JRPG Translations

English Translated JRPGs
ConsoleNameReleaseLucca's Notes
JP 3DSDragon Quest Monsters: Joker 32016More monsters to scout, synthesize, and ride around the various worlds; turn-based combat with in-depth skill trees.
JP 3DSDragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D2012A remake of Dragon Warrior Monsters, with more monsters to train/breed, a larger party size, and a 3D world to explore
JP 3DSE.X. Troopers2012See JP PS3, with some bonus AR features
JP 3DSInazuma Eleven GO: Galaxy2013
JP 3DSLabyrinth no Kanata2012An almost Ico-like presentation of an isekai dungeon crawler, with rock-paper-scissors-like combat and juggling healing to prevent enemies from doing so
JP 3DSPuyo Puyo Chronicle2016Arle (from Madou Monogatari- a deep cut) has to find a way home in an RPG mode complete with leveling, where combat is conducted via Puyo
JP 3DSSlime Mori Mori Dragon Quest 3: Daikaizoku to Shippo Dan2011
JP 3DSYu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Saikyo Card Battle (DL only)2016Speed duels only here, where you wander the streets and take on fellow unknown and famous duelists alike to increase your rank and earn cards to level your preconstructed decks up
JP DreamcastRUN=DIM as Black Soul2001Hexagonal turn-based strategy with giant robots fighting
JP DreamcastRent-A-Hero No. 12000A remake that adds a female counterpart to the main character and 3D as opposed to 2D fighting; itself fully translated and intended for Western shores it never reached
JP DSOre ga Omae o Mamoru2009A Metroidvania made to entice women to play, but quite difficult in practice; no XP to speak of but stats can be increased through equipment and story events
JP DSZoids Saga DS: Legend of Arcadia2005Retells the story of the first Zoids Saga game, with updates to gameplay from throughout the series and incorporation of the 2nd/3rd games' protagonists
JP DSTales of the Tempest2006A short spinoff title from the mainline series, but plays as you've come to expect; a very polarizing game
JP DSTales of Innocence2007You know what to expect here at this point - in addition, doing sidequests for guilds levels them up
JP DSSuper Robot Wars W2007Generally speaking same gameplay as always, splits the story into 2 timelines (not all storylines are present in both)
JP DSSaGa 3: Jikuu no Hasha - Shadow or Light2011Given the same treatment as its predecessor from Final Fantasy Legend III
JP DSSaGa 2: Hihou Densetsu - Goddess of Destiny2009A ground-up remake of Final Fantasy Legend II, with more sidequests and the removal of random battles
JP DSRockman.EXE: Operate Shooting Star2009A port of Mega Man Battle Network with some additional Star Force content thrown in
JP DSSoma Bringer2008Top-down ARPG, widely acclaimed; lots of text to read and lots of character customization to do
JP DSNora to Toki no Koubou: Kiri no Mori no Majo2011Atlus' attempt at an Atelier-styled game, with anticipatedly adorable results
JP DSFire Emblem: Shin Monshou no Nazo - Hikari to Kage no Eiyuu2010Unlocalized updated version of book 2 of Mystery of the Emblem, adds an avatar character, hard as ever
JP DSNi no Kuni: Shikkoku no Madoushi2010Same general story as Wrath of the White Witch, but vastly different gameplay - a literal spellbook is a necessity to draw the required runes
JP DS7th Dragon2009Slay some dragons in a traditional turn-based style!
JP DSDigimon Story: Lost Evolution2010Third game in the Digimon Story sub-series, where you can choose your character's gender for the first time, and work to restore Digivolution via archaeology
JP DSBlood of Bahamut2009Giant monster-slaying ARPG with mission-based structure
JP DSLuminous Arc 3: Eyes2009Shenanigans at a magic school with both SRPG gameplay and dating sim elements
JP DSMetal Max 2: Reloaded2011Takes gameplay improvements from later entries and applies them to the second game- with an optional female protagonist and free-roaming
JP DSMetal Max 32010Return to the wasteland with tanks in tow; non-linear story progression
JP DSMugen no Frontier EXCEED: Super Robot Taisen OG Saga2010Sequel to SRTOGS: Endless Frontier, plays in the same way, with crossover elements
JP FCNiji no Silkroad1991Increase your rank as a trader by going out and procuring goods (which you can also buy to raise your stats)
JP FCMirai Senshi: Lios1989A mech-based SRPG, equipment upgrades improve units and are earned in battles
JP FCNakayoshi to Issho1993Precious simplistic RPG ft. Kodansha characters (inc. Sailor Moon!) that may give you diabetes
JP FCMusashi no Bōken1990Standard DQ clone, but corn can be an enemy so that's pretty funny
JP FCMouryou Senki Madara1990Dark and challenging! Autonomous combat! Anime-based!
JP FCMother1989Modern-themed turn-based game starring kids with psychic powers
JP FCMomotarou Densetsu1987Standard gameplay, but cute all the same!
JP FCMirai Shinwa Jarvas1987If it looks like a kusoge, and plays like a kusoge…
JP FCLaSalle Ishii's Childs Quest1989IDOL MANAGER JRPG. ENOUGH SAID.
JP FCMinelvaton Saga: Ragon no Fukkatsu1987First of the Silva Saga series, featuring overhead ARPG combat
JP FCMetal Max1991Mad Max: the JRPG! Featuring vehicle combat!
