Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Review

It took a long time for the Final Fantasy fans out of Japan to immerse themselves in the world of Type-0. After Square decided not to release the PSP version of Type-0 in 2011 outside of Japan, it is now possible to play a remastered version on the PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One. Is it more than just another Final Fantasy spin-off?

The Story is great, so it’s not easy for other games to compete with “Final Fantasy – Type-0” storywise.This is not a shallow story of heroes taking off to fulfill their dream – but a harsh, cold demonstration of what war is and what it demands.

Already the first sequence strikes like a bomb: In the world Orience, war is raging, and before your eyes a young, badly injured fighter appears, dragging himself with his last strength to reach his destination and fulfill his task. He is looking for a person whose name is Ace. But just before Ace comes to help the wounded young man, the enemy again opens fire. His chocobo rushes to save him and risks his life.

You take control of Ace and you have to fight your way out. Queen and Nine are there to help you too. You can switch between them and thus fight with your favorite character. In the fight itself, however, only four members can be selected. You have a main attack, various offensive skills, such as fireballs or lightning strikes, as well as defensive capabilities.

The available missions are varied: There are small additional missions in the academy which are mostly errands that you can do quickly. Big missions arrive every few days or hours. You are given a world map and here, the game view changes to a strange strategy perspective. You can then use the map to enter towns and cities or even conduct territorial battles and control military units on the battlefield but this can take some time to get used to. On the way to your destination you will also get in the way of some fights. Here you can gain additional experience points and items.

Class 0 students are famous fighters with special abilities all over the country. As a player, you fight with Ace and his friends not only against the enemy forces, but also against oblivion: If a friend or fellow combatants die, all immediately lose the memory of him/her. Only landmarks that everyone carries with them help against it. So, what happen to the characters you love?

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is a solid 8/10. Despite being not a good-looking game and also not having an open world, it still manages to have characters and a story you won’t easily forget.