JRPG Randomizer 200

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Random List of 200 JRPGs from the Index
ConsoleNameReleaseGenreDeveloperLucca's Notes
PS2.hack Part 2: Mutation2003ActionCyberConnect2ARPG that tries to mimic early MMO features
PS4Actraiser Renaissance (DL only)2021Action-PlatformQuintet/Square EnixSee Switch
PS4Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed2014ActionAcquireSee PS3
Xbox OneAlphadia Genesis (DL only)2021Turn-BasedExe-CreateSee Wii U
JP SFCAretha1993Turn-BasedJapan Art MediaA sequel to the Game Boy trilogy of the same name, neat multidirectional turn-based combat
PS4Asdivine Cross (DL only)2021Turn-BasedExe-CreateSee 3DS
SwitchAsdivine Menace (DL only)2019Turn-BasedExe-CreateSee Vita
Xbox SeriesAsdivine Saga (DL only)2021Turn-BasedExe-CreateAnother day, another Kemco game- you can give gifts to your female party members to influence your ending- otherwise same ol', same ol'
SwitchAtelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout2019Turn-BasedGustSee PS4
VitaAtelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book (DL only)2016Turn-BasedGustSee PS4
DSAway: Shuffle Dungeon2008ActionArtoon/MistwalkerUnique spin on the mystery dungeon rogue-like format: each of the two screens is randomized and will shuffle after a time
PSXAzure Dreams1998Dungeon CrawlerKonamiRoguelike with town building, romancing, and familiar collecting
JP PSXBaroque1999Dungeon CrawlerStingA port of the original Saturn version, with tank controls and a first-person perspective to explore macabre dungeons in roguelike fashion
SwitchBlacksmith of the Sand Kingdom (DL only)2021Turn-BasedRideonA departure from Kemco's norm, where you run your blacksmithy half the time (including crafting equipment for your party) and fight monsters in a grid-like turn-based format the other half
DSBleach: The 3rd Phantom2009StrategyTom CreateAn SRPG with relationship-building elements, spinoff story written by Tite Kubo himself
JP DSBlood of Bahamut2009ActionThink & FeelGiant monster-slaying ARPG with mission-based structure
Xbox OneBloodstained: Ritual of the Night2019Action-PlatformArtPlayIga doing what Iga does (arguably) best: Metroidvanias; it's not Castlevania, but it's about as close as you'll get these days
3DSBrave Dungeon (DL only)2017Dungeon CrawlerInside SystemTop-down dungeon crawler, featuring a class system and item crafting, along with turn-based battles; very sparse story
SwitchBurger Bistro Story (DL only)2022SimulationKairosoftAnother management sim with staff that can level up, but this one has burgies
GBACar Battler Joe2002ActionAncientExactly as the title implies - you level up your car in demolition derby-style matches
GBACastlevania: Aria of Sorrow2003Action-PlatformKCETMetroidvania with the addition of collecting enemy souls to augment abilities
Xbox 360Castlevania: Harmony of Despair (DL only)2010Action-PlatformKonamiLarge-scale Metroidvania crossover with an emphasis on online co-op, stats based on gear and skill grinding
3DSCastlevania II: Simon's Quest (VC)2014Action-PlatformKonamiSee NES
Xbox OneChroma Quaternion (DL only)2021Turn-BasedExe-CreateSee Switch
DSChrono Trigger2008Turn-BasedSquare Enix/ToseIf you must play a version of this game (and you must), this one is a good choice- it has extra cut content!
