Monster Collecting

Monster Collecting Japanese Role-Playing Games
ConsoleNameReleaseDeveloperLucca's Notes
JP GB+GBCArle no Bouken: Mahou no Jewel2000CompileA monster-training game; monster-summoning cards can be enhanced
GB+GBCAzure Dreams2000KCENMore dungeons, less town-building and dating than the PSX version
PS4Beastie Bay DX (DL only)2022KairosoftSee Switch
SwitchBeastie Bay DX (DL only)2021KairosoftAn island conquering/development sim with beastly allies to recruit and train
GBADemiKids: Light/Dark2003Multimedia Intelligence TransferPokemon-like demon collecting and fusion, but each version has a separate plot/protagonist!
JP WonderswanDigimon Adventure 02: D1 Tamers2000SIMS/BandaiDirect sequel to Tag Tamers, mostly the same, but utilizes the Wonderswan Color's palette
JP WonderswanDigimon Adventure 02: Tag Tamers2000SIMS/BandaiTurn-based digital monster collecting, fighting, and fusing gameplay, elaborates on a very important plot point in the anime
PSXDigimon World2000Flying Tiger DevelopmentMonster-collecting and raising game
PSXDigimon World 22001BECMore emphasis on dungeon crawling and monster battling than the first
PSXDigimon World 32002BEC/Boom CorpMore of the same
DSDigimon World Championship2008EpicsAll the perils of raising monsters without any of the storyline or ability to control them in combat (which happens via AI)!
DSDigimon World DS2006BECTechnically the first game in the Digimon Story series rather than a Digimon World game, very Pokemon-esque in gameplay
DSDinosaur King2008Climax EntertainmentIt's Pokemon, but with dinosaurs instead! Combat is literally in a rock-paper-scissors format
GBADokapon: Monster Hunter2001Tycoon/Asmik Ace EntertainmentBattle system is literally rock-paper-scissors, also contains monster collecting elements
JP GBADragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart2003ToseStars a young Prince Keifer from DQVII, where you recruit humans and monsters for your growing caravan
DSDragon Quest Monsters: Joker2007ToseMore Dragon Quest-themed monster collection and synthesis! Also features a DQ VIII- like skill system
DSDragon Quest Monsters: Joker 22011ToseNot a direct sequel to Joker, adds monsters of varying sizes but otherwise plays the same
JP 3DSDragon Quest Monsters: Joker 32016Square EnixMore monsters to scout, synthesize, and ride around the various worlds; turn-based combat with in-depth skill trees.
JP 3DSDragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D2012Square EnixA remake of Dragon Warrior Monsters, with more monsters to train/breed, a larger party size, and a 3D world to explore
SwitchDragon Quest Treasures2022Square EnixA prequel of sorts to DQXI where treasure hunting with your merry monster band is the name of the game
GB+GBCDragon Warrior Monsters2000ToseSort of Dragon Quest's answer to Pokemon, but with fusion as well
GB+GBCDragon Warrior Monsters 2: Cobi's Journey/Tara's Adventure2001ToseLeans harder into the Pokemon slant with 2 different versions
DSFossil Fighters2009RED Entertainment/M2/Artdink/NintendoDig up fossils, combine them, revive them, and pit them against each other in Pokemon-like combat!
3DSFossil Fighters: Frontier2015Spike ChunsoftAdds a buggy for transportation in the open world, changes battles to make them 3 person teams, allows for regional variants in Vivosaurs, other battle tweaks
DSFossil Fighters Champions2011RED Entertainment/M2/Artdink/NintendoMore dinosaur-like creatures to unearth, train, and fight!
