ConsoleNameDeveloperLucca's Observations
VitaAccel World vs. Sword Art Online: Millennium Twilight (DL only)KadokawaEssentially a sequel to Lost Song but with some crossover characters, time travel shenanigans, and the same boring ARPG gameplay
PS4Accel World vs. Sword Art Online: Millennium Twilight (DL only)KadokawaSee Vita
VitaDemon GazeKadokawa/ExperienceA first-person dungeon crawler with a fairly large amount of fan service and the ability to recruit demons in order to grind enough money to pay your innkeeper the rent due
PS4Demon Gaze Extra (DL only)Kadokawa/ExperienceA coat of visual polish, adds story content and significant ease-of-use QoLs, including autopilot when traversing dungeons
SwitchDemon Gaze Extra (DL only)Kadokawa/ExperienceSee PS4
PS4Demon Gaze IIKadokawa/ExperienceSee Vita
VitaDemon Gaze IIKadokawa/ExperienceStill first-person dungeoneering, but takes away the ability to create party members; still a bit fanservicey
JP WiiEarth SeekerCrafts & Meister/KadokawaPost-apocalyptic ARPG with a mission-based structure and small minions that follow you around (can also connect to a DSiWare game for bonus items!)
VitaGod Wars: Future PastKadokawaSRPG with a heavily mythical Japanese coat of paint, lots of character classes available; characters have jobs as well as sub-jobs
PS4God Wars: Future PastKadokawaSee Vita
SwitchGod Wars: The Complete LegendKadokawaContains all content from the original game, including DLC; adds a new character, storylines, endings, and dungeons as well as other QoL changes
PS4Metal Max XenoKadokawa/Cattle Call/24FrameOne of only two Metal Max games to be localized; has a similar post-apocalyptic premise and lots of exploring the wastes in linear fashion with tanks
PS4Metal Max Xeno RebornKadokawaAdds enough features to consider it a separate game from the original - changes to plot/mechanics/progression/character art, and more
SwitchMetal Max Xeno RebornKadokawaSee PS4
VitaNatural DoctrineKadokawaSee PS3
PS3Natural DoctrineKadokawaSRPG with elements of cover/positioning, lots of unfortunate corridor/funnel-type maps, overall too complex for many players
PS4Natural DoctrineKadokawaAdds a bonus extra hard mission, otherwise see PS3
PS5RelayerKadokawaA slow start, but otherwise engaging mecha SRPG gameplay featuring aggro management and complicated character customization
PS4RelayerKadokawaSee PS5
SwitchThe Lost ChildKadokawaSee Vita
PS4The Lost ChildKadokawaSee Vita
VitaThe Lost ChildKadokawaFirst-person dungeon-crawling follow up to El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron; creatures in dungeons can be recruited into your party and used in battle