3DSChronus Arc (DL only)2015Turn-BasedHit-PointMore Kemco fare, this one encourages insane amouns of grinding with random difficulty spikes
PS4Conception Plus: Maidens of the Twelve Stars2019Turn-BasedSpike ChunsoftA remake of the first Conception game; increasing your bond with different women to produce "children" who will become your allies in battle
VitaCriminal Girls: Invite Only2015Turn-BasedImageepochTurn-based combat where each girl will only accept commands if she is "motivated" enough through minigames, which is exactly as thinly-veiled perverse as it sounds
PS3Crimson Sea 2 (PS2 Classics)2013ActionKoeiSee PS2
3DSCrystal Warriors (VC)2013StrategySegaSee GG
DSCustom Robo Arena2007ActionNoise Inc.Go to school, build your robot, and battle using it in arena-styled ARPG combat!
PS4Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online2017ActionCompile Heart/Idea Factory/TamsoftAnother ARPG starring the Neptune crew, made to mimic an MMO; same problems of reused assets apply; humor is still as tongue-in-cheek as ever
SwitchDanganronpa Decadence2021Turn-BasedSpike ChunsoftFeatues Danganronpa 1/2/v3 as well as Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp - a board game/turn-based RPG hybrid with characters from all 3 main games
SwitchDark Souls: Remastered2018ActionFromSoftwareSee XBO
SwitchDeath end re;Quest 22022Turn-Based/HorrorCompile Heart/Idea FactorySee PS4
3DSDefenders of Oasis (VC)2013Turn-BasedSegaSee GG
PS4Destiny Connect: Tick-Tock Travelers2019Turn-BasedNippon IchiShort turn-based affair focused on time travel; difficulty level is overall low
NESDestiny of an Emperor1990Turn-BasedCapcomRomance of the Three Kingdoms-themed, auto-battle system
PS2Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories2006StrategyNippon IchiMore SRPG demon shenanigans!
VitaDisgaea 3: Absence of Detention2012StrategyNippon IchiAdds all DLC, new scenarios/characters, makes tweaks to skills/classes, adds new types of magic
SwitchDisgaea 5 Complete2017StrategyNippon IchiContains the base game and all DLC
TurboGrafx-16Double Dungeons1990Dungeon CrawlerNCSCo-op first-person dungeon crawl
PS3Dragon's Crown2013ActionVanillawareHighly overexaggerated character design and a solid side-scrolling beat-em-up with character leveling and progression
PS4Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot2020ActionCyberConnect2See XBO
JP FCDragon Ball Z II: Gekishin Freeza!!1991Card-BasedD&D Corp/ToseCard-based combat
Xbox OneDragon Quest Builders 22021Action/SandboxOmega Force/Square EnixSee PS4
DSDragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation2011Turn-BasedArtePiazzaFirst appearance of DQVI in the west, same turn-based gameplay, plot revolving around two separate worlds
PS3Drakengard 32014ActionAccessHack-and-slash gameplay marred heavily by technical issues, very stylish nonetheless
SwitchDream House Days DX (DL only)2021ArcadeKairosoftAn apartment manager sim where you level up your furniture, tenants, and their potential careers; capitalism at its most end-stage form
SwitchEgglia Rebirth (DL only)2022Board GameBrownies Inc.A formerly mobile game (minus microtransactions) that wears its Legend of Mana influence on its sleeve, with board-game like gameplay
VitaEnd of Serenity (DL only)2014Turn-BasedKemcoSee PSP
SwitchFairy Fencer F: Refrain Chord2023StrategyCompile Heart/Idea Factory/StingSee PS5
3DSFantasy Life2014SimulationBrownie Brown/Level-5Pick a profession in a fantasy world and increase your ranks in order to help save the world!
