ConsoleNameDeveloperLucca's Observations
PSXBeyond the BeyondCamelot1st turn-based JRPG to be localized, also the lamest
GBAGolden SunCamelotLots of exploration puzzles, character/class customization using creature allocation
Wii UGolden Sun (VC)CamelotSee GBA
DSGolden Sun: Dark DawnCamelotSet 30 years after the initial duology, plays similarly, updates the graphics to 3D, battles are almost too easy
GBAGolden Sun: The Lost AgeCamelotPlays similar to the first, but from the villain's perspective
Wii UGolden Sun: The Lost Age (VC)CamelotSee GBA
GB+GBCMario GolfCamelotConquer the golf circuit and level up your attributes as or against Mario
3DSMario Golf (VC)CamelotSee GBC
GBAMario Golf: Advance TourCamelotStory mode and leveling, now with even more strange human characters to beat Mario's crew in golf!
GB+GBCMario TennisCamelotGrab your racket, go to tennis school, and level up your skills with Mario and company
3DSMario Tennis (VC)CamelotSee GBC
GBAMario Tennis: Power TourCamelotAnother jaunt through tennis school with Mario and friends, with EXP to gain and stats to improve!
SaturnShining Force IIICamelotTechnically only Scenario 1 of the full Shining Force III story
SaturnShining the Holy ArkCamelot1st-person dungeon crawl, not unlike its predecessor Shining in the Darkness