JRPG Randomizer 200

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Random List of 200 JRPGs from the Index
ConsoleNameReleaseGenreDeveloperLucca's Notes
JP PSP.hack//LINK2010ActionCyberConnect2ARPG, last game chronologically in the series, lots of characters from past series media, often regarded as the worst game
PS2.hack Part 2: Mutation2003ActionCyberConnect2ARPG that tries to mimic early MMO features
JP DS7th Dragon2009Turn-BasedImageepochSlay some dragons in a traditional turn-based style!
SaturnAlbert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean1997Turn-BasedSunSoftCute sprites, plays differently than the SFC versions- this one is more of a gaiden
JP SFCAlcahest1993ActionHAL LaboratoryARPG featuring item-based stat growth and a password system rather than traditional saves
Xbox OneAlphadia Genesis (DL only)2021Turn-BasedExe-CreateSee Wii U
PS5Alphadia Neo (DL only)2023Turn-BasedExe-CreateSee XS
Xbox OneAlvastia Chronicles (DL only)2019Turn-BasedExe-CreateSee Vita
SwitchA Magical High School Girl2018Dungeon CrawlerIlluCalabA roguelike with magic crafting and casting, but lots of repetition in dungeon and enemy design
SwitchAntiquia Lost (DL only)2017Turn-BasedExe-CreateSee Vita
PS4Arc of Alchemist (DL only)2020Turn-BasedCompile HeartA humdrum ARPG with character progression partially tied to a base-building system
PSXArc the Lad Collection2002StrategyG-Craft/ARC EntertainmentCollected SRPG series, contains Arc the Lad I, II, III, and Arc Arena
VitaArc the Lad II (PSone Classics)2012StrategyG-Craft/ARC EntertainmentSee PSX
SwitchArtifact Adventure Gaiden DX2019ActionBluffman GamesGame Boy-like aesthetic with a generally non-linear world; player choices affect game progession in significant fashion
SwitchAsdivine Kamura (DL only)2019Turn-BasedExe-CreateSee XBO
Xbox OneAsdivine Menace (DL only)2019Turn-BasedExe-CreateSee Vita
PS4Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings DX (DL only)2021Turn-BasedGustSee Switch
SwitchAtelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout2019Turn-BasedGustSee PS4
JP GB+GBCAyakashi no Shiro1990Dungeon CrawlerSetaFirst-person dungeon crawler, nothing to write home about
PS5Babylon's Fall2022ActionPlatinumGamesNot even Platinum's oft-lauded combat gameplay can save this drab dumpster fire of a games-as-a-live-service model... attempt
PSXBlaze and Blade: Eternal Quest (PAL/JP only)1998ActionT&E SoftMultiplayer ARPG- better to find IRL friends than to let the horrible AI act as party members
PS3Breath of Fire IV (PSone Classics)2011Turn-BasedCapcomSee PSX
GBACar Battler Joe2002ActionAncientExactly as the title implies - you level up your car in demolition derby-style matches
DSCastlevania: Order of Ecclesia2008Action-PlatformKonamiLast of the DS Metroidvanias, featuring a glyph combination system to customize movement and combat abilities
VitaCastlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles (DL only)2012Action-PlatformKonamiSee PSP
PS4Chroma Quaternion (DL only)2021Turn-BasedExe-CreateSee Switch
PS3Chrono Trigger (PSone Classics)2011Turn-BasedTose/SquareSee PSX
GBACIMA: The Enemy2003ActionNeverlandARPG of sorts- can level up weapons and armor while controlling Lemmings-like civilians
PS3Class of Heroes 2G2014Dungeon CrawlerZerodivEnhanced version of the PSP first-person dungeon crawler with more skills/party members/dungeons
