Breath of Fire Series

ConsoleNameReleaseGenreDeveloperLucca's Notes
GBABreath of Fire2001Turn-BasedCapcomIt's Ryu, but on a tinier screen!
GBABreath of Fire II2002Turn-BasedCapcomMore polished than the SNES version, but gives up graphically in the process
PS2Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter2003Turn-BasedCapcomHeavily criticized for requiring multiple playthroughs
PS3Breath of Fire IV (PSone Classics)2011Turn-BasedCapcomSee PSX
PSPBreath of Fire III (DL only)2016Turn-BasedCapcomSlightly enhanced port of the original, with improved music and some minor tweaks to graphics and gameplay
PSPBreath of Fire IV (PSone Classics)2011Turn-BasedCapcomSee PSX
PSXBreath of Fire III1998Turn-BasedCapcomMore Ryu, but with more dragon forms! Intoduces the Master System and Faerie Town features
PSXBreath of Fire IV2000Turn-BasedCapcomEven more Ryu, pretty sprites, and a new combo system
SNESBreath of Fire1994Turn-BasedCapcomCapcom's take on the traditional JRPG with a lot of dragons
SNESBreath of Fire II1995Turn-BasedCapcomDirect sequel to BoF I
SwitchBreath of Fire (NSO)2019Turn-BasedCapcomSee SNES
SwitchBreath of Fire II (NSO)2019Turn-BasedCapcomSee SNES
VitaBreath of Fire III (DL only)2016Turn-BasedCapcomSee PSP
VitaBreath of Fire IV (PSone Classics)2012Turn-BasedCapcomSee PSX
Wii UBreath of Fire (VC)2015Turn-BasedCapcomSee SNES
Wii UBreath of Fire II (VC)2013Turn-BasedCapcomSee SNES