Fighting Japanese Role-Playing Games
ConsoleNameReleaseDeveloperLucca's Notes
JP N64Custom Robo1999Noise Inc.First game in the robot customizing (hah) and fighting series; upgrades to robots are bought rather than earned
PS4Damascus Dear: Operation Tokyo HD Edition2017AplusSee Vita, but prettier
PS4Damascus Gear: Operation Osaka HD Edition2018AplusSee Vita, but prettier
PSPDissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy2011Square EnixAdds more characters and expands the story mode to be party-based, also retells the story from the first game within
VitaDissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy (DL only)2012Square EnixSee PSP
PS4Dissidia: Final Fantasy NT2018Team NinjaChanges the battle format to 3v3; leveling up characters is possible but only does things like improve the AI control and unlock HP-based attacks
PSPDissidia Final Fantasy2009Square EnixA 3D Final Fantasy fighting game with unconventional mechanics, representatives from most main games in the series, and a story mode with character leveling
VitaDissidia Final Fantasy (DL only)2012Square EnixSee PSP
Xbox OneDragon Ball: Xenoverse2015DimpsSee PS3
Xbox 360Dragon Ball: Xenoverse2015DimpsA 3D fighter based in the Dragon Ball universe with RPG elements such as leveling and a story mode… starring you!
PS4Dragon Ball: Xenoverse2015DimpsSee PS3
PS3Dragon Ball: Xenoverse2015DimpsMake your own DB character and fight using them in story mode (because what else do you do in that universe?)
Xbox OneDragon Ball: Xenoverse 22016DimpsLots of time-travel tomfoolery with your own custom Dragon Ball character; plays otherwise like a 3D arena fighter
SwitchDragon Ball: Xenoverse 22017DimpsSee XBO
PS4Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 22016DimpsSee XBO
PS2Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 32004DimpsMore of a 3D fighter with the Z crew, but there is also a story mode where the main characters can train and level
PS3Dragon Ball Z: Budokai HD Collection2012DimpsHD remasters of both Budokai (itself more of a fighting game alone) and Budokai 3 (fighter with mild/moderate RPG elements)
Xbox 360Dragon Ball Z: Budokai HD Collection2010DimpsSee PS3
PS2Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 22006SpikeUses a different game engine and camera style than the Budokai series, but has a similar story mode with additional "what-if" scenarios
WiiDragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 22006SpikeSee PS2, but with motion controls optional
PS2Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 32007SpikeAn absolute ton of playable characters, but a bit of meat taken out of the story mode, as well as diminishing the RPG elements
WiiDragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 32007SpikeSee PS2, but with motion controls optional
N64Flying Dragon1998Culture BrainContains a mode with character progression and the ability to level your equipment (via fisticuffs of course) to increase your stats
PSPGladiator Begins2010GoshowPrequel to Colosseum: Road to Freedom (PS2), where you similarly make a come-up as a gladiator in combat and tweak your stats to become even more deadly
VitaGladiator Begins (DL only)2012GoshowSee PSP
PS4Granblue Fantasy: Versus2020Arc System WorksContains an RPG mode that plays like a 2D brawler using the control scheme of the base fighting game; lots of equipment to manage
Wii UMedabots: Metabee/Rokusho (VC)2015NatsumeSee GBA
GBAMedabots AX: Metabee/Rokusho2003NatsumeMuch more of a fighting game, but you do level your robots to fight them in real-time
JP GB+GBCMedarot Kabuto/Kuwagata Version1997NatsumeFirst games in the Medarot/bot series, with the standard building and fighting robots
JP PSXMedarot R1999NatsumeIt's a Medabots game! Destroy the enemy's parts to make them useless!
WiiOne Piece: Unlimited Adventure2008GanbarionARPG in which the Straw Hat Pirates are stuck on an island and need to forage for survival; crafted food increases statistics
GB+GBCPower Quest1998Japan System SupplyModel robot combat in a fighting game format, parts are upgradeable to increase stats
JP Mega DriveRent-A-Hero1991SegaDo errands for the local populace to upgrade your super suit! Fighting game-like battles, very tongue-in-cheek
Sega CDRevengers of Vengeance1994MicronetFeatures a story mode where XP is gained by playing the actual fighting game and minigames in a top-down fashion
JP PSPYs vs. Sora no Kiseki: Alternative Saga2010FalcomA 3D arena fighting game- very Power Stone-like, where characters from Ys and Trails collide (and level while doing so)