Monolith Soft

ConsoleNameReleaseGenreLucca's Notes
SwitchBaten Kaitos I & II HD Remaster2023Card-BasedBoth Baten Kaitos games in one package, having removed the tin-canny English VA and added QoL updates
GameCubeBaten Kaitos Origins2006Card-BasedSimilar card combat, but now all characters draw from the same deck
DSDragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans2009Turn-BasedAn actual traditional turn-based Dragon Ball Z JRPG? I never thought I would see the day!
JP DSMugen no Frontier EXCEED: Super Robot Taisen OG Saga2010Turn-BasedSequel to SRTOGS: Endless Frontier, plays in the same way, with crossover elements
JP PS2Namco x Capcom2005StrategyPredecessor to Project X Zone, SRPG with combo-based gameplay
3DSProject X Zone2013StrategySequel to Namco x Capcom, this time additionally incorporating Sega characters; SRPG maps with combo- and assist-based attacks
3DSProject X Zone 22016StrategyPlays the same as its predecessor, but Segata Sanshiro is an available character; thereby making this game the best ever- I don't make the rules
JP DSSoma Bringer2008ActionTop-down ARPG, widely acclaimed; lots of text to read and lots of character customization to do
DSSuper Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier2009Turn-BasedSpinoff of the Original Generation series of Super Robot Wars, with turn-based combo combat rather than the regular SRPG format
WiiXenoblade Chronicles2012ActionI'm really feeling loads of sidequests and ARPG combat!
Wii UXenoblade Chronicles (DL only)2016ActionSee Wii
SwitchXenoblade Chronicles 22017ActionA vast, open world with character designs that lean far closer to anime than its predecesor; some gacha mechanics for unlocking new summonable spirits
SwitchXenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna - The Golden Country2018ActionServes as both a DLC to XC2 as well as a standalone game; set long before the main game; combat is more dynamic than the main game
SwitchXenoblade Chronicles 32022ActionAdds a class system to the series' lauded exploration, 6 active party members in combat at once; heavy emphasis on character interaction that works in its favor
3DSXenoblade Chronicles 3D (New 3DS only)2015ActionMore or less the same as the original, but changes the HUD a little bit and adds a few bonus modes like a model viewer and jukebox
SwitchXenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition2020ActionAdds an entire epilogue section, cleans up the graphics significantly, and has a lot of QoL improvements
Wii UXenoblade Chronicles X2015ActionOpen-world ARPG with a customizable avatar, mechs are available, combat is somewhat complex, story not linked to other Xeno games
PS2Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht2003Turn-BasedSpiritual successor to Xenogears, with similar AP-based combat; has a ton of cutscenes
PS2Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Bose2005Turn-BasedMade some changes to the combat system that were largely panned at the time, but otherwise more of the same
PS2Xenosaga Episode III: Also Sprach Zarathustra2006Turn-BasedXenosaga was intended to be a 6-part series- this entry makes it extremely evident