GB+GBCFinal Fantasy Adventure1991ActionSquareActually the first game in the Mana series, plays rather like Zelda with more RPG elements
DSFinal Fantasy III2006Turn-BasedMatrix Software/Square EnixFirst appearance of the job-heavy game in the west
PSXFinal Fantasy VIII1999Turn-BasedSquareBest card game, not-best stat/leveling system
SwitchFinal Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age2019Turn-BasedSquare EnixSee XBO
Xbox OneFinal Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age2019Turn-BasedSquare EnixIncorporates the elements from the previously JP-only International Zodiac Job system, which features multiple license boards and QoL changes
PS4Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker (DL only)2021MMORPGSquare EnixSee PS5
Xbox OneFinal Fantasy XV2016Turn-BasedSquare EnixSee PS4
Wii UFire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (VC)2016StrategyIntelligent SystemsSee DS
PS3Folklore2007ActionGame RepublicCapture and control fantasy creatures with ARPG gameplay that also utilizes the Sixaxis motion controller (for good or ill)
DSFossil Fighters Champions2011Monster CollectingRED Entertainment/M2/Artdink/NintendoMore dinosaur-like creatures to unearth, train, and fight!
DSFossil League: Dino Tournament Championship2007Monster CollectingMTOAnother dinosaur-themed Pokemon clone, but uses actual dinosaurs rather than made-up creatures
VitaFrane: Dragons' Odyssey (DL only)2019ActionExe-CreateKemco's stab at an ARPG, which lacks necessary tutorials; typically a second character assists in combat though this is not the case during boss battles
Xbox OneFront Mission 1st: Remake (DL only)2023StrategySquare Enix/Forever EntertainmentSee Switch
PS4Fuga: Melodies of Steel 2 (DL only)2023Turn-BasedCyberConnect2See XS
PS4God Eater 2: Rage Burst2016ActionShiftSee Vita
Master SystemGolvellius: Valley of Doom1988ActionCompileBlends both Zelda I and II gameplay (both overhead and side-view), with items to obtain to increase parameters
DSGO Series: Picdun (DSiWare, delisted)2011Dungeon CrawlerIntenseA first-person dungeon crawl where your path through each floor makes a picture on the map, timing-based combat
PSPGrandia (PSone Classics)2010Turn-BasedGame ArtsSee PSX
PS3Growlanser: Heritage of War (PS2 Classics)2014StrategyCareer SoftSee PS2
VitaHarvest Moon: Back to Nature (PSone Classics)2012SimulationVictor Interactive SoftwareSee PSX
PSPHarvest Moon: Back to Nature (PSone Classics)2011SimulationVictor Interactive SoftwareSee PSX
PS3Harvest Moon: Back to Nature (PSone Classics)2011SimulationVictor Interactive SoftwareSee PSX
PS4Haunted Dungeons: Hyakki Castle (DL only)2017Dungeon CrawlerAsakusa StudiosFirst-person dungeon crawling with a yokai theme and an emphasis on splitting the party in order to solve puzzles/flank enemies; combat is more real-time
SwitchHeroland2019Dungeon CrawlerFuRyuSee PS4
VitaHyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 3: V Generation2015Turn-BasedCompile Heart/Idea Factory/FelistellaImproves the visuals and voice acting, smooths out the combat system, and boasts a quite large cast
3DSHyrule Warriors Legends (New 3DS only)2016ActionOmega Force/Team NinjaIncludes all DLC from the original game as well as adding two new story chapters; also LINKLE
3DSIkachan (DL only)2013ActionStudio Pixel/NicalisA cute indie ARPG where you play as a squid helping out other sea creatures
PS5Infinite Links (DL only)2022Turn-BasedExe-CreateSee XS
DSIzuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja2007Dungeon CrawlerNinja StudioRoguelike dungeon crawler with a quirky protagonist, decent difficulty curve
JP FCJajamaru Ninpou Chou1989Turn-BasedJalecoAlmost came out in the States, but alas… Another DW clone where you can only fight one enemy at a time
PS4Kairobotica (DL only)2021SimulationKairosoftCultivate your planet and send your bot buddies out on missions (and upgrade them after) in this sim/RPG combo
3DSKingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance2012ActionSquare EnixMore ARPG action, more plot confusion; this one brings back the Command Deck from Birth By Sleep and introduces capturable spirits that can influence gameplay
PSPKingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep2010ActionSquare EnixPrequel to the main series, with three playable characters and generally similar ARPG gameplay, albeit with the ability to customize commands available in battle
Xbox OneKingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory (DL only)2020RhythmSquare Enix/IndieszeroSee Switch
PS4Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far2018ActionSquare EnixA collection of all collections of Kingdom Hearts games before KHIII
SwitchKingdom Hearts III + Re Mind Cloud Version (DL only)2022ActionSquare EnixSee PS4, but with added story DLC included
SwitchKowloon High-School Chronicle (DL only)2021Visual NovelToybox/Shout! Design WorksA remaster of a formerly JP-only PS2 title, with visual novel-styled relationship balancing and first-person puzzle solving/dungeon crawling
SwitchLabyrinth of the Witch (DL only)2019Dungeon CrawlerOrange CubeA Mystery Dungeon-like game that does little to distinguish itself from other games like it; penalties for dying are much softer than tradition dictates
Xbox OneLegend of the Tetrarchs (DL only)2019Turn-BasedHit-PointConvoluted Kemco mumbo-jumbo where your health is restored after each battle
SwitchLittle Noah: Scion of Paradise (DL only)2022Dungeon CrawlerCygamesA cute roguelite with even cuter companions to recruit and customize (and level)!
