedules), and lots to kick!
DSRagnarok DS2010ActionGungHoAs the title implies, it's Ragnarok Online, except on the DS; only a max of 3 can play together, but there is a storyline to follow
VitaRagnarok Odyssey2012ActionGame ArtsBasically a Monster Hunter clone with some Norse elements; levels do not increase traditionally but improving equipment via cards improves your stats
PS3Ragnarok Odyssey Ace2014ActionGame ArtsEnhanced version of Ragnarok Odyssey with all DLC included, new dungeons/enemies/skills, and readjusted gameplay balance; stat enhancements done via cards
VitaRagnarok Odyssey ACE2012ActionGame ArtsEasier to import RO save data from, otherwise see PS3
DreamcastRecord of Lodoss War: Advent of Cardice2001ActionNeverlandBased on the anime, plays kinda like Diablo
PSPRengoku: The Tower of Purgatory2006ActionNeverlandA sci-fi ARPG with cumbersome gameplay mechanics and an almost nonexistent story, encourages weapon scavenging from enemies
PSPRengoku II: The Stairway to H.E.A.V.E.N.2005ActionNeverland/Hudson SoftMakes very minimal changes to the gameplay loop from the first game, culminating in another lackluster experience
JP DreamcastRent-A-Hero No. 12000ActionAspectA remake that adds a female counterpart to the main character and 3D as opposed to 2D fighting; itself fully translated and intended for Western shores it never reached
JP Mega DriveRent a Hero1991ActionSegaPerform various tasks for townsfolk as a superhero-for-hire; no XP but the cash from your jobs can be used to upgrade your armor and weapons, used in fighting game-esque combat
3DSResident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D2011ActionCapcom/ToseBioweapon slaying gives skill points, and skill points give better combat stats/abiilties!
SwitchResident Evil Revelations2017ActionCapcom/ToseSee XBO
Wii UResident Evil Revelations2013ActionCapcom/ToseSee XBO
Xbox OneResident Evil Revelations2017ActionCapcom/ToseSee 3DS, but with some tweaks and added characters for Raid Mode
3DSResident Evil Revelations2012ActionCapcom/ToseIncluded due to the presence of Raid Mode, in which you kill bioweapons as a character from the main game and gain XP to level, which gives you better stats
PS4Resident Evil Revelations2017ActionCapcom/ToseSee XBO
PS3Resident Evil Revelations2013ActionCapcom/ToseSee XBO
Xbox 360Resident Evil Revelations2013ActionCapcom/ToseSee XBO
SwitchResident Evil Revelations 22017ActionCapcomSee XBO
PS3Resident Evil Revelations 22015ActionCapcomSee XBO
VitaResident Evil Revelations 22015ActionCapcomSee XBO
Xbox 360Resident Evil Revelations 22015ActionCapcomSee XBO
PS4Resident Evil Revelations 22015ActionCapcomSee XBO
Xbox OneResident Evil Revelations 22015ActionCapcomIncluded due to the presence of Raid Mode, in which you kill bioweapons as a classic RE character and gain XP to level and upgrade skills
3DSRiver City: Knights of Justice (DL only)2017ActionAvit-NiigataGives a tongue-in-cheek RPG makeover to the Kunio-kun series; there is no leveling but stats increase with equipment and gem slotting
NESRiver City Ransom1990ActionTechnos JapanBARF! Beating up rival street gangs to rescue a girl and using dropped cash to buy stat upgrades
GBARiver City Ransom EX2004ActionMillionRemoves co-op and replaces it with an AI partner and more game customizability
JP DSRockman.EXE: Operate Shooting Star2009ActionCapcomA port of Mega Man Battle Network with some additional Star Force content thrown in
PS2Rogue Galaxy2007ActionLevel-5Space pirate ARPG with AI party members and a nontradional stat increasing system
PS4Rogue Galaxy (DL only)2014ActionLevel-5See PS2
PS3Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny2011ActionNeverlandHarvesting, adventuring, and seafaring in order to raise islands from the bottom of the ocean, with bonus Move controls
WiiRygar: The Battle of Argus2009ActionTeam TachyonSee PS2, but with motion controls for the diskarmor and a massive change in Rygar's appearance
PS2Rygar: The Legendary Adventure2002ActionTecmoDiskarmor shenanigans galore, but now in 3D; gorgeous soundtrack; points enhance player characteristics and strengthen weapons
3DSSadame (DL only)2016ActionMebiusAn ARPG with 4 separate classes to hack and slash through an alternate history Sengoku period, includes a sphere grid-like customization system
PS5Samurai Maiden (DL/Asia English)2022ActionShade Inc.It's clunky poorly-written ecchi, with affection levels raising stats and skills
SwitchSamurai Maiden (DL/Asia English)2022ActionShade Inc.See PS5
PS4Samurai Maiden (DL/Asia English)2022ActionShade Inc.See PS5
PS5Scarlet Nexus2021ActionTose/Bandai NamcoA flashy ARPG with two different storylines to choose from and a bevy of psychic powers to play with
Xbox SeriesScarlet Nexus2021ActionTose/Bandai NamcoSee PS5
PS4Scarlet Nexus2021ActionTose/Bandai NamcoSee PS5
Xbox OneScarlet Nexus (DL only)2021ActionTose/Bandai NamcoSee PS5
PS4SD Gundam Battle Alliance (Asia English/DL)2022ActionArtdink/AlvionSee XS
Xbox SeriesSD Gundam Battle Alliance (Asia English/DL)2022ActionArtdink/AlvionChibi mobile suits in a massive hack-and-slash crossover to correct multiversal shenanigans
SwitchSD Gundam Battle Alliance (Asia English/DL)2022ActionArtdink/AlvionSee XS