JP FCMashin Eiyuuden Wataru Gaiden1990Very Zelda II vibes, based off the anime of the same name
JP FCMajou Densetsu II: Dimashikyou Gailous1987A sidescrolling ARPG with 2 playable characters, XP gain refills life; life bar can be extended via items
JP FCLast Armageddon1990A post-apocalyptic attempt at subverting the traditional fantasy themes of the time- playing as a cast of highly detailed monsters
JP FCLagrange Point1991Banger soundtrack, sci-fi themed
JP FCKouryuu Densetsu Villgust Gaiden1993It's got a catgirl. Strange battle system! Side-story to the SNES game
JP FCKawa no Nushi Tsuri1990It's a fishing JRPG!
JP FCOtaku no Seiza: Adventure in the Otaku Galaxy1991Unbalanced and cheeky
JP FCNinja Ra Hoi!1990A parody game of sorts that takes place in feudal Japan
JP FCValkyrie no Bouken: Toki no Kagi Densetsu1986Minimal text, starring Namco's famous valkyrie
JP FCOutlanders1987Kooky sci-fi with wonky ARPG combat
JP FCTenchi o Kurau II: Shokatsu Koumei Den1991Plays just like the first, just never localized
JP FCZombie Hunter1987Not the greatest side-scrolling ARPG, but it does have synthesized voices
JP FCZoids: Chuuou Tairiku no Tatakai1987Standard non-combat exploration with shooter-style combat and experience gain behind the scenes
JP FCYs III: Wanderers From Ys1991Changes the battles to be side-scrolling rather than top-down and allows Adol to swing his sword/jump
JP FCYs II1990Adds magic to Adol's repertoire
JP FCYs1988Adol bumps into the enemies to slay them
JP FCKaijuu Monogatari1988Pretty standard, but also super-hard at the beginning
JP FCUshio to Tora: Shin'en no Daiyou1993Based on a manga of a similar name, turn-based combat with super-dramatic cutaways; top-down in exploration, first-person in houses and dungeons
JP FCToujin Makyou Den: Heracles no Eikou1987First in a long Greek-themed series that Nintendo never bothered to localize (except that one time)
JP FCTao1989Heavily religious-themed, bizarre af (you ride a dinosaur to Moscow), likely kusoge
JP FCRadia Senki: Reiemeihen19914 AI characters + 1 controllable = fun auto tactics
JP FCSweet Home1989Without this, Resident Evil doesn't exist; a horror turn-based game with character permadeath
JP FCSukeban Deka III1988Manga-based ARPG
JP FCSTED: Iseki Wakusei no Yabou1990Very Phantasy Star-like
JP FCSilva Saga1992Nice graphics for the time
JP FCShinsenden1989Another day, another eastern-themed DQ clone
JP FCShadow Brain1991Futuristic 1st-person dungeon crawler
JP FCSD Keiji Blader1991DQ clone set in the far distant future
JP FCRPG Jinsei Game1993Make the correct life choices to increase your stats and achieve your career dreams!
JP FCKarakuri Kengou Den Musashi Lord: Karakuri Jin Hashiru!1991ARPG based on the robot anime
JP FCHokuto no Ken 3: Shin Seiki Souzou Seiken Retsuden1989Adapts the manga storyline through the Kingdom of Shura arc, but does take some liberties with characters
JP FCJuvei Quest1991Plot divided into chapters, protagonist can recruit helpers to make adventuring easier
JP FCDeep Dungeon III: Yuushi e no Tabi19881st-person dunegon crawl
JP FCDragon Ball Z: Kyoushuu! Saiya Jin1993CARDS
JP FCDragon Ball Z III: Ressen Jinzou Ningen1992More card-based combat
JP FCDragon Ball Z II: Gekishin Freeza!!1991Card-based combat
JP FCDowntown Special: Kunio-kun no Jidaigeki Dayo Zen'in Shuugou!1991Kunio and the bois act out a period play the only way they know how, stats now increase upon defeating certain amounts of enemies
JP FCDouble Moon Densetsu1992Multiple endings, multiple classes to choose from, pulls some nasty punches on the player
JP FCDoraemon: Giga Zombie no Gyakushuu1990Featuring playable Doraemon!
JP FCDigital Devil Story: Megami Tensei1987The series had to start somewhere…
JP FCDigital Devil Monogatari: Megami Tensei II1990Considered to be the origin of the series' heavy-handed order vs chaos theme, good old-fashioned demon negotiation and recruitment
JP FCDark Lord1991Mix of overhead and turn-based combat
JP FCDragon Scroll: Yomigaerishi Maryuu1987*Epilepsy Warning* Otherwise a solid ARPG
JP FCDai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen1991Features original design robots that would become the cornerstone of the Original Generation series
JP FCCosmo Police Galivan1988Platformer ARPG - Metroidvania before metroidvanias were a thing
JP FCColumbus: Ougon no Yoake1992Naval combat and quasi-historical themes! Sketch af!
JP FCChester Field: Ankoku Shin e no Chousen1987Light on text, hilarious walking animation, very platformy
JP FCChaos World1991Neat auto-battle system
JP FCCaptain Tsubasa Vol. II: Super Striker1990More in-depth plot, more visible players on screen, but otherwise similar gameplay/leveling
JP FCJust Breed1992A very detailed SRPG for the time
JP FCBloody Warriors: Shan-Go no Gyakushuu1990Even translated, the health counter for enemies makes no sense. Pretty short too.
JP FCDragon Ball: Dai Maou Fukkatsu1988Plays kinda like a card-based board game
JP FCDeep Dungeon IV: Kuro no Youjutsushi19901st-person dunegon crawl
JP FCDream Master1992Not Little Nemo! More puzzle-based than most games of the era, cool concept
JP FCGanbare Goemon Gaiden: Kieta Ougon Kiseru1990Humorous turn-based game set in medieval Japan
JP FCElysion1988A bit bland of an ARPG, but it has multiple playable characters, so that's neat
JP FCJajamaru Gekimaden: Maboroshi no Kinmajou1990Very close to the first Zelda game, but with yoyos for weapons!