PSPLord of Arcana2011ActionAccess GamesA Monster Hunter clone featuring monsters designed by famous illustrators and some Square Enix cameos
DSLost in Blue 32008SurvivalMatrix SoftwareMore castaways to assist with touchscreen mechanics
Xbox SeriesLost Judgment2021ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioSee PS5
PS4Lost Judgment2021ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioSee PS5
3DSMachine Knight (DL only)2018Turn-BasedHit-PointEven more Kemco, this one features a scientist trying to prevent the apocalypse in cliché fashion; just as traditional turn-based as ever
JP WonderswanMakai Toushi SaGa2002Turn-BasedSquareA remake of the first SaGa game (Final Fantasy Legend), upped the graphics and added features like a bestiary and the ability to re-target enemies to not waste attacks once defeated
JP PS2Marie to Elie no Atelier: Salburg no Renkinjutsushi 1-22005Turn-BasedGustRemakes of the first games in the Atelier series, with all the expected alchemy present
3DSMario Golf (VC)2012SportsCamelotSee GBC
SwitchMary Skelter 22019Dungeon CrawlerCompile Heart/Idea Factory/ZerodivA first-person dungeon crawler much like the first; juggling corruption in battle and avoiding regenrating boss enemies is important; also contains the first game
PS4Megadimension Neptunia VII2016Turn-BasedCompile Heart/Idea FactoryBattle system emphasizes character positioning, goddesses have additional transformations in combat, otherwise same fanservicey Neptune shenanigans
Wii UMega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast Falzar/Cybeast Gregar (VC)2016StrategyCapcomSee GBA
SwitchMercenaries Lament: Requiem of the Silver Wolf (DL only)2023StrategyRideonNot far removed gameplay-wise from its predecessors, with a story definitely influenced by real-world pandemics
3DSMercenaries Saga 3: Gray Wolves of War (DL only)2016StrategyRideonQuite similar to the game that came before it- a straightforward SRPG
SwitchMetallic Child2021Dungeon CrawlerStudio HGA semi-roguelike with lots of fast-paced robot action and ability customization; mini-games can help unlock items that further augment stats
PSPMimana: Iyar Chronicle2010ActionKogado/Premium AgencyARPG with poor hit detection, a generally unlikeable cast, and a weak story overall
JP DSMugen no Frontier EXCEED: Super Robot Taisen OG Saga2010Turn-BasedMonolith SoftSequel to SRTOGS: Endless Frontier, plays in the same way, with crossover elements
VitaMystic Chronicles2012Turn-BasedHit-PointSee PSP
PS3Mystic Heroes (PS2 Classics)2013ActionKoeiSee PS2
JP PS2Namco x Capcom2005StrategyMonolith SoftPredecessor to Project X Zone, SRPG with combo-based gameplay
JP GBANapoleon2001StrategyGenkiRTSRPG starring Napoleon Bonaparte doing some very not-historically-accurate things
GenesisNew Horizons1994SimulationKoeiAKA Uncharted Waters: New Horizons; hope you like boats! Better sound on SNES than this version
VitaNew Little King's Story (delisted)2012ActionKonamiChanges the watercolor aesthetic to a more anime-styled one, poor English translation, needs quite a bit of visual polish
SwitchNew Pokemon Snap2021SimulationBandai NamcoIt's a stretch, but there are courses to level up which unlock new routes and Pokemon to candidly capture on camera
