JRPG Randomizer

ConsoleNameDeveloperLucca's Observations
3DSCrystareino (DL only)Hit-PointA bit better than your average Kemco game- lots of recruitable characters and a job sytem in this one
3DSFire Emblem Fates: Birthright/Conquest/RevelationIntelligent SystemsMaligned for its approach, as the story is split into 3 full games each requiring a separate purchase; brings back the child-producing mechanic, very tropey
3DSIkachan (DL only)Studio Pixel/NicalisA cute indie ARPG where you play as a squid helping out other sea creatures
DSRadiant HistoriaAtlus/HeadlockTurn-based grid combat, lots of time travel and utilizing branching timelines to affect the future
GB+GBCFinal Fantasy Legend IISquareThe second SaGa game, solid character development
GBARobopon 2: Cross/Ring VersionRED EntertainmentIntroduces 4-on-4 battles, but otherwise is more of the same robot collecting and customizing
JP Game GearMadou Monogatari I: Mitsu no MadouryokuCompileArle doing Arle stuff - just first-person dungeon crawling with the same unorthodox display of stats
JP Game GearMegami Tensei Gaiden: Last BibleMultimedia Intelligence TransferMonster collecting with a bit of kiddie MegaTen flair
JP GB+GBCArle no Bouken: Mahou no JewelCompileA monster-training game; monster-summoning cards can be enhanced
NESDragon Warrior IVChunsoftBreaks up the story into chapters with different protagonists that come together in the end
PS3Asdivine Hearts (DL only)Exe-CreateIt's Kemco, so don't expect too much out of it, but it does have a neat character enhancement system
PS3Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of ArlandGustSecond in Arland storyline, same as ever otherwise
PS4Metal Max XenoKadokawa/Cattle Call/24FrameOne of only two Metal Max games to be localized; has a similar post-apocalyptic premise and lots of exploring the wastes in linear fashion with tanks
PSPFinal Fantasy III (DL only)Matrix Software/Square EnixPort of the DS version of the game
PSPYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 4KonamiSee above, with some differenct characters
SNESFinal Fantasy Mystic QuestSquareBaby Final Fantasy!
SwitchAtelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea DX (DL only)GustSee PS4
SwitchPrinny Presents NIS Classics Volume 3Nippon IchiContains La Pucelle: Ragnarok (available for the first time in the west) and Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure (PSX) with QoL features
VitaTokyo Twilight Ghost HuntersToybox/Now ProductionSee PS3
VitaTokyo XanaduFalcomARPG with a modern setting; rock-paper-scissors-like enemy weaknesses require quick party member swapping, linear dungeons
Wii UBreath of Fire II (VC)CapcomSee SNES
Xbox OneDragon Ball Z: KakarotCyberConnect2An ARPG retelling of (yet again) the major DBZ sagas with later ones available as DLC, contains fishing
Xbox OneNier: Automata (DL only)PlatinumGamesSee PS4
Xbox OneRevErsi Quest (DL only)YokogosystemsSRPG-ified version of Othello/Reversi with varying board shapes and a variety of unit types
Xbox SeriesYakuza 4 Remastered (DL only)Ryu ga Gotoku StudioSee PS4
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