PlayStation Portable

ConsoleNameReleaseGenreDeveloperLucca's Notes
JP PSP.hack//LINK2010ActionCyberConnect2ARPG, last game chronologically in the series, lots of characters from past series media, often regarded as the worst game
JP PSP7th Dragon 20202011Dungeon CrawlerImageepochSequel to 7th Dragon, a 3D dungeon crawler set in post-apocalyptic Tokyo, Hatsune Miku herself makes an appearance
JP PSP7th Dragon 2020-II2013Dungeon CrawlerImageepochAdds a few classes and links to the first game, but otherwise uses a lot of assets and is very similar to its predecessor
PSPAdventures to Go!2009Dungeon CrawlerGlobal A EntertainmentIsometric turn-based dungeon crawler of sorts where you set the parameters for the adventures you go on; gameplay is not very inventive
PSPAedis Eclipse: Generation of Chaos2007StrategyIdea FactorySequel to Generation of Chaos, similar SRPG-adjacent gameplay; movement is done in a board game-like fashion and combat plays out automatically
PSPAlundra (PSone Classics)2010ActionMatrix SoftwareSee PSX
PSPApe Quest2008Turn-BasedShiftIt's a JRPG with the monkeys from Ape Escape- enough said
PSPArc the Lad (PSone Classics)2010StrategyG-Craft/ARC EntertainmentSee PSX
PSPArc the Lad II (PSone Classics)2010StrategyG-Craft/ARC EntertainmentSee PSX
PSPArc the Lad III (PSone Classics)2010StrategyG-Craft/ARC EntertainmentSee PSX
PSPBattle Hunter (PSone Classics)2015StrategySuccessSee PSX
PSPBeta Bloc (PAL/JP only)2007ArcadeTamsoftSee PS2
PSPBlack Rock Shooter: The Game (DL only)2013ActionImageepochARPG with a ton of shooting (duh) and a mission-based structure
PSPBlade Dancer: Lineage of Light2006Turn-BasedHit MakerRun-of-the-mill turn-based JRPG, equipment management is important, you use the moon's energy to allow you to use powerful combat abilities
PSPBlazing Souls: Accelate2010StrategyIdea FactorySPRG; a port of a JP-only PS2 game set after the true ending of Spectral Souls II, a non-linear storyline
PSPBrandish: The Dark Revenant (DL only)2015Dungeon CrawlerFalcom3D remake of the original Brandish with an extra storyline from the villain's perspective, punishing but fair gameplay
PSPBrave Story: New Traveler2007Turn-BasedGame RepublicBased on a novel/manga, standard turn-based gameplay, semi-obnoxious onomatopoeia effects during combat
PSPBreath of Fire III (DL only)2016Turn-BasedCapcomSlightly enhanced port of the original, with improved music and some minor tweaks to graphics and gameplay
PSPBreath of Fire IV (PSone Classics)2011Turn-BasedCapcomSee PSX
PSPCastlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles2007Action-PlatformKonamiContains a remade version of Rondo of Blood and an unlockable version of Symphony of the Night with dialogue translation closer to the original Japanese
PSPChrono Cross (PSone Classics)2011Turn-BasedSquareSee PSX
PSPChrono Trigger (PSone Classics)2011Turn-BasedTose/SquareSee PSX
PSPCladun: This is an RPG (DL only)2010Dungeon CrawlerSystem Prisma/Nippon IchiA top-down randomized dungeon crawler that also acts as a desconstruction of sorts by allowing the player to make their character and the boss
PSPClaDun x2 (DL only)2011Dungeon CrawlerSystem Prisma/Nippon IchiMore dungeon-crawling/RPG Maker hybrid goodness!
