ConsoleNameDeveloperLucca's Observations
SNESActRaiserQuintetA strange mashup of city-building simulator and 2D platformer, where population functions as XP and you must protect your people
PS4Actraiser Renaissance (DL only)Quintet/Square EnixSee Switch
SwitchActraiser Renaissance (DL only)Quintet/Square EnixAdds onto the original city sim/2D platformer in practically every way, with a new tower defense/RTS mode, a new realm to save, and new buildings to construct
SNESIllusion of GaiaQuintetPart of the Quintet trilogy, ARPG with non-traditional stat increases
SNESRobotrekQuintet/AncientCustomize your robo-buddy party!
SNESSoul BlazerQuintetPart of the legendary Quintet trilogy, an ARPG with some town-reconstruction elements
SNESTerranigma (PAL/JP only)QuintetStrangely never localized, last in the Quintet ARPG trilogy; spells can only be cast via one-time use items