Nintendo Switch

ConsoleNameDeveloperLucca's Observations
Switch.hack//G.U. Last RecodeCyberConnect2See PS4
Switch13 Sentinels: Aegis RimVanillawareSee PS4, but removes some visual effects and adds new weapons
SwitchActraiser Renaissance (DL only)Quintet/Square EnixAdds onto the original city sim/2D platformer in practically every way, with a new tower defense/RTS mode, a new realm to save, and new buildings to construct
SwitchAdventure Academia: The Fractured Continent (DL only)AcquireSee PS4
SwitchAlphadia Genesis (DL only)Exe-CreateSee Wii U
SwitchAlphadia Genesis 2 (DL only)Exe-CreateSee XS
SwitchAlvastia Chronicles (DL only)Exe-CreateSee Vita
SwitchA Magical High School GirlIlluCalabA roguelike with magic crafting and casting, but lots of repetition in dungeon and enemy design
SwitchAmbition of the Slimes (DL only)Altair Works/Flyhigh WorksSee 3DS
SwitchAmbition Record (DL only)Exe-CreateSee XS
SwitchAntiquia Lost (DL only)Exe-CreateSee Vita
SwitchArcade Archives: Valkyrie no DensetsuNamcoTechnically an arcade game, a top-down hack-and-slash with a time limit to each stage and gold to earn to upgrade spells/weapons
SwitchArchlion Saga (DL only)Hit-PointSame plot you've heard a million times over; in combat all characters have a shared health pool and all attack at once
SwitchArc of AlchemistCompile HeartSee PS4
SwitchArmed Emeth (DL only)Hit-PointSee XS
SwitchArtifact Adventure Gaiden DXBluffman GamesGame Boy-like aesthetic with a generally non-linear world; player choices affect game progession in significant fashion
SwitchAsdivine Cross (DL only)Exe-CreateSee 3DS
SwitchAsdivine Dios (DL only)Exe-CreateSee Vita
SwitchAsdivine Hearts (DL only)Exe-CreateSee Wii U
SwitchAsdivine Hearts II (DL only)Exe-CreateSee Vita
SwitchAsdivine Kamura (DL only)Exe-CreateSee XBO
SwitchAsdivine Menace (DL only)Exe-CreateSee Vita
SwitchAsdivine Saga (DL only)Exe-CreateSee XS
SwitchAstral ChainPlatinumGamesHacky/slashy/cyberpunky stand-wieldy combat with some bonus detective work
SwitchAtelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk DX (DL only)GustSee PS4
SwitchAtelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky DX (DL only)GustSee PS4
SwitchAtelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey DX (DL only)GustAdds new exploration tools, quests, fast forward, and all previous DLC
SwitchAtelier Lulua: The Scion of ArlandGustSee PS4
SwitchAtelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious PaintingsGustSee PS4
SwitchAtelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings DX (DL only)GustAdds a new painting to explore, fast forward, and all previous DLC
SwitchAtelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland DX (DL only)GustSee PS4
SwitchAtelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland DX (DL only)GustSee PS4
SwitchAtelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends and the Secret FairyGustSee PS5
SwitchAtelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret HideoutGustSee PS4
SwitchAtelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea DX (DL only)GustSee PS4
SwitchAtelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious DreamGustSee PS4
SwitchAtelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book DX (DL only)GustAdds new cauldrons, fast forward, and all previous DLC
SwitchAtelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland DX (DL only)GustSee PS4
SwitchAzur Lane: CrosswaveFelistella/Idea FactorySee PS4
SwitchBeastie Bay DX (DL only)KairosoftAn island conquering/development sim with beastly allies to recruit and train
SwitchBiomotor Unitron (DL only)AicomA mech-building JRPG initially released for the Neo Geo Pocket Color with an unfortunate lack of depth
SwitchBlacksmith of the Sand Kingdom (DL only)RideonA departure from Kemco's norm, where you run your blacksmithy half the time (including crafting equipment for your party) and fight monsters in a grid-like turn-based format the other half
SwitchBloodstained: Ritual of the NightArtPlaySee XBO
SwitchBlue Reflection: Second LightGustSee PS4
SwitchBonds of the SkiesHit-PointSee 3DS
SwitchBrave Dungeon + Dark Witch Story: COMBATInside SystemA remastered version of the 3DS dungeon crawler and a card battling game with lots of auto battle (cards can have their stats increased)
SwitchBravely Default IIClaytechworksNot a sequel to either of the previous Bravely games; robust and fashionable job system, turn-manipulating combat, and lots of grass to cut!
