JRPG Randomizer 50

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Random List of 50 JRPGs from the Index
ConsoleNameReleaseGenreDeveloperLucca's Notes
PS2.hack Part 3: Outbreak2003ActionCyberConnect2ARPG that tries to mimic early MMO features
PS5Ambition Record (DL only)2022Turn-BasedExe-CreateSee XS
VitaAr nosurge Plus: Ode to an Unborn Star2015Turn-BasedGustContains all DLC, adds 3 more characters to purify, a tutorial, and more costumes
PS3Ar Tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel2011ActionGustSwitch in gameplay to real-time battles, songstresses become more powerful after removing clothes (sigh)
Xbox OneAsdivine Dios (DL only)2019Turn-BasedExe-CreateSee Vita
Xbox OneAsdivine Kamura2019Turn-BasedExe-CreateMore Kemco playing with the Asdivine series; has some summonable creatures, but you've seen it all before
PS3Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland2010Turn-BasedGustFirst in Arland storyline, time and item management important as always, first 3D Atelier game
PS4Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends and the Secret Fairy2021Turn-BasedGustSee PS5
PS3Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland2011Turn-BasedGustSecond in Arland storyline, same as ever otherwise
PSXBattle Hunter2001StrategySuccessSRPG of sorts with card-based movement and attack
Wii UCastlevania: Aria of Sorrow (VC)2014Action-PlatformKCETSee GBA
SwitchCastlevania Advance Collection (DL only)2021Action-PlatformKonamiSee XS
3DSCode of Princess2012ActionStudio SaizensenSide-scrolling beat-em-up with XP and leveling, fairly similar to Guardian Heroes, has a story mode as well as additional bonus scenarios
3DSConception II: Children of the Seven Stars2014Dungeon CrawlerSpike ChunsoftThird-person dungeon crawling and some heavy dating sim elements, including "classmating" with fellow students to have "children" with strong powers
PS4Dark Rose Valkyrie2017Turn-BasedCompile HeartTurn-based combat with turn manipulation features; some visual novel elements including sniffing out a traitor amongst your ranks
PS4Dark Souls: Remastered2018ActionFromSoftware/QLOCSee XBO
SwitchDisgaea 1: Complete2018StrategyNippon IchiSee PS4
Xbox 360Dragon Ball: Xenoverse2015FightingDimpsA 3D fighter based in the Dragon Ball universe with RPG elements such as leveling and a story mode… starring you!
SwitchDragon Quest Treasures2022Action/Monster CollectingSquare EnixA prequel of sorts to DQXI where treasure hunting with your merry monster band is the name of the game
SwitchDragon Sinker (DL only)2018Turn-BasedExe-CreateSee 3DS
VitaElminage: Original (DL only)2012Dungeon CrawlerStarfish SDSee PSP
PS4Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force2016Turn-BasedCompile Heart/Idea FactoryAdds two branching story paths, allows for a larger party size in combat, and gives more difficulty options to choose from
PS4Final Fantasy VIII Remastered (DL only)1999Turn-BasedSquareSee PSX, but with some QoL changes
PSPFirst Queen IV (PSone Classics)2013StrategyKure Software KoubouSee PS3
PS4Gale of Windoria (DL only)2022Turn-BasedHit-PointSee XS
JP GB+GBCGrandia: Parallel Trippers2000Turn-BasedGame ArtsSpinoff of Grandia featuring its characters and an attempt at using the same battle system
SwitchHarvest Moon: One World2021SimulationNatsumeSee PS4
DSIzuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns2008Dungeon CrawlerNinja StudioPlays like the first with similar tone, but adds a tag system for exploring dungeons; lots of grinding is necessary to complete
JP FCKawa no Nushi Tsuri1990FishingYuu YuuIt's a fishing JRPG!
PS4Legend of the Tetrarchs2019Turn-BasedHit-PointSee XBO
PS4Monark2022StrategyFuRyuSee PS5
JP SFCNekketsu Tairiku Burning Heroes1995Turn-BasedJ-Force8 scenarios to beat for the true ending, characters other than the protagonist are AI in battle
SwitchPaper Mario: The Origami King2020Timed Turn-BasedIntelligent SystemsNot much in the RPG department yet again (HP is upgraded by collecting hearts), but the turn- and timing-based combat returns with extra complexity
PS3Persona 52017Turn-BasedAtlusDemon negotiation, collection, and fusion, all with a bunch of stylish teens!
GameCubePokemon Colosseum2004Turn-BasedGenius SonorityYou're a trainer, go purify some Shadow Pokemon!
GB+GBCPower Quest1998FightingJapan System SupplyModel robot combat in a fighting game format, parts are upgradeable to increase stats
SwitchPuyo Puyo Tetris 22020PuzzleSega/Sonic TeamSee PS5
SwitchRomancing SaGa 2 (DL only)2017Turn-BasedArtePiazza/SquareSee Vita
VitaSaiyuki: Journey West (PSone Classics)2012StrategyKoeiSee PSX
SwitchSaviors of Sapphire Wings/Stranger of Sword City Revisited2021Dungeon CrawlerExperience/CodeglueTwo first-person dungeon crawlers, one brought to the West for the first time with an emphasis on character social interaction to enhance stat bonuses (see XBO/Vita for the other)
PS2Shining Tears2005ActionNexTech/Amusement VisionPlays vastly different to the rest of the Shining Force games- is an isometric ARPG rather than turn-based
WiiSonic Unleashed2008Action-PlatformSonic Team/DimpsHope you like werehogs! More night levels than 360/PS3, a non-explorable hub world by comparison, and only the werehog can be leveled
SwitchStory of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town2021SimulationMarvelousThe true heir to the Harvest Moon name; this time you help develop a whole town and learn new recipes by increasing your gathering skills
PS4Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris2020ActionAquriaSee XBO
SwitchThe Princess Guide2019ActionNippon IchiSee PS4
VitaToukiden: The Age of Demons2014ActionOmega ForceKoei Tecmo's Monster Hunter clone; targeting specific body parts of demons to collect particular spoils is crucial to attribute improvement
SNESUncharted Waters: New Horizons1994SimulationKoei6 different protagonists with different careers to balance the books with in a mercantile JRPG
VitaXenogears (PSone Classics)2012Turn-BasedSquareSee PSX
3DSYo-kai Watch2015Monster CollectingLevel-5Level-5's charming Pokemon-like franchise; demons are discovered in the "real" world, befriended, collected, and used in battle, combat occasionally involves minigames
SwitchYs VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana2018ActionFalcomSee PS4

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