JP FCIndra no Hikari1987Enemies are visible on the overworld, but otherwise appears to be yet another Dragon Warrior clone
JP FCHydlide 3: Yami Kara no Houmonsha1989There is no such thing as a good Hydlide game.
JP FCHyaku no Sekai no Monogatari: The Tales on a Watery Wilderness1991A multiplayer board game JRPG? On my Famicom? Lots of randomness involved
JP FCHoshi wo Miru Hito1987Kusoge of legend, must be played to be believed (assuming you can even make it to the first town)
JP FCHeracles no Eikou II: Titan no Metsubo1989Dragon Warrior-styled gameplay with Greek mythological flair
JP FCGeGeGe no Kitarou 2: Youkai Gundan no Chousen1987Based off the spooky anime of the same name
JP FCGrand Master1991Features multiple branching paths, ARPG gameplay, and anime cutscenes between stages
JP FCJajamaru Ninpou Chou1989Almost came out in the States, but alas… Another DW clone where you can only fight one enemy at a time
JP FCGanbare Goemon Gaiden 2: Tenka no Zaihou1992Changes the battle perspective to show party members on-screen, has lots of side activities
JP FCFushigi no Umi no Nadia1991SRPG based on the anime of the same name, plays vastly different to the Mega Drive version
JP FCFire Emblem: Ankoku Ryu to Hikari no Tsurugi1990Origins of boy-king Marth, an SRPG featuring permadeath of units
JP FCFire Emblem Gaiden1992Introduced elements like a navigable overworld that were then unused for a long time
JP FCFinal Fantasy III1990First Final Fantasy to feature the job-change system
JP FCFinal Fantasy II1988Leveling is done via utilizing skills rather than experience- a drastic and much-maligned design choice
JP FCFamicom Jump: Eiyuu Retsuden1989Get isekai'd into a world where heroes and villains from the Jump magazine series converge, XP gain is represented by "effort"
JP FCEsper Dream 2: Aratanaru Tatakai1992Cute pastel sprite work and ARPG gameplay
JP Game GearMegami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible Special1995Biblical-themed first-person dungeon crawl, with gameplay otherwise similar to the other Last Bibles
JP Game GearShining Force Gaiden: Final Conflict1995Typical Shining Force gameplay, takes place after SFCD but before SFII, links SFI and II together
JP Game GearSD Gundam: Winner's History1995Turn-based SRPG in unit placement, but real-time battles between individual units- with Gundams!
JP Game GearRoyal Stone1995Sequel to Crystal Warriors - this is a standard but pretty SRPG all about revenge
JP Game GearPhantasy Star Gaiden1992Spinoff story set between Phantasy Star I and II, similar gameplay
JP Game GearMoldorian: Hikari to Yami no Sister1994Really good artwork, a turn-based battle system that gives you only seconds to input commands
JP Game GearMadou Monogatari A: Doki Doki Vacation1995Arle stops the bad man from cutting down the forest to build an amusement park! In first-person!
JP Game GearMegami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible1994Monster collecting with a bit of kiddie MegaTen flair
JP Game GearMahou Kishi Rayearth1994A different game than the Saturn and SFC ones - but also turn-based
JP Game GearMadou Monogatari III: Kyuukyoku Joou-sama1994Did you know that these games have Puyos in them? And that Arle features in the Puyo Puyo series?
JP Game GearMadou Monogatari II: Arle 16-Sai1994More Arle doing Arle stuff, but she's 16 now!
JP Game GearMadou Monogatari I: Mitsu no Madouryoku1993Arle doing Arle stuff - just first-person dungeon crawling with the same unorthodox display of stats
JP Game GearLunar: Sanposuru Gakuen1996The actual prequel to The Silver Star, sadly never localized - very girl-power friendly
JP Game GearEternal Legend1991One of the first Game Gear JRPGs, plays very standard
JP GB+GBCMedarot Kabuto/Kuwagata Version1997First games in the Medarot/bot series, with the standard building and fighting robots
JP GB+GBCYu-Gi-Oh! Monster Capsule GB2000Uses monsters based on Duel Monsters characters for SRPG combat and characters from the main series; you too can become a third-rate battler with fourth-rate monsters to save your friends!
JP GB+GBCSylvania Families: Otogi no Kuni no Pendant1999More of a life-sim featuring overly cutesy characters based on a series of animal figurines
JP GB+GBCSuper Robot Taisen1991Origin of the long-running SRPG series
JP GB+GBCShin Megami Tensei Devil Children: Kuro no Sho2000First game in the Devil Children series (the accompanying other version is untranslated), a monster-collector where demon partners can be used to help traverse the overworld
JP GB+GBCPocket Monsters: Green Version1996If you've played Red/Blue, do you really need this one?
JP GB+GBCNushi Tsuri Adventure: Kite no Bouken2000Catch fishies and fight thingies!
JP GB+GBCMegami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible II1993Pretty much just like the first, but now you can give your monsters accessories
JP GB+GBCCave Noire1991Roguelike - higher level quests start you off with better stats
JP GB+GBCMahou Kishi Rayearth1995Another Magic Knight Rayearth-themed Dragon Quest clone, but this one features separate scenarios for each heroine
JP GB+GBCKininkou Maroku Oni1990First game in a long untranslated series, very grindy
JP GB+GBCKaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru1992Sort of like Link's Awakening, but with frogs and more stats!
JP GB+GBCHeracles no Eikou: Ugokidashita Kamigami - The Snap-Story1992Series spinoff, can be assisted in combat by borrowing gods from Olympus
JP GB+GBCGrandia: Parallel Trippers2000Spinoff of Grandia featuring its characters and an attempt at using the same battle system
JP GB+GBCGod Medicine: Fantasy Sekai no Tanjou1993It's a standard JRPG that makes fun of standard JRPGs!