SwitchBreath of Fire (NSO)CapcomSee SNES
SwitchBreath of Fire II (NSO)CapcomSee SNES
SwitchBrigandine: The Legend of RunersiaMatrix SoftwareSRPG with multiple warring factions to choose from, combat is done in hex grids; managing the overall battle map is important
SwitchBurger Bistro Story (DL only)KairosoftAnother management sim with staff that can level up, but this one has burgies
SwitchCastlevania Advance Collection (DL only)KonamiSee XS
SwitchChocobo's Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy! (DL only)Rocket Studio Inc./Square EnixSee PS4
SwitchChroma Quaternion (DL only)Exe-CreateKemco approaches decent quality; regular turn-based gameplay, kingdoms themed after the four seasons... and surfing gorillas as an enemy encounter?!?
SwitchChrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers EditionD4 Enterprise/Square EnixSee PS4
SwitchChronus ArcHit-PointSee 3DS
SwitchCode of Princess EXStudio SaisenzenOverall improvement from the original; adds more playable characters, story co-op mode, a streamlined skill system, and other QoL changes
SwitchCollection of ManaM2/SquareBrings together the original versions of the first three Mana games along with UI QoL additions; first appearance of a localized Trials of Mana
SwitchCollection of SaGa: Final Fantasy Legend (DL only)M2/SquareA collection of the original versions of the first three SaGa games along with UI/QoL additions/improvements
SwitchCresteaju (DL only)Shou/PLiCyA remastered JP-only indie PC game that shows its age
SwitchCrisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- ReunionSquare Enix/ToseSee PS5
SwitchCroixleur SigmaSouvenir CircSee PS4
SwitchCrystalis (NSO)SNKSee NES
SwitchCrystal Ortha (DL only)Hit-PointKemco returns yet again; there are no items in-game and only 5 skills can be equipped per character; perks help in balancing the very frequent combat
SwitchCrystarGemdropsSee PS4, but with all DLC included
SwitchDamascus Gear: Operation Osaka HD Edition (DL only)AplusSee Vita, but prettier
SwitchDamascus Gear: Operation Tokyo HD Edition (DL only)AplusSee Vita, but prettier
SwitchDandy Dungeon: Legend of Brave Yamada (DL only)Onion GamesVery fourth wall-breaking; completing roguelike dungeons via pathing elements not only improves that character, but the person that made him
SwitchDanganronpa DecadenceSpike ChunsoftFeatues Danganronpa 1/2/v3 as well as Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp - a board game/turn-based RPG hybrid with characters from all 3 main games
SwitchDark Souls: RemasteredFromSoftwareSee XBO
SwitchDead or School (DL only)Studio NanafushiSee PS4
SwitchDeath end re;QuestCompile HeartSee PS4
SwitchDeath end re;Quest 2Compile Heart/Idea FactorySee PS4
SwitchDemon Gaze Extra (DL only)Kadokawa/ExperienceSee PS4
SwitchDemoniaca: Everlasting Night (DL only)AKI/EastasiasoftSee XS
SwitchDestiny Connect: Tick-Tock TravelersNippon IchiSee PS4
SwitchDigimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete EditionMedia.VisionCombined versions of Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth and Hacker's Memory; gives extra Digimon, balancing, and evolution trees to the first game
SwitchDigimon SurviveHydeSee XBO
SwitchDisgaea 1: CompleteNippon IchiSee PS4
SwitchDisgaea 4 Complete +Nippon IchiSee PS4
SwitchDisgaea 5 CompleteNippon IchiContains the base game and all DLC
SwitchDisgaea 6: Defiance of DestinyNippon IchiThe numbers for leveling and damage get even more ridiculous (if that can be believed), change from sprites to 3D models, same approach to humor
SwitchDoraemon: Story of Seasons (DL only)Brownies/MarvelousSee PS4
SwitchDoraemon Story of Seasons: Friends of the Great Kingdom (DL/Asia English)MarvelousGrow crops and use gadgets with Doraemon and pals- good vibes abound
SwitchDouble Dragon & Kunio-kun Retro Brawler BundleTechnos Japan/Million/Arc System WorksA compilation with many previously unlocalized titles of the latter series
SwitchDragon's Dogma: Dark ArisenCapcomSee 360
SwitchDragon Ball: Xenoverse 2DimpsSee XBO
SwitchDragon Ball Z: Kakarot + A New Power Awakens SetCyberConnect2See XBO, with an additional DLC-only storyline revolving around DB Super content
SwitchDragonFangZ: The Rose & Dungeon of Time (DL only)ToydeaSee XBO
SwitchDragon Lapis (DL only)Exe-CreateSee 3DS
SwitchDragon Marked For DeathInti CreatesSee PS4
SwitchDragon Prana (DL only)Exe-CreateSee XS