SwitchNieR: Automata - the End of YoRHa Edition2022ActionPlatinumGamesSee PS4, but with all DLC included (and additional exclusive costumes)
PS4Nights of Azure2015ActionGustAn ARPG with sapphic undertones that leans into fanservice territory; dark in tone with a focus on collecting demon blood to level yourself and the familiars you collect
PS4Ninja JaJaMaru: The Lost RPGs (DL only)2023Action/Turn-BasedCity ConnectionSee Switch
Xbox OneNi no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom - Prince's Edition (DL only)2023ActionLevel-5See Switch
VitaOrgarhythm (DL only)2012RhythmAcquireRhythm game/RTS hybrid where keeping on beat gives you more XP to give you more abilities
WiiPandora's Tower2013ActionGanbarionARPG with a focus on environmental puzzle-solving and a time-based curse mechanic
PSXParasite Eve1998Action/HorrorSquareHorror JRPG based on a novel, positioning-based combat system
JP PSXPersona 2: Innocent Sin1999Turn-BasedAtlusThe missing half of Persona 2 in the Americas
SwitchPersona 5 Strikers2021ActionOmega Force/AtlusA sequel to Persona 5 (if you pretend Royal never happened) with ARPG gameplay; much more in-depth strategy required than your typical musou-like game
XboxPhantasy Star Online Episode I & II2003MMORPGSonic TeamEveryone likes playing MMORPGs with clunky controllers!
DSPokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team2005Dungeon CrawlerChunsoftCompanion to the GBA's Red Rescue Team, with Pokemon exploring randomized labyrinths in classic Mystery Dungeon style
Wii UPokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia (VC)2016ActionCreatures Inc.See DS
GBAPokemon Ruby/Sapphire2003Monster CollectingGame Freak7/10, too much water; not possible to collect all Pokemon in these versions
3DSProject X Zone2013StrategyMonolith SoftSequel to Namco x Capcom, this time additionally incorporating Sega characters; SRPG maps with combo- and assist-based attacks
PS2Radiata Stories2005ActionTri-AceARPG with a majorly branching storyline, tons of recruitable characters (all with their own schedules), and lots to kick!
PS5Relayer2022StrategyKadokawaA slow start, but otherwise engaging mecha SRPG gameplay featuring aggro management and complicated character customization
Xbox OneResident Evil Revelations2017ActionCapcom/ToseSee 3DS, but with some tweaks and added characters for Raid Mode
Xbox 360Resident Evil Revelations2013ActionCapcom/ToseSee XBO
VitaResident Evil Revelations 22015ActionCapcomSee XBO
PS3Resident Evil Revelations 22015ActionCapcomSee XBO
PSPRiviera: The Promised Land2007Turn-BasedStingAdds full voice acting, more CG images, and more events to the GBA version of the game
JP SFCRomancing Saga1992Turn-BasedSquareA very sandboxy JRPG; multiple playable characters, non-linear in fashion
PS5RPGolf Legends (Asia English/DL)2022SportsArticNetSee Switch
Xbox SeriesRPGolf Legends (DL only)2022SportsArticNetSee Switch
Xbox SeriesRune Factory 4 Special (DL only)2021SimulationMarvelousSee Switch
JP SaturnSakura Taisen1996StrategyOverworksFirst in the long-running SPRG series, where managing your troupe of girls gives them better stats!
