Gameboy Advance

ConsoleNameDeveloperLucca's Observations
GBAAdvance Guardian HeroesTreasureSequel to Guardian Heroes, with similar beat-em-up gameplay but more platforming and characters
GBABoktai 2: Solar Boy DjangoKCEJThey done did it again, but now the sunlight also works as a form of currency!
GBABoktai: The Sun Is In Your HandKCEJThat crazy Kojima made an ARPG where you have to use actual UV rays to power your weapons!
GBABomberman TournamentAmbleA Bomberman ARPG where you level Pokemon-like creatures that give you abilities
GBABreath of FireCapcomIt's Ryu, but on a tinier screen!
GBABreath of Fire IICapcomMore polished than the SNES version, but gives up graphically in the process
GBACar Battler JoeAncientExactly as the title implies - you level up your car in demolition derby-style matches
GBACastlevania: Aria of SorrowKCETMetroidvania with the addition of collecting enemy souls to augment abilities
GBACastlevania: Circle of the MoonKCEKMetroidvania with a dual card system to customize abilities
GBACastlevania: Harmony of DissonanceKCETMetroidvania with room decorating and traveling between dimensions to progress
GBACIMA: The EnemyNeverlandARPG of sorts- can level up weapons and armor while controlling Lemmings-like civilians
GBADemiKids: Light/DarkMultimedia Intelligence TransferPokemon-like demon collecting and fusion, but each version has a separate plot/protagonist!
GBADokapon: Monster HunterTycoon/Asmik Ace EntertainmentBattle system is literally rock-paper-scissors, also contains monster collecting elements
JP GBADragon Quest Monsters: Caravan HeartToseStars a young Prince Keifer from DQVII, where you recruit humans and monsters for your growing caravan
GBAFinal Fantasy I & II: Dawn of SoulsSquare Enix/ToseAdds dungeons and tweaks the translation of the originals
GBAFinal Fantasy IV AdvanceSquare Enix/ToseRevised translation and plot polish of the original, as well as graphical improvements
GBAFinal Fantasy Tactics AdvanceSquare EnixFar lighter tone than the original FFT, many battles have tricky restrictions due to judges
GBAFinal Fantasy V AdvanceSquare Enix/ToseUpdated graphics, new jobs, and a new boss battle compared to the original
GBAFinal Fantasy VI AdvanceSquare Enix/ToseAdded bonus dungeons, Espers, and some graphical polish
GBAFire EmblemIntelligent SystemsTechnically Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, the 7th game in the series (but first brought to the west)
JP GBAFire Emblem: The Binding BladeIntelligent SystemsAKA FE6 - Roy's our boy, and here's where you play as him!
GBAFire Emblem: The Sacred StonesIntelligent SystemsActually FE8, set in a separate continuity to the previous games
GBAGolden SunCamelotLots of exploration puzzles, character/class customization using creature allocation
GBAGolden Sun: The Lost AgeCamelotPlays similar to the first, but from the villain's perspective
JP GBAHagane no Renkinjutsushi: Meisou no RinbukyokuTom CreateBased on the anime, no real levels to gain, but turn-based combat utilizing alchemy combinations
JP GBAHagane no Renkinjutsushi: Omoide no SonataTom CreateOriginal story, sequel to Stray Rondo, adds a leveling system but otherwise similar mechanics
GBAHarvest Moon: Friends of Mineral TownMarvelousLevel up your tools and grow your farm (and find a nice girl to settle down with)
GBAHarvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral TownMarvelousFemale protagonist version of Friends of Mineral town with a few added QoL changes
JP GBAKeitai Denjuu Telefang 2: PowerSmilesoftOne version of a Pokemon-like clone that features sharing your phone number with monsters to befriend them
GBAKingdom Hearts: Chain of MemoriesJupiterThe first of many, many side stories- takes place between KH I and II, uses a card battling system
JP GBAKlonoa Heroes: Densetsu no Star MedalNamcoTop-down ARPG gameplay, and cute to boot!
GBALufia: The Ruins of LoreAtelier Double/TaitoSide story to the main series, has a basic job system, characters can fuse with monsters in battle
GBALunar LegendJapan Art MediaTranslation closer to the intended Japanese than the previous versions, but lacks cinematic feel
JP GBAMagical VacationBrownie BrownTurn-based combat, gorgeous sprites; love/heart isn't just an element in Captain Planet anymore!
GBAMario & Luigi: Superstar SagaAlphaDreamComedic RPG with exploration puzzles and a timing-based combat system
GBAMario Golf: Advance TourCamelotStory mode and leveling, now with even more strange human characters to beat Mario's crew in golf!
GBAMario Tennis: Power TourCamelotAnother jaunt through tennis school with Mario and friends, with EXP to gain and stats to improve!