SwitchDragon Quest (DL only)Armor Project/Matrix Software/Square EnixPort of the relocalized mobile version, with redrawn character/monster sprites
SwitchDragon Quest BuildersSquare EnixSee Vita
SwitchDragon Quest Builders 2Omega Force/Square EnixSee PS4
SwitchDragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line (DL only)Armor Project/Matrix Software/Square EnixPort of the relocalized mobile version, with redrawn character/monster sprites
SwitchDragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation (DL only)Armor Project/Matrix Software/Square EnixPort of the relocalized mobile version, with redrawn character/monster sprites
SwitchDragon Quest TreasuresSquare EnixA prequel of sorts to DQXI where treasure hunting with your merry monster band is the name of the game
SwitchDragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive EditionArmor Project/Square EnixLots of QoL changes including adding the symphonic score, extra quests/party chat, and more; can be played in either 2D or 3D modes
SwitchDragon Sinker (DL only)Exe-CreateSee 3DS
SwitchDragon Star VarnirCompile HeartSee PS4
SwitchDream House Days DX (DL only)KairosoftAn apartment manager sim where you level up your furniture, tenants, and their potential careers; capitalism at its most end-stage form
SwitchDungeon and Gravestone (DL only)Wonderland Kazakiri Inc.Voxel-styled roguelike, experience is lost upon death but stat upgrades are permanent, lacks tutorials
SwitchDungeon Encounters (DL only)Square EnixSee PS4
SwitchDungeon Village (DL only)KairosoftA simple village management sim where you send out townspeople to obtain money and items as well as defend the town (and hopefully level up doing so)
SwitchDungeon Village 2 (DL only)KairosoftVery similar to the first game, but adds some layes of complexity to the town management-sim
SwitchEgglia Rebirth (DL only)Brownies Inc.A formerly mobile game (minus microtransactions) that wears its Legend of Mana influence on its sleeve, with board-game like gameplay
SwitchEiyuden Chronicle: Rising (DL only)Rabbit & Bear Studios/NatsumeAtariSee PS5
SwitchElemental Knights R (DL only)WinlightA port of a mobile MMORPG with stiff character animations and an absolutely horrendous localization- and it's not even free-to-play!
SwitchEnder Lilies: Quietus of the Knights (DL only)Live Wire/AdglobeA heavily atmospheric Metroidvania utilizing spirits to aid in attack and traversal
SwitchEverdark Tower (DL only)Hit-PointIn the same series as Archlion Saga, with the same combat system to boot; characters are more cookie-cutter than its predecessor
SwitchFairune CollectionUrara-Works/Skipmore/EsquadraContains Fairune and Fairune 2 (with QoL improvements) as well as Fairune Origin (a very short early version of the first game) and Fairune Blast (a shmup)
SwitchFairy Elements (DL only)Exe-CreateSee XS
SwitchFairy Fencer F: Advent Dark ForceCompile Heart/Idea FactorySee PS4
SwitchFairy TailGustSee PS4
SwitchFantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy (DL only)Arc System WorksSee Vita
SwitchFernz Gate (DL only)Exe-CreateSee Vita
SwitchFinal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered (DL only)Square EnixSee PS4
SwitchFinal Fantasy IX (DL only)SquareSee PSX, but with some QoL changes
SwitchFinal Fantasy VII (DL only)SquareSee PSX, but with some QoL changes
SwitchFinal Fantasy VIII Remastered (DL only)SquareSee PSX, but with some QoL changes
SwitchFinal Fantasy X/X-2 HD RemasterVirtuos/Square EnixSee PS3
SwitchFinal Fantasy XII: The Zodiac AgeSquare EnixSee XBO
SwitchFinal Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD (DL only)SummerTimeStudio/Square EnixSee XBO
SwitchFire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light (DL only, delisted)Intelligent Systems/NintendoFirst localized appearance of the original version of the first Fire Emblem with some modern UI improvements
SwitchFire Emblem: Three HousesIntelligent Systems/Koei TecmoIf Fire Emblem took place at Hogwarts, this would be it; multiple story branches to take depending on which house you side with, very fleshed-out characters
SwitchFire Emblem WarriorsOmega Force/Team NinjaSee 3DS, but runs smoother/can handle more enemies on screen at once
SwitchFire Emblem Warriors: Three HopesOmega Force/Intelligent SystemsWhat if Three Houses, but as more of a musou, with not as much of a time skip, and a different plot/protagonist? Don't forget the tea!
