Phantasy Star Series

ConsoleNameDeveloperLucca's Observations
DreamcastPhantasy Star OnlineSonic TeamARPG, first online console game
DreamcastPhantasy Star Online Ver. 2.0Sonic TeamAn expanded version of the original
DSPhantasy Star 0Sonic TeamThink Phantasy Star Online, but with crunchier graphics and a full-fledged story mode
GameCubePhantasy Star Online Episode III: C.A.R.D. RevolutionSonic TeamGrid-and-turn-based card battling system, because that was the style at the time
GameCubePhantasy Star Online: Episode I & IISonic TeamAdds entirely new content for Episode II, AKA Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst
GameCubePhantasy Star Online: Episode I & II PlusSonic TeamPSO with additional formerly online-only quests and items
GBAPhantasy Star CollectionDigital Eclipse/SegaPorts of the first 3 Phantasy Star games
GenesisPhantasy Star IISegaThe Sci-fi JRPG, text-based adventures featuring characters from the game also exist
GenesisPhantasy Star III: Generations of DoomSegaWent for a more traditional fantasy slant as opposed to the sci-fi seen in the rest of the series
GenesisPhantasy Star IV: The End of the MillenniumSegaIf you liked the other games in the series, you'll love this one!
JP Game GearPhantasy Star GaidenJapan System SupplySpinoff story set between Phantasy Star I and II, similar gameplay
JP PSPPhantasy Star Portable 2 InfinityAlfa SystemAn upgrade to PSP2; adds new story content, races, bosses, skills, and QoL changes/balancing
Master SystemPhantasy StarSegaSci-fi JRPG great-grandpappy
PS2Phantasy Star UniverseSonic TeamARPG with a PSO-like combat style, had both online and offline modes (only offline persists to this day)
PS2Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the IlluminusSonic TeamStandalone expansion to Phantasy Star Universe
PS4Phantasy Star Online 2: New GenesisSega Online R&DSee XS
PSPPhantasy Star PortableAlfa System/Sonic TeamSequel to Phantasy Star Universe, plays in a similar ARPG style, customizable player character, mission-based structure
PSPPhantasy Star Portable 2Alfa SystemDirect sequel to the first game, can import character from first game, some fairly minor differences but otherwise plays the same as the first
SwitchSega Ages: Phantasy StarSegaMostly the same as the original release, but with QoL features like auto-mapping of dungeons and adjusting the rate of XP gain (if desired)
XboxPhantasy Star Online Episode I & IISonic TeamEveryone likes playing MMORPGs with clunky controllers!
Xbox 360Phantasy Star II (DL only)SegaSee GEN
Xbox 360Phantasy Star UniverseSonic TeamMostly the same as PS2, but Ambition of the Illuminus is a free DLC instead
Xbox OnePhantasy Star Online 2 (DL only)Sega Online R&DMMOARPG with a single-player storyline and absolutely tons of cosmetics (and matching microtransactions)
Xbox OnePhantasy Star Online 2: New GenesisSega Online R&DSee XS
Xbox SeriesPhantasy Star Online 2Sega Online R&DSee XBO
Xbox SeriesPhantasy Star Online 2: New GenesisSega Online R&DAn expansion/replacement of sorts of the original MMO that takes place 1000 years in the future