PS5SD Gundam Battle Alliance (Asia English/DL)2022ActionArtdink/AlvionSee XS
Xbox OneSD Gundam Battle Alliance (Asia English/DL)2022ActionArtdink/AlvionSee XS
SNESSecret of Evermore1995ActionSquare SoftAn ARPG featuring a boy and his dog traveling through different eras; never released in Japan
SNESSecret of Mana1993ActionSquareActually the second Mana game, up to 3-player co-op
PS4Secret of Mana2018ActionQ Studios/SquareSee Vita
VitaSecret of Mana (DL only)2018ActionQ Studios/SquareRemade in 3D with a lot of the original visual charm missing, a new translation, adds voiced dialogue and makes QoL changes
JP SFCSeiken Densetsu 31995ActionSquareThe character you choose at the start determines your storyline, otherwise plays like SoM
3DSSenran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson2015ActionTamsoftPlays like the first game and somehow manages to be even more risque in presentation
VitaSenran Kagura: Estival Versus2016ActionTamsoftMassive mammary melee- a beat-em-up/ARPG where the girls you control will almost inevitably lose pieces of clothing in order to increase their power
PS4Senran Kagura: Estival Versus2016ActionTamsoftSee Vita
VitaSenran Kagura: Shinovi Versus2014ActionTamsoftChoose a shinobi school to represent and show superiority over other schools by using 3D beat-em-up gameplay and (for some reason) tearing your clothes off
3DSSenran Kagura Burst (DL only)2013ActionTamsoftOne of the most fanservicey beat-em-ups you'll ever see, has two different story modes to follow
PS4Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal2018ActionHoney Parade/TamsoftChanges gameplay perspective to 3D (as opposed to the 2.5D of the original), adds more characters via DLC
PSXShadow Tower1999ActionFromSoftwarePlays similarly to King's Field, but killing particular enemies determines stat growth
VitaShadow Tower (PSone Classics)2015ActionFromSoftwareSee PSX
PSPShadow Tower (PSone Classics)2015ActionFromSoftwareSee PSX
PS3Shadow Tower (PSone Classics)2015ActionFromSoftwareSee PSX
JP PS2Shadow Tower: Abyss2003ActionFromSoftwareAnother first-person FromSoft jam and sequel to Shadow Tower, this one features soul harvesting and independent NPC schedules
PS2Shining Force EXA2007ActionNeverlandIsometric ARPG with two protagonists and some town-building, recycles many assets from Shining Force Neo
PS2Shining Force Neo2005ActionNeverlandMore realistically proportioned models than Shining Tears, but overall plays similarly
PS4Shining Resonance Refrain2018ActionO-Two/Sega/Media.VisionEnhanced port of a previously JP-only PS3 game with added storylines; a serviceable ARPG with some dating sim elements
Xbox OneShining Resonance Refrain2018ActionO-Two/Sega/Media.VisionSee PS4
SwitchShining Resonance Refrain2018ActionO-Two/Sega/Media.VisionSee PS4
GBAShining Soul2003ActionNextech/Grasshopper ManufactureIsometric ARPG that serves as a reboot of sorts to the Shining series
GBAShining Soul II2004ActionNextech/Grasshopper ManufactureSimilar to the first, with more classes to choose from
PS2Shining Tears2005ActionNexTech/Amusement VisionPlays vastly different to the rest of the Shining Force games- is an isometric ARPG rather than turn-based
PS2Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon2009ActionAtlusVery similar to its predecessor, but uses demon negotiation rather than capture elements
PS2Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Soulless Army2006ActionAtlusDeviates from series norms by being more of an ARPG and taking place in the past, demon assistance is always present
JP PC EngineShiryou Sensen: War of the Dead1989ActionFun ProjectBadass cover art, plays a lot like Zelda II
JP SFCShodai Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun1992ActionTechnos JapanMore or less River City Ransom 2, but you gain actual XP instead of using cash to buy stat upgrades (for better or worse)
JP 3DSSlime Mori Mori Dragon Quest 3: Daikaizoku to Shippo Dan2011ActionSquare Enix
DSSolatorobo: Red the Hunter2011ActionCyberConnect2Spiritual sequel to Tail Concerto (PSX), with steampunk robot combat and tons of anthropomorphic creatures
JP DSSoma Bringer2008ActionMonolith SoftTop-down ARPG, widely acclaimed; lots of text to read and lots of character customization to do
SNESSoul Blazer1992ActionQuintetPart of the legendary Quintet trilogy, an ARPG with some town-reconstruction elements
VitaSoul Sacrifice2013ActionMarvelous/SCEJ/ComceptA heavily dark fantasy-styled Monster Hunter clone of sorts with the choice of sparing or sacrificing your enemies, allies, and own body parts as a crucial element to progression
VitaSoul Sacrifice Delta (DL only)2014ActionMarvelous/SCEJ/ComceptAdditions include new weapons, abilities, factions, monsters, areas, and a streamlining of combat to increase fluidity
DSSpectrobes2007ActionJupiterAn original Disney Interactive Studios IP with slippery-looking controls; a Pokemon clone with ARPG combat
DSSpectrobes: Beyond the Portals2008ActionJupiterMany more Spectrobes to collect and a general improvement overall from the first game
Master SystemSpellCaster1989ActionSegaARPG in combat (plays much like Shinobi), point-and-click-like in towns, story progression increases stats
JP SFCStar Ocean1996ActionTri-AceLook at that spritework!