PS2Crimson Sea 22004ActionKoeiSci-fi musou-like with weapon/magic XP, multiplayer, and a non-linear mission structure
PS3Crimson Sea 2 (PS2 Classics)2013ActionKoeiSee PS2
NESCrystalis1990ActionSNKTop-down ARPG, fairly grindy for the time
GameCubeCubivore: Survival of the Fittest2002ActionSaru Brunei/Intelligent SystemsA game about raising cubes like animals and making them fight and mutate
Xbox OneDark Souls III2016ActionFromSoftwareMore ways to die and keep dying; combat is overall more fluid than previous games, an MP-like system is introduced
PS4Dead Rising (DL only)2016ActionCapcomSee 360, but with more save slots and graphical upgrades
PS4Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess2015StrategyKoei TecmoSee PS3
JP FCDeep Dungeon III: Yuushi e no Tabi1988Dungeon CrawlerHumming Bird Soft1st-person dunegon crawl
SwitchDestiny Connect: Tick-Tock Travelers2019Turn-BasedNippon IchiSee PS4
VitaDigimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory2018Turn-BasedMedia.VisionContinues the story from the first game with more Digimon to collect (with similar gameplay)
DSDigimon World Dawn/Dusk2007Turn-BasedBECSequels to Digimon World DS, play similarly, exclusive Digimon to each version (as is tradition)
DSDigimon World DS2006Monster CollectingBECTechnically the first game in the Digimon Story series rather than a Digimon World game, very Pokemon-esque in gameplay
PS4Doraemon: Story of Seasons (DL only)2020SimulationBrownies/MarvelousAs the title states, a Story of Seasons game with appearances by Doraemon and his friends where upgrading tools is crucial to farm life
PS2Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 22006FightingSpikeUses a different game engine and camera style than the Budokai series, but has a similar story mode with additional "what-if" scenarios
PS5Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot2023ActionCyberConnect2See XBO
JP FCDragon Ball Z: Kyoushuu! Saiya Jin1993Card-BasedD&D Corp/ToseCARDS
PS4Dragon Marked For Death (DL only)2020ActionInti CreatesA sidescrolling ARPG with a quest-based structure and an emphasis on (non-local) co-op play
Xbox SeriesDragon Quest Builders 22021Action/SandboxOmega Force/Square EnixSee PS4
JP SFCDragon Quest III1996Turn-BasedHeartbeatArguably the definitive version of the game
DSDragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation2011Turn-BasedArtePiazzaFirst appearance of DQVI in the west, same turn-based gameplay, plot revolving around two separate worlds
SwitchDragon Sinker (DL only)2018Turn-BasedExe-CreateSee 3DS
NESDungeon Magic: Sword of the Elements1990Dungeon CrawlerNatsume1st-person dunegon crawl, very sparse on story
Wii UEarthbound (VC)2013Turn-BasedApe/HAL LaboratorySee SNES
JP PSPEiyuu Densetsu: Ao no Kiseki2011Turn-BasedFalcomSecond half of the "Crossbell arc," leads into Trails of Cold Steel II, turn-based combat like other Trails games
SwitchEtrian Odyssey III HD2023Dungeon CrawlerAtlusAdds QoL like being able to view enemy info in combat and remasters the soundtrack, along with changing the mapping system
3DSEtrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan2013Dungeon CrawlerAtlusMore of the dungeon delving you'd expect, now with an additional overworld in the sky (and more dangerous enemies there to boot)
