ConsoleNameReleaseGenreDeveloperLucca's Notes
JP Mega DriveBahamut Senki1991SimulationSegaA fantasy war simulator with 8 different armies to choose from; units can rank up and become stronger, combat is both turn-based and real-time
JP Mega DriveBattle Golfer Yui1991SportsSantosTee off against other battle golfers, raise your level to make more trick shots, and stop a mad scientist from destroying the world! With golf!
GenesisBeyond Oasis1995ActionAncientTop-down ARPG, level/rank is based on the number of hearts you collect
GenesisCadash1992ActionTaitoSide-scrolling ARPG with multiplayer potential
GenesisExile1992ActionTelenetTop-down when exploring, sidescrolling ARPG in dungeons - featuring real-world locations and censored themes!
GenesisFatal Labyrinth1991Dungeon CrawlerSegaSemi-roguelike ARPG, levels are shown as "ranks," items found can either greatly help or hinder you
GenesisLandstalker: The Treasures of King Nole1993ActionClimax EntertainmentIsometric and very Zelda-like, gathering items increases both life and strength
JP Mega DriveLangrisser II1994StrategyNCSSRPG that plays very similarly to its predecessor, albeit with some class rebalancing
GenesisLight Crusader1995ActionTreasureYet another isometric Zelda-like with understandably bad jumping, items that upgrade stats, and elemental combos to customize magic
JP Mega DriveMadou Monogatari I1996Monster CollectingCompileADORABLE AF, monster capturing mechanic, non-traditional stats/xp gain
GenesisMaster of Monsters1991StrategySystemSoftSRPG with different monster types and hex-based grid movement
JP Mega DriveMonster World IV1994Action-PlatformWestoneA far different protagonist from the rest of the series and toned-down RPG elements (purchasing equipment is still possible), but enhanced platforming
GenesisNew Horizons1994SimulationKoeiAKA Uncharted Waters: New Horizons; hope you like boats! Better sound on SNES than this version
GenesisPhantasy Star II1990Turn-BasedSegaThe Sci-fi JRPG, text-based adventures featuring characters from the game also exist
GenesisPhantasy Star III: Generations of Doom1991Turn-BasedSegaWent for a more traditional fantasy slant as opposed to the sci-fi seen in the rest of the series
GenesisPhantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium1995Turn-BasedSegaIf you liked the other games in the series, you'll love this one!
JP Mega DriveRent-A-Hero1991FightingSegaDo errands for the local populace to upgrade your super suit! Fighting game-like battles, very tongue-in-cheek
JP Mega DriveRent a Hero1991ActionSegaPerform various tasks for townsfolk as a superhero-for-hire; no XP but the cash from your jobs can be used to upgrade your armor and weapons, used in fighting game-esque combat
GenesisShining Force1993StrategyClimax/Sonic Software PlanningEpic SRPG with unit promotion
GenesisShining Force II1994StrategySonic Software PlanningSimilar to the first, with hidden characters and potentially branching promotion
GenesisShining in the Darkness1991Dungeon CrawlerClimax/Sonic Software PlanningFirst-person dungeon crawl, first game released in the Shining series (but not first chronologically in story)
GenesisSorcerer's Kingdom1993StrategyNCSSRPG where each character's individual move phase leads to the entire enemy's movephase, stat leveling is FFII-like
GenesisStar Odyssey2011Turn-BasedHot-BLocalized 20 years after initial release in Japan (as Blue Almanac), enemy level scales to player
GenesisSuper Hydlide1990ActionT&E SoftRemake of Hydlide 3, with a morality, encumbrance, hunger, and day/night system. IT'S NOT ALL THAT GOOD.
JP Mega DriveSurging Aura1995Turn-BasedJapan Media ProgrammingEach action in combat takes time to do - and can be interrupted! It's also really pretty too
GenesisSword of Vermilion1991ActionSegaOverworld traversal in first and third-person, combat is done ARPG-style
JP Mega DriveTougi-Ou: King Colossus1992ActionSegaAnother Ys wannabe
GenesisTraysia1992StrategyTelenetFairly standard, grid-based combat
GenesisUncharted Waters1992SimulationKoeiHistorical JRPG
JP Mega DriveVixen 3571992StrategyNCSMechy SRPG with permadeath, an official localization was planned in 2019 but abandoned
GenesisWarsong1991StrategyNCSAKA Langrisser I
GenesisWonder Boy in Monster World1992Action-PlatformWestone Bit EntertainmentNo forms to change into, but gives you a familiar and the ability to actually learn spells along with multiple towns to visit, the core gameplay remains the same
GenesisYs III1991ActionTelenet/FalcomPlays like the other releases, but with arguably better music and game balance