JP GB+GBCAnother Bible1995Cute little SRPG, spinoff of the Last Bible series
JP GB+GBCLittle Master: Raikuban no Densetsu1991SRPG with some elements of unit fusion
JP GB+GBCAyakashi no Shiro1990First-person dungeon crawler, nothing to write home about
JP GB+GBCArle no Bouken: Mahou no Jewel2000A monster-training game; monster-summoning cards can be enhanced
JP GBANapoleon2001RTSRPG starring Napoleon Bonaparte doing some very not-historically-accurate things
JP GBATomato Adventure2002You say "tomato," I say "a silly RPG with toy-based gimmicks in combat, humor throughout, and lots of lycopene!"
JP GBASuper Robot Taisen J2005Contains licensed mechs, which is why localization didn't otherwise occur
JP GBAShin Megami Tensei2003Keeps the visuals from the Playstation version, makes a few balance changes and adds some unlockable story scenes
JP GBARockman EXE 4.5: Real Operation2004Not part of the MMBN story, gives you the ability to control multiple Navis
JP GBAOriental Blue: Ao no Tengai2003A gaiden of the Tengai Makyo series, has a free scenario system influenced by real-time passage
JP GBAMagical Vacation2001Turn-based combat, gorgeous sprites; love/heart isn't just an element in Captain Planet anymore!
JP GBAMother 32006(LOCALIZE IT NINTENDO) Musical combo system in combat, still as offbeat as ever
JP GBAMother 1 + 22003Ports of Mother 1 and 2, with an extended ending for the former
JP GBAKlonoa Heroes: Densetsu no Star Medal2002Top-down ARPG gameplay, and cute to boot!
JP GBAKeitai Denjuu Telefang 2: Power2002One version of a Pokemon-like clone that features sharing your phone number with monsters to befriend them
JP GBAHagane no Renkinjutsushi: Omoide no Sonata2004Original story, sequel to Stray Rondo, adds a leveling system but otherwise similar mechanics
JP GBAHagane no Renkinjutsushi: Meisou no Rinbukyoku2004Based on the anime, no real levels to gain, but turn-based combat utilizing alchemy combinations
JP GBAFire Emblem: The Binding Blade2002AKA FE6 - Roy's our boy, and here's where you play as him!
JP GBADragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart2003Stars a young Prince Keifer from DQVII, where you recruit humans and monsters for your growing caravan
JP Mega DriveSurging Aura1995Each action in combat takes time to do - and can be interrupted! It's also really pretty too
JP Mega DriveVixen 3571992Mechy SRPG with permadeath, an official localization was planned in 2019 but abandoned
JP Mega DriveTougi-Ou: King Colossus1992Another Ys wannabe
JP Mega DriveLangrisser II1994SRPG that plays very similarly to its predecessor, albeit with some class rebalancing
JP Mega DriveRent-A-Hero1991Do errands for the local populace to upgrade your super suit! Fighting game-like battles, very tongue-in-cheek
JP Mega DriveMonster World IV1994A far different protagonist from the rest of the series and toned-down RPG elements (purchasing equipment is still possible), but enhanced platforming
JP Mega DriveMadou Monogatari I1996ADORABLE AF, monster capturing mechanic, non-traditional stats/xp gain
JP Mega DriveBahamut Senki1991A fantasy war simulator with 8 different armies to choose from; units can rank up and become stronger, combat is both turn-based and real-time
JP Mega DriveBattle Golfer Yui1991Tee off against other battle golfers, raise your level to make more trick shots, and stop a mad scientist from destroying the world! With golf!
JP Mega DriveRent a Hero1991Perform various tasks for townsfolk as a superhero-for-hire; no XP but the cash from your jobs can be used to upgrade your armor and weapons, used in fighting game-esque combat
JP N64Custom Robo1999First game in the robot customizing (hah) and fighting series; upgrades to robots are bought rather than earned
JP N64Fushigi no Dungeon: Fuurai no Shiren 2 - Oni Shuurai! Shiren Jou!2000Shiren's second roguelike dungeon-delving adventure, with monster collecting and castle building as major gameplay mechanics
JP PC EngineThe Tower of Druaga1992Plays a lot like the classic arcade dungeon crawler, but stats can be increased between floors or after finding items
JP PC EngineMight and Magic (CD)1992A surprising JP-only version of a classic WRPG, featuring animated cutscenes
JP PC EngineTengai Makyou: Ziria (CD)1989First in the FEoE series, revolutionary for being one of the first CD-based RPGs, almost officially brought to the West but alas~
JP PC EngineYs IV: The Dawn of Ys (CD)1993Technically different from the Ys IV on SFC/other consoles
JP PC EngineOut Live1989First-person dungeon crawler, but in a mech!
JP PC EngineShiryou Sensen: War of the Dead1989Badass cover art, plays a lot like Zelda II
JP PC EngineMakai Hakkenden: Shada1989Run-of-the-mill Ys clone
JP PC EngineMadou Monogatari I: Honoo no Sotsuenji1996Cute af first-person dungeon crawl; unconventional experience counter, adds voice acting, new monsters and cutscenes/events to the original
JP PC EngineLady Sword: Ryakudatsu Sareta 10 Nin no Otome1992First-person dungeon crawler with no visible XP and monsters that attack in your sleep
JP PC EngineHisou Kaihei X-SERD1990A mech-based SRPG with separate XP bars for attack and evasion
JP PC EngineGai Flame1990Sci-fi turn-based strategy said to be an inspiration for the Langrisser series with giant robots!
