Nintendo 3DS

ConsoleNameReleaseGenreDeveloperLucca's Notes
3DS7th Dragon III Code: VFD2016Dungeon CrawlerSegaThe only game in the 3rd-person dungeon crawling series to make it to the west, keeps party customization and turn-based combat intact
3DSAdventure Bar Story (DL only)2015StrategyRideonRaise your levels as an adventurer (by eating) and as a barkeep (by bartending and gathering materials)! Localization is lacking in the charm depatment
3DSAdventure Labyrinth Story (DL only)2016Turn-BasedRideonNot the most impressive roguelike dungeon-crawl, but solid enough
3DSAlphadia (DL only)2016Turn-BasedExe-CreateTries to do some neat things with magic element types and combinations, but ultimately is just another Kemco game
3DSAmbition of the Slimes (DL only)2016StrategyAltair Works/Flyhigh WorksAn SRPG where you play as slimes and use them to control the good guys
3DSAsdivine Cross (DL only)2017Turn-BasedExe-CreateIf you've played a Kemco RPG before, you've played this one
3DSBonds of the Skies (DL only)2017Turn-BasedHit-PointAnother Kemco RPG, albeit a really, really easy one
3DSBrave Dungeon (DL only)2017Dungeon CrawlerInside SystemTop-down dungeon crawler, featuring a class system and item crafting, along with turn-based battles; very sparse story
3DSBravely Default2014Turn-BasedSilicon StudioVery old-school Final Fantasy-flavored; a job system and turn-based combat that utilizes an action point-like system to take multiple actions in a turn or build up future actions
3DSBravely Second: End Layer2016Turn-BasedSilicon StudioDespite the name confusion, this game is a direct sequel to Bravely Default; combat is largely similar but adds chaining battles to gain more XP
3DSCastlevania II: Simon's Quest (VC)2014Action-PlatformKonamiSee NES
3DSCave Story (DL only)2012Action-PlatformStudio Pixel/NicalisSee DS
3DSCave Story 3D2011Action-PlatformStudio Pixel/NicalisRenders the original game with 3D graphics, throws in crossover content/references, adds a dynamic camera and additional level
3DSChronus Arc (DL only)2015Turn-BasedHit-PointMore Kemco fare, this one encourages insane amouns of grinding with random difficulty spikes
3DSCode Name: S.T.E.A.M.2015StrategyIntelligent SystemsA steampunky, comic book-styled game with gameplay similar to Valkyria Chronicles (SRPG with third-person shooting perspective/attacking), lots of public domain characters
3DSCode of Princess2012ActionStudio SaizensenSide-scrolling beat-em-up with XP and leveling, fairly similar to Guardian Heroes, has a story mode as well as additional bonus scenarios
3DSConception II: Children of the Seven Stars2014Dungeon CrawlerSpike ChunsoftThird-person dungeon crawling and some heavy dating sim elements, including "classmating" with fellow students to have "children" with strong powers
3DSCrimson Shroud (DL only)2012Turn-BasedNex EntertainmentHeavily D&D-inspired, down to the dice rolling! Characters do not level, but can upgrade skills and equipment
3DSCrystal Warriors (VC)2013StrategySegaSee GG
3DSCrystareino (DL only)2017Turn-BasedHit-PointA bit better than your average Kemco game- lots of recruitable characters and a job sytem in this one
3DSCuldcept Revolt2017Board GameOmiya SoftIt's like Monopoly, if instead of houses you could leave behind monsters that you level up; also has player ranks/levels
3DSDefenders of Oasis (VC)2013Turn-BasedSegaSee GG
3DSDragon Ball: Fusions2016Turn-BasedGanbarionCreate an avatar and engage in turn-based combat that does a decent job at mimicking the actual action of the series, as well as fuse characters (as the title implies)
3DSDragon Crystal (VC)2012Turn-BasedSegaSee GG
3DSDragon Lapis (DL only)2018Turn-BasedExe-CreateSame Kemco gameplay and tropes, with an intentionally downgraded art style (for some reason)
JP 3DSDragon Quest Monsters: Joker 32016Monster CollectingSquare EnixMore monsters to scout, synthesize, and ride around the various worlds; turn-based combat with in-depth skill trees.
