Master System

ConsoleNameDeveloperLucca's Observations
Master SystemDragon Crystal (PAL/JP only)SegaSimilar to Fatal Labyrinth, gain levels by fighting monsters (but no XP)
Master SystemGolvellius: Valley of DoomCompileBlends both Zelda I and II gameplay (both overhead and side-view), with items to obtain to increase parameters
Master SystemMiracle Warriors: Seal of the Dark LordKogadoExtremely sparse story, strange overworld movement
Master SystemPhantasy StarSegaSci-fi JRPG great-grandpappy
Master SystemSpellCasterSegaARPG in combat (plays much like Shinobi), point-and-click-like in towns, story progression increases stats
Master SystemWonder Boy III: The Dragon's TrapWestone Bit EntertainmentA nonlinear game where transforming into different monster forms (and buying better statted equipment) is key to progression
Master SystemWonder Boy in Monster LandWestone Bit Entertainment/SegaA side-scrolling ARPG where score serves as XP of sorts and there is purchasable equipment to increase stats
Master SystemYs: The Vanished OmensFalcom/SegaSome dungeon areas are horizontally flipped, but is otherwise generally similar to the original release