Lunar Series

ConsoleNameReleaseGenreDeveloperLucca's Notes
DSLunar: Dragon Song2005Turn-BasedJapan Art MediaNice sprite work and music is the only thing this game has going for it. Garbage story, garbage characters, garbage game design.
GBALunar Legend2002Turn-BasedJapan Art MediaTranslation closer to the intended Japanese than the previous versions, but lacks cinematic feel
JP Game GearLunar: Sanposuru Gakuen1996Turn-BasedGame Arts/Studio AlexThe actual prequel to The Silver Star, sadly never localized - very girl-power friendly
PSPLunar: Silver Star Harmony2010Turn-BasedJapan Art Media/Game ArtsArguably the closest in tone to the intended translation, but with less charm; adds a playable prologue, battles are extremely easy in comparison to other versions
PSXLunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete2000Turn-BasedGame ArtsIf you loved the first one, you'll love this- and how could you not?
PSXLunar: Silver Star Story Complete1999Turn-BasedGame ArtsArguably the most charming cast of characters you'll ever meet, good OST, standard combat
Sega CDLunar: Eternal Blue1995Turn-BasedGame Arts/Studio AlexJust as charming as the first game, but with a baffling save system (utilizing magic XP as a requirement)
Sega CDLunar: The Silver Star1993Turn-BasedGame Arts/Studio AlexAnime cutscenes, charming characters, and a high encounter rate
VitaLunar: Silver Star Harmony (DL only)2012Turn-BasedJapan Art Media/Game ArtsSee PSP