JP 3DSDragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D2012Monster CollectingSquare EnixA remake of Dragon Warrior Monsters, with more monsters to train/breed, a larger party size, and a 3D world to explore
3DSDragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past2016Turn-BasedArtePiazzaA whole new translation (for better or worse), changed encounter types from random to field enemies, and tweaked the class progression slightly
3DSDragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King2017Turn-BasedSquare EnixAdds new characters, story elements, and balance changes, but removes the orchestrated soundtrack and is not as visually appealing
3DSDragon Sinker (DL only)2017Turn-BasedExe-CreateAnother 8-bit Kemco jam, this one tries to do interesting things with forming squads of party members but is otherwise cookie-cutter
3DSDrancia Saga (DL only)2017ActionUrara-Works/SkipmoreAn auto-side-scrolling game where your character can't stop moving but must nonetheless level up and save the day!
JP 3DSE.X. Troopers2012ActionCapcomSee JP PS3, with some bonus AR features
3DSElminage Original (DL only)2017Dungeon CrawlerStarfish-SDHas some balance changes from the PSP version but is otherwise the same
3DSEtrian Mystery Dungeon2015Dungeon CrawlerSpike ChunsoftThe customization and classes of Etrian Odyssey fused with the roguelike mechanics of Mystery Dungeon! You can take a whole party into the labyrinths with you
3DSEtrian Odyssey 2 Untold: The Fafnir Knight2015Dungeon CrawlerAtlusA reimagining of the second game, adds more classes and a story mode along with balance and QoL changes
3DSEtrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan2013Dungeon CrawlerAtlusMore of the dungeon delving you'd expect, now with an additional overworld in the sky (and more dangerous enemies there to boot)
3DSEtrian Odyssey Nexus2019Dungeon CrawlerAtlusA love letter to the series, taking elements from EOI-IV; goes back to the subclassing system, a very very large number of maps to traverse
3DSEtrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl2013Dungeon CrawlerAtlusA reimagining of the first game, adds a story mode and a few other QoL changes
3DSEtrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth2017Dungeon CrawlerAtlusAdds a variety of races to character creation, and features a branching skill tree for character progression/class mastery, removes overworld exploration
3DSEver Oasis2017ActionGrezzoAn ARPG with lots of town-building elements; you gather items to help build up the oasis and make it better while you level up in the meantime
3DSExcave (DL only)2015Dungeon CrawlerMechanic ArmsA top-down dungeon crawler with stats determined by equipment; inventory is extremely limited and the interface is clunky; bland overall
3DSExcave II: Wizard of the Underworld (DL only)2015Dungeon CrawlerMechanic ArmsDoes nothing to make itself stand out from the first game other than an interface change
3DSExcave III: Tower of Destiny (DL only)2016Dungeon CrawlerMechanic ArmsExtremely similar to its predecessors
3DSFairune (DL only)2014Dungeon CrawlerUrara-Works/SkipmoreA simplistic top-down puzzle-solving dungeon crawler like Zelda; character gains XP by slaying enemies of similar level
3DSFairune 2 (DL only)2016Dungeon CrawlerSkipmorePlays like the first, but is about 4 times as big
3DSFantasy Life2014SimulationBrownie Brown/Level-5Pick a profession in a fantasy world and increase your ranks in order to help save the world!
3DSFinal Fantasy Explorers2016ActionRacjinIt's Monster Hunter, but with a Final Fantasy skin (down to Explorer Level replacing Hunter Rank); choosing correct equipment and skill leveling are key to staying strong
3DSFire Emblem Awakening2013StrategyIntelligent SystemsBrought the series back from the abyss of death, features a casual mode with no permadeath, support conversations can lead to having children who you can recruit
3DSFire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia2017StrategyIntelligent SystemsA remake of Fire Emblem Gaiden, brings back odd mechanics like a fatigue meter that can severely hamper stats if a unit is used too much
3DSFire Emblem Fates: Birthright/Conquest/Revelation2016StrategyIntelligent SystemsMaligned for its approach, as the story is split into 3 full games each requiring a separate purchase; brings back the child-producing mechanic, very tropey
3DSFire Emblem Warriors (New 3DS only)2017ActionOmega Force/Team NinjaApplies a Fire Emblem coat of paint to the Dynasty Warriors format, still contains support conversations
3DSFossil Fighters: Frontier2015Monster CollectingSpike ChunsoftAdds a buggy for transportation in the open world, changes battles to make them 3 person teams, allows for regional variants in Vivosaurs, other battle tweaks
3DSGrinsia (DL only)2014Turn-BasedMagitecIt's samey, it's repetitive, it's Kemco
3DSGurumin 3D: A Monstrous Adventure (DL only)2016ActionFalcomAlmost identical to the original, save for the application of 3D effects and some technical issues like pop-in
