Summon Night Series

ConsoleNameDeveloperLucca's Observations
DSSummon Night: Twin AgeFlight-PlanTouch control-only ARPG with 2 AI party members and the ability to summon monsters
GBASummon Night: Swordcraft StoryFlight-PlanCombat reminiscent of earlier Tales games, but with weapon swapping available
GBASummon Night: Swordcraft Story 2Flight-PlanLike the first, but with more crafting
PS4Summon Night 6: Lost BordersMedia.VisionSee Vita
PSPSummon Night 5FelistellaFirst game in the main series to be localized, an SRPG with morale elements (having a lot after battle can help increase character skills)
VitaSummon Night 5 (DL only)FelistellaSee PSP
VitaSummon Night 6: Lost BordersMedia.VisionSRPG that basically acts as general fanservice for the series, featuring characters from all previously numbered entries