GBAMedabots AX: Metabee/RokushoNatsumeMuch more of a fighting game, but you do level your robots to fight them in real-time
GBAMega Man Battle NetworkCapcomTactical real-time combat, learning skills from enemies, and memeable spritework
GBAMega Man Battle Network 2CapcomMore or less the same as the first, but a bit more customizable, and no auto-healing after every battle
GBAMega Man Battle Network 3: Blue/WhiteCapcomMore customizable than its predecessors, each version has different chips available
GBAMega Man Battle Network 4: Blue Moon/Red SunCapcomNow emotions must be controlled during battle, and fusion (like traditional MM) is available
GBAMega Man Battle Network 5: Team Colonel/Team ProtomanCapcomYou've seen it before, but now there are powerful Dark Chips!
GBAMega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Falzar/Cybeast GregarCapcomFinal game in the series, a bit more limitations on chip arrangement, stronger fusions
GBAMonster Rancher AdvanceTecmoSimilar to the PSX games, but using words to summon monsters rather than CDs
GBAMonster Rancher Advance 2Tecmo/Graphic ResearchSee above!
JP GBAMother 1 + 2Ape/HAL Laboratory/NintendoPorts of Mother 1 and 2, with an extended ending for the former
JP GBAMother 3Brownie Brown/HAL Laboratory(LOCALIZE IT NINTENDO) Musical combo system in combat, still as offbeat as ever
JP GBANapoleonGenkiRTSRPG starring Napoleon Bonaparte doing some very not-historically-accurate things
GBAOnimusha TacticsCapcomTechnically an SRPG side story to the main series, but has a similar plot
JP GBAOriental Blue: Ao no TengaiHudson Soft/RED EntertainmentA gaiden of the Tengai Makyo series, has a free scenario system influenced by real-time passage
GBAPhantasy Star CollectionDigital Eclipse/SegaPorts of the first 3 Phantasy Star games
GBAPokemon EmeraldGame FreakSuperior third version of Pokemon Gen 3
GBAPokemon FireRed/LeafGreenGame FreakRemakes of Red/Green versions
GBAPokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue TeamChunsoftThird-person randomized dungeon crawler with Pokemon, sister Blue version was a DS game
GBAPokemon Ruby/SapphireGame Freak7/10, too much water; not possible to collect all Pokemon in these versions
GBARiver City Ransom EXMillionRemoves co-op and replaces it with an AI partner and more game customizability
GBARiviera: The Promised LandStingFirst in the Dept. Heaven series, with nonconventional dungeon exploration and item-based battles
GBARobopon 2: Cross/Ring VersionRED EntertainmentIntroduces 4-on-4 battles, but otherwise is more of the same robot collecting and customizing
JP GBARockman EXE 4.5: Real OperationCapcomNot part of the MMBN story, gives you the ability to control multiple Navis
GBAShaman King: Legacy of the Spirits Soaring Hawk/Sprinting WolfKCEJBased on the manga, basically Pokemon-type battles with spirits
GBAShaman King: Master of SpiritsKCEJMetroidvania based on the anime
GBAShaman King: Master of Spirits IIKCEJAnother Metroidvania based on the anime but with more attacks and abilities
GBAShining Force: Resurrection of the Dark DragonAmusement VisionRemake of the first Shining Force with new plot and characters
GBAShining SoulNextech/Grasshopper ManufactureIsometric ARPG that serves as a reboot of sorts to the Shining series
GBAShining Soul IINextech/Grasshopper ManufactureSimilar to the first, with more classes to choose from
JP GBAShin Megami TenseiAtlusKeeps the visuals from the Playstation version, makes a few balance changes and adds some unlockable story scenes
GBASummon Night: Swordcraft StoryFlight-PlanCombat reminiscent of earlier Tales games, but with weapon swapping available
GBASummon Night: Swordcraft Story 2Flight-PlanLike the first, but with more crafting
GBASuper Robot Taisen: Original GenerationBanprestoContains only original characters (no licensed mechs), gameplay is otherwise SRPG as always
GBASuper Robot Taisen: Original Generation 2BanprestoDiffers from the first game by featuring a branching storyline
JP GBASuper Robot Taisen JBanprestoContains licensed mechs, which is why localization didn't otherwise occur
GBASword of ManaBrownie BrownIncorporates elements from later games and 2 story paths
GBATactics Ogre: The Knight of LodisQuestPlays like Tactics Ogre- SRPG format, set before both Ogre Battle games
GBATales of PhantasiaNamco Tales StudioFirst time released in English, with lots of slowdown and heavily compressed voice clips
JP GBATomato AdventureAlphaDreamYou say "tomato," I say "a silly RPG with toy-based gimmicks in combat, humor throughout, and lots of lycopene!"
GBAYggdra Union: We'll Never Fight AloneStingSecond Dept. Heaven game, an SRPG with card-based movement and skills as well as some real-time elements
GBAYu-Gi-Oh!: Reshef of DestructionKonamiYou will be judged by many for playing this game and even more for enjoying it- be warned
GBAYu-Gi-Oh!: The Sacred CardsKonamiSurprisingly, there's a story surrounding the gameplay of a children's card game. You level by dueling. Shrug.
GBAZelda II: The Adventure of LinkNintendoSee NES
GBAZoids: LegacyAmedioIn Japan, known as Zoids Saga II; standard turn-based combat, based on the anime
GBAZone of the Enders: The Fist of MarsWinkysoftMecha SRPG with some first-person elements in targeting enemies and attack dodging