DSFossil League: Dino Tournament Championship2007MTOAnother dinosaur-themed Pokemon clone, but uses actual dinosaurs rather than made-up creatures
DSFoto Showdown (DSi and up only)2010Alpha-UnitAnother monster collector/battler where you gain creatures to fight by taking pictures with your DSi/3DS camera
JP GBAKeitai Denjuu Telefang 2: Power2002SmilesoftOne version of a Pokemon-like clone that features sharing your phone number with monsters to befriend them
3DSKemonomix+ (DL only, delisted)2014Rocket StudioA simplistic monster-raiser where you find, train, and mix creatures in order to help you escape from the planet you're stranded on
GB+GBCLil' Monster2000Kid CorpAnother of the many Poke-clones
JP Mega DriveMadou Monogatari I1996CompileADORABLE AF, monster capturing mechanic, non-traditional stats/xp gain
PS2Magic Pengel: The Quest for Color2003Garakuta Studio/TaitoThink Pokemon, but if you as the player drew them instead to bring them to life
JP Game GearMegami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible1994Multimedia Intelligence TransferMonster collecting with a bit of kiddie MegaTen flair
GB+GBCMetal Walker2001CapcomPokemon + robots + billiards = Metal Walker
3DSMoco Moco Friends2015RacjinA saccharine-sweet creature-collecting/raising game with a bunch of magical girls raising and evolving plushies
SwitchMonmusu Gladiator (DL only)2022ZephyrStudioRaise monster girls in a roguelite with card-based mechanics (thankfully not lewd)
SwitchMonster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin2021CapcomSame fun monster hatching and turn-based training gameplay loop as its predecessor, improved battle mechanics and lots of open areas to explore
PSPMonster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner2007GaiaA monster collector/battler game made by the co-creator of the SMT series, item fusion can influence the monsters' stats
PSXMonster Rancher1997TecmoUse CDs to unlock monsters that you train and fight!
SwitchMonster Rancher 1 & 2 DX (DL only)2021Koei TecmoBundled QoL-polished versions of the monster breeder, with turbo functions, added monsters to the second game, and an in-game CD database
PSXMonster Rancher 21999TecmoUse CDs to unlock more monsters that you train and fight!
PS2Monster Rancher 32001TecmoMore monster raising, but now you can trade monsters with friends/can use past data rather than disc-digging for old monsters!
PS2Monster Rancher 42003TecmoAllows for more customization of your training facilities and adds a major exploration/adventure mode
GBAMonster Rancher Advance2001TecmoSimilar to the PSX games, but using words to summon monsters rather than CDs
GBAMonster Rancher Advance 22002Tecmo/Graphic ResearchSee above!
PS2Monster Rancher EVO2006TecmoLeans more into traditional RPG mechanics than the rest of the series, dumbs some regular Monster Rancher ones down in the process
SwitchMonster Viator (DL only)2020Hit-PointSee XBO
PS4Monster Viator (DL only)2020Hit-PointSee XBO
Xbox OneMonster Viator (DL only)2020Hit-PointKemco comes through with a monster collector with a lot of exposition and a high encounter rate
JP GB+GBCPocket Monsters: Green Version1996Game FreakIf you've played Red/Blue, do you really need this one?
3DSPokemon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby2014Game FreakRemakes of the Gen III Pokemon games incorporating creatures and mechanics from later generations
DSPokemon Black/White2011Game FreakIncredible animated spritework and perhaps the best storyline in the franchise
DSPokemon Black 2/White 22012Game FreakRegarded by many as the peak of the franchise; a continuation of Gen 5's story
SwitchPokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl2021ILCARemakes of the Gen 4 Pokemon games, with a cute but divisive art style and adding QoLs from later games
GB+GBCPokemon Crystal2001Game FreakAn attempt to add story to Gold/Silver, but does add a female protagonist!
