ConsoleNameReleaseGenreLucca's Notes
NESFaria: A World of Mystery and Danger!1991Dungeon CrawlerA top-down dungeon crawler with some cruel elements like invisible monsters
JP SaturnGrandia1997Turn-BasedSee PSX
PSXGrandia1999Turn-BasedTraditional JRPG with an emphasis on attack interruption in combat
PSPGrandia (PSone Classics)2010Turn-BasedSee PSX
PS3Grandia (PSone Classics)2010Turn-BasedSee PSX
VitaGrandia (PSone Classics)2012Turn-BasedSee PSX
JP GB+GBCGrandia: Parallel Trippers2000Turn-BasedSpinoff of Grandia featuring its characters and an attempt at using the same battle system
SwitchGrandia HD Collection2019Turn-BasedTakes Grandia I and II and upgrades visuals; includes Japanese audio for both games; combines Saturn and PSX story elements of the first game
DreamcastGrandia II2000Turn-BasedExcellent music and solid voice acting- a game with a lot of character in its characters and a superb battle system
PS2Grandia II2002Turn-BasedAvoid this version- it has bad framerate issues- but the game itself is amazing
PS2Grandia III2006Turn-BasedSame time and distance-based combat as the first two, disproportionate story pacing but solid nonetheless
PS3Grandia III (PS2 Classics)2016Turn-BasedSee PS2
PS2Grandia Xtreme2002Turn-BasedThe combat you know and love with an increase in dungeon delving, English voice cast is oddly celeb-filled
PSXLunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete2000Turn-BasedIf you loved the first one, you'll love this- and how could you not?
Sega CDLunar: Eternal Blue1995Turn-BasedJust as charming as the first game, but with a baffling save system (utilizing magic XP as a requirement)
JP Game GearLunar: Sanposuru Gakuen1996Turn-BasedThe actual prequel to The Silver Star, sadly never localized - very girl-power friendly
PSPLunar: Silver Star Harmony2010Turn-BasedArguably the closest in tone to the intended translation, but with less charm; adds a playable prologue, battles are extremely easy in comparison to other versions
VitaLunar: Silver Star Harmony (DL only)2012Turn-BasedSee PSP
PSXLunar: Silver Star Story Complete1999Turn-BasedArguably the most charming cast of characters you'll ever meet, good OST, standard combat
Sega CDLunar: The Silver Star1993Turn-BasedAnime cutscenes, charming characters, and a high encounter rate
VitaRagnarok Odyssey2012ActionBasically a Monster Hunter clone with some Norse elements; levels do not increase traditionally but improving equipment via cards improves your stats
PS3Ragnarok Odyssey Ace2014ActionEnhanced version of Ragnarok Odyssey with all DLC included, new dungeons/enemies/skills, and readjusted gameplay balance; stat enhancements done via cards
VitaRagnarok Odyssey ACE2012ActionEasier to import RO save data from, otherwise see PS3