PSPClass of Heroes2009Dungeon CrawlerZerodivFirst-person dungeon-crawler with highly customizable party members, and balancing compatibility between members is important
PSPClass of Heroes 22013Dungeon CrawlerZerodivPlays similarly to the first, but adds more character classes
PSPCrisis Core: Final Fantasy VII2008ActionSquare EnixARPG featuring not-Cloud in a prequel to FFVII, slot machines can affect the tide of battle, mission-based structure
PSPCrystal Defenders (DL only)2010StrategySquare EnixFinal Fantasy tower defense game set in Ivalice using classes from FFTA2. strategy involves leveling units
JP PSPDigimon Adventure2013Turn-BasedPropeTells the story of the first anime series through 3-on-3 Digimon battles, also features a relationship system
JP PSPDigimon World Re: Digitize2012ActionTri-CrescendoPlays like the first Digimon World game, but also has an overarching storyline to follow
PSPDisgaea 2: Dark Hero Days2009StrategyNippon IchiAdds characters from Disgaea 3, a story mode focusing on Axel, and other QoL changes brought over from Disgaea 3
PSPDisgaea: Afternoon of Darkness2007StrategyNippon IchiCuts out a few songs from the original, but adds a mode focusing on Etna, some bosses from Disgaea 2, and dual language support
PSPDissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy2011FightingSquare EnixAdds more characters and expands the story mode to be party-based, also retells the story from the first game within
PSPDissidia Final Fantasy2009FightingSquare EnixA 3D Final Fantasy fighting game with unconventional mechanics, representatives from most main games in the series, and a story mode with character leveling
PSPDragoneer's Aria2007Turn-BasedHit MakerTurn-based battle system, magic is improved through repeated use, each party member has a unique field skill, elemental combos are encouraged in combat
PSPDungeon Explorer (DL only)2007Dungeon CrawlerAtlusSee TG16
PSPDungeon Explorer: Warriors of Ancient Arts2008Dungeon CrawlerHudson SoftIsometric ARPG dungeon-crawler with a job system, some levels of the dungeons have strict requirements on the party
PSPDungeon Maker: Hunting Ground2007Dungeon CrawlerGlobal A EntertainmentSpend the days digging a dungeon to protect your town, then eliminating the monsters you trapped! Stat growth comes in the form of meals made from defeated foes
PSPDungeon Maker II: The Hidden War2008Sandbox/Dungeon CrawlerGlobal A EntertainmentPlays similarly to the first, with an additional monster-raising system and more fine-tuning of dungeon-building elements
JP PSPEiyuu Densetsu: Ao no Kiseki2011Turn-BasedFalcomSecond half of the "Crossbell arc," leads into Trails of Cold Steel II, turn-based combat like other Trails games
PSPElminage: Original (DL only)2012Dungeon CrawlerStarfish SDBasically the Japanese answer to Wizardry - first-person dungeon delving and party customization
PSPEnd of Serenity (DL only)2014Turn-BasedKemcoIt's Kemco. That's all that needs to be said.
PSPFate/Extra2011Dungeon CrawlerType-Moon/ImageepochThird-person dungeon crawl, a parallel universe story to Fate/stay night, combat consists of rock-paper-scissors-type commands paired off
PSPFavorite Dear: Enkan no Monogatari (PSone Classics)2013SimulationNEC InterchannelSee PS3
PSPFavorite Dear: Jyunpaku no Yogensha (PSone Classics)2013SimulationNEC InterchannelSee PS3
PSPFinal Fantasy2007Turn-BasedTose/Square EnixUses bonus dungeon and translation from Dawn of Souls (GBA), has updated 2D graphics, FMVs and soundtrack, arguably the definitive version of the game
PSPFinal Fantasy II2007Turn-BasedTose/Square EnixSee above
PSPFinal Fantasy III (DL only)2012Turn-BasedMatrix Software/Square EnixPort of the DS version of the game
PSPFinal Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection2011Turn-BasedBullets/Square EnixContains both FFIV (which skews closer to the original than the DS version) and The After Years (with updated polish), and a bonus interlude game that takes place in-between
PSPFinal Fantasy IX (PSone Classics)2010Turn-BasedSquareSee PSX
PSPFinal Fantasy Origins (PSone Classics)2012Turn-BasedTose/SquareSee PSX
PSPFinal Fantasy Tactics (PSone Classics)2009StrategySquareSee PSX
PSPFinal Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions2007StrategyTose/Square EnixEnhanced port of the original, changes some character/spell names, a LOT of Shakespearean-type English, MAJOR slowdown with spells, lots of QoL changes
JP PSPFinal Fantasy Type-02011ActionSquare EnixARPG with mission structure like Crisis Core, some RTS battles on overworld map, a large variety of playable characters
PSPFinal Fantasy V (PSone Classics)2011Turn-BasedTose/SquareSee PSX
PSPFinal Fantasy VI (PSone Classics)2011Turn-BasedTose/SquareSee PSX
PSPFinal Fantasy VII (PSone Classics)2011Turn-BasedSquareSee PSX
PSPFinal Fantasy VIII (PSone Classics)2009Turn-BasedSquareSee PSX