PSPStar Ocean: First Departure2008ActionTose/Tri-AceAdds new playable characters and animated cutscenes, gives the game a different engine, expands on some NPCs storyline-wise, first western localization of the game
SwitchStar Ocean: First Departure R (DL only)2019ActionTose/Square Enix/Tri-AceSee PS4
PS4Star Ocean: First Departure R (DL only)2019ActionTose/Square Enix/Tri-AceAdds new character illustrations and makes QoL changes to the PSP version
PS4Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness2016ActionTri-AceArguably the weakest entry in the series; combat occurs with all party members (up to 7!) present in real-time, with a rock-paper-scissors-like system
PSPStar Ocean: Second Evolution2009ActionTose/Tri-AceAdds new playable characters, reworked skills, new cutscenes, and even more endings to The Second Story
Xbox SeriesStar Ocean: The Divine Force2022ActionTri-AceSee PS5
Xbox OneStar Ocean: The Divine Force2022ActionTri-AceSee PS5
PS5Star Ocean: The Divine Force2022ActionTri-AceA return to dual protagonists and the most dynamic combat system in the series to date
PS4Star Ocean: The Divine Force2022ActionTri-AceSee PS5
Xbox 360Star Ocean: The Last Hope2017ActionTri-AceChronologically the first game in the series, fun action-based gameplay and a heavier sci-fi emphasis than all other titles
PS4Star Ocean: The Last Hope - 4K/Full HD Edition (DL only)2017ActionTri-Ace/Square EnixSee PS3, but with prettier graphics
PS3Star Ocean: The Last Hope International2010ActionTri-AceAdds anime-styled character portraits, dual audio, and new music to the original 360 release; considered to be the definitive version of the game
PSXStar Ocean: The Second Story1999ActionTri-AceFirst localized Star Ocean game with two different scenarios
PS2Star Ocean: Till the End of Time2004ActionTri-AceAKA Star Ocean 3 - losing all HP or MP will knock a character out in battle, very complicated Private Action scoring system to determine ending
PS4Star Ocean: Till the End of Time (DL only)2017ActionTri-AceSee PS2
PS2Steambot Chronicles2006ActionIremMech-based ARPG, characters are named after food, eschews leveling system for highly customizable mech parts
PS5Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin2022ActionTeam NinjaCampy Chaos killing! An ARPG take of sorts on the first Final Fantasy game, with Nioh-like combat and many creative liberties
PS4Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin2022ActionTeam NinjaSee PS5
Xbox SeriesStranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin2022ActionTeam NinjaSee PS5
Xbox OneStranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin2022ActionTeam NinjaSee PS5
JP FCSukeban Deka III1988ActionShoueiManga-based ARPG
GBASummon Night: Swordcraft Story2006ActionFlight-PlanCombat reminiscent of earlier Tales games, but with weapon swapping available
GBASummon Night: Swordcraft Story 22006ActionFlight-PlanLike the first, but with more crafting
DSSummon Night: Twin Age2008ActionFlight-PlanTouch control-only ARPG with 2 AI party members and the ability to summon monsters
JP SFCSuper Chinese World 21993ActionCulture BrainSuper Ninja Boy sequel, has ARPG battles instead of its predecessor's turn-based combat
JP SFCSuper Chinese World 3 - Chou Jigen Daisakusen1995ActionCulture BrainTwo different battle modes to choose from: ARPG or turn-based, each with their own storylines
GenesisSuper Hydlide1990ActionT&E SoftRemake of Hydlide 3, with a morality, encumbrance, hunger, and day/night system. IT'S NOT ALL THAT GOOD.