SwitchFrane: Dragon's Odyssey (DL only)Exe-CreateSee Vita
SwitchFront Mission 1st: RemakeSquare Enix/Forever EntertainmentCalled a remake, but more of a remaster of the JP PSX/DS versions
SwitchFuga: Melodies of Steel (DL only)CyberConnect2See PS5
SwitchGale of Windoria (DL only)Hit-PointSee XS
SwitchGetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon (DL only)KonamiA 2D roguelite with a heavy uikyo-e aesthetic and slow character progression through material gathering
SwitchGhost Sync (DL only)Exe-CreateSee PS5
SwitchGnosiaPetit DepottoMore of a visual novel/single-player deduction game; leveling stats and learning skills unlocks new story in the short gameplay loop
SwitchGod Eater 3MarvelousSee PS4
SwitchGod Wars: The Complete LegendKadokawaContains all content from the original game, including DLC; adds a new character, storylines, endings, and dungeons as well as other QoL changes
SwitchGokenGiantyA simple ARPG with a lush art style, particularly in backgrounds; character growth is customizable
SwitchGrandia HD CollectionGame ArtsTakes Grandia I and II and upgrades visuals; includes Japanese audio for both games; combines Saturn and PSX story elements of the first game
SwitchGreedroid (DL only)Yuto AoyamaA voxel-based roguelike where the environment can be manipulated to make dungeon delving easier
SwitchHakoniwa Explorer Plus (DL only)SuxamethoniumAn isometric pixel-art ARPG with skeezy humor and enemy design strewn throughout
SwitchHarvestellaSquare Enix/Live WireA meatier storyline than the usual farming sim, competent combat and a solid score
SwitchHarvest Moon: Light of HopeTabotSee PS4
SwitchHarvest Moon: One WorldNatsumeSee PS4
SwitchHaunted Dungeons: Hyakki Castle (DL only, delisted)Asakusa StudiosSee PS4
SwitchHerolandFuRyuSee PS4
SwitchHero Must Die. Again (DL only)G-ModeSee PS4
SwitchHoshi wo Miru Hito (DL only, delisted)Another/Hot-BSee FC
SwitchHyrule Warriors: Age of CalamityOmega ForceAnother Zelda musou with a large roster to level up; serves as a prequel to Breath of the Wild with lots of references to the series as a whole
SwitchHyrule Warriors: Definitive EditionOmega Force/Team NinjaTakes everything from the Wii U and 3DS versions and streamlines it, with some additional costumes to boot
SwitchI Am Setsuna (DL only)Tokyo RPG FactorySee PS4
SwitchIllusion of L'Phalcia (DL only)Exe-CreateSee Vita
SwitchInferno Climber: Reborn (DL only)Arc System WorksSee PS4
SwitchInfinite Links (DL only)Exe-CreateSee XS
SwitchIs It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Familia Myth Infinite Combate5pb./MAGESSee PS4
SwitchJustice Chronicles (DL only)Hit-PointSee 3DS
SwitchKairobotica (DL only)KairosoftSee PS4
SwitchKatana Kami: A Way of the Samurai StoryAcquireSee PS4
SwitchKingdom Hearts: Melody of MemorySquare Enix/IndieszeroThe inevitable Kingdom Hearts rhythm game; characters level their health and attack as they keep the beat to songs throughout the series
SwitchKingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix Cloud Version (DL only)Square EnixSee XBO
SwitchKingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue Cloud Version (DL only)Square EnixSee XBO
SwitchKingdom Hearts III + Re Mind Cloud Version (DL only)Square EnixSee PS4, but with added story DLC included
SwitchKowloon High-School Chronicle (DL only)Toybox/Shout! Design WorksA remaster of a formerly JP-only PS2 title, with visual novel-styled relationship balancing and first-person puzzle solving/dungeon crawling
SwitchLabyrinth Legend (DL only)Shinobi GamesA third-person dungeon crawl with a sparse narrative but breezy, pick-up-and-play bite sized dungeons
SwitchLabyrinth of Refrain: Coven of DuskNippon IchiSee PS4
SwitchLabyrinth of the Witch (DL only)Orange CubeA Mystery Dungeon-like game that does little to distinguish itself from other games like it; penalties for dying are much softer than tradition dictates
SwitchLangrisser I & IIChara-ani/ExtremeSee PS4
SwitchLapis x LabyrinthNippon IchiSee PS4
SwitchLegend of Ixtona (DL only)WorldWideSoftwareIt's a Kemco SRPG, with nicely detailed sprites and gameplay that will by no means astound you
SwitchLegend of Mana (DL only)M2/Square EnixSee PS4
SwitchLegend of the Tetrarchs (DL only)Hit-PointSee XBO
SwitchLiEat (DL only)MiwashibaBite-sized affair where you trade secrets and eat lies after defeating them in turn-based combat
SwitchLiege Dragon (DL only)Exe-CreateSee XBO
SwitchLittle Noah: Scion of Paradise (DL only)CygamesA cute roguelite with even cuter companions to recruit and customize (and level)!