PSPFirst Queen IV (PSone Classics)2013StrategyKure Software KoubouSee PS3
PSPFront Mission 3 (PSone Classics)2010StrategySquareSee PSX
JP PSPFushigi no Dungeon: Fuurai no Shiren 3 Portable2010Dungeon CrawlerChunsoftMostly the same as the Wii version but with some balance adjustments
JP PSPFushigi no Dungeon: Fuurai no Shiren 4 Plus - Kami no Hitomi to Akuma no Heso2012Dungeon CrawlerSpike ChunsoftAn enhanced port of Shiren 4 for the DS, with day/night cycles and equipment that can evolve
PSPGeneration of Chaos2006StrategyIdea FactoryKingdom sim of sorts, with battles decided in army clashes with many soldiers/one commander
PSPGeneration of Chaos: Pandora's Reflection (DL only)2013StrategySting/Idea FactorySmaller in battle scale than the previous games, this one is a more one-on-one RTSRPG in terms of unit battling
JP PSPGenso Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki2012Turn-BasedKonamiA Suikoden side story outside of regular series continuity, with some time travel plot elemnets and a class system
PSPGladiator Begins2010FightingGoshowPrequel to Colosseum: Road to Freedom (PS2), where you similarly make a come-up as a gladiator in combat and tweak your stats to become even more deadly
PSPGods Eater Burst2011ActionShiftA post-apocalyptic monster-hunting ARPG; stat upgrades come through equipment; multiplayer supported
PSPGrandia (PSone Classics)2010Turn-BasedGame ArtsSee PSX
JP PSPGrand Knights History2011Turn-BasedVanillawareAbsolutely gorgeous Vanillaware-developed turn-based game with multiple factions to represent and customizable characters
PSPGrowlanser: Wayfarer of Time2012StrategyCareer SoftActually Growlanser IV, an SRPG with important life-or-death choices, some dating sim elements, and free-range movement in addition to limit break-type attacks
PSPGungnir2012StrategyStingEpisode IX of the Dept. Heaven series, multiple endings, SRPG combat with a time system where points build up that can be used for attack strengthening or turn manipulation
PSPGurumin: A Monstrous Adventure2007ActionFalcomA cutesy ARPG, fun hats confer stat upgrades and can be leveled in and of themselves
PSPHalf-Minute Hero2009ActionOpusYou have 30 seconds to save the world! What are you waiting for? A variety of fast-paced and humorous game modes and stories to complete
PSPHarvest Moon: Back to Nature (PSone Classics)2011SimulationVictor Interactive SoftwareSee PSX
PSPHarvest Moon: Boy & Girl2007SimulationMarvelous EntertainmentCombines the original version of Back to Nature with the previously JP-only female protagonist version
PSPHexyz Force2010Turn-BasedStingTurn-based battle system, multiple protagonists/storylines, items and equipment cannot be bought; rather, they must be created using points earned in combat
PSPInnocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon2007SimulationArtePiazzaHas more of a centralized storyline than other Harvest Moons, no marriage system, more adventuring elements (though farming is still a thing to do)
PSPJeanne d'Arc2007StrategyLevel-5An SRPG loosely based on the story of the famed French heroine; unit facing is important, as is a rock-paper-scissors-type affinity system
PSPJikandia: The Timeless Land2010ActionOpus/Idea FactorySide-scrolling ARPG with a pixel art look, equipping crystals found in dungeons gives stat boots, multiple playable characters and the ability to choose dungeon time limits
PSPKingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep2010ActionSquare EnixPrequel to the main series, with three playable characters and generally similar ARPG gameplay, albeit with the ability to customize commands available in battle
JP PSPKingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix2011ActionSquare EnixAdds new playable episodes and way more story content to the original
PSPKingdom of Paradise2005ActionClimax EntertainmentARPG with lots of references to Chinese culture, customization of martial arts moves in combat, stat allocation when leveling up is determined by favored battle actions
PSPKnights in the Nightmare2010Turn-BasedStingVery similar to DS version save for resolution and a smoother control scheme
JP PSPLa Pucelle Ragnarok2009StrategyNippon IchiAdds characters from the Disgaea series, QoL improvements, and extra bonus episodes
PSPLegend of Mana (PSone Classics)2011ActionSquareSee PSX
PSPLord of Arcana2011ActionAccess GamesA Monster Hunter clone featuring monsters designed by famous illustrators and some Square Enix cameos
PSPLunar: Silver Star Harmony2010Turn-BasedJapan Art Media/Game ArtsArguably the closest in tone to the intended translation, but with less charm; adds a playable prologue, battles are extremely easy in comparison to other versions
PSPMana Khemia: Student Alliance2009Turn-BasedGustMostly the same as the PS2 version, but with added multiplayer battles and more items to synthesize in exchange for longer load times
