ConsoleNameReleaseGenreLucca's Notes
SNESBreath of Fire1994Turn-BasedCapcom's take on the traditional JRPG with a lot of dragons
GBABreath of Fire2001Turn-BasedIt's Ryu, but on a tinier screen!
SwitchBreath of Fire (NSO)2019Turn-BasedSee SNES
Wii UBreath of Fire (VC)2015Turn-BasedSee SNES
PS2Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter2003Turn-BasedHeavily criticized for requiring multiple playthroughs
SNESBreath of Fire II1995Turn-BasedDirect sequel to BoF I
GBABreath of Fire II2002Turn-BasedMore polished than the SNES version, but gives up graphically in the process
SwitchBreath of Fire II (NSO)2019Turn-BasedSee SNES
Wii UBreath of Fire II (VC)2013Turn-BasedSee SNES
PSXBreath of Fire III1998Turn-BasedMore Ryu, but with more dragon forms! Intoduces the Master System and Faerie Town features
PSPBreath of Fire III (DL only)2016Turn-BasedSlightly enhanced port of the original, with improved music and some minor tweaks to graphics and gameplay
VitaBreath of Fire III (DL only)2016Turn-BasedSee PSP
PSXBreath of Fire IV2000Turn-BasedEven more Ryu, pretty sprites, and a new combo system
PS3Breath of Fire IV (PSone Classics)2011Turn-BasedSee PSX
PSPBreath of Fire IV (PSone Classics)2011Turn-BasedSee PSX
VitaBreath of Fire IV (PSone Classics)2012Turn-BasedSee PSX
Xbox 360Dead Rising2006ActionSmashing hordes of zombies in a chaotic mall with a leveling system, unforgiving game timer, survivors to rescue, and pictures to take
Xbox SeriesDead Rising (DL only)2020ActionSee PS4
Xbox OneDead Rising (DL only)2016ActionSee PS4
PS4Dead Rising (DL only)2016ActionSee 360, but with more save slots and graphical upgrades
WiiDead Rising: Chop Till You Drop2009ActionReplaces the game-spanning countdown clock with timed missions, no free-roaming the mall between missions, and over-the-shoulder gunplay
SNESDemon's Crest1994Action-PlatformA sequel to Gargoyle's Quest, with mild RPG elements (similar abilty progression), but with equippable crests to change abilities and reach otherwise inaccessible areas
NESDestiny of an Emperor1990Turn-BasedRomance of the Three Kingdoms-themed, auto-battle system
PS3Dragon's Dogma2012ActionOpen-world ARPG with some grappling elements and lots of customizability
Xbox 360Dragon's Dogma2012ActionWestern-styled ARPG with monster grappling, a customizable avatar, and additional customizable helper
Xbox OneDragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen2017ActionSee PS3
PS4Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen2017ActionSee 360
SwitchDragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen2019ActionSee 360
Xbox 360Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen2013ActionAn enhanced and expanded version of the original, with a new dungeon and lots of player feedback incorporated
PS3Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen2013ActionSpoiler alert: All roads lead to Gran Soren! Enhanced/remastered version of the original with additional content
JP PS3E.X. Troopers2012ActionA manga-styled Lost Planet spinoff, with materials to gather and trecherous terrain to traverse
JP 3DSE.X. Troopers2012ActionSee JP PS3, with some bonus AR features
GB+GBCGargoyle's Quest1990Action-PlatformA Ghosts 'n Goblins gaiden, featuring random battles and ability progression via story progression
GBAMega Man Battle Network2001StrategyTactical real-time combat, learning skills from enemies, and memeable spritework
Wii UMega Man Battle Network (VC)2014StrategySee GBA
GBAMega Man Battle Network 22002StrategyMore or less the same as the first, but a bit more customizable, and no auto-healing after every battle
Wii UMega Man Battle Network 2 (VC)2015StrategySee GBA
GBAMega Man Battle Network 3: Blue/White2003StrategyMore customizable than its predecessors, each version has different chips available
Wii UMega Man Battle Network 3: Blue/White (VC)2015StrategySee GBA
GBAMega Man Battle Network 4: Blue Moon/Red Sun2004StrategyNow emotions must be controlled during battle, and fusion (like traditional MM) is available
Wii UMega Man Battle Network 4: Blue Moon/Red Sun (VC)2015StrategySee GBA
DSMega Man Battle Network 5: Double Team DS2005StrategyHas content from both versions of MMBN 5 as well as additional content
GBAMega Man Battle Network 5: Team Colonel/Team Protoman2005StrategyYou've seen it before, but now there are powerful Dark Chips!
Wii UMega Man Battle Network 5: Team Colonel/Team Protoman (VC)2015StrategySee GBA
GBAMega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Falzar/Cybeast Gregar2006StrategyFinal game in the series, a bit more limitations on chip arrangement, stronger fusions
Wii UMega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Falzar/Cybeast Gregar (VC)2016StrategySee GBA
PS4Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection2023StrategySee Switch
SwitchMega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection2023StrategyA collection of all 10 MMBN games (including each version of 3-6) enhanced with QoL features and online play
DSMega Man Star Force 2: Zerker X Ninja/Zerker X Saurian2008StrategySee above, but with a few more transformations
DSMega Man Star Force 3: Black Ace/Red Joker2009StrategySee above, with version-specific transformations, more customizable commands, and the ability to become Mega Man at any time
DSMega Man Star Force: Dragon/Leo/Pegasus2007StrategySeparate from but plays in a similar manner to the MMBN series, except with a vertical grid and more limited dodging
PS2Mega Man X: Command Mission2004Turn-BasedIt's Mega Man X, but it's also turn-based? Now I've seen everything!