JP PS2Monster Hunter 22006Introduced the legendary Hunting Horn, so it's immediately the best of the series; adds new monsters/weapons as well as the ability to upgrade armor, and a town to upgrade
JP PS2Tear Ring Saga Series: Berwick Saga - Lazberia Chronicle Chapter 1742005SRPG with a heavy Fire Emblem influence (made by the same creator) with a hexagonal-based battle grid
JP PS2Zill O'll Infinite2005A remake of the JP PSX-only Zill O'll, featuring character creation, major plot-altering decisions (that can even result in NPS permadeath), and 48 endings
JP PS2Namco x Capcom2005Predecessor to Project X Zone, SRPG with combo-based gameplay
JP PS2Super Robot Taisen OG: Original Generations2007Combined retcon/remake of the two GBA SRT games; additionally incorporates battle systems/bots from other games in the series
JP PS2Monster Hunter 2 (Dos)2006Added a day/night cycle, seasons, gem slotting, and marks the first appearance of the hunting horn weapon
JP PS2Dragon Quest V: Tenkuu no Hanayome2004A 3D remake of the Super Famicom classic with an increased party size
JP PS2Front Mission 5: Scars of the War2005More tactical Wanzer combat, largely similar to Front Mission 2, with the addition of friendly fire
JP PS2Marie to Elie no Atelier: Salburg no Renkinjutsushi 1-22005Remakes of the first games in the Atelier series, with all the expected alchemy present
JP PS2Rogue Hearts Dungeon2007Roguelike dungeon crawl with randomized dungeons, not part of the Mystery Dungeon series though
JP PS2Shadow Tower: Abyss2003Another first-person FromSoft jam and sequel to Shadow Tower, this one features soul harvesting and independent NPC schedules
JP PS3Tales of Berseria2016See PS4 - last Tales game developed for PS3
JP PS3Nier Replicant2010The version of Nier not released in the West (until 2021), featuring Nier as a brother rather than a father
JP PS3E.X. Troopers2012A manga-styled Lost Planet spinoff, with materials to gather and trecherous terrain to traverse
JP PSPPhantom Kingdom Portable2011Adds new scenarios and battles with characters from later Disgaea games
JP PSPFushigi no Dungeon: Fuurai no Shiren 4 Plus - Kami no Hitomi to Akuma no Heso2012An enhanced port of Shiren 4 for the DS, with day/night cycles and equipment that can evolve
JP PSPYuusha 30 Second2011All episodes play like Hero 30 of the original game, but adds more QoL features like leveling outside missions
JP PSPYu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V Tag Force Special2015Almost like a YGO All-Stars, featuring characters from throughout the various series, but takes away 3D animations- UMD unlocks are limited to Tag Force 6 only
JP PSPYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 62011Last of the 5D's entries in the series, also includes Xyz monsters from the successor anime, otherwise mostly the same as before
JP PSPYs vs. Sora no Kiseki: Alternative Saga2010A 3D arena fighting game- very Power Stone-like, where characters from Ys and Trails collide (and level while doing so)
JP PSPValkyria Chronicles 32011Runs parallel to the first game, dark in tone but very anime-like characters, plays like the other games in the series
JP PSPSuper Robot Taisen A Portable2008It's more SRW, with branching storylines and super evasive enemies! Remake of the GBA game Super Robot Wars A
JP PSPSD Gundam G Generation Overworld2012SRPG that contains Gundam designs from 35 different iterations of the series, plays like Super Robot Wars
JP PSPR-Type Tactics II: Operation Bitter Chocolate2009Continues the same style of gameplay as the first game; three campaigns to choose from; stats can be improved with leveling
JP PSPPhantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity2011An upgrade to PSP2; adds new story content, races, bosses, skills, and QoL changes/balancing
JP PSPFinal Fantasy Type-02011ARPG with mission structure like Crisis Core, some RTS battles on overworld map, a large variety of playable characters
JP PSP.hack//LINK2010ARPG, last game chronologically in the series, lots of characters from past series media, often regarded as the worst game
JP PSP7th Dragon 20202011Sequel to 7th Dragon, a 3D dungeon crawler set in post-apocalyptic Tokyo, Hatsune Miku herself makes an appearance
JP PSP7th Dragon 2020-II2013Adds a few classes and links to the first game, but otherwise uses a lot of assets and is very similar to its predecessor
JP PSPDigimon Adventure2013Tells the story of the first anime series through 3-on-3 Digimon battles, also features a relationship system
JP PSPDigimon World Re: Digitize2012Plays like the first Digimon World game, but also has an overarching storyline to follow
JP PSPEiyuu Densetsu: Ao no Kiseki2011Second half of the "Crossbell arc," leads into Trails of Cold Steel II, turn-based combat like other Trails games
JP PSPFushigi no Dungeon: Fuurai no Shiren 3 Portable2010Mostly the same as the Wii version but with some balance adjustments
JP PSPGenso Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki2012A Suikoden side story outside of regular series continuity, with some time travel plot elemnets and a class system
JP PSPGrand Knights History2011Absolutely gorgeous Vanillaware-developed turn-based game with multiple factions to represent and customizable characters
JP PSPKingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix2011Adds new playable episodes and way more story content to the original
JP PSPLa Pucelle Ragnarok2009Adds characters from the Disgaea series, QoL improvements, and extra bonus episodes
JP PSPMonster Hunter Portable 3rd2010Takes elements from Freedom Unite and Tri but is its own game, now multiple Felynes can assist in combat
JP PSPNayuta no Kiseki2012ARPG with platforming elements
JP PSXLinda Cube Again1997Take Noah's Ark, make it a JRPG, but also add violence, a time limit, multiple scenarios/timelines, and a fascinating (for better or worse) woman named Linda
JP PSXPersona 2: Innocent Sin1999The missing half of Persona 2 in the Americas
JP PSXTear Ring Saga: Yutona Eiyuu Senki2001It's pretty much Fire Emblem, down to the creator of the series
JP PSXTales of Phantasia1998Arguably the best way to play the game, despite lack of official translation
JP PSXShin Megami Tensei2001Visually overhauls the SFC version, but is otherwise no different than the original
JP PSXRacing Lagoon1999THE street racing/JRPG hybrid, stylish and jazzy
JP PSXPoPoLoCrois Monogatari1996Based off an anime adaptation of a manga with super cute characters and semi-SRPG grid based combat
JP PSXBrave Prove1998Generic ARPG, but anything translated is a plus
JP PSXMedarot R1999It's a Medabots game! Destroy the enemy's parts to make them useless!