PSPMetal Gear Acid2005StrategyKCEJAn SRPG using cards (that can be leveled) to determine actions taken by an alt-canon Solid Snake
PSPMetal Gear Acid 22006StrategyKojima ProductionsMuch like the first, with a massive change in graphical style and some improvements to card management and acquisition
PSPMimana: Iyar Chronicle2010ActionKogado/Premium AgencyARPG with poor hit detection, a generally unlikeable cast, and a weak story overall
PSPMonster Hunter: Freedom2007ActionCapcomAn enhanced/expanded handheld port of the first Monster Hunter game
PSPMonster Hunter: Freedom 22006ActionCapcomAn enhanced/expanded handheld port of the second Monster Hunter game (which was previously Japan-only)
PSPMonster Hunter Freedom Unite2009ActionCapcomA further enhanced verion of Freedom 2, with more monsters, missions, pieces of equipment, and the addition of Felyne fighters to provide assistance
JP PSPMonster Hunter Portable 3rd2010ActionCapcomTakes elements from Freedom Unite and Tri but is its own game, now multiple Felynes can assist in combat
PSPMonster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner2007Monster CollectingGaiaA monster collector/battler game made by the co-creator of the SMT series, item fusion can influence the monsters' stats
PSPMystic Chronicles (DL only)2013Turn-BasedHit-PointAnother good ol' Kemco jam, this one won't blow anyone out of the water with its cliches
JP PSPNayuta no Kiseki2012ActionFalcomARPG with platforming elements
PSPNo Heroes Allowed! (DL only)2010StrategyAcquireThird game in the Badman series, adds aquatic creatures to the array of upgradable defenses against unwanted heroes
PSPParasite Eve (PSone Classics)2011ActionSquareSee PSX
PSPParasite Eve II (PSone Classics)2011ActionSquareSee PSX
PSPPersona 2: Eternal Punishment (PSone Classics)2013Turn-BasedAtlusSee PSX
PSPPhantasy Star Portable2009ActionAlfa System/Sonic TeamSequel to Phantasy Star Universe, plays in a similar ARPG style, customizable player character, mission-based structure
PSPPhantasy Star Portable 22010ActionAlfa SystemDirect sequel to the first game, can import character from first game, some fairly minor differences but otherwise plays the same as the first
JP PSPPhantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity2011ActionAlfa SystemAn upgrade to PSP2; adds new story content, races, bosses, skills, and QoL changes/balancing
PSPPhantom Brave: The Hermuda Triangle2011Turn-BasedNippon IchiAdds even more characters to the improved Wii version of the game
JP PSPPhantom Kingdom Portable2011StrategyNippon IchiAdds new scenarios and battles with characters from later Disgaea games
PSPPoPoLoCrois2005Turn-BasedG-ArtistsAdorable characters, wholesome setting, turn-based combat with some grid elements, a combined enhanced version of two previously Japan-only PSX games
PSPR-Type Command2008StrategyIremAn SRPG spinoff of the space shmup; two separate campaigns available; pilots can gain experience during missions, making their ships better in combat
JP PSPR-Type Tactics II: Operation Bitter Chocolate2009StrategyIremContinues the same style of gameplay as the first game; three campaigns to choose from; stats can be improved with leveling
PSPRagnarok Tactics2012StrategyApollosoftSRPG with a lot of customizability in characters, two separate scenarios and multiple endings
PSPRengoku: The Tower of Purgatory2006ActionNeverlandA sci-fi ARPG with cumbersome gameplay mechanics and an almost nonexistent story, encourages weapon scavenging from enemies
PSPRengoku II: The Stairway to H.E.A.V.E.N.2005ActionNeverland/Hudson SoftMakes very minimal changes to the gameplay loop from the first game, culminating in another lackluster experience
PSPRiviera: The Promised Land2007Turn-BasedStingAdds full voice acting, more CG images, and more events to the GBA version of the game
PSPSaiyuki: Journey West (PSone Classics)2011StrategyKoeiSee PSX
PSPSarara's Little Shop (PSone Classics)2014SimulationKinotrope/SiestaSee PS3
JP PSPSD Gundam G Generation Overworld2012StrategyBandai NamcoSRPG that contains Gundam designs from 35 different iterations of the series, plays like Super Robot Wars
PSPShadow Tower (PSone Classics)2015ActionFromSoftwareSee PSX
PSPShepherd's Crossing2010SimulationSuccessAdds a few QoL changes but otherwise spiffs up the visuals of the original
PSPShin Megami Tensei: Persona2009Turn-BasedAtlusAdds the previously excluded Snow Queen Quest, readjusts difficulty levels and encounter rates, and reworks the dialogue to be more modern
PSPShin Megami Tensei: Persona 2: Innocent Sin2011Turn-BasedAtlusPreviously never localized in North America, the direct predecessor to Eternal Punishment; contains demon recruitment and rumor-spreading
PSPShin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable2010Turn-BasedAtlusAdds a female main character to Persona 3, alters Social Links accordingly, does not contain "The Answer" scenario, gives control over other party members in combat
