ConsoleNameReleaseGenreDeveloperLucca's Notes
TurboGrafx-16Cadash1991ActionTaitoMore playable characters than the GEN version, multiplayer available
TurboGrafx-16Double Dungeons1990Dungeon CrawlerNCSCo-op first-person dungeon crawl
TurboGrafx-16Dragon's Curse1990Action-PlatformWestone Bit Entertainment(AKA Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap) See SMS, but fratures a save system rather than passwords
TurboGrafx-16Dungeon Explorer1989Dungeon CrawlerAtlusCo-op top-down dungeon crawl, think Gauntlet
JP PC EngineGai Flame1990StrategyMasayaSci-fi turn-based strategy said to be an inspiration for the Langrisser series with giant robots!
JP PC EngineHisou Kaihei X-SERD1990StrategyMasayaA mech-based SRPG with separate XP bars for attack and evasion
JP PC EngineLady Sword: Ryakudatsu Sareta 10 Nin no Otome1992Dungeon CrawlerHacker InternationalFirst-person dungeon crawler with no visible XP and monsters that attack in your sleep
JP PC EngineMadou Monogatari I: Honoo no Sotsuenji1996Dungeon CrawlerCompileCute af first-person dungeon crawl; unconventional experience counter, adds voice acting, new monsters and cutscenes/events to the original
JP PC EngineMakai Hakkenden: Shada1989ActionData EastRun-of-the-mill Ys clone
JP PC EngineMight and Magic (CD)1992Dungeon CrawlerNECA surprising JP-only version of a classic WRPG, featuring animated cutscenes
JP PC EngineOut Live1989Dungeon CrawlerSunsoftFirst-person dungeon crawler, but in a mech!
JP PC EngineShiryou Sensen: War of the Dead1989ActionFun ProjectBadass cover art, plays a lot like Zelda II
JP PC EngineTengai Makyou: Ziria (CD)1989Turn-BasedHudson Soft, Red CompanyFirst in the FEoE series, revolutionary for being one of the first CD-based RPGs, almost officially brought to the West but alas~
JP PC EngineThe Tower of Druaga1992Dungeon CrawlerNamcoPlays a lot like the classic arcade dungeon crawler, but stats can be increased between floors or after finding items
JP PC EngineYs IV: The Dawn of Ys (CD)1993ActionHudson SoftTechnically different from the Ys IV on SFC/other consoles