SNESSuper Ninja Boy1993ActionCulture BrainCan be played multiplayer, combat is done in side-scrolling ARPG format, sequel to Little Ninja Brothers
PS4Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris2020ActionAquriaSee XBO
Xbox OneSword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris2020ActionAquriaFollows the third anime season, gameplay is still ARPG-styled but frequently interrupted by long bursts of visual novel-like dialogue
SwitchSword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris (DL only)2022ActionAquriaSee XBO
Xbox OneSword Art Online: Fatal Bullet2018ActionDimpsTakes place in the gun-heavy game world from the second season of the anime, ARPG/third-person shooter combat with a customizable avatar
PS4Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet2018ActionDimpsSee XBO
SwitchSword Art Online: Fatal Bullet - Complete Edition (DL only)2019ActionDimpsIncludes all expansions and DLC from the original release
VitaSword Art Online: Hollow Fragment (DL only)2014ActionAquriaTakes place during the anime's first arc but is a spinoff, has content from a JP-only prequel game included, with ARPG MMO-styled combat and dating sim elements
PS4Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization2016ActionAquriaSee Vita
VitaSword Art Online: Hollow Realization (DL only)2016ActionAquriaDirect sequel to Lost Song, has a 4-person party with more streamlined MMO-type combat than previous games in the series; lots of NPCs to befriend, goes back to the first arc style
SwitchSword Art Online: Hollow Realization - Deluxe Edition (DL only)2019ActionAquriaIncludes all DLC from the original
PS4Sword Art Online: Lost Song2015ActionArtdinkSee Vita
VitaSword Art Online: Lost Song2015ActionArtdinkSequel to Hollow Fragment, has more actual ARPG-type combat, takes place in the area of the second half of the anime's first arc, 3-person parties
PS4Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment (DL only)2015ActionAquriaVastly improves the translation of the original, changes the way skills work in combat, and adds new bosses amongst other QoL changes
GBASword of Mana2003ActionBrownie BrownIncorporates elements from later games and 2 story paths
GenesisSword of Vermilion1991ActionSegaOverworld traversal in first and third-person, combat is done ARPG-style
3DSSwords & Darkness (DL only)2015ActionAplus/Arc System WorksA side-scrolling beat-em-up with no special features of note
Xbox OneTales of Arise2021ActionBandai NamcoSee PS5
PS5Tales of Arise2021ActionBandai NamcoMakes changes both welcome and unwelcome to the series, including a shared pool of points used for healing/buffs, comic book-style skits, removal of post-battle banter, and the cutest Tales mascot EVER
PS4Tales of Arise2021ActionBandai NamcoSee PS5
Xbox SeriesTales of Arise (DL only)2021ActionBandai NamcoSee PS5
JP PS3Tales of Berseria2016ActionBandai NamcoSee PS4 - last Tales game developed for PS3
PS4Tales of Berseria2016ActionBandai NamcoStory is linked to Zestiria, highly eclectic cast, fulfilling certain conditions in battle (ARPG as always) leads to unleashing better abilities (or bolstering your enemies)
PSXTales of Destiny1998ActionWolf TeamFirst localized Tales title with a similar 2D real-time combat system to its predecessor
PSXTales of Destiny II2001ActionWolf Team/NamcoActually Tales of Eternia - the real Tales of Destiny 2 is a Japanese exclusive
PSPTales of Eternia (PAL/AU/JP only)2006ActionNamco Tales StudioA port of what NA territories knew as Tales of Destiny II, with vastly improved load times
PS3Tales of Graces f2012ActionNamco Tales StudioEnhanced localization of a JP-only Wii Tales title, very technical combat system, takes place at multiple times through the party's lives
VitaTales of Hearts R2014Action7thChord/Namco BandaiRemake of a previously JP-only DS title; leveling is done by improving a character's signature weapon, emphasizes air combos and union special attacks in combat
JP DSTales of Innocence2007ActionAlfa SystemYou know what to expect here at this point - in addition, doing sidequests for guilds levels them up
PS2Tales of Legendia2006ActionNamcoReverts back to the linear combat of earlier entries, about half of the game takes place after the final boss is defeated
GBATales of Phantasia2006ActionNamco Tales StudioFirst time released in English, with lots of slowdown and heavily compressed voice clips
JP PSXTales of Phantasia1998ActionNamcoArguably the best way to play the game, despite lack of official translation
JP SFCTales of Phantasia1995ActionWolf TeamMind-bogglingly pretty, a technological marvel for the time
GameCubeTales of Symphonia2004ActionNamco Tales StudioBrought the Tales series into the 3D realm for combat, chibi character models belie a twist-heavy story
WiiTales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World2008ActionNamco Tales StudioLots of elemental affinity manipulation and some monster recruitment mechanics in addition to normal Tales gameplay
PS3Tales of Symphonia Chronicles2014ActionBandai NamcoCombined release of the previously JP-only PS2 version of Tales of Symphonia (with additional content) and Dawn of the New World (with a new control scheme)
PS4Tales of Symphonia Remastered2023ActionBandai NamcoSee XBO
SwitchTales of Symphonia Remastered2023ActionBandai NamcoSee XBO
Xbox OneTales of Symphonia Remastered2023ActionBandai NamcoTheoretically an upgrade, barely improves visually from the PS3 release and notably does not come bundled with the sequel
PS2Tales of the Abyss2006ActionNamco Tales StudioBack to the 3D combat that Symphonia popularized, a shining example of protagonist character development
3DSTales of the Abyss2012ActionNamco Tales StudioVery similar to the original; load times are shorter, some minor changes to quests were made, and shortcuts for battle abilities requires use of the touchscreen
JP DSTales of the Tempest2006ActionDimps/Namco Tales StudioA short spinoff title from the mainline series, but plays as you've come to expect; a very polarizing game
PSPTales of the World: Radiant Mythology2007ActionAlfa SystemA crossover Tales game with a customizable main character, the ability to recruit other major characters from the series, and a quest-based format
Xbox 360Tales of Vesperia2008ActionNamco Tales StudioIt's more Tales, featuring a badass doggo! Lots of missables and a strong overall cast
Xbox OneTales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition2019ActionQLOC/Bandai NamcoIncludes all the content from the previously JP-only PS3 version (new characters and more voice acting, amongst others)
PS4Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition2019ActionQLOC/Bandai NamcoSee XBO
SwitchTales of Vesperia Definitive Edition2019ActionQLOC/Bandai NamcoSee XBO
PS3Tales of Xillia2013ActionNamco Tales StudioTwo separate protagonists with different combat styles (in similar ARPG format to others in the series) gives additional replayability
PS3Tales of Xillia 22014ActionNamco Tales StudioDirect sequel to Tales of Xillia with a new silent protagonist, lots of debt to manage, and character affection to earn
PS3Tales of Zestiria2015ActionBandai NamcoOften maligned amongst series fans for being misleading in terms of character marketing, has a battle system that revolves around partnering up
PS4Tales of Zestiria2015ActionBandai NamcoSee PS3
SNESTerranigma (PAL/JP only)1995ActionQuintetStrangely never localized, last in the Quintet ARPG trilogy; spells can only be cast via one-time use items
PSPThe 3rd Birthday2011ActionHexaDriveThird game in the Parasite Eve series, more like a third-person shooter than previous games, mission-based gameplay and lots of NPC possession!
