What is this?This is a comprehensive list of console JRPGs available in English as defined by the JRPGC Discord community.
So what is the server’s definition of a JRPG?A JRPG is a Japanese role-playing game. If a video game is made by Japanese developers and has an emphasis on player progression through levels, skills, statistics, and/or experience, it is considered a JRPG in JRPGC.
Why make this?This began as a project to act as a resource for Team JRPG game selection; additionally, no other lists of this scope have been found. It is the author’s hope that other, more obscure titles are discovered on a personal basis via this list!
Who wrote this?JRPGC mod Lucca, with collaboration from other community mods (and members!)
What about PC and mobile lists?Given the more open-source nature of mobile and PC games, the ability to be truly comprehensive is severely limited. Those sections have therefore been excluded. A PC section may be added at a later time.
There are way more Japan-only JRPGs than what is listed here. Why aren’t they listed?Only games with an English translation as found on romhacking.net are initially listed here. Updates to the list will also include recently-released translations. Other translations are out there- provide a link and they’ll be added (if complete)!
What if I think there’s something missing or there is a mistake on the list?Given the scope of the project, it is only natural that things may slip through the cracks! Put your recommendation in the JRPG Index Suggestions channel and it will be assessed. Please provide the game’s developer/console in your request.
What about fan translated games?Suggested translations must have an attached link to the translation patch. Translations must be in English and considered fully complete/playable. Fan/Bootleg games or hacks will not be accepted.
What if I think something shouldn’t be on the list?This list may be more lenient in definition than many personal ones. Some games are a better fit in a different genre. Regardless, each game is scrutinized thoroughly for conformation to the server definition. Requests to remove a game will not be honored.
How often will this list be updated?The goal at present is to update the list quarterly, but all updates ultimately will occur at the author’s discretion.
Why include an observation section?Some games may be on the fence definition-wise, so justification is often left there. It is also used to inform of version differences (with enhanced ports) and provide a snippet of (somewhat objective) info about the game for the curious.
What if I have a suggestion for the JRPG Index?Please visit our discord server and make a request in the #jrpg-index-suggestions channel.
Can I use this data in my project/website?Any public use of this data requires approval from Lucca (contacted through Discord or email at sciencegeniuslucca@gmail.com). Any instance of this data being hosted elsewhere has not been approved; please contact Lucca or the JRPGC Discord to report misuse.