PSPSpectral Souls: Resurrection of the Ethereal Empires2006StrategyIdea FactoryAn enhanced port of the previously Japan-only Spectral Souls II, an SRPG with multiple storylines to choose, an AP-based combat system
PSPStar Ocean: First Departure2008ActionTose/Tri-AceAdds new playable characters and animated cutscenes, gives the game a different engine, expands on some NPCs storyline-wise, first western localization of the game
PSPStar Ocean: Second Evolution2009ActionTose/Tri-AceAdds new playable characters, reworked skills, new cutscenes, and even more endings to The Second Story
PSPSuikoden (PSone Classics)2008Turn-BasedKonamiSee PSX
PSPSuikoden II (Psone Classics)2014Turn-BasedKonamiSee PSX
PSPSummon Night 52015StrategyFelistellaFirst game in the main series to be localized, an SRPG with morale elements (having a lot after battle can help increase character skills)
JP PSPSuper Robot Taisen A Portable2008StrategyBanprestoIt's more SRW, with branching storylines and super evasive enemies! Remake of the GBA game Super Robot Wars A
PSPTactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together2011StrategySquare Enix/QuestAllows for revisiting of plot points to see how alternate major decisions would have changed the story
PSPTales of Eternia (PAL/AU/JP only)2006ActionNamco Tales StudioA port of what NA territories knew as Tales of Destiny II, with vastly improved load times
PSPTales of the World: Radiant Mythology2007ActionAlfa SystemA crossover Tales game with a customizable main character, the ability to recruit other major characters from the series, and a quest-based format
PSPThe 3rd Birthday2011ActionHexaDriveThird game in the Parasite Eve series, more like a third-person shooter than previous games, mission-based gameplay and lots of NPC possession!
PSPThe Legend of Dragoon (PSone Classics)2012Timed Turn-BasedSony Computer Entertainment JapanSee PSX
PSPThe Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion2005Turn-BasedMicrovision/FalcomSecond game in the Gagharv trilogy, despite western release order; run-of-the-mill turn-based gameplay and an arbitrary pet system
PSPThe Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky2011Turn-BasedFalcomThe 6th Legend of Heroes game/first Trails game, starts an interweaving storyline, combat is turn-based but offers lots of attack options, NPCs react to the story dynamically
PSPThe Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC (DL only)2015Turn-BasedFalcomImmediate sequel to the first game, plot-heavy with compelling characters, gameplay similar to the first but adds combination attacks
PSPThe Legend of Heroes II: Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch2006Turn-BasedMicrovision/FalcomFirst game in the Gagharv trilogy, despite western release order; gameplay is still very traditional, arguably bland, continues the pet system from the previous game
PSPThe Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean2007Turn-BasedMicrovision/FalcomLast in the Gagharv trilogy, but chronologically between the other two; still linear but allows for importing of data from the previous two games
PSPThreads of Fate (PSone Classics)2011ActionSquareSee PSX
PSPUnchained Blades (DL only)2012Dungeon CrawlerFuRyuFirst-person dungeon crawler with monster recruitment, customizable party members; made by a large number of industry veterans
PSPVagrant Story (Psone Classics)2011Dungeon CrawlerSquareSee PSX
PSPValhalla Knights2007ActionK2Combat takes place in real-time with instant character switching but is a tad clunky, job system/subclassing confers abilities onto party members
PSPValhalla Knights 22008ActionK2Not much different from the first at all, cumbersome spell systems and mission structure with bland environments
PSPValhalla Knights 2: Battle Stance (DL only)2010ActionK2Adds handy warp points, more customization options, more quests, more monsters, and cuts the maximum party size down from 6 to 4
PSPValkyria Chronicles 22010StrategySegaPlays a lot like the first, but with a more school-like setting compared to the first game
JP PSPValkyria Chronicles 32011StrategySega/Media.VisionRuns parallel to the first game, dark in tone but very anime-like characters, plays like the other games in the series
PSPValkyrie Profile: Lenneth2006Turn-BasedTose/Tri-AceAn English port of the Japanese PSX version, not too different overall but does spiff up the localization a bit and adds a few cutscenes
PSPVanguard Bandits (PSone Classics)2011StrategyHuman EntertainmentSee PSX
PSPWarriors of the Lost Empire2007ActionPlatinum EggA fairly mindless hack-and-slash ARPG with some very questionable enemy AI
PSPWhat Did I Do To Deserve This, My Lord!? (DL only)2009Dungeon CrawlerAcquire/RideonYou're the bad guy who has to build the dungeons and buff up your monsters to kill off the good guys!