VitaThe 3rd Birthday (DL only)2012ActionHexaDriveSee PSP
PS2The Bouncer2001ActionDream FactoryCult-classic 3D beat-em-up with RPG elements
PSXThe Granstream Saga1998ActionShadeARPG, Successor to the Quintet trilogy, unsettling faceless 3D models
WiiThe Last Story2012ActionArtoon/MistwalkerARPG with tactical and stealth elements including a cover system and issuing orders to AI party members in real-time
PS4The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails2023ActionFalcomHas Trails in the name but plays more like Ys (albeit with even more platforming), of tenous connection to the Trails games as a whole
SwitchThe Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails2023ActionFalcomSee PS4
SaturnThe Legend of Oasis1996ActionAncientSequel to Beyond Oasis (GEN), similar top-down ARPG gameplay
SwitchThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild2017ActionNintendoWhile not visible, story progress/killing enemies yields XP which in turn makes enemies notably stronger at certain thresholds; eschews the traditional Zelda formula in favor of an open-world approach
SwitchThe Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom2023ActionNintendoContains secret XP values that increase with enemy kills, making enemies (and chest loot) stronger as a result; a high emphasis on crafting ingenuity in an open world
NESThe Magic of Scheherazade1989ActionCulture BrainCould get pretty oof in cultural stereotypes, a mix of turn-based and ARPG gameplay
PS5The Nioh Collection2021ActionTeam NinjaThe remastered Nioh and Nioh 2 put together in one package
PS4The Princess Guide2018ActionNippon IchiAn ARPG with obtuse mechanics like praising and scolding the princess you are controlling as well as a steep difficulty curve
SwitchThe Princess Guide2019ActionNippon IchiSee PS4
PS4The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia2018ActionNatsumeAtariMore of a 3D arena fighter, but does have an Adventure Mode with quests in both musou and duel format to obtain items that enhance character stats
PS2The Sword of Etheria (PAL/JP only)2006ActionKCET3D beat-em-up with a Wizard of Oz theme, heavy emphasis on combo/team-up attacks
SNESThe Twisted Tales of Spike McFang1994ActionRed Company CorporationSuper cutesy ARPG
PS3The Witch and the Hundred Knight2014ActionNippon IchiIsometric ARPG with food management, a wonky camera, and a game-breaking bug, but a delightfully dark cast
PS4The Witch and the Hundred Knight 22017ActionNippon IchiPlays a lot like the first, albeit with a new cast of whimsical characters
PS4The Witch and the Hundred Knight: Revival Edition2016ActionNippon IchiAdds a new multi-floor dungeon, more weapons/armor, and Metallia as a playable character
DSThe World Ends With You2008ActionJupiter/Square EnixA fashionable, frantic ARPG that utilizes badges of sorts to determine attack abilities
SwitchThe World Ends With You Final Remix2018ActionJupiter/Square EnixAdds an extra scenario, but incorporates awkward motion/touch controls
PS4The Yakuza Remastered Collection2019ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioA bundle containing the remastered versions of Yakuza 3/4/5 (first instance of a physical Yakuza 5 in the West)
Xbox OneThe Yakuza Remastered Collection (DL only)2021ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioSee PS4
Xbox SeriesThe Yakuza Remastered Collection (DL only)2021ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioSee PS4
PSXThreads of Fate2000ActionSquareTwo-scenario ARPG with unconventional stat-increasing mechanics
PSPThreads of Fate (PSone Classics)2011ActionSquareSee PSX
PS3Threads of Fate (PSone Classics)2011ActionSquareSee PSX
VitaThreads of Fate (PSone Classics)2012ActionSquareSee PSX
PS3Time and Eternity2013ActionImageepochStrange, oft-criticized game with an offbeat anime-hybrid art style, dating-sim elements, and a single party member; repetitive gameplay
VitaTokyo Xanadu2017ActionFalcomARPG with a modern setting; rock-paper-scissors-like enemy weaknesses require quick party member swapping, linear dungeons
PS4Tokyo Xanadu eX+2017ActionFalcomContains new post-game content and side stories
JP Mega DriveTougi-Ou: King Colossus1992ActionSegaAnother Ys wannabe
PS4Touhou: New World2023ActionAnkake SpaSee PS5
PS5Touhou: New World2023ActionAnkake SpaA blend of hack-and-slash with the Touhou series' hallmark frantic bullet hell, featuring protagonist Reimu
SwitchTouhou: New World2023ActionAnkake SpaSee PS5
SwitchTouhou Shoujo Tale of Beautiful Memories (DL only)2022ActionThe N Main ShopA pixelated ARPG/turn-based hybrid featuring characters from throughout the long-running series
VitaToukiden 22017ActionOmega ForceFeatures an open world map for story mode, adds a grappling hook-like mechanic, small helpers to gather items for you, all on the pretense of hunting demonic monsters
PS4Toukiden 22017ActionOmega ForceSee Vita
VitaToukiden: Kiwami2015ActionOmega ForceContains the entirety of the original game and adds more weapons, monsters, and story content
VitaToukiden: The Age of Demons2014ActionOmega ForceKoei Tecmo's Monster Hunter clone; targeting specific body parts of demons to collect particular spoils is crucial to attribute improvement
