Pokemon Series

ConsoleNameReleaseGenreDeveloperLucca's Notes
3DSPokemon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby2014Monster CollectingGame FreakRemakes of the Gen III Pokemon games incorporating creatures and mechanics from later generations
3DSPokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal (VC)2017Monster CollectingGame FreakSee GBC
3DSPokemon Moon/Sun2016Monster CollectingGame FreakDoes away with the traditional gym battle format in favor of puzzles scattered throughout not-Hawaii, adds Ultra Beasts (which look suspiciously Digimon-like…)
3DSPokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity2013Dungeon CrawlerSpike ChunsoftFocuses on 5th generation Pokemon, utilizes some AR features to unlock new dungeons, changes the artstyle from sprites to 3D models, but the gameplay loop remains unchanged
3DSPokemon Red/Blue/Yellow (VC)2016Monster CollectingGame FreakSee GB
3DSPokemon Rumble World2015ActionAmbrellaA stylized 3D Pokemon beat-em-up where capturing many types of mons increases Adventurer Rank, which gives access to new areas and increases the strength of wild Pokemon
3DSPokemon Super Mystery Dungeon2015Dungeon CrawlerSpike ChunsoftExpands the available roster to include gen 6 Pokemon, gameplay is still as simple and grindy as ever
3DSPokemon Ultra Sun/Moon2017Monster CollectingGame FreakAlternate universe story in the same region as Sun/Moon; adds more Ultra Beasts, activities, and ways to catch Pokemon from older games
3DSPokemon X/Y2013Monster CollectingGame FreakPokemon brought into the 3D realm of not-France, statistics of 'mons can be further raised and refined via minigames
DSPokemon Black 2/White 22012Monster CollectingGame FreakRegarded by many as the peak of the franchise; a continuation of Gen 5's story
DSPokemon Black/White2011Monster CollectingGame FreakIncredible animated spritework and perhaps the best storyline in the franchise
DSPokemon Conquest2012StrategyKoeiPokemon meets Nobunaga's Ambition - a fun SRPG with levels gained through bonding with your trainer
DSPokemon Diamond/Pearl2007Monster CollectingGame FreakLess water than Gen 3 Pokemon games, but with an obnoxious mountain to frequently travel through
DSPokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver2010Monster CollectingGame FreakRemakes of the Gen 2 Pokemon games, with the storyline from Crystal attached, can also make use of the Pokewalker accessory
DSPokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team2005Dungeon CrawlerChunsoftCompanion to the GBA's Red Rescue Team, with Pokemon exploring randomized labyrinths in classic Mystery Dungeon style
DSPokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness/Time2008Dungeon CrawlerChunsoftMore mystery dungeon delving with the famous pocket monsters, with the addition of Gen 4 Pokemon
DSPokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky2009Dungeon CrawlerChunsoftThe "third version" of Explorers of Darkness/Time, adds more storyline elements
DSPokemon Platinum2009Monster CollectingGame FreakLast of the "combined third versions" of Pokemon games, this one the arguably ultimate version of Gen 4
DSPokemon Ranger2006ActionHAL LaboratoryMore of an ARPG than regular Pokemon games that uses the stylus to help temporarily capture Pokemon, who assist in completing missions
DSPokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs2010ActionCreatures Inc.Very like the first two, but now you can also draw symbols to summon legendary 'mons to help you out
DSPokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia2008ActionCreatures Inc.Still no Pokemon battling here and still touchscreen-heavy, but with more possible partner Pokemon and tools for capturing
GameCubePokemon Colosseum2004Turn-BasedGenius SonorityYou're a trainer, go purify some Shadow Pokemon!
GameCubePokemon XD: Gale of Darkness2005Monster CollectingGenius SonorityYou're a trainer, go purify more Shadow Pokemon!
GB+GBCPokemon Crystal2001Monster CollectingGame FreakAn attempt to add story to Gold/Silver, but does add a female protagonist!
GB+GBCPokemon Gold/Silver2000Monster CollectingGame FreakMore mons, a day/night system, and the ability to revisit the entire previous region
GB+GBCPokemon Red/Blue1998Monster CollectingGame FreakCalled Red/Green versions in Japan, definitely the origin of the popularity of monster-collecting video games
GB+GBCPokemon Yellow1999Monster CollectingGame FreakMore of the same, with bonus Pikachu following you
GBAPokemon Emerald2005Monster CollectingGame FreakSuperior third version of Pokemon Gen 3
GBAPokemon FireRed/LeafGreen2004Monster CollectingGame FreakRemakes of Red/Green versions
GBAPokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team2006Dungeon CrawlerChunsoftThird-person randomized dungeon crawler with Pokemon, sister Blue version was a DS game
GBAPokemon Ruby/Sapphire2003Monster CollectingGame Freak7/10, too much water; not possible to collect all Pokemon in these versions
JP WiiPokemon Fushigi no Dungeon - Ikuzo! Arashi no Boukendan2009Dungeon CrawlerChunsoftStack water Pokemon in a WiiWare-exclusive Mystery Dungeon adventure!
JP WiiPokemon Fushigi no Dungeon - Mezase! Hikari no Boukendan2009Dungeon CrawlerChunsoftSee above, but electric Pokemon
JP WiiPokemon Fushigi no Dungeon - Susume! Honou no Boukendan2009Dungeon CrawlerChunsoftSee above, but fire Pokemon
SwitchNew Pokemon Snap2021SimulationBandai NamcoIt's a stretch, but there are courses to level up which unlock new routes and Pokemon to candidly capture on camera
SwitchPokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl2021Monster CollectingILCARemakes of the Gen 4 Pokemon games, with a cute but divisive art style and adding QoLs from later games
SwitchPokemon Legends: Arceus2022Monster CollectingGame FreakA more dynamic Pokemon-catching experience than anything previously, open-world exploration against a feudal backdrop
SwitchPokemon Let's Go Eevee/Pikachu2018Monster CollectingGame FreakFull 3D remakes of Red/Blue versions but with Pokemon Go-like mechanics of catching new mons
SwitchPokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX2020Dungeon CrawlerSpike ChunsoftCombined remake of Red/Blue Rescue Team with similar gameplay: exploring dungeons and making use of type advantages to help delve further
SwitchPokemon Quest (DL only)2018Monster CollectingGame FreakSend voxel-styled Pokemon out to explore an island for you, then take the stones they find to level them up further; relies on free-to-play mechanics
SwitchPokemon Scarlet/Violet2022Monster CollectingGame FreakMore free-form/open-world in path-taking than any prior mainline entry, but marred with technical hiccups
SwitchPokemon Sword/Shield2019Monster CollectingGame FreakFirst-ever mainline console Pokemon game; not all Pokemon can be caught/are featured in the National Pokedex; regional theme is British
Wii UPokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team (VC)2016Dungeon CrawlerChunsoftSee DS
Wii UPokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky (VC)2016Dungeon CrawlerChunsoftSee DS
Wii UPokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team (VC)2016Dungeon CrawlerChunsoftSee GBA
Wii UPokemon Ranger (VC)2016ActionHAL LaboratorySee DS
Wii UPokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs (VC)2016ActionCreatures Inc.See DS
Wii UPokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia (VC)2016ActionCreatures Inc.See DS