HAL Laboratory

ConsoleNameDeveloperLucca's Observations
JP SFCAlcahestHAL LaboratoryARPG featuring item-based stat growth and a password system rather than traditional saves
SNESArcanaHAL LaboratoryCard-focused 1st-person dungeon crawl
SNESEarthboundApe/HAL LaboratoryAKA Mother 2, a more modern-themed game with some surprisingly heavy themes
Wii UEarthbound (VC)Ape/HAL LaboratorySee SNES
JP GBAMother 1 + 2Ape/HAL Laboratory/NintendoPorts of Mother 1 and 2, with an extended ending for the former
JP GBAMother 3Brownie Brown/HAL Laboratory(LOCALIZE IT NINTENDO) Musical combo system in combat, still as offbeat as ever
DSPokemon RangerHAL LaboratoryMore of an ARPG than regular Pokemon games that uses the stylus to help temporarily capture Pokemon, who assist in completing missions
Wii UPokemon Ranger (VC)HAL LaboratorySee DS