PS4Toukiden Kiwami2015ActionOmega ForceSee Vita
Xbox OneTransformers: Devastation2015ActionPlatinumGamesSee 360
PS3Transformers: Devastation2015ActionPlatinumGamesSee 360
Xbox 360Transformers: Devastation2015ActionPlatinumGamesThink Bayonetta, but with Autobots! Upgradeable/synthesizable weaponry and stat increases
PS4Transformers: Devastation2015ActionPlatinumGamesSee 360
JP SFCTreasure Conflix1996ActionSquaresoftA Satellaview-only game with soft RPG elements (upgrading your airship's parts to use in dogfights) where you hunt for treasure and sell it at auction
PS4Trials of Mana2020ActionXeen/Square EnixBrings the game into 3D, adds new difficulty levels, gives characters abilities for buffs, adds an extra class tier, among many other QoL changes
SwitchTrials of Mana2020ActionXeen/Square EnixSee PS4
PS3Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll2011ActionOmega ForceARPG with 3 different playable characters that can be switched between on the fly, first of its series to be localized
PS5Trinity Trigger2023ActionFuRyuHarkens back to classic ARPG design with Secret of Mana-styled ring menus and mascot companions that also serve as weaponry
SwitchTrinity Trigger2023ActionFuRyuSee PS5
PS4Trinity Trigger2023ActionFuRyuSee PS5
PS2Tsugunai: Atonement2001ActionCattle CallBroken up into various quests rather than one fully linear experience- not all quests revolve around combat
PS4Utawarerumono: ZAN2019ActionAquaplusA musou-like adaptation of Mask of Deception, stripping away a lot of the story in the process
PSPValhalla Knights2007ActionK2Combat takes place in real-time with instant character switching but is a tad clunky, job system/subclassing confers abilities onto party members
VitaValhalla Knights (DL only)2012ActionK2See PSP
PSPValhalla Knights 22008ActionK2Not much different from the first at all, cumbersome spell systems and mission structure with bland environments
VitaValhalla Knights 2: Battle Stance (DL only)2012ActionK2See PSP
PSPValhalla Knights 2: Battle Stance (DL only)2010ActionK2Adds handy warp points, more customization options, more quests, more monsters, and cuts the maximum party size down from 6 to 4
VitaValhalla Knights 32013ActionK2Similar sort of ARPG as its predecessors, only with a party of 7 and a very antiquated view on the objectification of women
WiiValhalla Knights: Eldar Saga2009ActionK2ARPG with a lot of similarities to Monster Hunter and a job system
VitaValkyria Revolution (DL only)2017ActionMedia.VisionAbandons the previously established canon of the series and tries to adopt a more action-based format with some tactical elements still in play
VitaValkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni2016ActionMeteoriseLess apologetic and even more lewd, another beat-em-up by the Senran Kagura creator with questionable transformations
PS5Valkyrie Elysium2022ActionSoleil/Square EnixA side game (but not really) that leans far, far, far more heavily into action than RPG elements, with a skill tree to upgrade stats and general disappointment for fans of the series
PS4Valkyrie Elysium2022ActionSoleil/Square EnixSee PS5
JP FCValkyrie no Bouken: Toki no Kagi Densetsu1986ActionNamcoMinimal text, starring Namco's famous valkyrie
PS2Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria2006ActionTri-AceSimilar combat and dungeon exploration as the first game, but with no time limits or pressure to release Einherjar
SaturnVirtual Hydlide1995ActionT&E SoftRemake of the first Hydlide, with the best framerate known to man
PS2Virtua Quest2005ActionSega-AM2/ToseARPG with a main character so lame, he has to capture the souls of the Virtua Fighter characters to become cool
GameCubeVirtua Quest2004ActionSega-AM2/ToseAn ARPG starring a lame kid who has to enslave the souls of Virtua Fighter characters to become cool
PSPWarriors of the Lost Empire2007ActionPlatinum EggA fairly mindless hack-and-slash ARPG with some very questionable enemy AI
VitaWarriors of the Lost Empire (DL only)2012ActionPlatinum EggSee PSP
PS3Way of the Samurai 32009ActionAcquireA Sengoku-era ARPG with 22 different endings; weapons gain XP and lead to learning skills, many butterfly effect-type decisions to make
Xbox 360Way of the Samurai 32009ActionAcquireSee PS3
PS3Way of the Samurai 4 (DL only)2012ActionAcquireAnother iteration of the samurai sim taking place during the last days of the shogunate; skills can gain XP in order to become stronger and unlock higher tiers
PS3White Knight Chronicles: International Edition2010ActionLevel-5/SCEJAttempts to be a MMO/JRPG hybrid with customizable avatar; doesn't really succeed at it, repetitive combo-based combat system
PS3White Knight Chronicles II2011ActionLevel-5/SCEJPuts a coat of polish over the first game's systems, but does little to improve them; the disc also includes a copy of the first game with the reworked battle system
Xbox SeriesWild Hearts2023ActionOmega ForceBasically Monster Hunter with less campy characters, less monster variety, and a bigger emphasis on the use of tools/traps during hunts
PS5Wild Hearts2023ActionOmega ForceSee XS
NESWillow1989ActionCapcomYes, based off the 80's movie with Warwick Davis and Val Kilmer. Solid ARPG gameplay!