SwitchSamurai Maiden (DL/Asia English)2022ActionShade Inc.See PS5
JP Game GearSD Gundam: Winner's History1995Turn-BasedITLTurn-based SRPG in unit placement, but real-time battles between individual units- with Gundams!
SNESSecret of Evermore1995ActionSquare SoftAn ARPG featuring a boy and his dog traveling through different eras; never released in Japan
SNESSecret of Mana1993ActionSquareActually the second Mana game, up to 3-player co-op
SNESSecret of the Stars1995Turn-BasedTecmoSuper slow and super mundane
PSXShadow Tower1999ActionFromSoftwarePlays similarly to King's Field, but killing particular enemies determines stat growth
PS2Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon2009ActionAtlusVery similar to its predecessor, but uses demon negotiation rather than capture elements
PS3Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon (PS2 Classics)2014Turn-BasedAtlusSee PS2
PSPShin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable2010Turn-BasedAtlusAdds a female main character to Persona 3, alters Social Links accordingly, does not contain "The Answer" scenario, gives control over other party members in combat
WiiShiren the Wanderer2010Dungeon CrawlerChunsoftActually the third game in the Shiren the Wanderer sub-series of Mystery Dungeon roguelike games
JP 3DSSlime Mori Mori Dragon Quest 3: Daikaizoku to Shippo Dan2011ActionSquare Enix
PS4Sonic Frontiers2022Action-PlatformSonic TeamSee PS5
PS5Soulvars (DL only)2023Turn-Based/Card-BasedGinolabo/SuccessSee XS
PSPSpectral Souls: Resurrection of the Ethereal Empires2006StrategyIdea FactoryAn enhanced port of the previously Japan-only Spectral Souls II, an SRPG with multiple storylines to choose, an AP-based combat system
Master SystemSpellCaster1989ActionSegaARPG in combat (plays much like Shinobi), point-and-click-like in towns, story progression increases stats
SwitchStar Ocean: First Departure R (DL only)2019ActionTose/Square Enix/Tri-AceSee PS4
PS2Stella Deus: The Gate of Eternity2005StrategyPinegrow/AtlusSRPG with a similar position-heavy system to Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth
PS2Suikoden III2002Turn-BasedKCETThe turn-based epic saga continues, a variety of protagonists, can import data from the PSX games for bonuses
DSSuper Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier2009Turn-BasedMonolith SoftSpinoff of the Original Generation series of Super Robot Wars, with turn-based combo combat rather than the regular SRPG format
PS4Super Robot Wars OG: The Moon Dwellers (Asia English)2016StrategyB.B. StudioServes as a new entry point to the OG series (which has no cameos as opposed to the main series), SRPG combat with assists based on positioning, multiple protagonists
PS4Super Robot Wars T (Asia English)2019StrategyB.B. StudioBalances out the intertwining series focuses more smoothly than V or X, iterates on X's gameplay by adding supporter units
JP FCSweet Home1989Turn-Based/HorrorCapcomWithout this, Resident Evil doesn't exist; a horror turn-based game with character permadeath
PS5Sword of Elpisia (DL only)2022Turn-BasedExe-CreateSee XS
GBASword of Mana2003ActionBrownie BrownIncorporates elements from later games and 2 story paths
3DSSymphony of Eternity (DL only)2017Turn-BasedWorld Wide Software/KemcoA boy, girl, and golem walk into a Kemco game and end up surprisingly in-depth with individual customization of skills and spells through reading books
PSXTail of the Sun1997SimulationArtdinkBe caveman. Go hunting. Build tower of mammoth bone. More of a life-sim really
NESTecmo Cup Soccer Game1992SportsTecmoA heavily Americanized (and harder) version of the first Captain Tsubasa video game, where leveling/stat increases happen as players participate in soccer games
JP SFCTengai Makyou Zero1995Turn-BasedRed Company CorporationUtilized special technology to allow for a real-time clock, more dialogue
PSPThe 3rd Birthday2011ActionHexaDriveThird game in the Parasite Eve series, more like a third-person shooter than previous games, mission-based gameplay and lots of NPC possession!