GameCubeMega Man X Command Mission2004Turn-BasedDungeon Crawler
GB+GBCMetal Walker2001Monster CollectingPokemon + robots + billiards = Metal Walker
PS2Monster Hunter2004ActionThese monsters aren't gonna hunt themselves! Origin of the popular series
JP PS2Monster Hunter 22006ActionIntroduced the legendary Hunting Horn, so it's immediately the best of the series; adds new monsters/weapons as well as the ability to upgrade armor, and a town to upgrade
JP PS2Monster Hunter 2 (Dos)2006ActionAdded a day/night cycle, seasons, gem slotting, and marks the first appearance of the hunting horn weapon
Wii UMonster Hunter 3 Ultimate2011ActionSimilar to Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, but adds in underwater combat and has local multiplayer
3DSMonster Hunter 3 Ultimate2013ActionAn expanded version of Monster Hunter Tri (Wii), improving weapons and armor; was the first game to incorporate the Circle Pad Pro accessory
3DSMonster Hunter 4 Ultimate2015ActionGets rid of underwater combat, adds the ability to scale both walls and monsters, adds Exploration Missions and new weapon types
PSPMonster Hunter: Freedom2007ActionAn enhanced/expanded handheld port of the first Monster Hunter game
PSPMonster Hunter: Freedom 22006ActionAn enhanced/expanded handheld port of the second Monster Hunter game (which was previously Japan-only)
PS4Monster Hunter: World2018ActionSee XBO
Xbox OneMonster Hunter: World2018ActionDoes away with the zones of previous entries in favor of a connecting, evolving, and reactive ecosystem with more monsters to slay and scavenge!
PSPMonster Hunter Freedom Unite2009ActionA further enhanced verion of Freedom 2, with more monsters, missions, pieces of equipment, and the addition of Felyne fighters to provide assistance
3DSMonster Hunter Generations2016ActionNew features include upgrading armor using scavenged materials, mutated monster forms, different attack stypes for each weapon, and special moves to charge during hunting
SwitchMonster Hunter Generations Ultimate2018ActionAdds new monsters, new hunting styles, changes the control scheme (for obvious reasons), and spiffs up the graphics from the original
JP PSPMonster Hunter Portable 3rd2010ActionTakes elements from Freedom Unite and Tri but is its own game, now multiple Felynes can assist in combat
SwitchMonster Hunter Rise2021ActionMonster hunting, now with doggo pals and many more combat options; iterates on ideas from both World and previous games
Xbox SeriesMonster Hunter Rise (DL only)2023ActionSee Switch
Xbox OneMonster Hunter Rise (DL only)2023ActionSee Switch
PS5Monster Hunter Rise (DL only)2023ActionSee Switch
PS4Monster Hunter Rise (DL only)2023ActionSee Switch
3DSMonster Hunter Stories2017Turn-BasedA far more traditional turn-based RPG than other entries, with strong monster collecting and raising elements
SwitchMonster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin2021Monster CollectingSame fun monster hatching and turn-based training gameplay loop as its predecessor, improved battle mechanics and lots of open areas to explore
WiiMonster Hunter Tri2010ActionAdds an underwater ecosystem to the tried-and-true monster-slaying formula
GBAOnimusha Tactics2003StrategyTechnically an SRPG side story to the main series, but has a similar plot
3DSResident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D2011ActionBioweapon slaying gives skill points, and skill points give better combat stats/abiilties!
Xbox OneResident Evil Revelations2017ActionSee 3DS, but with some tweaks and added characters for Raid Mode
Xbox 360Resident Evil Revelations2013ActionSee XBO
SwitchResident Evil Revelations2017ActionSee XBO
PS4Resident Evil Revelations2017ActionSee XBO
3DSResident Evil Revelations2012ActionIncluded due to the presence of Raid Mode, in which you kill bioweapons as a character from the main game and gain XP to level, which gives you better stats
Wii UResident Evil Revelations2013ActionSee XBO
PS3Resident Evil Revelations2013ActionSee XBO
PS3Resident Evil Revelations 22015ActionSee XBO
Xbox 360Resident Evil Revelations 22015ActionSee XBO
SwitchResident Evil Revelations 22017ActionSee XBO
VitaResident Evil Revelations 22015ActionSee XBO
Xbox OneResident Evil Revelations 22015ActionIncluded due to the presence of Raid Mode, in which you kill bioweapons as a classic RE character and gain XP to level and upgrade skills
PS4Resident Evil Revelations 22015ActionSee XBO
JP DSRockman.EXE: Operate Shooting Star2009ActionA port of Mega Man Battle Network with some additional Star Force content thrown in
JP GBARockman EXE 4.5: Real Operation2004StrategyNot part of the MMBN story, gives you the ability to control multiple Navis
JP FCSweet Home1989Turn-Based/HorrorWithout this, Resident Evil doesn't exist; a horror turn-based game with character permadeath
JP FCTenchi o Kurau II: Shokatsu Koumei Den1991Turn-BasedPlays just like the first, just never localized
NESWillow1989ActionYes, based off the 80's movie with Warwick Davis and Val Kilmer. Solid ARPG gameplay!