3DSWitch & Hero (DL only)2013ActionFK Digital/Flyhigh WorksAn overly simplistic game where you as the hero defend the the titular witch by repeatedly bumping into waves of enemies to kill them, level up, rinse, and repeat
SwitchWitch & Hero (DL only)2019ActionFK Digital/Flyhigh WorksSee 3DS
3DSWitch & Hero II (DL only)2016ActionFlyhigh WorksA new hero and witch to control, both at the same time; gameplay is otherwise unchanged
SwitchWitch & Hero II (DL only)2020ActionFlyhigh WorksSee 3DS
3DSWitch & Hero III (DL only)2018ActionFlyhigh WorksThe witch goes back to being stationary, but now you control a second little hero to endlessly ram enemies with
Xbox SeriesWo Long: Fallen Dynasty2023ActionTeam Ninja/Koei TecmoThink Nioh but with a Three Kingdoms coat of paint and more systems to juggle- punishing as always
Xbox OneWo Long: Fallen Dynasty2023ActionTeam Ninja/Koei TecmoSee XS
PS4Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty2023ActionTeam Ninja/Koei TecmoSee XS
PS5Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty2023ActionTeam Ninja/Koei TecmoSee XS
JP SFCXak: The Art of Visual Stage1993ActionMicro Cabin/Tokai EngineeringYs' cousin, but the story only covers the first half of the first game on MSX
N-GageXanadu Next2005ActionFalcom/ScriptArtsIsometric ARPG gameplay with a clunky class-switching system of sorts and a different story than the PC version
WiiXenoblade Chronicles2012ActionMonolith SoftI'm really feeling loads of sidequests and ARPG combat!
Wii UXenoblade Chronicles (DL only)2016ActionMonolith SoftSee Wii
SwitchXenoblade Chronicles 22017ActionMonolith SoftA vast, open world with character designs that lean far closer to anime than its predecesor; some gacha mechanics for unlocking new summonable spirits
SwitchXenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna - The Golden Country2018ActionMonolith SoftServes as both a DLC to XC2 as well as a standalone game; set long before the main game; combat is more dynamic than the main game
SwitchXenoblade Chronicles 32022ActionMonolith SoftAdds a class system to the series' lauded exploration, 6 active party members in combat at once; heavy emphasis on character interaction that works in its favor
3DSXenoblade Chronicles 3D (New 3DS only)2015ActionMonolith Soft/Monster GamesMore or less the same as the original, but changes the HUD a little bit and adds a few bonus modes like a model viewer and jukebox
SwitchXenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition2020ActionMonolith Soft/Monster GamesAdds an entire epilogue section, cleans up the graphics significantly, and has a lot of QoL improvements
Wii UXenoblade Chronicles X2015ActionMonolith SoftOpen-world ARPG with a customizable avatar, mechs are available, combat is somewhat complex, story not linked to other Xeno games
PS2Yakuza2006ActionAmusement VisionTons of minigames, ARPG combat, and a badass protagonist; lots of major Hollywood actors in the English voice cast
PS4Yakuza 02015ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioMoney serves as a sort of XP in this prequel to the main series, starring 80's Kiryu and Majima
Xbox OneYakuza 0 (DL only)2020ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioSee PS4
PS2Yakuza 22008ActionAmusement VisionKazuma Kiryu's Kamurocho shenanigans continue with a JP-only voice cast
PS3Yakuza 32010ActionAmusement Vision/SegaContinues Kiryu's story but takes out a fair amount of content due to rushed localization (hostess clubs, for example)
PS4Yakuza 3 Remastered2019ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioBrings back a lot of content (substories/cabaret) originally cut from the western version and streamlines the localization
Xbox OneYakuza 3 Remastered (DL only)2021ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioSee PS4
Xbox SeriesYakuza 3 Remastered (DL only)2021ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioSee PS4
PS3Yakuza 42011ActionAmusement Vision/SegaAdds additional protagonists in addition to furthering Kiryu's saga (with tons to do in Kamurocho as always)
PS4Yakuza 4 Remastered2019ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioCleans up the localization and has a major character recast from the original due to real-world legal proceedings, otherwise is very similar
Xbox SeriesYakuza 4 Remastered (DL only)2021ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioSee PS4
Xbox OneYakuza 4 Remastered (DL only)2021ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioSee PS4
PS3Yakuza 5 (DL only)2015ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioHas 5 controllable protagonists total and takes place over 5 different cities, uses a more enhanced graphics engine than other PS3 games in the series
PS4Yakuza 5 Remastered2020ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioMinimal changes from the original overall, most notably a reworked localization
Xbox SeriesYakuza 5 Remastered (DL only)2021ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioSee PS4
Xbox OneYakuza 5 Remastered (DL only)2021ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioSee PS4
Xbox OneYakuza 6: The Song of Life2021ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioSee PS4
PS4Yakuza 6: The Song of Life2018ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioFinal game in Kiryu's saga, only one playable protagonist and fighting style, experience is divided into multiple types to level stats
Xbox SeriesYakuza 6: The Song of Life2021ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioSee PS4
PS3Yakuza: Dead Souls2012ActionSegaNon-canonical spinoff taking place after Yakuza 4; 4 playable protagonists and reduced exploration ability (on account of there being zombies everywhere)