3DSHyrule Warriors Legends (New 3DS only)2016ActionOmega Force/Team NinjaIncludes all DLC from the original game as well as adding two new story chapters; also LINKLE
3DSIkachan (DL only)2013ActionStudio Pixel/NicalisA cute indie ARPG where you play as a squid helping out other sea creatures
3DSInazuma Eleven (DL only)2014SportsLevel-5See DS
3DSInazuma Eleven 3: Bomb Blast/Lightning Bolt/Team Ogre Attacks! (PAL only)2014SportsLevel-5More soccer RPG goodness! Each version focuses on a different protagonist with different opponents, and the game now allows for chaining special moves
3DSInazuma Eleven GO: Chrono Stones - Thunderflash/Wildfire (PAL only)2015SportsLevel-5Now you must set out to save the game of soccer itself, now able to use your summon spirits as armor
JP 3DSInazuma Eleven GO: Galaxy2013SportsLevel-5
3DSInazuma Eleven GO: Light/Shadow (PAL only)2014SportsLevel-5Set 10 years after IE3, there are now evil soccer overlords and spirits you can summon during matches to enhance special moves
3DSInfinite Dunamis (DL only)2016Turn-BasedExe-CreateBetter writing than your average Kemco game, has a sci-fi setting, tries to spice up the turn-based format with turn manipulation
3DSJourney to Kreisia (DL only)2016Turn-BasedExe-CreateYet another Kemco game, this one with a modern-day-hero-in-fantasy-times premise; tries to lampshade the genre a bit, weapon skills work similarly to FFIX
3DSJustice Chronicles (DL only)2016Turn-BasedHit-PointSequel to Mystic Chronicles (PSP/Vita), and actually makes some decent improvements for a Kemco game; summonable monsters and jewels that confer skills are included
3DSKemonomix+ (DL only, delisted)2014Monster CollectingRocket StudioA simplistic monster-raiser where you find, train, and mix creatures in order to help you escape from the planet you're stranded on
3DSKingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance2012ActionSquare EnixMore ARPG action, more plot confusion; this one brings back the Command Deck from Birth By Sleep and introduces capturable spirits that can influence gameplay
JP 3DSLabyrinth no Kanata2012Dungeon CrawlerTri-AceAn almost Ico-like presentation of an isekai dungeon crawler, with rock-paper-scissors-like combat and juggling healing to prevent enemies from doing so
3DSLangrisser Re:Incarnation Tensei2016Strategyextreme Co.A very sluggish SRPG with three branching storylines to switch from that lacks a lot of the charm its predecessors had, with a lot of unpolished features in its wake
3DSLBX: Little Battlers eXperience2015ActionLevel-5An ARPG with arena-styled combat where you fight your teensy robots and level them up to make them better
3DSLegend of the River King (VC)2013FishingVictor Interactive SoftwareSee GBC
3DSLegend of the River King 2 (VC)2014FishingVictor Interactive SoftwareSee GBC
3DSLegna Tactica (DL only)2017StrategyHit-PointIt's Kemco, so it won't rewrite the book on SRPGs, but it's there
3DSLord of Magna: Maiden Heaven2015StrategyMarvelousA tad unfinished, due to the developer going bankrupt midway through production, but a solid overhead free-roaming position-based SRPG nonetheless
3DSLufia: The Legend Returns (VC)2015Turn-BasedNeverlandSee GBC
3DSMachine Knight (DL only)2018Turn-BasedHit-PointEven more Kemco, this one features a scientist trying to prevent the apocalypse in cliché fashion; just as traditional turn-based as ever
3DSMario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey2019Timed Turn-BasedAlphaDreamReworks special moves, upgrades aesthetics, and adds a new side story based on Bowser Jr.'s doings during the game
3DSMario & Luigi: Dream Team2013Timed Turn-BasedAlphaDreamOverworld platforming and timing-affected turn-based combat with a heavy emphasis on Green Mario and the crazy things his dreams can do
3DSMario & Luigi: Paper Jam2016Timed Turn-BasedAlphaDreamCrossover between Mario & Luigi and Paper Mario, thankfully taking game features more from the former than the latter
3DSMario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions2017Timed Turn-BasedAlphaDreamImproves aesthetics, adds an RTS mode featuring Bowser's minions, features QoL improvements from the original
3DSMario Golf (VC)2012SportsCamelotSee GBC
3DSMario Tennis (VC)2014SportsCamelotSee GBC
3DSMercenaries Saga 2: Order of the Silver Eagle (DL only)2015StrategyRideonSequel to a JP mobile-only SRPG, follows a band of mercenaries (duh) through their trevails in a standard SRPG format
3DSMercenaries Saga 3: Gray Wolves of War (DL only)2016StrategyRideonQuite similar to the game that came before it- a straightforward SRPG
3DSMiitopia2017Turn-BasedNintendoMiis take center stage in this simplistically-styled turn-based game, with a class system and Mii personalities determining combat prowess
3DSMoco Moco Friends2015Monster CollectingRacjinA saccharine-sweet creature-collecting/raising game with a bunch of magical girls raising and evolving plushies
