ConsoleNameReleaseGenreLucca's Notes
JP FCChaos World1991StrategyNeat auto-battle system
NESDungeon Magic: Sword of the Elements1990Dungeon Crawler1st-person dunegon crawl, very sparse on story
PS4Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising (DL only)2022Action-PlatformSee PS5
PS5Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising (DL only)2022Action-PlatformA side story side-scrolling Metroidvania-lite with additional town-upgrading elements and fun characters
SwitchEiyuden Chronicle: Rising (DL only)2022Action-PlatformSee PS5
Xbox OneEiyuden Chronicle: Rising (DL only)2022Action-PlatformSee PS5
Xbox SeriesEiyuden Chronicle: Rising (DL only)2022Action-PlatformSee PS5
PS4Harvest Moon: One World2021SimulationAdds a new portable farm mechanic, but removes the soul of the series
SwitchHarvest Moon: One World2021SimulationSee PS4
Wii UMedabots: Metabee/Rokusho (VC)2015FightingSee GBA
GBAMedabots AX: Metabee/Rokusho2003FightingMuch more of a fighting game, but you do level your robots to fight them in real-time
GameCubeMedabots Infinity2003Action3D robutt arena battles!
JP GB+GBCMedarot Kabuto/Kuwagata Version1997FightingFirst games in the Medarot/bot series, with the standard building and fighting robots
JP PSXMedarot R1999FightingIt's a Medabots game! Destroy the enemy's parts to make them useless!
PS4The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia2018ActionMore of a 3D arena fighter, but does have an Adventure Mode with quests in both musou and duel format to obtain items that enhance character stats