SwitchLittle Town HeroGame FreakSee XBO
SwitchLive A LiveSquare Enix/HistoriaLocalized for the first time with a new HD2D aesthetic, voice acting, and artwork- the game is otherwise the same
SwitchLost SphearTokyo RPG FactorySee PS4
SwitchMade in Abyss: Binary Star Falling Into DarknessSpike ChunsoftSee PS4
SwitchMagic Scroll Tactics (DL only)Otori DenshiAn SRPG that utilizes a side-scrolling-horizontal field of battle rather than an isometric grid
SwitchMaglam LordFelistellaA visual novel-ARPG mix, with dating sim elements for the former and a simplified combat system akin to old Tales games for the latter
SwitchMarchen Forest (DL only)PrimaryOrbitBegins as a cute alchemy adventure; ends up as a third-person, darker-themed (but still cute) dungeon crawler
SwitchMarenian Tavern Story: Patty and the Hungry God (DL only)RideonSee XBO
SwitchMarvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black OrderKoei Tecmo/Team NinjaIsometric co-op ARPG featuring the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe beating each other up ad nauseum; lots of differenct characters to choose from
SwitchMary Skelter 2Compile Heart/Idea Factory/ZerodivA first-person dungeon crawler much like the first; juggling corruption in battle and avoiding regenrating boss enemies is important; also contains the first game
SwitchMary Skelter FinaleCompile HeartA multi-party fitrst-person dungeon crawler with dense labyrinths and a bonus mode to let you read through the plot of previous entries
SwitchMegadimension Neptunia VIICompile Heart/Idea FactorySee PS4
SwitchMercenaries Blaze: Dawn of the Twin Dragons (DL only)RideonStandard SRPG gameplay; takes a bit of a ham-handed approach to modern sensitive topics plotwise
SwitchMercenaries Rebirth: Call of the Wild Lynx (DL only)RideonA better translation than previous entries, aggro factors into enemy attack choice, but generally more of the same
SwitchMercenaries Saga: ChroniclesRideonA collection of the first 3 Mercenaries Saga games; all are SRPGs where MP is low and is slowly gained per turn; directional facing makes a difference
SwitchMercenaries Wings: The False PhoenixRideonSee PS4
SwitchMetallic ChildStudio HGA semi-roguelike with lots of fast-paced robot action and ability customization; mini-games can help unlock items that further augment stats
SwitchMetal Max Xeno RebornKadokawaSee PS4
SwitchMiden Tower (DL only)Exe-CreateSee XBO
SwitchMiitopiaNintendoMostly similar to the 3DS version, but with greatly expanded Mii customizability!
SwitchMoero Chronicle HyperCompile Heart/Idea FactoryFirst-person dungeon crawl where everything is steeped in sexual innuendo
SwitchMoero Crystal H (DL only)Compile Heart/Idea FactoryMore first-person dungeon crawling, just as skeezy as Moero Chronicle Hyper (if not more)
SwitchMonarkFuRyuSee PS5
SwitchMonmusu Gladiator (DL only)ZephyrStudioRaise monster girls in a roguelite with card-based mechanics (thankfully not lewd)
SwitchMonochrome Order (DL only)Hit-PointSee XBO
SwitchMonster Hunter Generations UltimateCapcomAdds new monsters, new hunting styles, changes the control scheme (for obvious reasons), and spiffs up the graphics from the original
SwitchMonster Hunter RiseCapcomMonster hunting, now with doggo pals and many more combat options; iterates on ideas from both World and previous games
SwitchMonster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of RuinCapcomSame fun monster hatching and turn-based training gameplay loop as its predecessor, improved battle mechanics and lots of open areas to explore
SwitchMonster Rancher 1 & 2 DX (DL only)Koei TecmoBundled QoL-polished versions of the monster breeder, with turbo functions, added monsters to the second game, and an in-game CD database
SwitchMonster Viator (DL only)Hit-PointSee XBO
SwitchMoon: Remix RPG Adventure (DL only)Onion GamesA formerly JP PSX-only game that parodies JRPG tropes; the character must level up and solve puzzles in order to clean up after a "hero"
SwitchNelke & the Legendary Alchemists: Ateliers of the New WorldGustSee PS4
SwitchNEO: The World Ends With YouSquare Enix/h.a.n.d.Gone is the partner-based system of the first game, replaced by frenetic yet trendy 4-party-member action; as fashionable as ever
SwitchNeptunia x Senran Kagura: Ninja WarsIdea Factory/Compile Heart/TamsoftSee PS4
SwitchNew Pokemon SnapBandai NamcoIt's a stretch, but there are courses to level up which unlock new routes and Pokemon to candidly capture on camera
SwitchNieR: Automata - the End of YoRHa EditionPlatinumGamesSee PS4, but with all DLC included (and additional exclusive costumes)
SwitchNights of Azure 2: Bride of the New MoonGustSee PS4
SwitchNi no Kuni: Wrath of the White WitchLevel-5See PS3
SwitchNi no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom - Prince's EditionLevel-5See PS4, but with all DLC included
SwitchOctopath TravelerAcquire/Square EnixA gorgeous 2D/3D mesh with 8 different protagonists whose stories overlap (albeit very little); fairly robust turn-based combat system
SwitchOmega Labyrinth Life (DL only)Matrix SoftwareSee PS4, but with "touch" events, a lewd rock-paper-scissors game, destructable armor, and less censored scenes
SwitchOne Way Heroics Plus (DL only)Smoking WolfA complete version of the PC original game; a roguelike where every few steps in-game causes an instant death shadow to scroll more across the screen
SwitchOnigiri (DL only)CyberstepA free-to-play MMORPG with an extensive character development system, dated graphics, and lots of mythological Japanese fanservice