JP PSXAsuncia: Matsue no Jubaku1997Randomly generated maps with a score-based objective, sort of an SRPG?
JP PSXCommunity Pom1997The cutest Zelda clone ever, with XP and little fuzzy buddies to raise to help you
JP PSXChoro Q Wonderful!1999A Car-PG in which you upgrade your stats (parts) via exploration and quests
JP PSXChocobo no Fushigi na Dungeon1997Chocobo's first roguelike experience with some town-building elements; spells are leveled with repeated use
JP PSXBrigandine: Grand Edition2000An enhanced, expanded version of Brigandine: The Legend of Forsena
JP PSXBomberman Wars1998SRPG with Bomberman flair, different types of units have different bomb-placing abilities (which can be increased)
JP PSXBaroque1999A port of the original Saturn version, with tank controls and a first-person perspective to explore macabre dungeons in roguelike fashion
JP PSXLangrisser IV1999Mostly similar to the others, features an uneven turn system; remake of the Saturn version
JP PSXKing's Field1994The actual King's Field I - still in first-person
JP PSXEscaform1999Puts a spin on SRPG combat by giving the option to convert unspent action points (used to move/attack) into a sort of health shield, features a wide variety of toilets in a post-apocalyptic setting
JP PSXGinga Ojousama Densetsu Yuna: Final Edition1998An enhanced port of the third Yuna game, features magical girls in tacitcal combat, with visual novel segments in-between (not unlike Sakura Wars)
JP PSXGanbare Goemon: Uchuu Kaizoku Akogingu1996More Goemon ARPG action, XP serves to level weapons
JP PSXFront Mission 21997More mechs, more drama!
JP SaturnOgre Battle: The March of the Black Queen1996See PSX, but with five additional scenarios unique to this version
JP SaturnBaroque1998See JP PSX
JP SaturnLinkle Liver Story1996Cute ARPG, combine elemental seeds to strengthen your weapon
JP SaturnDragon Force II: Kamisarishi Daichi Ni1998Pretty similar to the first
JP SaturnVandal Hearts1997A spiffed up version of the PSX game, with new maps/spells/music/items
JP SaturnValhollian1998SRPG with 3D scenes to show attacking, combination attacks are possible and can lead to bonding conversations
JP SaturnTactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together1996See PSX, with improved music, more visible combat area, and some voice acting
JP SaturnSakura Taisen1996First in the long-running SPRG series, where managing your troupe of girls gives them better stats!
JP SaturnGrandia1997See PSX
JP SFCRomancing Saga1992A very sandboxy JRPG; multiple playable characters, non-linear in fashion
JP SFCShin Megami Tensei if…1994Like regular SMT, but in a centralized high school setting. This is Persona's daddy!
JP SFCShin Megami Tensei19921st-person dungeon crawl with demon recruitment/fusion, only localized on mobile
JP SFCShiki Eiyuuden1995A brutally hard turn-based historical JRPG set in the Warring States period of China; puzzles and quizzes found throughout
JP SFCSeiken Densetsu 31995The character you choose at the start determines your storyline, otherwise plays like SoM
JP SFCRyuuki Heidan: Danzarb1993Epic sci-fi story marred by lackluster graphical presentation
JP SFCRudra no Hihou1996Create your own spells! Ultra-pretty sprites!
JP SFCRomancing Saga 31995No complete English translation on this console, sandboxy, gorgeous spritework, but difficult
JP SFCRomancing Saga 21993No complete English translation on this console, sandobxy multi-generation spanning story
JP SFCPower of the Hired1994SRPG where the party can summon monsters to help in battle; monster selection determines the party's available spells
JP SFCRanma 1/2: Akanekodan Teki Hihou1993Based on the anime/manga, otherwise pretty standard
JP SFCNeugier: Umi to Kaze no Koudou1993An almost-localized ARPG with attacks that can level up, a rather short game overall
JP SFCNekketsu Tairiku Burning Heroes19958 scenarios to beat for the true ending, characters other than the protagonist are AI in battle
JP SFCMystic Ark1995A cousin to The 7th Saga, super grindy
JP SFCShin Megami Tensei II1994Similar to but easier than the first game
JP SFCMetal Max Returns1995Remake of Metal Max, naturally much prettier but more difficult
JP SFCMajin Tensei II: Spiral Nemesis1995More or less the same as the first, but with an isometric battle view as opposed to top-down
JP SFCMajin Tensei1994SRPG SMT spinoff with (naturally) demon recruitment and fusion
JP SFCMahou Kishi Rayearth1995Plays vastly differently than the Saturn version! Beginner-level JRPG, follows the OG story closely
JP SFCMagna Braban: Henreki no Yuusha1994Gambits and auto-combat long before FFXII was even a thing
JP SFCMonstania1996SRPG featuring puzzles, a party size of two, and a progress-based leveling system
JP SFCSuper Chinese World 3 - Chou Jigen Daisakusen1995Two different battle modes to choose from: ARPG or turn-based, each with their own storylines
JP SFCShin Seikoku: La Wares1995Based off a Japanese TTRPG, featuring mech combat
JP SFCTenshi no Uta: Shiroki Tsubasa no Inori1994Not only can you negotiate with monsters, you get special experience points for doing so!