PS4Yakuza Kiwami2017ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioA retelling of the story of the first Yakuza in the Yakuza 0 engine, using Japanese dialogue rather than a dub and adding a system where Majima can ambush you anywhere
Xbox OneYakuza Kiwami (DL only)2020ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioSee PS4
PS4Yakuza Kiwami 22018ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioA retelling of Yakuza 2, adding minigames seen in other series entries as well as prequel chapters (and more Majima)
Xbox OneYakuza Kiwami 2 (DL only)2020ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioSee PS4
3DSYo-kai Watch Blasters: Red Cat Corps/White Dog Squad2018ActionLevel-5An ARPG that acts as a bit of a Ghostbusters parody and a sequel to Yo-kai Watch 2; orbs are collected during missions to level up the team of Yo-kai and buy items
JP FCYs1988ActionFalcomAdol bumps into the enemies to slay them
PS4Ys: Memories of Celceta2020ActionFalcomAdds a Japanese voice option, otherwise see Vita
VitaYs: Memories of Celceta2013ActionFalcomConsidered by Falcom to the the real Ys IV; still an ARPG, has party members with a variety of attack types, parrying can reduce damage taken and enable counterattacks
PSPYs: The Ark of Napishtim2006ActionFalcomCloser to the original PC Japanese version than the PS2 version was; also adds some extra quests; very long and frequent loading
PS2Ys: The Ark of Napishtim2005ActionFalcomTechnically Ys VI; Adol can jump now, so that's cool
PSPYs: The Oath in Felghana2010ActionFalcomRemastered version of Ys III, taking gameplay elements from Ys VI and expanding the storyline with extra scenes
VitaYs: The Oath in Felghana (DL only)2012ActionFalcomSee PSP
Master SystemYs: The Vanished Omens1989ActionFalcom/SegaSome dungeon areas are horizontally flipped, but is otherwise generally similar to the original release
Turbografx-CDYs Book I & II1990ActionFalcomAnother way to experience the glory of Adol? Ys, please!
PSPYs I & II Chronicles2011ActionFalcomMostly the same as previous versions, but with a new soundtrack option as well as newly done character portraits
VitaYs I & II Chronicles (DL only)2012ActionFalcomSee PSP
JP FCYs II1990ActionFalcomAdds magic to Adol's repertoire
GenesisYs III1991ActionTelenet/FalcomPlays like the other releases, but with arguably better music and game balance
Turbografx-CDYs III: Wanderers From Ys1991ActionFalcom/Alfa SystemIt's sidescrolling Ys- that's all there is to it
JP FCYs III: Wanderers From Ys1991ActionFalcomChanges the battles to be side-scrolling rather than top-down and allows Adol to swing his sword/jump
SNESYs III: Wanderers From Ys1991ActionFalcom/Advance CommunicationSimilar to the FC version, but with cleaner graphics and arguably worse hit detection
JP SFCYs IV: Mask of the Sun1993ActionTonkin HouseNon-canonical to the Ys series after the release of Memories of Celceta
JP PC EngineYs IV: The Dawn of Ys (CD)1993ActionHudson SoftTechnically different from the Ys IV on SFC/other consoles
PS5Ys IX: Monstrum Nox2023ActionFalcomSee PS4, but with cosmetic DLC included
PS4Ys IX: Monstrum Nox2021ActionFalcomCarries over a lot of gameplay elements from Ys VIII; Adol's most story/character-heavy tale yet; features new movement mechanics for world traversal
SwitchYs IX: Monstrum Nox2021ActionFalcomSee PS4
PS4Ys Origin2017ActionFalcomSee Vita
SwitchYs Origin2020ActionFalcomSee Vita
VitaYs Origin2017ActionFalcomAn Ys without Adol as the protagonist! Has 3 different protagonists and takes place as a strictly interior dungeon crawl, goes back to hack-and-slash spirtes
Xbox OneYs Origin (DL only)2018ActionFalcomSee Vita
PSPYs Seven2010ActionFalcomAdds party members to the regular Ys formula, in addition to making weapon types (slashing, blunt) determine an enemy's susceptibility to them
VitaYs Seven (DL only)2012ActionFalcomSee PSP
JP SFCYs V: Ushinawareta Suna no Miyako Kefin1995ActionFalcomOnly game in the series to have never been localized (hopefully this will change?)
PS4Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana2017ActionFalcomHas more dungeons and forms for Dana than the Vita version, at the expense of some costumes
SwitchYs VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana2018ActionFalcomSee PS4
VitaYs VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana2017ActionFalcomAdol in ARPG action again, with a settlement-building mechanic and up to 3 party members in combat
PS5Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana2022ActionFalcomSee Vita, with some slightly enhanced visuals
JP PSPYuusha 30 Second2011ActionMarvelousAll episodes play like Hero 30 of the original game, but adds more QoL features like leveling outside missions
JP WiiZangeki no Reginleiv2010ActionSandlotMission-based structure; free-running in stages and lots of emphasis on motion controls to attack, enemies drop mana that can be used to level up various weapons
NESZelda II: The Adventure of Link1988ActionNintendoA side-scrolling Zelda game with XP and leveling? Surely this must be (an) Error!
GBAZelda II: The Adventure of Link2004ActionNintendoSee NES
SwitchZelda II: The Adventure of Link (NSO)2019ActionNintendoSee NES
Wii UZelda II: The Adventure of Link (VC)2013ActionNintendoSee NES
JP FCZoids: Chuuou Tairiku no Tatakai1987ActionMicroidsStandard non-combat exploration with shooter-style combat and experience gain behind the scenes
JP FCZombie Hunter1987ActionHi-Score Media WorkNot the greatest side-scrolling ARPG, but it does have synthesized voices