Tales Series

ConsoleNameReleaseGenreDeveloperLucca's Notes
3DSTales of the Abyss2012ActionNamco Tales StudioVery similar to the original; load times are shorter, some minor changes to quests were made, and shortcuts for battle abilities requires use of the touchscreen
GameCubeTales of Symphonia2004ActionNamco Tales StudioBrought the Tales series into the 3D realm for combat, chibi character models belie a twist-heavy story
GBATales of Phantasia2006ActionNamco Tales StudioFirst time released in English, with lots of slowdown and heavily compressed voice clips
JP DSTales of Innocence2007ActionAlfa SystemYou know what to expect here at this point - in addition, doing sidequests for guilds levels them up
JP DSTales of the Tempest2006ActionDimps/Namco Tales StudioA short spinoff title from the mainline series, but plays as you've come to expect; a very polarizing game
JP PS3Tales of Berseria2016ActionBandai NamcoSee PS4 - last Tales game developed for PS3
JP PSXTales of Phantasia1998ActionNamcoArguably the best way to play the game, despite lack of official translation
JP SFCTales of Phantasia1995ActionWolf TeamMind-bogglingly pretty, a technological marvel for the time
PS2Tales of Legendia2006ActionNamcoReverts back to the linear combat of earlier entries, about half of the game takes place after the final boss is defeated
PS2Tales of the Abyss2006ActionNamco Tales StudioBack to the 3D combat that Symphonia popularized, a shining example of protagonist character development
PS3Tales of Graces f2012ActionNamco Tales StudioEnhanced localization of a JP-only Wii Tales title, very technical combat system, takes place at multiple times through the party's lives
PS3Tales of Symphonia Chronicles2014ActionBandai NamcoCombined release of the previously JP-only PS2 version of Tales of Symphonia (with additional content) and Dawn of the New World (with a new control scheme)
PS3Tales of Xillia2013ActionNamco Tales StudioTwo separate protagonists with different combat styles (in similar ARPG format to others in the series) gives additional replayability
PS3Tales of Xillia 22014ActionNamco Tales StudioDirect sequel to Tales of Xillia with a new silent protagonist, lots of debt to manage, and character affection to earn
PS3Tales of Zestiria2015ActionBandai NamcoOften maligned amongst series fans for being misleading in terms of character marketing, has a battle system that revolves around partnering up
PS4Tales of Arise2021ActionBandai NamcoSee PS5
PS4Tales of Berseria2016ActionBandai NamcoStory is linked to Zestiria, highly eclectic cast, fulfilling certain conditions in battle (ARPG as always) leads to unleashing better abilities (or bolstering your enemies)
PS4Tales of Symphonia Remastered2023ActionBandai NamcoSee XBO
PS4Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition2019ActionQLOC/Bandai NamcoSee XBO
PS4Tales of Zestiria2015ActionBandai NamcoSee PS3
PS5Tales of Arise2021ActionBandai NamcoMakes changes both welcome and unwelcome to the series, including a shared pool of points used for healing/buffs, comic book-style skits, removal of post-battle banter, and the cutest Tales mascot EVER
PSPTales of Eternia (PAL/AU/JP only)2006ActionNamco Tales StudioA port of what NA territories knew as Tales of Destiny II, with vastly improved load times
PSPTales of the World: Radiant Mythology2007ActionAlfa SystemA crossover Tales game with a customizable main character, the ability to recruit other major characters from the series, and a quest-based format
PSXTales of Destiny1998ActionWolf TeamFirst localized Tales title with a similar 2D real-time combat system to its predecessor
PSXTales of Destiny II2001ActionWolf Team/NamcoActually Tales of Eternia - the real Tales of Destiny 2 is a Japanese exclusive
SwitchTales of Symphonia Remastered2023ActionBandai NamcoSee XBO
SwitchTales of Vesperia Definitive Edition2019ActionQLOC/Bandai NamcoSee XBO
VitaTales of Hearts R2014Action7thChord/Namco BandaiRemake of a previously JP-only DS title; leveling is done by improving a character's signature weapon, emphasizes air combos and union special attacks in combat
WiiTales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World2008ActionNamco Tales StudioLots of elemental affinity manipulation and some monster recruitment mechanics in addition to normal Tales gameplay
Xbox 360Tales of Vesperia2008ActionNamco Tales StudioIt's more Tales, featuring a badass doggo! Lots of missables and a strong overall cast
Xbox OneTales of Arise2021ActionBandai NamcoSee PS5
Xbox OneTales of Symphonia Remastered2023ActionBandai NamcoTheoretically an upgrade, barely improves visually from the PS3 release and notably does not come bundled with the sequel
Xbox OneTales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition2019ActionQLOC/Bandai NamcoIncludes all the content from the previously JP-only PS3 version (new characters and more voice acting, amongst others)
Xbox SeriesTales of Arise (DL only)2021ActionBandai NamcoSee PS5