JP SFCLight Fantasy1992Cute spritework but a godawfully slow battle system; you can recruit random townspeople and enemy exclamations pop up during combat that are hilarious... kind of a kusoge though
JP SFCYume Meikyuu: Kigurumi Daibouken1994First-person dungeon crawl; kill the enemies and take their costumes!
JP SFCYs V: Ushinawareta Suna no Miyako Kefin1995Only game in the series to have never been localized (hopefully this will change?)
JP SFCYs IV: Mask of the Sun1993Non-canonical to the Ys series after the release of Memories of Celceta
JP SFCXak: The Art of Visual Stage1993Ys' cousin, but the story only covers the first half of the first game on MSX
JP SFCWonder Project J: Kikai no Shounen Pino1994Raise your robo-boy to follow commands, improve his stats, and rescue his creator (Think Pac-Man 2)
JP SFCTreasure Hunter G1996Another forgotten Square-published game, action point-based SRPG
JP SFCTreasure Conflix1996A Satellaview-only game with soft RPG elements (upgrading your airship's parts to use in dogfights) where you hunt for treasure and sell it at auction
JP SFCTorneko no Daibouken: Fushigi no Dungeon1993First game in the Mystery Dungeon series, with a Dragon Quest coat of paint
JP SFCTengai Makyou Zero1995Utilized special technology to allow for a real-time clock, more dialogue
JP SFCShodai Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun1992More or less River City Ransom 2, but you gain actual XP instead of using cash to buy stat upgrades (for better or worse)
JP SFCTenchi Muyo!: Game Hen1995Isometric turn and grid-based combat, based off the anime!
JP SFCTales of Phantasia1995Mind-bogglingly pretty, a technological marvel for the time
JP SFCMadou Monogatari: Hanamaru Daiyouchi Enji1996Extremely unconventional attack and leveling system, but cookies are currency and it's cute!
JP SFCSuper Robot Taisen Gaiden: Masou Kishin - The Lord of Elemental1996SRPG, focuses on one of the original characters in the series, directional damage
JP SFCSuper Robot Taisen EX1994SRPG, branching storyline, uses the SRW3 engine
JP SFCSuper Famicom Wars1998Technically a digital-only title (released via Satellaview), units can gather XP in combat that does not carry between maps
JP SFCSuper Chinese World 21993Super Ninja Boy sequel, has ARPG battles instead of its predecessor's turn-based combat
JP SFCStar Ocean1996Look at that spritework!
JP SFCSlayers1994Based on the anime of the same name, plays typically for the era
JP SFCSilva Saga II: The Legend of Light and Darkness1993Hire mercenaries to help in combat!
JP SFCTactics Ogre1995Epic storyline, lots of important choices to make - even at the very beginning of the game!
JP SFCLive A Live19947 different scenarios in different time periods, shared action bar amongst party in combat
JP SFCLodoss Tou Senki1995Plot-wise is more of a side story to the main novels, tactical combat engine
JP SFCCrystal Beans: From Dungeon Explorer1995Straightforward ARPG gameplay, hidden playable characters, leveling stats through gems
JP SFCDragon Quest III1996Arguably the definitive version of the game
JP SFCDragon Quest I + II1993Combined, debatably definitive version of DQ I and II
JP SFCDragon Ball Z: Super Saiya Densetsu1992Combo of two of the FC DBZ games, still with card-based battles
JP SFCLennus II: Fuuin no Shito1996Superior sequel to Paladin's Quest, more risque themes, loads of recruitable characters
JP SFCDer Langrisser1995Remake of Langrisser II, with branching storylines
JP SFCDark Law: Meaning of Death1997Super duper hard! Also featuring rudimentary 3D!
JP SFCDark Half1996Item-based leveling system; also, spoiler alert (not really): You play the antagonist!
JP SFCDaikaijuu Monogatari1994Hidden characters and adorable sprites!
JP SFCDai-3-Ji Super Robot Taisen1993First in the series to have a branching storyline
JP SFCCyber Knight II: Chikyuu Teikoku no Yabou1994Similar gameplay but massive graphical leap over the first
JP SFCCyber Knight1992SRPG/turn-based hybrid combat, also: SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE exploration
JP SFCChou-Mahou Tairiku Wozz19958 playable characters, branching storylines, invention systems- this game truly tries to do it all!
JP SFCDragon Quest VI: Maboroshi no Daichi1995Third game in the Zenithian trilogy, return of the class system
JP SFCChaos Seed: Fuusui Kairouki1996Lots of resource management! Multiple endings!
JP SFCCaptain Tsubasa III: Koutei no Chousen1992Continues the alternate universe plot of the second game, otherwise an incremental/generational improvement over its predecessor
JP SFCBushi Seiryuuden: Futari no Yuusha1997Zelda-like exploration; combat is 2D platformer-like, but still turn-based (enemies only act when you do); pretty spritework
JP SFCBrandish 2: The Planet Buster1995Similar top-down dungeon crawling as the first
JP SFCBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Another Story1995Adorable digitized voices, Senshi combo attacks, what's not to love?
