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Vagrant Story

Episode 8.
JRPG News: Yuji Naka busted, Crisis Core trailers, Pokemon controveries, Tactics Ogre released. Hosts answer more questions from the server.

Episode 7
JRPG News: Final Fantasy XVI Announcements, Front Mission 1st. Tactics Ogre, Harvestella, and Pokemon Scarlet/Violet releases. Hosts read and answer questions from the server.


Episode 6
JRPG News: New Final Fantasy XVI Trailer, FF7 First Soldier shutting down. Hosts discuss their Team JRPG choices and why you might vote for them.

Episode 5
JRPG News: Wild Hearts, Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4 Golden, Star Ocean: The Divine Force, Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher


Episode 4
JRPG News: DQX Offline, Fire Emblem Engage, Octopath Traveller II, Crisis Core, Tales of Symphonia, Story of Seasons, Rune Factory, Like A Dragon/Yakuza, Valkyrie Elysium, Ronin, Suikoden remasters and more!

Episode 3
JRPG News: FF7 25th Anniversary, Stranger of Paradise DLC, Dragon Quest Treasures, PoPoloCrois Story Translation, JRPG Kickstarters, September Releases.

Lunar: The Silver Star

Episode 2
JRPG News: Soul Hackers 2, Disgaea 7, Eiyuden Chronicle, Forspoken, Elden Ring, Armed Fantasia/Pennyblood.

Episode 1
JRPG News: Legend of Dragoon, DioField Chronicle, Tactics Ogre Reborn.