❓ What kind of activities go on around here?
While we are a Final Fantasy focused community, we have a lot of other activities going on as well. Check out #ff-mobile, #ffxiv-updates, #dissidia, #team-rpgaming. or #gaming to get started!

❓ What is guilded?
Guilded is a gaming community website we use for #guild and other gaming activities. You can register with an email account or your discord account

❓ Why can’t I chat in some channels?
You need to join us! Check out the pinned messages in #📝join for steps to join us.

❓ What is my “level?” Your level is based on how often you chat in our server. @Ser Aymeric#7254 will message you when you level up.

❓ How do I level up?
You can level up by simply chatting in our server, there is spam protection so certain channels will not record your activity. Members can use the #trivia and #centra-ruins channels to play games and level up!

❓ Where do I check my level?
You can check your level by typing *profile in the #bots (bot command channel). Check the pinned messages for more information how to change your quote, background picture, etc.’’’

❓ How do I change my job? (role) “
Head over to #👥jobs and check pinned messages for the right command to change your job. Advanced Jobs are for level 50 or higher.

❓ Join roles for Final Fantasy news, gaming groups, etc? (role)
Check the pinned messages in #bots for commands on how to join those roles.

❓ Who do I contact if I need help from a mod or admin?
Ping @Turks 🕶️ to message the whole leadership team or send a PM to anyone with the role.

❓ Can I change my nickname once I’ve picked one?
You’re allowed to change your name once per year. Message @Turks 🕶️ in #namingway if you would like to change your nickname.

❓ How do I write reviews for the website?
Send @Cid#5507 a message with your email address if you’d like to review for the website.

❓ I want to help FFC, who should I contact?
Send @Cid#5507 a message if you’d like to help us out.