Sega Saturn

ConsoleNameReleaseGenreDeveloperLucca's Notes
SaturnAlbert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean1997Turn-BasedSunSoftCute sprites, plays differently than the SFC versions- this one is more of a gaiden
JP SaturnBaroque1998Dungeon CrawlerStingSee JP PSX
SaturnDark Savior1996ActionClimaxSequel to Landstalker (GEN), an ARPG with fighting game-like combat and isometric platforming
SaturnDragon Force1996StrategyJ-Force/SegaAn RTS JRPG with 8 different factions to play as
JP SaturnDragon Force II: Kamisarishi Daichi Ni1998StrategySegaPretty similar to the first
JP SaturnGrandia1997Turn-BasedGame ArtsSee PSX
SaturnGuardian Heroes1996ActionTreasureSide-scrolling beat-em-up gameplay, stats distribute at the end of each stage
JP SaturnLinkle Liver Story1996ActionNexTechCute ARPG, combine elemental seeds to strengthen your weapon
SaturnMagic Knight Rayearth1998ActionSegaARPG based on the anime, plays differently than the SFC version, very low print run in the US
SaturnMystaria: The Realms of Lore1995StrategyMicro CabinSRPG rereleased as Blazing Heroes in NA for the same console, non-linear party recruitment
JP SaturnOgre Battle: The March of the Black Queen1996StrategyRiverhillsoft/QuestSee PSX, but with five additional scenarios unique to this version
SaturnPanzer Dragoon Saga1998Turn-BasedTeam AndromedaTurn-based combat focused on circling enemies and exposing weakpoints, short in length
JP SaturnSakura Taisen1996StrategyOverworksFirst in the long-running SPRG series, where managing your troupe of girls gives them better stats!
SaturnShining Force III1998StrategyCamelotTechnically only Scenario 1 of the full Shining Force III story
SaturnShining the Holy Ark1997Dungeon CrawlerCamelot1st-person dungeon crawl, not unlike its predecessor Shining in the Darkness
JP SaturnTactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together1996StrategyQuestSee PSX, with improved music, more visible combat area, and some voice acting
SaturnThe Legend of Oasis1996ActionAncientSequel to Beyond Oasis (GEN), similar top-down ARPG gameplay
JP SaturnValhollian1998StrategyDatt JapanSRPG with 3D scenes to show attacking, combination attacks are possible and can lead to bonding conversations
JP SaturnVandal Hearts1997StrategyKCETA spiffed up version of the PSX game, with new maps/spells/music/items
SaturnVirtual Hydlide1995ActionT&E SoftRemake of the first Hydlide, with the best framerate known to man