ConsoleNameDeveloperLucca's Observations
PS4BloodborneFromSoftwareVictorian Gothic-flavored Dark Souls; similarly punishing ARPG gameplay with similar soul/blood collection to level stat mechanics
Xbox 360Dark SoulsFromSoftwareSpiritual successor to Demon's Souls, where multitudes learned to die and die again
PS3Dark SoulsFromSoftwarePrepare to die! A lot! Super-challenging ARPG combat and dungeon delving, successor to Demon's Souls
PS4Dark Souls: RemasteredFromSoftware/QLOCSee XBO
Xbox OneDark Souls: RemasteredFromSoftware/QLOCIncludes all DLC and some QoL improvements, but otherwise largely unchanged (besides visually)
SwitchDark Souls: RemasteredFromSoftwareSee XBO
PS3Dark Souls IIFromSoftwareMore Dark Souls = more death
Xbox 360Dark Souls IIFromSoftwareSet in the same universe as the first game, with similarly punishing 3rd-person ARPG gameplay
Xbox OneDark Souls II: Scholar of the First SinFromSoftwareSee PS3
Xbox 360Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First SinFromSoftwareThe definitive edition of Dark Souls II
PS3Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First SinFromSoftwareEnhanced/remastered version of Dark Souls II with better AI
PS4Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First SinFromSoftwareSee PS3
PS4Dark Souls IIIFromSoftwareSee XBO
Xbox OneDark Souls IIIFromSoftwareMore ways to die and keep dying; combat is overall more fluid than previous games, an MP-like system is introduced
PS5Demon's SoulsFromSoftware/BluepointRevitalizes the original Souls game, adding some handy item management QoL features; just as difficult as the original
PS3Demon's SoulsFromSoftwarePunishing ARPG gameplay, loads of dying, learning, and dying again - collective actions online shift the difficulty of the game as a whole
Xbox SeriesElden RingFromSoftwareSee PS5
Xbox OneElden RingFromSoftwareSee PS5
PS5Elden RingFromSoftwareO you don't have the right to ignore the impact of this open-world Soulslike (with creative input from George R. R. Martin)
PS4Elden RingFromSoftwareSee PS5
PS3Enchanted ArmsFromSoftwareMediocre, sci-fi-themed, turn-based, adds Sixaxis controls to enhance attacks in this version
Xbox 360Enchanted ArmsFromSoftwareFairly mediocre turn-based JRPG with some grid-based tactical elements to combat
PS2Eternal RingFromSoftwareAnother first-person FromSoft dungeon crawl, but this one has customizable magic rings
PS4Eternal Ring (DL only)FromSoftwareSee PS2
PS2EvergraceFromSoftwareARPG with 2 separate protagonists, character parameters are increased via equipment rather than leveling
PS2Forever KingdomFromSoftwareSequel to Evergrace, similar equipment-focused character growth, ARPG where all characters share damage taken
PSXKing's FieldFromSoftware1st-person dungeon crawler, FromSoftware's second game (this is actually King's Field II)
JP PSXKing's FieldFromSoftwareThe actual King's Field I - still in first-person
PS2King's Field: The Ancient CityFromSoftwareFromSoft coming through again with first-person dungeon action
PSXKing's Field IIFromSoftwareActually King's Field III, a good look into where Dark Souls eventually came from
GameCubeLost KingdomsFromSoftwareCard-based ARPG, another FromSoft jam
GameCubeLost Kingdoms IIFromSoftwarePretty much similar to the first, some tweaks to the cards were made
PSXShadow TowerFromSoftwarePlays similarly to King's Field, but killing particular enemies determines stat growth
PS3Shadow Tower (PSone Classics)FromSoftwareSee PSX
VitaShadow Tower (PSone Classics)FromSoftwareSee PSX
PSPShadow Tower (PSone Classics)FromSoftwareSee PSX
JP PS2Shadow Tower: AbyssFromSoftwareAnother first-person FromSoft jam and sequel to Shadow Tower, this one features soul harvesting and independent NPC schedules