3DSMonster Combine TD (DL only)2015StrategyCollavierEssentially a Plants vs. Zombies clone, but the monsters you can use for defense are randomly selected from a deck; XP can be earned to hold more monsters in said deck
3DSMonster Hunter 3 Ultimate2013ActionCapcom/EightingAn expanded version of Monster Hunter Tri (Wii), improving weapons and armor; was the first game to incorporate the Circle Pad Pro accessory
3DSMonster Hunter 4 Ultimate2015ActionCapcom/EightingGets rid of underwater combat, adds the ability to scale both walls and monsters, adds Exploration Missions and new weapon types
3DSMonster Hunter Generations2016ActionCapcomNew features include upgrading armor using scavenged materials, mutated monster forms, different attack stypes for each weapon, and special moves to charge during hunting
3DSMonster Hunter Stories2017Turn-BasedCapcom/MarvelousA far more traditional turn-based RPG than other entries, with strong monster collecting and raising elements
3DSOne Piece: Romance Dawn2014Turn-BasedThree RingsTells the story of the first half of the series; battles are done in a turn-based combo-heavy style; story cutscenes are presented in a dull, lazy fashion
3DSPaper Mario: Sticker Star2012Turn-BasedIntelligent SystemsEschews the traditional XP-based format in favor of finding items that increase base first attack power and increase HP; attacks can only be made via expendable stickers
3DSPersona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth2019Dungeon CrawlerAtlusA P3/P4/P5 crossover this time focusing on the P5 cast; similar gameplay to Persona Q but with the difficulty rebalanced
3DSPersona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth2014Dungeon CrawlerAtlusA P3/P4 crossover with Etrian Odyssey-styled gameplay; characters equip Personas to change affinities/attacks/weaknesses as well as sub-Personas that confer extra abilities
3DSPicdun 2: Witch's Curse (DL only)2013Dungeon CrawlerIntenseFirst-person dungeon crawler where the maps make an image to be discovered; combat is timing-based with few options but moves quickly
3DSPocket Card Jockey (DL only)2016Card-BasedGame FreakA game about horse raising and racing via solitare. As in the card game.
3DSPokemon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby2014Monster CollectingGame FreakRemakes of the Gen III Pokemon games incorporating creatures and mechanics from later generations
3DSPokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal (VC)2017Monster CollectingGame FreakSee GBC
3DSPokemon Moon/Sun2016Monster CollectingGame FreakDoes away with the traditional gym battle format in favor of puzzles scattered throughout not-Hawaii, adds Ultra Beasts (which look suspiciously Digimon-like…)
3DSPokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity2013Dungeon CrawlerSpike ChunsoftFocuses on 5th generation Pokemon, utilizes some AR features to unlock new dungeons, changes the artstyle from sprites to 3D models, but the gameplay loop remains unchanged
3DSPokemon Red/Blue/Yellow (VC)2016Monster CollectingGame FreakSee GB
3DSPokemon Rumble World2015ActionAmbrellaA stylized 3D Pokemon beat-em-up where capturing many types of mons increases Adventurer Rank, which gives access to new areas and increases the strength of wild Pokemon
3DSPokemon Super Mystery Dungeon2015Dungeon CrawlerSpike ChunsoftExpands the available roster to include gen 6 Pokemon, gameplay is still as simple and grindy as ever
3DSPokemon Ultra Sun/Moon2017Monster CollectingGame FreakAlternate universe story in the same region as Sun/Moon; adds more Ultra Beasts, activities, and ways to catch Pokemon from older games
3DSPokemon X/Y2013Monster CollectingGame FreakPokemon brought into the 3D realm of not-France, statistics of 'mons can be further raised and refined via minigames
3DSProfessor Layton and the Last Specter2011SimulationLevel-5/Brownie BrownIncluded due to Professor Layton's London Life, a cute life sim with minimal stats, many (re)quests, and jobs to rank up in
3DSProject X Zone2013StrategyMonolith SoftSequel to Namco x Capcom, this time additionally incorporating Sega characters; SRPG maps with combo- and assist-based attacks
3DSProject X Zone 22016StrategyMonolith SoftPlays the same as its predecessor, but Segata Sanshiro is an available character; thereby making this game the best ever- I don't make the rules
JP 3DSPuyo Puyo Chronicle2016PuzzleSonic TeamArle (from Madou Monogatari- a deep cut) has to find a way home in an RPG mode complete with leveling, where combat is conducted via Puyo
3DSPuzzle & Dragons Z + Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition2015PuzzleGungHo OnlineA collection of two puzzle/RPG hybrid games where you level up your monsters and unleash their skills using time-limited match-3 gameplay
3DSRadiant Historia: Perfect Chronology2018Turn-BasedAtlusAdds additional scenario content, reworks the visuals, and gives characters the ability to make follow-up attacks in combat
3DSResident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D2011ActionCapcom/ToseBioweapon slaying gives skill points, and skill points give better combat stats/abiilties!