PSPWhat Did I Do To Deserve This, My Lord!? 22010Dungeon CrawlerAcquireMake more dungeons, be more dastardly, and use your newfound ability to mutate monsters as you increase their stats!
PSPWild Arms (PSone Classics)2007Turn-BasedMedia.VisionSee PSX
PSPWild Arms 2 (PSone Classics)2009Turn-BasedMedia.VisionSee PSX
PSPWild Arms XF2008StrategyMedia.VisionTakes the hex grid system seen in later series entries and makes an SRPG out of them, a vitality points system adds an additional time limit to regular battles
PSPXenogears (PSone Classics)2011Turn-BasedSquareSee PSX
PSPYggdra Union: We'll Never Fight Alone2008StrategyStingAdds new characters, redrawn sprites, increased unit capacity, more story sequences, and tweaks skills found in the original
PSPYs: The Ark of Napishtim2006ActionFalcomCloser to the original PC Japanese version than the PS2 version was; also adds some extra quests; very long and frequent loading
PSPYs: The Oath in Felghana2010ActionFalcomRemastered version of Ys III, taking gameplay elements from Ys VI and expanding the storyline with extra scenes
PSPYs I & II Chronicles2011ActionFalcomMostly the same as previous versions, but with a new soundtrack option as well as newly done character portraits
PSPYs Seven2010ActionFalcomAdds party members to the regular Ys formula, in addition to making weapon types (slashing, blunt) determine an enemy's susceptibility to them
JP PSPYs vs. Sora no Kiseki: Alternative Saga2010FightingFalcomA 3D arena fighting game- very Power Stone-like, where characters from Ys and Trails collide (and level while doing so)
PSPYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 42009Card-BasedKonamiSee above, with some different characters/follows a different series, still with UMD recognition from previous games
PSPYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 52010Card-BasedKonamiAs before, lots of anime-only cards, winning duels levels you up, lots of unlocks using the UMDs from the games preceding, adds new summoning/attack sequences
JP PSPYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 62011Card-BasedKonamiLast of the 5D's entries in the series, also includes Xyz monsters from the successor anime, otherwise mostly the same as before
JP PSPYu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V Tag Force Special2015Card-BasedKonamiAlmost like a YGO All-Stars, featuring characters from throughout the various series, but takes away 3D animations- UMD unlocks are limited to Tag Force 6 only
PSPYu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force2006Card-BasedKonamiSomething something tag team children's card game, beating rivals levels you up and makes you eligible to buy better booster packs
PSPYu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 22007Card-BasedKonamiIf you played the first one, you've played this one; playing the previous game can unlock extra cards
PSPYu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 3 (PAL/JP only)2008Card-BasedKonamiPartner characters have more storylines to make up for a smaller number of events per storyline, UMD recognition of previous games gives a bonus partner, same leveling as the prequels
JP PSPYuusha 30 Second2011ActionMarvelousAll episodes play like Hero 30 of the original game, but adds more QoL features like leveling outside missions
PSPZ.H.P. Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman2010Dungeon CrawlerNippon IchiMostly a roguelike, completing dungeons adds to your stats; mandatory boss battles take place in a more traditional turn-based format, highly customizable main character