SwitchOninaki (DL only)Tokyo RPG FactorySee PS4
SwitchOrangeblood (DL only)Grayfax SoftwareSee PS4
SwitchOverrogue (DL only)Exe-CreateSee XS
SwitchPaper Mario: The Origami KingIntelligent SystemsNot much in the RPG department yet again (HP is upgraded by collecting hearts), but the turn- and timing-based combat returns with extra complexity
SwitchPenny-Punching PrincessNippon IchiSee Vita
SwitchPersona 5 RoyalAtlusSee PS5
SwitchPersona 5 StrikersOmega Force/AtlusA sequel to Persona 5 (if you pretend Royal never happened) with ARPG gameplay; much more in-depth strategy required than your typical musou-like game
SwitchPoison ControlNippon IchiSee PS4
SwitchPokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining PearlILCARemakes of the Gen 4 Pokemon games, with a cute but divisive art style and adding QoLs from later games
SwitchPokemon Legends: ArceusGame FreakA more dynamic Pokemon-catching experience than anything previously, open-world exploration against a feudal backdrop
SwitchPokemon Let's Go Eevee/PikachuGame FreakFull 3D remakes of Red/Blue versions but with Pokemon Go-like mechanics of catching new mons
SwitchPokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DXSpike ChunsoftCombined remake of Red/Blue Rescue Team with similar gameplay: exploring dungeons and making use of type advantages to help delve further
SwitchPokemon Quest (DL only)Game FreakSend voxel-styled Pokemon out to explore an island for you, then take the stones they find to level them up further; relies on free-to-play mechanics
SwitchPokemon Scarlet/VioletGame FreakMore free-form/open-world in path-taking than any prior mainline entry, but marred with technical hiccups
SwitchPokemon Sword/ShieldGame FreakFirst-ever mainline console Pokemon game; not all Pokemon can be caught/are featured in the National Pokedex; regional theme is British
SwitchPotato Flowers in Full Bloom (DL only)Pon Pon GamesSimplistic, straightforward first-person dungeon crawling with a cozy aesthetic and stamina management in combat
SwitchPrinny Presents NIS Classics Volume 1Nippon IchiContains Phantom Brave: The Hermuda Triangle and Soul Nomad & the World Eaters in remastered fashion
SwitchPrinny Presents NIS Classics Volume 2Nippon IchiContains ports of Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger VS Darkdeath Evilman and Makai Kingdom (the latter with previously JP-only content)
SwitchPrinny Presents NIS Classics Volume 3Nippon IchiContains La Pucelle: Ragnarok (available for the first time in the west) and Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure (PSX) with QoL features
SwitchPuyo Puyo Tetris 2Sega/Sonic TeamSee PS5
SwitchPuzzle & Dragons Gold (DL only)GungHo OnlineA barebones story, dumbed-down mechanics from the regular game, and gacha mechanics galore; seen as a low point in the series
SwitchRainbow Yggdrasil (DL only)OtorakoboA roguelike with a heavy emphasis on color, which can even upgrade equipment
SwitchRecord of Lodoss War-Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth-Team LadybugSee PS5
SwitchRevenant Dogma (DL only)Exe-CreateSee Vita
SwitchRevenant Saga (DL only)Exe-CreateSee Wii U
SwitchRing Fit AdventureNintendoConjure a literal sweat and work (out) to save the world with the help of a magical pilates ring! Character progression is measured though XP
SwitchRomancing SaGa -Minstrel Song- Remastered (DL/Asia English)Square Enix/BulletsA remaster of the PS2 version with additional playable characters and events
SwitchRomancing SaGa 2 (DL only)ArtePiazza/SquareSee Vita
SwitchRomancing SaGa 3 (DL only)ArtePiazza/SquareSee Vita
SwitchRPGolf Legends (Asia English/DL)ArticNetThere's exploring, fishing, whacking monsters with clubs, XP of sorts to unlock holes... Kemco has made up for its sins
SwitchRPG Time: The Legend of Wright (DL only)DeskWorksSee XS
SwitchRuinverse (DL only)Exe-CreateThe same Kemco turn-based fare as usual, the main character has two different forms that provide different strengths in battle
SwitchRune Factory 4 SpecialHakama/NeverlandAdds a new difficulty mode and event scenes for your marriage partner of choice post-matrimony; QoL changes present
SwitchRune Factory 5MarvelousInteresting characters and fun farming/adventuring/courting/crafting gameplay hooks, but poor performance
SwitchSaGa Frontier Remastered (DL only)Square Enix/BulletsAdds new cutscenes and the long-awaited 8th playable character, as well as spiffs up the graphics
SwitchSaGa Scarlet Grace: Ambitions (DL only)Studio Reel/Square EnixSee PS4
SwitchSakuna: Of Rice and RuinEdelweissSee PS4
SwitchSamurai Maiden (DL/Asia English)Shade Inc.See PS5
SwitchSaviors of Sapphire Wings/Stranger of Sword City RevisitedExperience/CodeglueTwo first-person dungeon crawlers, one brought to the West for the first time with an emphasis on character social interaction to enhance stat bonuses (see XBO/Vita for the other)
SwitchSD Gundam Battle Alliance (Asia English/DL)Artdink/AlvionSee XS
SwitchSD Gundam G Generation: Cross Rays (Asia English)Tom CreateSee PS4
SwitchSeek Hearts (DL only)Exe-CreateSee XBO
SwitchSega Ages: Phantasy StarSegaMostly the same as the original release, but with QoL features like auto-mapping of dungeons and adjusting the rate of XP gain (if desired)
SwitchSephirothic Stories (DL only)Exe-CreateSee XBO
SwitchSeven Pirates HIdea Factory/Compile Heart/FelistellaIt's Genkai Tokki. You command monster girls in combat with a pirate theme. And you deserve to be judged for playing it.