3DSResident Evil Revelations2012ActionCapcom/ToseIncluded due to the presence of Raid Mode, in which you kill bioweapons as a character from the main game and gain XP to level, which gives you better stats
3DSReturn to PoPoLoCrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale2016SimulationMarvelous/EpicsCombines the light turn-based combat of PoPoLoCrois with the farming of Story of Seasons, resulting in a shallow, modest (but adorable) mix of both
3DSRiver City: Knights of Justice (DL only)2017ActionAvit-NiigataGives a tongue-in-cheek RPG makeover to the Kunio-kun series; there is no leveling but stats increase with equipment and gem slotting
3DSRune Factory 42013SimulationNeverlandThe farming/dungeon exploring/marriage sim returns; crafting new equipment is essential to improving stats, your child can also join you in combat
3DSSadame (DL only)2016ActionMebiusAn ARPG with 4 separate classes to hack and slash through an alternate history Sengoku period, includes a sphere grid-like customization system
3DSSamurai Defender (DL only)2015StrategyLink KitA by-the-books tower defense game with a Warring States skin
3DSSenran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson2015ActionTamsoftPlays like the first game and somehow manages to be even more risque in presentation
3DSSenran Kagura Burst (DL only)2013ActionTamsoftOne of the most fanservicey beat-em-ups you'll ever see, has two different story modes to follow
3DSShining Force: The Sword of Hajya (VC)2013StrategySonic Software PlanningSee GG
3DSShin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers2013Turn-BasedAtlusRemake of a JP-only Saturn game; demon alignment makes a large difference in battle, dictating what types of attacks they prefer; demon pairs can also be incompatible
3DSShin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker2015StrategyAtlusAdds a post-ending scenario, voice acting, an easier difficulty mode, a new character, and QoL changes
3DSShin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked2011StrategyAtlusAdds an additional day of plot, more demons, QoL improvements, voice acting, difficulty selection, and a graphical retouch
3DSShin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux2018Turn-BasedAtlusNewly added routes, endings, demons, and voice acting along with graphical and QoL upgrades
3DSShin Megami Tensei IV2013Turn-BasedAtlusTakes place in a separate world from the other SMT games, gameplay elements like demon recruitment/fusion, the 3-pronged alignment choice, and the Press Turn system return
3DSShin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse2016Turn-BasedAtlusA follow-up to/alternate timeline story in the same world as SMT IV, makes some QoL changes to the gameplay loop from its predecessor
JP 3DSSlime Mori Mori Dragon Quest 3: Daikaizoku to Shippo Dan2011ActionSquare Enix
3DSStella Glow2015StrategyImageepochSRPG gameplay, learning character abilities is somewhat dependent upon building a relationship with the main character
3DSSushi Striker: The Way of Sushido2018PuzzleIndieszero/NintendoSee Switch
3DSSword of Hope II (VC)2012Turn-BasedKemcoSee GB
3DSSwords & Darkness (DL only)2015ActionAplus/Arc System WorksA side-scrolling beat-em-up with no special features of note
3DSSymphony of Eternity (DL only)2017Turn-BasedWorld Wide Software/KemcoA boy, girl, and golem walk into a Kemco game and end up surprisingly in-depth with individual customization of skills and spells through reading books
3DSTales of the Abyss2012ActionNamco Tales StudioVery similar to the original; load times are shorter, some minor changes to quests were made, and shortcuts for battle abilities requires use of the touchscreen
3DSThe Alliance Alive2018Turn-BasedCattle Call/Grezzo/FuRyuWritten by the creator of Suikoden; a turn-based game where skills are increased via use and "talent points" are accumulated to improve stats individually
3DSTheatrhythm Final Fantasy2012RhythmIndieszero/Square EnixComplete rhythm games using the touch screen to the tune of classic FF songs to level your all-star cast
3DSTheatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call2014RhythmIndieszero/Square EnixSimilar to the first game, but with quests to complete to unlock new characters and a wider song selection overall
3DSThe Battle Cats POP! (DL only)2016StrategyPonosMore of a tower defense game, but you do use accumulated XP to level up and change the apeparance of your extremely weird cat crew
3DSThe Denpa Men 2: Beyond the Waves (DL only)2013Turn-BasedGenius SonorityPlays the same, but adds more elements, status ailments, new dungeons, and the ability to dress up your Denpa Men
3DSThe Denpa Men 3: The Rise of Digitoll (DL only)2014Turn-BasedGenius SonorityDual-type Denpa Men now exist, as do more antenna shapes, monsters, and sidequest-type activities!
