Group Playthroughs

Team JRPG is an event where people come together to play through a different JRPG every month, similar to a book club. Members enter suggestions and vote from four choices on our website. The game with the most votes wins and becomes our JRPG of the month!

The community celebrates by changing the server icon, banner, and the name our general chat category related to game. Discussions and badges are featured for members who participate. To keep things fresh, each month we follow a different theme.

🗓️ Schedule

January – Booster’s JRPG
February – Random System
March – Patron’s JRPG
April – Odd/Funny JRPGs
May – Random Genre
June – Staff’s JRPG
July – Sci-fi JRPGs
August – Translated JRPGs
September – Modern JRPGs
October – Horror/Dark JRPGs
November – Player’s JRPG
December – Catch Up Month

🎮 Monthly JRPG

Radiant Historia
June 2024

📊 Poll

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July 2024 TJRPG

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Featured Games

Promoted JRPG is an event similar to Team JRPG, but games are instead picked by staff based on interest. New games in established series are typically featured. Discussions and badges are also available for members who participate.