SwitchShadowverse: Champion's BattleCygamesAn anime-based card battle game where each deck theme has its own level to increase, conferring better cards
SwitchShining Resonance RefrainO-Two/Sega/Media.VisionSee PS4
SwitchShin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD RemasterAtlusSee PS4
SwitchShin Megami Tensei VAtlusProbably the most beginner-friendly of the mainline series, but still punishing if you aren't paying attention
SwitchShiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of FateSpike ChunsoftSee Vita, but with a few extra dungeons
SwitchSilver Nornir (DL only)WorldWideSoftwareSee XS
SwitchSnack World: The Dungeon Crawl - Goldh.a.n.d./Level-5A third-person dungeon crawler (as the name implies) with lots of food-based puns and humor as well as surprising difficulty
SwitchSonic FrontiersSonic TeamSee PS5
SwitchStar Ocean: First Departure R (DL only)Tose/Square Enix/Tri-AceSee PS4
SwitchStory of Seasons: Friends of Mineral TownBullets/MarvelousA remake of Harvest Moon: (More) Friends of Mineral Town with different choices for both male/female protagonists; farming/courtship as usual otherwise
SwitchStory of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive TownMarvelousThe true heir to the Harvest Moon name; this time you help develop a whole town and learn new recipes by increasing your gathering skills
SwitchSuper Neptunia RPGArtisan Studios/Compile Heart/Idea FactorySee PS4
SwitchSuper Robot Wars T (Asia English)B.B. StudioSee PS4
SwitchSuper Robot Wars V (Asia English)B.B. StudioSee PS4
SwitchSuper Robot Wars X (Asia English)B.B. StudioSee PS4
SwitchSushi Striker: The Way of SushidoIndieszero/NintendoA puzzle game with equippable/trainable sprites that help you serve sushi spectacularly!
SwitchSword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris (DL only)AquriaSee XBO
SwitchSword Art Online: Fatal Bullet - Complete Edition (DL only)DimpsIncludes all expansions and DLC from the original release
SwitchSword Art Online: Hollow Realization - Deluxe Edition (DL only)AquriaIncludes all DLC from the original
SwitchSword of Elpisia (DL only)Exe-CreateSee XS
SwitchTactics Ogre: RebornSquare EnixSee PS5
SwitchTaiko no Tatsujin: Rhythmic Adventure PackBandai NamcoFormerly JP 3DS-only games; all the rhythmic action of Taiko Drum Master with 2 different story modes wherein you assemble a party and level up
SwitchTales of Vesperia Definitive EditionQLOC/Bandai NamcoSee XBO
SwitchThe Alliance Alive HD RemasteredCattle CallSee PS4
SwitchThe Caligula Effect 2FuRyu/HistoriaSee PS4
SwitchThe Caligula Effect: OverdoseAquriaSee PS4
SwitchThe Cruel King and the Great HeroNippon IchiChildren's storybook visuals abound, with an uncomplicated turn-based combat system to match and a strangely high encounter rate
SwitchThe DioField ChronicleLancarse/Square EnixSee PS5
SwitchThe Good Life (DL only)White Owls Inc.See XS
SwitchThe Knight of Queen (DL only)VR RPG Inc.An extremely simplistic-looking turn-based RPG meant to be played in VR
SwitchThe Last Remnant Remastered (DL only)Square EnixSee PS4
SwitchThe Legend of Heroes: Trails From ZeroFalcomSee PS4
SwitchThe Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IIIFalcomSee PS4
SwitchThe Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IVFalcomSee PS4
SwitchThe Longest Five MinutesNippon IchiSee Vita
SwitchThe Lost ChildKadokawaSee Vita
SwitchThe Princess GuideNippon IchiSee PS4
SwitchThe World Ends With You Final RemixJupiter/Square EnixAdds an extra scenario, but incorporates awkward motion/touch controls
SwitchTokyo Mirage Sessions #FE EncoreAtlusAdds new side stories and all previous DLC; allows a secondary party member to be called into combat; other QoL changes
SwitchTomomi (DL only)NUL2 StudioA solo-developed Metroidvania that leans into humor
SwitchTouhou Genso Wanderer -Lotus Labyrinth R- (DL only)Aqua StyleSee PS4
SwitchTouhou Genso Wanderer ReloadedAqua StyleSee PS4