DSPokemon Diamond/Pearl2007Game FreakLess water than Gen 3 Pokemon games, but with an obnoxious mountain to frequently travel through
GBAPokemon Emerald2005Game FreakSuperior third version of Pokemon Gen 3
GBAPokemon FireRed/LeafGreen2004Game FreakRemakes of Red/Green versions
GB+GBCPokemon Gold/Silver2000Game FreakMore mons, a day/night system, and the ability to revisit the entire previous region
3DSPokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal (VC)2017Game FreakSee GBC
DSPokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver2010Game FreakRemakes of the Gen 2 Pokemon games, with the storyline from Crystal attached, can also make use of the Pokewalker accessory
SwitchPokemon Legends: Arceus2022Game FreakA more dynamic Pokemon-catching experience than anything previously, open-world exploration against a feudal backdrop
SwitchPokemon Let's Go Eevee/Pikachu2018Game FreakFull 3D remakes of Red/Blue versions but with Pokemon Go-like mechanics of catching new mons
3DSPokemon Moon/Sun2016Game FreakDoes away with the traditional gym battle format in favor of puzzles scattered throughout not-Hawaii, adds Ultra Beasts (which look suspiciously Digimon-like…)
DSPokemon Platinum2009Game FreakLast of the "combined third versions" of Pokemon games, this one the arguably ultimate version of Gen 4
SwitchPokemon Quest (DL only)2018Game FreakSend voxel-styled Pokemon out to explore an island for you, then take the stones they find to level them up further; relies on free-to-play mechanics
GB+GBCPokemon Red/Blue1998Game FreakCalled Red/Green versions in Japan, definitely the origin of the popularity of monster-collecting video games
3DSPokemon Red/Blue/Yellow (VC)2016Game FreakSee GB
GBAPokemon Ruby/Sapphire2003Game Freak7/10, too much water; not possible to collect all Pokemon in these versions
SwitchPokemon Scarlet/Violet2022Game FreakMore free-form/open-world in path-taking than any prior mainline entry, but marred with technical hiccups
SwitchPokemon Sword/Shield2019Game FreakFirst-ever mainline console Pokemon game; not all Pokemon can be caught/are featured in the National Pokedex; regional theme is British
3DSPokemon Ultra Sun/Moon2017Game FreakAlternate universe story in the same region as Sun/Moon; adds more Ultra Beasts, activities, and ways to catch Pokemon from older games
3DSPokemon X/Y2013Game FreakPokemon brought into the 3D realm of not-France, statistics of 'mons can be further raised and refined via minigames
GameCubePokemon XD: Gale of Darkness2005Genius SonorityYou're a trainer, go purify more Shadow Pokemon!
GB+GBCPokemon Yellow1999Game FreakMore of the same, with bonus Pikachu following you
GB+GBCRevelations: The Demon Slayer/Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible1999Multimedia Intelligence TransferMegami Tensei for kids, more medieval-themed than its mother series
GBARobopon 2: Cross/Ring Version2002RED EntertainmentIntroduces 4-on-4 battles, but otherwise is more of the same robot collecting and customizing
GB+GBCRobopon: Sun Version2000Hudson Soft/Red Company CorporationA robot-making and collecting Poke-clone, only one of the three versions was released in the Americas
GBAShaman King: Legacy of the Spirits Soaring Hawk/Sprinting Wolf2002KCEJBased on the manga, basically Pokemon-type battles with spirits
JP GB+GBCShin Megami Tensei Devil Children: Kuro no Sho2000Multimedia Intelligence TransferFirst game in the Devil Children series (the accompanying other version is untranslated), a monster-collector where demon partners can be used to help traverse the overworld
WiiSpectrobes: Origins2009GenkiARPG/monster collector with utilization of motion controls to switch between Spectrobes in combat
SwitchUltra Kaiju Monster Rancher (DL/Asia English)2022Koei TecmoAn Ultraman-Monster Rancher crossover that maybe nobody asked for, but everyone needed (same gameplay as older titles, but kaiju-sized!)
PS4World of Final Fantasy2016Square EnixSee Vita
VitaWorld of Final Fantasy2016Square EnixChibified/simplified return to turn-based FF combat, where stacking characters confers stronger attacks
PS4World of Final Fantasy Maxima2018Square EnixSee XBO
SwitchWorld of Final Fantasy Maxima2018Square EnixSee XBO
3DSYo-kai Watch2015Level-5Level-5's charming Pokemon-like franchise; demons are discovered in the "real" world, befriended, collected, and used in battle, combat occasionally involves minigames
3DSYo-kai Watch 2: Fleshy Souls/Bony Spirits2016Level-5Frequently retreads the same ground as the first game, with Pokemon-styled version splitting to collect all the Yo-kai
3DSYo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters2017Level-5The all-encompassing third version of Yo-kai Watch 2, adds an additional questing area and a whole new tribe of demons to befriend
3DSYo-kai Watch 32019Level-5Changes setting to a more Western-themed one, combat is affected by team positioning on a grid, the two protagonists can be switched between at almost any time