Valkyria Chronicles Series

ConsoleNameReleaseGenreDeveloperLucca's Notes
JP PSPValkyria Chronicles 32011StrategySega/Media.VisionRuns parallel to the first game, dark in tone but very anime-like characters, plays like the other games in the series
PS3Valkyria Chronicles2008StrategySegaSquad-focused SRPG with real-time troop movement limited by AP, tanks are also controllable (and destructable)
PS4Valkyria Chronicles 42018StrategySega/Media.VisionPlays much like the other numbered entries with the grit of the first game; adds a new class and assist options in the thick of battle
PS4Valkyria Chronicles Remastered2016StrategySegaImproves the already gorgeous look of the first game and includes all DLC, otherwise is the same as the original
PSPValkyria Chronicles 22010StrategySegaPlays a lot like the first, but with a more school-like setting compared to the first game
SwitchValkyria Chronicles 42018StrategySega/Media.VisionSee PS4
SwitchValkyria Chronicles Remastered (DL only)2018StrategySegaSee PS4
VitaValkyria Chronicles 2 (DL only)2012StrategySegaSee PSP
Xbox OneValkyria Chronicles 42018StrategySega/Media.VisionSee PS4