PS5The Caligula Effect: Overdose2023Turn-BasedAquria/HistoriaSee PS4
SwitchThe Last Remnant Remastered (DL only)2019Turn-BasedSquare EnixSee PS4
WiiThe Last Story2012ActionArtoon/MistwalkerARPG with tactical and stealth elements including a cover system and issuing orders to AI party members in real-time
PS3The Legend of Dragoon (PSone Classics)2012Timed Turn-BasedSony Computer Entertainment JapanSee PSX
SwitchThe Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III2020Turn-BasedFalcomSee PS4
SwitchThe Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure2023Turn-BasedFalcomSee PS4
PS4The Lost Child2018Dungeon CrawlerKadokawaSee Vita
VitaTouhou Genso Wanderer (DL only)2017Dungeon CrawlerAqua StyleRoguelike featuring the Touhou girls and bland dungeons
SwitchTouhou Genso Wanderer -Lotus Labyrinth R- (DL only)2021Dungeon CrawlerAqua StyleSee PS4
SNESUncharted Waters: New Horizons1994SimulationKoei6 different protagonists with different careers to balance the books with in a mercantile JRPG
PS4Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception2015Strategy/Visual NovelAquaplusSee Vita
PSXValkyrie Profile2000Turn-BasedTri-Ace2D dungeon exploration, grim themes, and a combo-based battle system
PS2Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria2006ActionTri-AceSimilar combat and dungeon exploration as the first game, but with no time limits or pressure to release Einherjar
PS5Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth (DL only)2022Turn-BasedSquare EnixSee PSP
PSXVandal Hearts1997StrategyKCETStandard SRPG gameplay with non-set classes
PSPVanguard Bandits (PSone Classics)2011StrategyHuman EntertainmentSee PSX
Sega CDVay1994Turn-BasedHertz/SIMSStandard Working Designs localization, turn-based gameplay, and difficulty spikes galore
PS4Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars (DL only)2021Card-BasedAlim/Square EnixSee Switch
PS2Wild Arms Alter Code: F2005Turn-BasedMedia.Vision3D remake of Wild Arms, adding 5 playable characters and some QoL improvements
PS4Wizards of Brandel (DL only)2019Turn-BasedExe-CreateSee Vita
Xbox 360Wonder Boy in Monster Land (DL only)2012Action-PlatformWestone Bit EntertainmentAn emulation of the arcade version
JP SFCXak: The Art of Visual Stage1993ActionMicro Cabin/Tokai EngineeringYs' cousin, but the story only covers the first half of the first game on MSX
SwitchXenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition2020ActionMonolith Soft/Monster GamesAdds an entire epilogue section, cleans up the graphics significantly, and has a lot of QoL improvements
Wii UXenoblade Chronicles X2015ActionMonolith SoftOpen-world ARPG with a customizable avatar, mechs are available, combat is somewhat complex, story not linked to other Xeno games
PSXXenogears1998Turn-BasedSquareAlmost unlocalized due to heavy religious/philosophical themes, action point-based combat
Xbox OneYakuza Kiwami 2 (DL only)2020ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioSee PS4
3DSYo-kai Watch2015Monster CollectingLevel-5Level-5's charming Pokemon-like franchise; demons are discovered in the "real" world, befriended, collected, and used in battle, combat occasionally involves minigames
PSPYs I & II Chronicles2011ActionFalcomMostly the same as previous versions, but with a new soundtrack option as well as newly done character portraits
PS2Yu-Gi-Oh!: Capsule Monster Coliseum2004StrategyWinkySoft/KCEJSRPG featuring the Capsule Monsters before they got their own spinoff anime

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