Survival Japanese Role-Playing Games
ConsoleNameReleaseDeveloperLucca's Notes
DreamcastD22000WarpMore of a survival horror adventure game, with random battles (in which you aim and fire) and XP to gain to increase your small pool of stats, kind of a slog in pacing
PS4Inferno Climber: Reborn (DL only)2019Arc System WorksAn ARPG/survival sim hybrid of dubious quality with 8 different playable characters
SwitchInferno Climber: Reborn (DL only)2019Arc System WorksSee PS4
JP SFCLaplace no Ma1995Humming Bird SoftLovecraftian spooky JRPG
DSLost in Blue2005KonamiSuccessor to the Survival Kids series with more RPG elements; tools can be upgraded to make your experience easier
DSLost in Blue 22007Matrix SoftwareSurvive on a deserted island with your partner (and be sure to improve your living conditions as well)!
DSLost in Blue 32008Matrix SoftwareMore castaways to assist with touchscreen mechanics
WiiLost in Blue: Shipwrecked2008Hudson SoftWhoops, you're trapped on an island and have to do minigames in order to craft tools/hunt to survive
PS4Zanki Zero: Last Beginning2018Spike ChunsoftA visual novel/survival RPG hybrid with levels awarding skill points, exploration is like a first-person dungeon crawler and combat is real-time; lots of managing deaths