Turbografx-CDExile: Wicked Phenomenon1993ActionTelenet JapanBadass cover art, less religious than others in the series, allows switching characters during side-scrolling sections
3DSFairune (DL only)2014Dungeon CrawlerUrara-Works/SkipmoreA simplistic top-down puzzle-solving dungeon crawler like Zelda; character gains XP by slaying enemies of similar level
SwitchFairy Tail2020Turn-BasedGustSee PS4
3DSFinal Fantasy Explorers2016ActionRacjinIt's Monster Hunter, but with a Final Fantasy skin (down to Explorer Level replacing Hunter Rank); choosing correct equipment and skill leveling are key to staying strong
JP PSPFinal Fantasy Type-02011ActionSquare EnixARPG with mission structure like Crisis Core, some RTS battles on overworld map, a large variety of playable characters
PSPFinal Fantasy VII (PSone Classics)2011Turn-BasedSquareSee PSX
Xbox 360Final Fantasy XIII-22012Turn-BasedSquare EnixAdds monster capturing and time travel to an already complicated story, gameplay is still just as fun
SwitchFinal Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD (DL only)2018ActionSummerTimeStudio/Square EnixSee XBO
WiiFire Emblem: Radiant Dawn2007StrategyIntelligent SystemsDirect sequel to Path of Radiance, multiple factions to control over the course of the game, also hard
VitaFirst Queen IV (PSone Classics)2013StrategyKure Software KoubouSee PS3
DSFossil League: Dino Tournament Championship2007Monster CollectingMTOAnother dinosaur-themed Pokemon clone, but uses actual dinosaurs rather than made-up creatures
PS3Front Mission 3 (PSone Classics)2010StrategySquareSee PSX
SwitchFuga: Melodies of Steel (DL only)2021Turn-BasedCyberConnect2See PS5
PS5Fuga: Melodies of Steel 2 (DL only)2023Turn-BasedCyberConnect2See XS
SwitchGnosia2021Visual NovelPetit DepottoMore of a visual novel/single-player deduction game; leveling stats and learning skills unlocks new story in the short gameplay loop
PSPGods Eater Burst2011ActionShiftA post-apocalyptic monster-hunting ARPG; stat upgrades come through equipment; multiplayer supported
GBAGolden Sun: The Lost Age2003Turn-BasedCamelotPlays similar to the first, but from the villain's perspective
PS2Graffiti Kingdom2005ActionTaitoDraw-your-own-monster ARPG, sequel to Magic Pengel
VitaGrandia (PSone Classics)2012Turn-BasedGame ArtsSee PSX
JP GB+GBCGrandia: Parallel Trippers2000Turn-BasedGame ArtsSpinoff of Grandia featuring its characters and an attempt at using the same battle system
PS2Grandia II2002Turn-BasedGame ArtsAvoid this version- it has bad framerate issues- but the game itself is amazing
PS4Grand Kingdom2016StrategyMonochromeSee Vita
JP GBAHagane no Renkinjutsushi: Omoide no Sonata2004Turn-BasedTom CreateOriginal story, sequel to Stray Rondo, adds a leveling system but otherwise similar mechanics
PS3Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition (DL only)2012SimulationMarucomeSee PS2
VitaHarvest Moon: Back to Nature (PSone Classics)2012SimulationVictor Interactive SoftwareSee PSX
PSPHarvest Moon: Back to Nature (PSone Classics)2011SimulationVictor Interactive SoftwareSee PSX
SwitchHarvest Moon: One World2021SimulationNatsumeSee PS4
WiiHarvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility2008SimulationMarvelous EntertainmentLevel your tools, grow your crops, and restore a nature deity- all in a day's work!
