ConsoleNameReleaseGenreDeveloperLucca's Notes
DreamcastD22000Survival/HorrorWarpMore of a survival horror adventure game, with random battles (in which you aim and fire) and XP to gain to increase your small pool of stats, kind of a slog in pacing
DreamcastElemental Gimmick Gear1999ActionBirthdayARPG with pretty visuals and some mech combat
DreamcastEvolution 2: Far Off Promise2000Dungeon CrawlerStingMore of the same as the first, but some random maps
DreamcastEvolution: The World of Sacred Device1999Dungeon CrawlerStingStandard JRPG with dunegon-crawling
DreamcastGrandia II2000Turn-BasedGame ArtsExcellent music and solid voice acting- a game with a lot of character in its characters and a superb battle system
DreamcastPhantasy Star Online2001ActionSonic TeamARPG, first online console game
DreamcastPhantasy Star Online Ver. 2.02001ActionSonic TeamAn expanded version of the original
DreamcastRecord of Lodoss War: Advent of Cardice2001ActionNeverlandBased on the anime, plays kinda like Diablo
JP DreamcastRent-A-Hero No. 12000ActionAspectA remake that adds a female counterpart to the main character and 3D as opposed to 2D fighting; itself fully translated and intended for Western shores it never reached
JP DreamcastRUN=DIM as Black Soul2001StrategyYuki EnterpriseHexagonal turn-based strategy with giant robots fighting
DreamcastSeventh Cross Evolution2000SimulationAtypical Alchemists AssociateSpore before Spore - gain evolution points and make your creature!
DreamcastSkies of Arcadia2000Turn-BasedOverworksStandard combat and ship battles!
DreamcastTime Stalkers1999Dungeon CrawlerClimaxYour level goes back down to 1 after beating a boss. Enough said.