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Random List of 100 JRPGs from the Index
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ConsoleNameReleaseGenreDeveloperLucca's Notes
JP SFCAlcahest1993ActionHAL LaboratoryARPG featuring item-based stat growth and a password system rather than traditional saves
Wii UAlphadia Genesis (DL only)2014Turn-BasedExe-CreateAnother Kemco stinker, but at least this one has 3D battle graphics?
SwitchAlphadia Genesis 2 (DL only)2021Turn-BasedExe-CreateSee XS
PSPApe Quest2008Turn-BasedShiftIt's a JRPG with the monkeys from Ape Escape- enough said
PS2Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits2003StrategyCattle CallStill tactical, but circular-based movement rather than grids
VitaAr nosurge Plus: Ode to an Unborn Star2015Turn-BasedGustContains all DLC, adds 3 more characters to purify, a tutorial, and more costumes
PS4Asdivine Saga (DL only)2021Turn-BasedExe-CreateSee XS
PS4Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland2019Turn-BasedGustSequel to the Arland games; callbacks are present throughout; no time limit; using particular items in alchemy will make the resultant item stronger
VitaBlazing Souls (DL only)2013StrategyIdea FactoryAKA Blazing Souls: Accelate, see PSP
PSPBrandish: The Dark Revenant (DL only)2015Dungeon CrawlerFalcom3D remake of the original Brandish with an extra storyline from the villain's perspective, punishing but fair gameplay
DSChrono Trigger2008Turn-BasedSquare Enix/ToseIf you must play a version of this game (and you must), this one is a good choice- it has extra cut content!
JP SFCDaikaijuu Monogatari1994Turn-BasedBirthday/Hudson SoftHidden characters and adorable sprites!
VitaDamascus Gear: Operation Tokyo2015Dungeon CrawlerAplusAn isometric dungeon crawler of sorts where you pilot a mech to complete missions, which give you parts to upgrade your stats with
Xbox 360Dark Souls2011ActionFromSoftwareSpiritual successor to Demon's Souls, where multitudes learned to die and die again
PS3Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess (DL only)2015StrategyKoei TecmoEnhanced version of the original game with an additional playable character and storyline
PSXDigimon World2000Monster CollectingFlying Tiger DevelopmentMonster-collecting and raising game
VitaDissidia Final Fantasy (DL only)2012FightingSquare EnixSee PSP
SwitchDragon Lapis (DL only)2020Turn-BasedExe-CreateSee 3DS
Xbox OneDragon Lapis (DL only)2020Turn-BasedExe-CreateSee 3DS
JP SFCDragon Quest I + II1993Turn-BasedChunsoftCombined, debatably definitive version of DQ I and II
SwitchDragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition2019Turn-BasedArmor Project/Square EnixLots of QoL changes including adding the symphonic score, extra quests/party chat, and more; can be played in either 2D or 3D modes
PS3Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 22009ActionKoeiRemoves Japanese voices but adds some aerial combat, combos, and quick time events
PS5Elden Ring2022ActionFromSoftwareO you don't have the right to ignore the impact of this open-world Soulslike (with creative input from George R. R. Martin)
JP PSXEscaform1999StrategyEmotion/Bandai VisualPuts a spin on SRPG combat by giving the option to convert unspent action points (used to move/attack) into a sort of health shield, features a wide variety of toilets in a post-apocalyptic setting
PS2Eternal Ring2000Dungeon CrawlerFromSoftwareAnother first-person FromSoft dungeon crawl, but this one has customizable magic rings
DSFinal Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light2010Turn-BasedMatrix Software/Square EnixA return to classic form for the series with a job-like system; the predecessor to Bravely Default
GameCubeFinal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles2004ActionSquare EnixMultiplayer ARPG- no traditional leveling, using items instead
VitaFinal Fantasy Tactics (PSone Classics)2009StrategySquareSee PSX
Xbox 360Final Fantasy XIII2010Turn-BasedSquare EnixLinear gameplay with a fast-paced turn-based battle system; the worldbuilding seems to do more harm than good
SwitchFinal Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD (DL only)2018ActionSummerTimeStudio/Square EnixSee XBO
DSFire Emblem: Shadow Dragon2009StrategyIntelligent SystemsRemake of the first Fire Emblem game (and the first time Marth's story was told in the west) adding a lot of QoL features
GBAFire Emblem: The Sacred Stones2005StrategyIntelligent SystemsActually FE8, set in a separate continuity to the previous games
Xbox SeriesGale of Windoria (DL only)2022Turn-BasedHit-PointKemco brings Golden Sun-esque elemental powers to dungeon navigate, but you can't use items in combat... like at all
PS4God Eater 32019ActionMarvelousDoesn't change the core gameplay from the previous games, but adds speedier map traversal and new weapon types; stat progression still tied to crafting better gear
JP GB+GBCGod Medicine: Fantasy Sekai no Tanjou1993Turn-BasedKCENIt's a standard JRPG that makes fun of standard JRPGs!