DSHarvest Moon DS: Island of Happiness2007SimulationToseSame farming, but now on a deserted island! Limited to touchscreen controls
JP SFCHeracles no Eikou IV: Kamigami Kara no Okurimono1994Turn-BasedData EastA multitude of different avatars to play as, each with its own attributes and perspectives on storyline events
PS4Hero must die. Again (DL only)2020Turn-BasedG-ModeA short turn-based game intended for many playthroughs where you start at max power and must deal with your stats decreasing as you inch ever closer to destined death
JP SFCHiouden: Mamonotachi to no Chikai1994StrategyWolf TeamPoint-and-click style SRPG, made by Team Wolf of Tales of Phantasia fame
JP PC EngineHisou Kaihei X-SERD1990StrategyMasayaA mech-based SRPG with separate XP bars for attack and evasion
NESHydlide1989ActionT&E SoftVery grindy, very bad
PS3Hyperdimension Neptunia mk22012Turn-BasedCompile Heart/Idea FactoryLargely the same as the first, has an affection point system as well as item synthesis
SwitchInferno Climber: Reborn (DL only)2019SurvivalArc System WorksSee PS4
SwitchKatana Kami: A Way of the Samurai Story2020Dungeon CrawlerAcquireSee PS4
JP SFCKidou Senshi Gundam: Cross Dimension 00791995StrategyBandaiSRPG based on OG Mobile Suit Gundam, utilizes button combos to use attacks
SwitchKingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix Cloud Version (DL only)2022ActionSquare EnixSee XBO
PS3Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix2014ActionSquare EnixContains the previously JP-exclusive Final Mix version of KHII and BBS with added story and gameplay changes and a series of cutscenes from Re: coded
PS2Kingdom Hearts II2006ActionSquare EnixDo you like pressing the triangle button?
JP SFCKouryuu Densetsu Villgust: Kieta Shoujo1992Turn-BasedWinkysoftBased on an anime of the same name, ridiculous stat levels before Disgaea made it cool
PS5Labyrinth of Galleria: The Moon Society2023Dungeon CrawlerNippon IchiSee Switch
VitaLegend of Mana (PSone Classics)2012ActionSquareSee PSX
Xbox SeriesLike a Dragon: Ishin!2023ActionRyu ga Gotoku StudioSee PS5
PSPLord of Arcana2011ActionAccess GamesA Monster Hunter clone featuring monsters designed by famous illustrators and some Square Enix cameos
SwitchLost Epic (DL only)2023Action-PlatformTeam Earthwars/oneoreightAn unusually brightly-colored Metroidvania with skill tree progression tied to exploration ability, also features fishing and farming
DSLost in Blue 22007SurvivalMatrix SoftwareSurvive on a deserted island with your partner (and be sure to improve your living conditions as well)!
3DOLucienne's Quest1996Turn-BasedMicro CabinA short, lighthearted play- it's not like the 3DO had much else going for it…
GBALufia: The Ruins of Lore2003Turn-BasedAtelier Double/TaitoSide story to the main series, has a basic job system, characters can fuse with monsters in battle
JP DSLuminous Arc 3: Eyes2009StrategyImageepochShenanigans at a magic school with both SRPG gameplay and dating sim elements
SwitchMarchen Forest (DL only)2021Dungeon CrawlerPrimaryOrbitBegins as a cute alchemy adventure; ends up as a third-person, darker-themed (but still cute) dungeon crawler
Xbox OneMarenian Tavern Story: Patty and the Hungry God (DL only)2019Turn-BasedRideonSpiritual successor to the Adventure Bar games, with a similar theme of gathering materials to cook and sell (and eat to gain XP)
SwitchMarenian Tavern Story: Patty and the Hungry God (DL only)2018Turn-BasedRideonSee XBO
DSMario & Luigi: Partners in Time2005Timed Turn-BasedAlphaDreamRelated to Superstar Saga by time travel, still turn-based with timing elements; introduces baby Mario and Luigi as playable
3DSMario Tennis (VC)2014SportsCamelotSee GBC
SwitchMarvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order2019ActionKoei Tecmo/Team NinjaIsometric co-op ARPG featuring the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe beating each other up ad nauseum; lots of differenct characters to choose from
PS4Megadimension Neptunia VII2016Turn-BasedCompile Heart/Idea FactoryBattle system emphasizes character positioning, goddesses have additional transformations in combat, otherwise same fanservicey Neptune shenanigans
PS4Megadimension Neptunia VIIR2017Turn-BasedCompile Heart/Idea FactoryRetells the story from VII, but adds VR compatibility and interludes, changes the battle system, and removes alternate endings
PSPMetal Gear Acid 22006StrategyKojima ProductionsMuch like the first, with a massive change in graphical style and some improvements to card management and acquisition
JP PC EngineMight and Magic (CD)1992Dungeon CrawlerNECA surprising JP-only version of a classic WRPG, featuring animated cutscenes
PSPMimana: Iyar Chronicle2010ActionKogado/Premium AgencyARPG with poor hit detection, a generally unlikeable cast, and a weak story overall
VitaMind Zero2014Dungeon CrawlerAcquire/ZerodivFirst-person dungeon crawler with some Persona-like atmosphere; losing all MP in combat will make characters vulnerable
PS4Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation Code Fairy (DL only)2021ActionB.B. StudioA story-focused Mechwarrior-esque game with pilots to level and suit parts to upgrade, along with a MS triangle-type advantage system
PS4Monster Hunter Rise (DL only)2023ActionCapcomSee Switch
PS3Mugen Souls Z2014Turn-BasedCompile Heart/GCREST/Idea FactoryVery much like the first, still just as uncomfortable
PS3Mystic Heroes (PS2 Classics)2013ActionKoeiSee PS2
DSMy World, My Way2009Turn-BasedGlobal A EntertainmentThe main character is a spoiled princess who can literally pout her way into changing the difficulty of battles and the terrain itself
JP GBANapoleon2001StrategyGenkiRTSRPG starring Napoleon Bonaparte doing some very not-historically-accurate things
Wii UNecromancer (VC)2018Action/HorrorHudson SoftAn untranslated horror-themed JRPG originally made for the PC Engine
VitaNew Little King's Story (delisted)2012ActionKonamiChanges the watercolor aesthetic to a more anime-styled one, poor English translation, needs quite a bit of visual polish
Xbox OneNieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139...2021ActionSquare Enix/ToylogicSee PS4
Xbox SeriesOctopath Traveler2021Turn-BasedAcquire/Square EnixSee Switch
SNESOgre Battle: The March of the Black Queen1995StrategyQuestEpic overarching story with RTS elements
PS4Onigo Hunter (DL only)2023Turn-BasedExe-CreateSee XS
VitaOrgarhythm (DL only)2012RhythmAcquireRhythm game/RTS hybrid where keeping on beat gives you more XP to give you more abilities
WiiPandora's Tower2013ActionGanbarionARPG with a focus on environmental puzzle-solving and a time-based curse mechanic
SwitchPaper Mario: The Origami King2020Timed Turn-BasedIntelligent SystemsNot much in the RPG department yet again (HP is upgraded by collecting hearts), but the turn- and timing-based combat returns with extra complexity
GameCubePaper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door2004Turn-BasedIntelligent SystemsEverything that made the first game so great, but more of it!
Xbox OnePersona 3 Portable (DL only)2023Turn-BasedAtlusSee PS4
Master SystemPhantasy Star1988Turn-BasedSegaSci-fi JRPG great-grandpappy
Xbox SeriesPhantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis2021MMORPGSega Online R&DAn expansion/replacement of sorts of the original MMO that takes place 1000 years in the future
JP WiiPokemon Fushigi no Dungeon - Ikuzo! Arashi no Boukendan2009Dungeon CrawlerChunsoftStack water Pokemon in a WiiWare-exclusive Mystery Dungeon adventure!