JP SFCBahamut Lagoon1996Square's oft-forgotten SRPG child, divine spritework
JP SFCAretha II - Ariel no Fushigi na Tabi1994Pretty similar to the first
JP SFCAretha1993A sequel to the Game Boy trilogy of the same name, neat multidirectional turn-based combat
JP SFCArabian Nights: Sabaku no Seirei-o1996Apparently rushed toward the end of development
JP SFCAncient Magic: Bazoo! Mahou Sekai1993Generic turn-based affair with male/female protagonists with an emphasis on magic
JP SFCAlcahest1993ARPG featuring item-based stat growth and a password system rather than traditional saves
JP SFCDragon Quest V: Tenkuu no Hanayome1992Monster capture and marriage/children ahoy!
JP SFCDokapon Gaiden - Honoo no Audition1995Leans more heavily into comedy than previous games in the series, with greater board variety
JP SFCDual Orb II1994Ultra-high encounter rate, a difficult game without grind dedication
JP SFCHiouden: Mamonotachi to no Chikai1994Point-and-click style SRPG, made by Team Wolf of Tales of Phantasia fame
JP SFCLast Bible III1995Sequel to the Game Boy games, featuring monster recruitment and customization
JP SFCLaplace no Ma1995Lovecraftian spooky JRPG
JP SFCKyuuyaku Megami Tensei1995Enhanced remake of Megami Tensei 1 and 2
JP SFCKuusou Kagaku Sekai Gulliver Boy1996Very short ARPG with ungodly levels of hair spikiness on the protagonist
JP SFCKouryuu Densetsu Villgust: Kieta Shoujo1992Based on an anime of the same name, ridiculous stat levels before Disgaea made it cool
JP SFCKidou Senshi Gundam: Cross Dimension 00791995SRPG based on OG Mobile Suit Gundam, utilizes button combos to use attacks
JP SFCJutei Senki1993SRPG with circle-limited movement and neat cutaway battle animations, high difficulty
JP SFCJojo no Kimyou na Bouken1993RPG adaptation of Part 3, quite abridged; a very short game overall, point-and-click elements
JP SFCEmerald Dragon1995Breath of Fire's cousin with a unique battle system
JP SFCHourai Gakuen no Bouken!: Tenkousei Scramble1996High school: the JRPG! Join clubs to gain abilities!
JP SFCHoly Umbrella: Dondera no Mubou!!1995More of a sidescrolling platformer, but does have some stat increases via items, very cheeky tone
JP SFCFire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu1996Introduced the marriage/children mechanic that would be seen in later FE entries
JP SFCHero Senki: Project Olympus1992A bit of Gundam, a bit of Kamen Rider, a bit of Ultraman, a bit of traditional JRPG!
JP SFCFushigi no Dungeon 2: Fuurai no Shiren1995Follow-up to Torneko no Daibouken, a roguelike before they were cool
JP SFCHeracles no Eikou III: Kamigami no Chinmoku1992Standard turn-based combat like the rest of the series, but also has a day/night cycle for NPCs to follow
JP SFCGalaxy Robo1994SRPG with mechs
JP SFCG.O.D.: Mezameyo to Yobu Koe ga Kikoe1996If Earthbound had a child with Phantasy Star IV's battle system, this would be it
JP SFCEnergy Breaker1996SRPG with town exploration and an action point-based economy for combat
JP SFCFEDA: The Emblem of Justice1994SRPG developed by some of the Shining Force team, features a morality-based system
JP SFCFinal Fantasy V1992So many jobs-
JP SFCFire Emblem: Monshou no Nazo1994Divided into 2 "books": Book 1 is an abridged remake of FE1, Book 2 is a direct sequel to FE1
JP SFCFire Emblem: Thracia 7761999Takes place during the middle of FE4, initially distributed as a Nintendo Power ROM cartridge
JP SFCFront Mission1995Mech-focused SRPG with a ton of units and customizability
JP SFCHeracles no Eikou IV: Kamigami Kara no Okurimono1994A multitude of different avatars to play as, each with its own attributes and perspectives on storyline events
JP SFCFront Mission: Gun Hazard1996Side-scrolling ARPG with incredible graphics, separate universe from mainline series
JP VitaThe Legend of Heroes: Sora no Kiseki the 3rd - Evolution2016Final game in the Liberl arc albeit with a different protagonist; plays like the previous games; Evolution version adds new artwork/scenarios
JP WiiEarth Seeker2011Post-apocalyptic ARPG with a mission-based structure and small minions that follow you around (can also connect to a DSiWare game for bonus items!)
JP WiiZangeki no Reginleiv2010Mission-based structure; free-running in stages and lots of emphasis on motion controls to attack, enemies drop mana that can be used to level up various weapons
JP WiiTakt of Magic2009Successor to LostMagic (DS); a ARPGRTS focused on using motion controls to cast spells
JP WiiPokemon Fushigi no Dungeon - Susume! Honou no Boukendan2009See above, but fire Pokemon
JP WiiPokemon Fushigi no Dungeon - Mezase! Hikari no Boukendan2009See above, but electric Pokemon
JP WiiPokemon Fushigi no Dungeon - Ikuzo! Arashi no Boukendan2009Stack water Pokemon in a WiiWare-exclusive Mystery Dungeon adventure!
JP WonderswanMakai Toushi SaGa2002A remake of the first SaGa game (Final Fantasy Legend), upped the graphics and added features like a bestiary and the ability to re-target enemies to not waste attacks once defeated
JP WonderswanDigimon Adventure 02: Tag Tamers2000Turn-based digital monster collecting, fighting, and fusing gameplay, elaborates on a very important plot point in the anime
JP WonderswanDigimon Adventure 02: D1 Tamers2000Direct sequel to Tag Tamers, mostly the same, but utilizes the Wonderswan Color's palette
JP WonderswanChocobo no Fushigi na Dungeon1999See JP PSX, but without color
JP WonderswanDicing Knight.2004A roguelike with hectic gameplay, dice literally fly out of enemies when you attack them to determine damage done