Board Game

ConsoleNameReleaseDeveloperLucca's Notes
3DSCuldcept Revolt2017Omiya SoftIt's like Monopoly, if instead of houses you could leave behind monsters that you level up; also has player ranks/levels
JP SFCDokapon Gaiden - Honoo no Audition1995Earthly SoftLeans more heavily into comedy than previous games in the series, with greater board variety
DSDokapon Journey2009SuzakHybrid JRPG/board game, super duper cute!
PS2Dokapon Kingdom2008StingBoard game/JRPG hybrid, extremely cute with turn-based combat
WiiDokapon Kingdom2008StingNo gameplay changes as compared to PS2, but better graphics and easier multiplayer
SwitchDokapon Kingdom: Connect2023Idea Factory/Compile Heart/StingMostly the same as the original, but with online multiplayer and nicer graphics
SwitchEgglia Rebirth (DL only)2022Brownies Inc.A formerly mobile game (minus microtransactions) that wears its Legend of Mana influence on its sleeve, with board-game like gameplay
JP FCHyaku no Sekai no Monogatari: The Tales on a Watery Wilderness1991ASKA multiplayer board game JRPG? On my Famicom? Lots of randomness involved