PS2Growlanser: Heritage of War2007StrategyCareer SoftActually Growlanser V, more of an RTS than previous entries in the series
Xbox 360Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax2011ActionOpusTakes away some gameplay variety from the original PSP game, but adds an option to use an anime artstyle
PS4Heirs of the Kings (DL only)2023Turn-BasedExe-CreateSee XS
JP FCHeracles no Eikou II: Titan no Metsubo1989Turn-BasedData EastDragon Warrior-styled gameplay with Greek mythological flair
VitaHyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 3: V Generation2015Turn-BasedCompile Heart/Idea Factory/FelistellaImproves the visuals and voice acting, smooths out the combat system, and boasts a quite large cast
SwitchHyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition2018ActionOmega Force/Team NinjaTakes everything from the Wii U and 3DS versions and streamlines it, with some additional costumes to boot
SwitchInfinite Links (DL only)2022Turn-BasedExe-CreateSee XS
3DSJourney to Kreisia (DL only)2016Turn-BasedExe-CreateYet another Kemco game, this one with a modern-day-hero-in-fantasy-times premise; tries to lampshade the genre a bit, weapon skills work similarly to FFIX
PS4Judgment2018ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioA Yakuza spinoff from a detective's point of view, skill points can be used to increase stats
JP FCKaijuu Monogatari1988Turn-BasedBirthdayPretty standard, but also super-hard at the beginning
PS2Kingdom Hearts2002ActionSquareThe OG FF/Disney mashup, before the story started to overcomplicate itself
PSPKnights in the Nightmare2010Turn-BasedStingVery similar to DS version save for resolution and a smoother control scheme
SwitchLegend of the Tetrarchs (DL only)2019Turn-BasedHit-PointSee XBO
JP SFCLight Fantasy1992Turn-Based/StrategyAdvance Communication CompanyCute spritework but a godawfully slow battle system; you can recruit random townspeople and enemy exclamations pop up during combat that are hilarious... kind of a kusoge though
PS5Lost Epic (DL only)2023Action-PlatformTeam Earthwars/oneoreightSee Switch
JP Game GearMadou Monogatari II: Arle 16-Sai1994Dungeon CrawlerCompileMore Arle doing Arle stuff, but she's 16 now!
JP FCMashin Eiyuuden Wataru Gaiden1990ActionWestoneVery Zelda II vibes, based off the anime of the same name
DSMega Man Star Force: Dragon/Leo/Pegasus2007StrategyCapcomSeparate from but plays in a similar manner to the MMBN series, except with a vertical grid and more limited dodging
PS4Mercenaries Blaze: Dawn of the Twin Dragons2021StrategyRideonSee Switch
PS4Mercenaries Rebirth: Call of the Wild Lynx (DL only)2022StrategyRideonSee Switch
JP FCMomotarou Densetsu1987Turn-BasedHudson SoftStandard gameplay, but cute all the same!
PSXMonster Rancher1997Monster CollectingTecmoUse CDs to unlock monsters that you train and fight!