3DSThe Denpa Men: They Came By Wave (DL only)2012Turn-BasedGenius SonorityA quirky little game where you use AR to gather up little men to use as party members, naturally there is also a rock-paper-scissors feel to it
3DSThe Legend of Legacy2015Turn-BasedCattle Call/FuRyuDeveloped by an all-star team of developer heavy-hitters; turn-based combat that requires formation selection, elemental manipulation, and gives stat gains as battle spoils
3DSUnchained Blades (DL only)2013Turn-BasedFuRyuIdentical to the PSP version except for the placement of dungeon maps on the bottom screen
3DSUnholy Heights (DL only)2017SimulationPetit DepottoSee 360
3DSUnlucky Mage (DL only)2016Turn-BasedExe-CreateKemco game with a bit of humor to it, particularly when it comes to spell names and snappy writing; gameplay is otherwise as cookie-cutter as always
3DSWeapon Shop de Omasse (DL only)2014Turn-BasedNex EntertainmentA parody of traditional JRPGs, where you play as a weaponsmith renting out your crafted (via rhythm minigame) wares to adventurers in order to level them
3DSWitch & Hero (DL only)2013ActionFK Digital/Flyhigh WorksAn overly simplistic game where you as the hero defend the the titular witch by repeatedly bumping into waves of enemies to kill them, level up, rinse, and repeat
3DSWitch & Hero II (DL only)2016ActionFlyhigh WorksA new hero and witch to control, both at the same time; gameplay is otherwise unchanged
3DSWitch & Hero III (DL only)2018ActionFlyhigh WorksThe witch goes back to being stationary, but now you control a second little hero to endlessly ram enemies with
3DSXenoblade Chronicles 3D (New 3DS only)2015ActionMonolith Soft/Monster GamesMore or less the same as the original, but changes the HUD a little bit and adds a few bonus modes like a model viewer and jukebox
3DSYo-kai Watch2015Monster CollectingLevel-5Level-5's charming Pokemon-like franchise; demons are discovered in the "real" world, befriended, collected, and used in battle, combat occasionally involves minigames
3DSYo-kai Watch 2: Fleshy Souls/Bony Spirits2016Monster CollectingLevel-5Frequently retreads the same ground as the first game, with Pokemon-styled version splitting to collect all the Yo-kai
3DSYo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters2017Monster CollectingLevel-5The all-encompassing third version of Yo-kai Watch 2, adds an additional questing area and a whole new tribe of demons to befriend
3DSYo-kai Watch 32019Monster CollectingLevel-5Changes setting to a more Western-themed one, combat is affected by team positioning on a grid, the two protagonists can be switched between at almost any time
3DSYo-kai Watch Blasters: Red Cat Corps/White Dog Squad2018ActionLevel-5An ARPG that acts as a bit of a Ghostbusters parody and a sequel to Yo-kai Watch 2; orbs are collected during missions to level up the team of Yo-kai and buy items
JP 3DSYu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Saikyo Card Battle (DL only)2016Card-BasedKonamiSpeed duels only here, where you wander the streets and take on fellow unknown and famous duelists alike to increase your rank and earn cards to level your preconstructed decks up