DSPokemon Platinum2009Monster CollectingGame FreakLast of the "combined third versions" of Pokemon games, this one the arguably ultimate version of Gen 4
DSPokemon Ranger2006ActionHAL LaboratoryMore of an ARPG than regular Pokemon games that uses the stylus to help temporarily capture Pokemon, who assist in completing missions
3DSPokemon Super Mystery Dungeon2015Dungeon CrawlerSpike ChunsoftExpands the available roster to include gen 6 Pokemon, gameplay is still as simple and grindy as ever
PS5RPGolf Legends (Asia English/DL)2022SportsArticNetSee Switch
Xbox OneRPGolf Legends (DL only)2022SportsArticNetSee Switch
SwitchRuinverse (DL only)2021Turn-BasedExe-CreateThe same Kemco turn-based fare as usual, the main character has two different forms that provide different strengths in battle
3DSRune Factory 42013SimulationNeverlandThe farming/dungeon exploring/marriage sim returns; crafting new equipment is essential to improving stats, your child can also join you in combat
WiiRygar: The Battle of Argus2009ActionTeam TachyonSee PS2, but with motion controls for the diskarmor and a massive change in Rygar's appearance
SwitchSaGa Frontier Remastered (DL only)2021Turn-BasedSquare Enix/BulletsAdds new cutscenes and the long-awaited 8th playable character, as well as spiffs up the graphics
3DSSamurai Defender (DL only)2015StrategyLink KitA by-the-books tower defense game with a Warring States skin
JP Game GearSD Gundam: Winner's History1995Turn-BasedITLTurn-based SRPG in unit placement, but real-time battles between individual units- with Gundams!
PS4SD Gundam Battle Alliance (Asia English/DL)2022ActionArtdink/AlvionSee XS
DreamcastSeventh Cross Evolution2000SimulationAtypical Alchemists AssociateSpore before Spore - gain evolution points and make your creature!
PS2Shadow Hearts2001Turn-Based/HorrorSacnothTakes place after Koudelka's bad ending, incorporates cosmic horror, alternate history, and a timing-based disc that affects success
GBAShaman King: Master of Spirits II2005Action-PlatformKCEJAnother Metroidvania based on the anime but with more attacks and abilities
GenesisShining Force II1994StrategySonic Software PlanningSimilar to the first, with hidden characters and potentially branching promotion
SaturnShining Force III1998StrategyCamelotTechnically only Scenario 1 of the full Shining Force III story
GBAShining Soul II2004ActionNextech/Grasshopper ManufactureSimilar to the first, with more classes to choose from
JP SFCShin Megami Tensei1992Dungeon CrawlerAtlus1st-person dungeon crawl with demon recruitment/fusion, only localized on mobile
PS3Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Soulless Army (PS2 Classics)2014Turn-BasedAtlusSee PS2
VitaShin Megami Tensei: Persona (DL only)2012Turn-BasedAtlusSee PSP
PS4Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster2021Turn-BasedAtlusSee PS2, but also cleans up the graphics, gives you the option to not have Dante, and expands difficulty options
WiiShiren the Wanderer2010Dungeon CrawlerChunsoftActually the third game in the Shiren the Wanderer sub-series of Mystery Dungeon roguelike games
SwitchSnack World: The Dungeon Crawl - Gold2020Dungeon Crawlerh.a.n.d./Level-5A third-person dungeon crawler (as the name implies) with lots of food-based puns and humor as well as surprising difficulty
PS4Star Ocean: The Last Hope - 4K/Full HD Edition (DL only)2017ActionTri-Ace/Square EnixSee PS3, but with prettier graphics
PS2Star Ocean: Till the End of Time2004ActionTri-AceAKA Star Ocean 3 - losing all HP or MP will knock a character out in battle, very complicated Private Action scoring system to determine ending
PS3Suikoden III (PS2 Classics)2015Turn-BasedKCETSee PS2
PS2Suikoden IV2005Turn-BasedKCETTakes place long before other games in the series, smaller party size, looooooooooooooooooooooooooads of slow sailing
JP SFCSuper Chinese World 21993ActionCulture BrainSuper Ninja Boy sequel, has ARPG battles instead of its predecessor's turn-based combat
SNESSuper Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars1996Timed Turn-BasedSquareFun little turn-based game with a cute artstyle and rhythmic button pressing to maximize damage
JP GB+GBCSuper Robot Taisen1991StrategyWinkysoftOrigin of the long-running SRPG series