PS2Mystic Heroes2002ActionKoeiCutesy Dynasty Warriors-like with magic, more characters than the GameCube version
PS4Natural Doctrine2014StrategyKadokawaAdds a bonus extra hard mission, otherwise see PS3
VitaOperation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy2017Dungeon CrawlerExperienceDirect sequel to Operation Abyss with the same gameplay; leveling up can only be done at the party's home base, characters are still highly customizable
Wii UPandora's Tower (DL only)2015ActionGanbarionSee Wii
Xbox SeriesPersona 4 Golden (DL only)2023Turn-BasedAtlusSee PS4
GenesisPhantasy Star II1990Turn-BasedSegaThe Sci-fi JRPG, text-based adventures featuring characters from the game also exist
DSPokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team2005Dungeon CrawlerChunsoftCompanion to the GBA's Red Rescue Team, with Pokemon exploring randomized labyrinths in classic Mystery Dungeon style
GB+GBCPokemon Yellow1999Monster CollectingGame FreakMore of the same, with bonus Pikachu following you
JP PSXPoPoLoCrois Monogatari1996Turn-BasedSugar & RocketsBased off an anime adaptation of a manga with super cute characters and semi-SRPG grid based combat
Xbox SeriesPuyo Puyo Tetris 22020PuzzleSega/Sonic TeamSee PS5
VitaRagnarok Odyssey ACE2012ActionGame ArtsEasier to import RO save data from, otherwise see PS3
SwitchResident Evil Revelations 22017ActionCapcomSee XBO
PS4Revenant Saga2017Turn-BasedExe-CreateSee Wii U
PS4Ruinverse (DL only)2021Turn-BasedExe-CreateSee Switch
PSXSaiyuki: Journey West2001StrategyKoeiSRPG based on the Journey to the West novel
PS4SD Gundam G Generation Genesis (Asia English)2016StrategyTom CreateA Super Robot Wars-like game that spans the Universal Century timeline in a highly abridged form; lots of stats for both pilots and mobile suits to manage
PSPShin Megami Tensei: Persona2009Turn-BasedAtlusAdds the previously excluded Snow Queen Quest, readjusts difficulty levels and encounter rates, and reworks the dialogue to be more modern
SwitchShin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster2021Turn-BasedAtlusSee PS4
WiiSonic and the Black Knight2009Action-PlatformSonic TeamSonic meets King Arthur this time, with even worse controls and a looser form of experience in the form of followers, which raise your knight rank which lets you access more skills
PS5Soulvars (DL only)2023Turn-Based/Card-BasedGinolabo/SuccessSee XS
Xbox SeriesSoulvars (DL only)2023Turn-Based/Card-BasedGinolabo/SuccessA "deckbuilder" of sorts that encourages deep strategy in action choice; albeit possibly too deep for the game's own good without considerable tutorials
PS5Star Ocean: The Divine Force2022ActionTri-AceA return to dual protagonists and the most dynamic combat system in the series to date
Xbox OneStranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin2022ActionTeam NinjaSee PS5
VitaStranger of Sword City Revisited (DL only)2017Dungeon CrawlerExperienceAdds new (potentially game-breaking) classes, new dungeons, new monsters (and tactics for existing ones), and tons of QoL adjustments
PSXSuikoden II1999Turn-BasedKonamiSweeping political epic-
VitaSummon Night 6: Lost Borders2017StrategyMedia.VisionSRPG that basically acts as general fanservice for the series, featuring characters from all previously numbered entries
GameCubeTales of Symphonia2004ActionNamco Tales StudioBrought the Tales series into the 3D realm for combat, chibi character models belie a twist-heavy story
3DSThe Alliance Alive2018Turn-BasedCattle Call/Grezzo/FuRyuWritten by the creator of Suikoden; a turn-based game where skills are increased via use and "talent points" are accumulated to improve stats individually
PS5The Caligula Effect: Overdose2023Turn-BasedAquria/HistoriaSee PS4
SwitchThe Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure2023Turn-BasedFalcomSee PS4
PSPThe Legend of Heroes II: Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch2006Turn-BasedMicrovision/FalcomFirst game in the Gagharv trilogy, despite western release order; gameplay is still very traditional, arguably bland, continues the pet system from the previous game
PS4The Witch and the Hundred Knight 22017ActionNippon IchiPlays a lot like the first, albeit with a new cast of whimsical characters
SwitchTouhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded2018Dungeon CrawlerAqua StyleSee PS4
PS4Trials of Mana2020ActionXeen/Square EnixBrings the game into 3D, adds new difficulty levels, gives characters abilities for buffs, adds an extra class tier, among many other QoL changes
SwitchTwin Blades of the Three Kingdoms (DL only)2022StrategyUnicoTactical gameplay on a much smaller scale telling the oft-spun yarn of the Three Kingdoms with anime character portraits galore
PSXVagrant Story2000Dungeon CrawlerSquareDarker-themed ARPG with the same setting as Final Fantasy XII and Tactics, heavy crafting focus
SwitchVoice of Cards Trilogy2023Card-BasedAlim/Square EnixSee PS4
VitaWarriors of the Lost Empire (DL only)2012ActionPlatinum EggSee PSP
PSPWhat Did I Do To Deserve This, My Lord!? 22010Dungeon CrawlerAcquireMake more dungeons, be more dastardly, and use your newfound ability to mutate monsters as you increase their stats!
PS2Xenosaga Episode III: Also Sprach Zarathustra2006Turn-BasedMonolith SoftXenosaga was intended to be a 6-part series- this entry makes it extremely evident
Xbox SeriesYakuza 4 Remastered (DL only)2021ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioSee PS4
PSPYs: The Oath in Felghana2010ActionFalcomRemastered version of Ys III, taking gameplay elements from Ys VI and expanding the storyline with extra scenes
JP PSPYuusha 30 Second2011ActionMarvelousAll episodes play like Hero 30 of the original game, but adds more QoL features like leveling outside missions