SwitchTouhou Shoujo Tale of Beautiful Memories (DL only)The N Main ShopA pixelated ARPG/turn-based hybrid featuring characters from throughout the long-running series
SwitchTraditional Braves (DL only)DaidaiAn SRPG with sparse map and unit design, but interesting card mechanics in combat
SwitchTrials of ManaXeen/Square EnixSee PS4
SwitchTriangle StrategySquare Enix/ArtdinkAn SRPG core with a heavy emphasis on narrative decision-making and trying to sway party members to agree with your decisions
SwitchTwin Blades of the Three Kingdoms (DL only)UnicoTactical gameplay on a much smaller scale telling the oft-spun yarn of the Three Kingdoms with anime character portraits galore
SwitchUltra Kaiju Monster Rancher (DL/Asia English)Koei TecmoAn Ultraman-Monster Rancher crossover that maybe nobody asked for, but everyone needed (same gameplay as older titles, but kaiju-sized!)
SwitchUndernauts: Labyrinth of YomiExperienceSee XBO
SwitchValkyria Chronicles 4Sega/Media.VisionSee PS4
SwitchValkyria Chronicles Remastered (DL only)SegaSee PS4
SwitchVarious Daylife (DL only)Dokidoki Groove Works/Square EnixDo jobs, juggle gaining (and losing!) XP as a result of said jobs, maybe do some quests, repeat (with some element of social links)
SwitchVivid Knight (DL only)AsobismA roguelike with an auto-battle system, heavy reliance on RNG, and many crystals that combine to increase party stats
SwitchVoice of Cards: The Beasts of Burden (DL only)Square EnixDoesn't drastically shake up the formula from the first 2 games, but does add a monster-taming mechanic and features a female GM
SwitchVoice of Cards: The Forsaken Maiden (DL only)Alim/Square EnixSee PS4
SwitchVoice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars (DL only)Alim/Square EnixYoko Taro makes a card game with a heavy tabletop aesthetic
SwitchVoid tRrLM(); //Void TerrariumNippon IchiSee PS4
SwitchWitch & Hero (DL only)FK Digital/Flyhigh WorksSee 3DS
SwitchWitch & Hero II (DL only)Flyhigh WorksSee 3DS
SwitchWizards of Brandel (DL only)Exe-CreateSee Vita
SwitchWonder Boy: Asha in Monster WorldArtdinkA remake of Monster World IV with added game modes and character voices
SwitchWonder Boy: Monster Land (DL only)Westone Bit Entertainment/Sega(AKA Wonder Boy in Monster Land) See SMS, but with challenge modes and QoL features
SwitchWonder Boy CollectionBliss Brain/Westone Bit EntertainmentSee PS4
SwitchWorldNeverland: Elnea Kingdom (DL only)AlthiA slice-of-kingdom-life sim with dungeons to explore and very large amounts of townspeople to talk to/marry; skills can be leveled to make kingdom life easier
SwitchWorld of Final Fantasy MaximaSquare EnixSee XBO
SwitchXenoblade Chronicles 2Monolith SoftA vast, open world with character designs that lean far closer to anime than its predecesor; some gacha mechanics for unlocking new summonable spirits
SwitchXenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna - The Golden CountryMonolith SoftServes as both a DLC to XC2 as well as a standalone game; set long before the main game; combat is more dynamic than the main game
SwitchXenoblade Chronicles 3Monolith SoftAdds a class system to the series' lauded exploration, 6 active party members in combat at once; heavy emphasis on character interaction that works in its favor
SwitchXenoblade Chronicles Definitive EditionMonolith Soft/Monster GamesAdds an entire epilogue section, cleans up the graphics significantly, and has a lot of QoL improvements
SwitchYodanji (DL only)KemcoYokai-themed roguelike with many unlockable/playable demons, minimalistic graphics, and limited inventory space
SwitchYs IX: Monstrum NoxFalcomSee PS4
SwitchYs OriginFalcomSee Vita
SwitchYs VIII: Lacrimosa of DanaFalcomSee PS4
SwitchYumeiri (DL only)AffilitySimple visuals but challenging text-heavy gameplay with heavy real-life subject matter
SwitchZelda II: The Adventure of Link (NSO)NintendoSee NES
SwitchZombieVital DG (DL only)StudioGIWA dungeon maker game where you level up your monsters and create the catacombs you've always wanted; rather graphically sparse