SwitchSuper Robot Wars T (Asia English)2019StrategyB.B. StudioSee PS4
JP SaturnTactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together1996StrategyQuestSee PSX, with improved music, more visible combat area, and some voice acting
VitaTactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (DL only)2012StrategySquare Enix/QuestSee PSP
Xbox SeriesTales of Arise (DL only)2021ActionBandai NamcoSee PS5
JP SFCTales of Phantasia1995ActionWolf TeamMind-bogglingly pretty, a technological marvel for the time
PS3Tales of Xillia2013ActionNamco Tales StudioTwo separate protagonists with different combat styles (in similar ARPG format to others in the series) gives additional replayability
PS3Tales of Xillia 22014ActionNamco Tales StudioDirect sequel to Tales of Xillia with a new silent protagonist, lots of debt to manage, and character affection to earn
SwitchThe Alliance Alive HD Remastered2019Turn-BasedCattle CallSee PS4
PS5The Caligula Effect: Overdose2023Turn-BasedAquria/HistoriaSee PS4
SwitchThe DioField Chronicle2022StrategyLancarse/Square EnixSee PS5
SwitchThe Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III2020Turn-BasedFalcomSee PS4
PS4The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails2023ActionFalcomHas Trails in the name but plays more like Ys (albeit with even more platforming), of tenous connection to the Trails games as a whole
SwitchThe Lost Child2018Dungeon CrawlerKadokawaSee Vita
VitaThe Lost Child2018Dungeon CrawlerKadokawaFirst-person dungeon-crawling follow up to El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron; creatures in dungeons can be recruited into your party and used in battle
Xbox OneThe Smile Alchemist (DL only)2023SimulationAsoboxSee XS
SwitchThe World Ends With You Final Remix2018ActionJupiter/Square EnixAdds an extra scenario, but incorporates awkward motion/touch controls
Wii UTokyo Mirage Sessions #FE2016Turn-BasedAtlusModern-themed crossover between the Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem series, turn-based gameplay and combo attacks
PS5Touhou: New World2023ActionAnkake SpaA blend of hack-and-slash with the Touhou series' hallmark frantic bullet hell, featuring protagonist Reimu
PS2Trapt2005StrategyPaon CorporationUnofficially part of the Deception series, with all the trap-placing gameplay intact
PS4Voice of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden (DL only)2022Card-BasedAlim/Square EnixAn experience largely the same as the first game, but with a new, arguably more relaxing story and atmosphere
SwitchVoice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars (DL only)2021Card-BasedAlim/Square EnixYoko Taro makes a card game with a heavy tabletop aesthetic
Switchvoid* tRrLM2(); //Void Terrarium 22023Dungeon CrawlerNippon IchiA return to the hybrid Mystery Dungeon/Tamagotchi game, largely the same as the first and still both precious and dark in themes
Xbox 360Way of the Samurai 32009ActionAcquireSee PS3
PSPWhat Did I Do To Deserve This, My Lord!? (DL only)2009Dungeon CrawlerAcquire/RideonYou're the bad guy who has to build the dungeons and buff up your monsters to kill off the good guys!
Xbox OneWizards of Brandel (DL only)2019Turn-BasedExe-CreateSee Vita
PS4Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty2023ActionTeam Ninja/Koei TecmoSee XS
PS4World of Final Fantasy2016Monster CollectingSquare EnixSee Vita
Wii UXenoblade Chronicles X2015ActionMonolith SoftOpen-world ARPG with a customizable avatar, mechs are available, combat is somewhat complex, story not linked to other Xeno games
PSPYs: The Oath in Felghana2010ActionFalcomRemastered version of Ys III, taking gameplay elements from Ys VI and expanding the storyline with extra scenes
GB+GBCYu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories2002Card-BasedKonamiThird game in the Duel Monsters series, but first to come to the West; many card effects only work the first turn or just plain don't work at all- duelist level determines total deck cost capacity
PS2Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: The Beginning of Destiny2008Card-BasedKCEJAdds more duels to the the PSP Tag Force game, also allows for connectivity with Tag Force 2 to obtain more cards

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