Bandai Namco

ConsoleNameReleaseGenreLucca's Notes
VitaA.W.: Phoenix Festa (delisted)2016SimulationBased on the anime adaptation of the Asterisk War light novel series, is more of a 3D anime arena fighter/visual novel hybrid
SwitchArcade Archives: Valkyrie no Densetsu2022ActionTechnically an arcade game, a top-down hack-and-slash with a time limit to each stage and gold to earn to upgrade spells/weapons
PS4Code Vein2019ActionThink Dark Souls, but more anime and with post-apocalyptic vampires
Xbox OneCode Vein2019ActionSee PS4
JP WonderswanDigimon Adventure 02: D1 Tamers2000Monster CollectingDirect sequel to Tag Tamers, mostly the same, but utilizes the Wonderswan Color's palette
JP WonderswanDigimon Adventure 02: Tag Tamers2000Monster CollectingTurn-based digital monster collecting, fighting, and fusing gameplay, elaborates on a very important plot point in the anime
PSXDragon Valor2000ActionRemake and sequel to Dragon Buster (FC), arcade-like 2.5D ARPG
JP PSXEscaform1999StrategyPuts a spin on SRPG combat by giving the option to convert unspent action points (used to move/attack) into a sort of health shield, features a wide variety of toilets in a post-apocalyptic setting
WiiFragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon2010Action/HorrorA lonely post-apocalyptic ARPG/slight horror hybrid where you fight off ghosts and discover remnants of civilization
GB+GBCGreat Greed1993Turn-BasedEverything is named after food, otherwise a slightly weird environmentally-themed JRPG
JP SFCKidou Senshi Gundam: Cross Dimension 00791995StrategySRPG based on OG Mobile Suit Gundam, utilizes button combos to use attacks
JP GBAKlonoa Heroes: Densetsu no Star Medal2002ActionTop-down ARPG gameplay, and cute to boot!
JP FCLaSalle Ishii's Childs Quest1989Turn-BasedIDOL MANAGER JRPG. ENOUGH SAID.
SwitchNew Pokemon Snap2021SimulationIt's a stretch, but there are courses to level up which unlock new routes and Pokemon to candidly capture on camera
VitaRay Gigant2016Dungeon CrawlerAnother first-person dungeon crawl; this one has 3 separate protagonists (and parties), stat increases use materials gathered from the field rather than XP
PS5Scarlet Nexus2021ActionA flashy ARPG with two different storylines to choose from and a bevy of psychic powers to play with
PS4Scarlet Nexus2021ActionSee PS5
Xbox SeriesScarlet Nexus2021ActionSee PS5
Xbox OneScarlet Nexus (DL only)2021ActionSee PS5
JP PSPSD Gundam G Generation Overworld2012StrategySRPG that contains Gundam designs from 35 different iterations of the series, plays like Super Robot Wars
SwitchTaiko no Tatsujin: Rhythmic Adventure Pack2020RhythmFormerly JP 3DS-only games; all the rhythmic action of Taiko Drum Master with 2 different story modes wherein you assemble a party and level up
PS4Tales of Arise2021ActionSee PS5
PS5Tales of Arise2021ActionMakes changes both welcome and unwelcome to the series, including a shared pool of points used for healing/buffs, comic book-style skits, removal of post-battle banter, and the cutest Tales mascot EVER
Xbox OneTales of Arise2021ActionSee PS5
Xbox SeriesTales of Arise (DL only)2021ActionSee PS5
PS4Tales of Berseria2016ActionStory is linked to Zestiria, highly eclectic cast, fulfilling certain conditions in battle (ARPG as always) leads to unleashing better abilities (or bolstering your enemies)
JP PS3Tales of Berseria2016ActionSee PS4 - last Tales game developed for PS3
PSXTales of Destiny II2001ActionActually Tales of Eternia - the real Tales of Destiny 2 is a Japanese exclusive
PSPTales of Eternia (PAL/AU/JP only)2006ActionA port of what NA territories knew as Tales of Destiny II, with vastly improved load times
PS3Tales of Graces f2012ActionEnhanced localization of a JP-only Wii Tales title, very technical combat system, takes place at multiple times through the party's lives
VitaTales of Hearts R2014ActionRemake of a previously JP-only DS title; leveling is done by improving a character's signature weapon, emphasizes air combos and union special attacks in combat
PS2Tales of Legendia2006ActionReverts back to the linear combat of earlier entries, about half of the game takes place after the final boss is defeated
GBATales of Phantasia2006ActionFirst time released in English, with lots of slowdown and heavily compressed voice clips
JP PSXTales of Phantasia1998ActionArguably the best way to play the game, despite lack of official translation
GameCubeTales of Symphonia2004ActionBrought the Tales series into the 3D realm for combat, chibi character models belie a twist-heavy story
WiiTales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World2008ActionLots of elemental affinity manipulation and some monster recruitment mechanics in addition to normal Tales gameplay
PS3Tales of Symphonia Chronicles2014ActionCombined release of the previously JP-only PS2 version of Tales of Symphonia (with additional content) and Dawn of the New World (with a new control scheme)
Xbox OneTales of Symphonia Remastered2023ActionTheoretically an upgrade, barely improves visually from the PS3 release and notably does not come bundled with the sequel
SwitchTales of Symphonia Remastered2023ActionSee XBO
PS4Tales of Symphonia Remastered2023ActionSee XBO
3DSTales of the Abyss2012ActionVery similar to the original; load times are shorter, some minor changes to quests were made, and shortcuts for battle abilities requires use of the touchscreen
PS2Tales of the Abyss2006ActionBack to the 3D combat that Symphonia popularized, a shining example of protagonist character development
JP DSTales of the Tempest2006ActionA short spinoff title from the mainline series, but plays as you've come to expect; a very polarizing game
Xbox 360Tales of Vesperia2008ActionIt's more Tales, featuring a badass doggo! Lots of missables and a strong overall cast
Xbox OneTales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition2019ActionIncludes all the content from the previously JP-only PS3 version (new characters and more voice acting, amongst others)
PS4Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition2019ActionSee XBO
SwitchTales of Vesperia Definitive Edition2019ActionSee XBO
PS3Tales of Xillia2013ActionTwo separate protagonists with different combat styles (in similar ARPG format to others in the series) gives additional replayability
PS3Tales of Xillia 22014ActionDirect sequel to Tales of Xillia with a new silent protagonist, lots of debt to manage, and character affection to earn
PS3Tales of Zestiria2015ActionOften maligned amongst series fans for being misleading in terms of character marketing, has a battle system that revolves around partnering up
PS4Tales of Zestiria2015ActionSee PS3
JP PC EngineThe Tower of Druaga1992Dungeon CrawlerPlays a lot like the classic arcade dungeon crawler, but stats can be increased between floors or after finding items
JP FCValkyrie no Bouken: Toki no Kagi Densetsu1986ActionMinimal text, starring Namco's famous valkyrie